16 Unanswered Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting That Mainstream Media Doesn't Want To Talk About

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Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

The public is not being told the truth about what really went down in Las Vegas. 

As you will see below, the evidence is mounting that there were multiple shooters and that this was an operation that was planned well in advance.  But according to the mainstream media, a 64-year-old retired accountant with a flabby physique that had no military training whatsoever and that wasn’t very experienced with guns was able to pull the whole thing off all by himself.  We are being told that Paddock was a “lone wolf” that didn’t have any ties to terror groups, and since he is now dead nobody is ever going to be able to interrogate him. 

But the American people definitely deserve some answers about what took place, and that means that all of us should keep digging.

The following are 16 unanswered questions about the Las Vegas shooting that the mainstream media does not want to talk about…

#1 Photos of Stephen Paddock’s hotel room have been leaked, and one of those photos appears to show a suicide note. Why hasn’t the public been told what is in that note?

#2 Were there additional shooters?  A taxi driver reportedly captured video of an automatic weapon being fired out of a lower level window.  A video from another angle and brief footage captured by Dan Bilzerian also seem to confirm that automatic gunfire was coming from a floor much lower than the 32nd floor room that Stephen Paddock was located on.  And if you weren’t convinced by the first three videos, this fourth video should definitely do it.

#3 Why were law enforcement authorities discussing “another suspect on the fourth floor”, and why isn’t the mainstream media talking about this?

#4 As Jon Rappoport has pointed out, it would have been impossible for Stephen Paddock to kill and wound 573 people in less than five minutes of shooting with the kinds of weapons that he is alleged to have used.  So why won’t law enforcement authorities acknowledge this fact?

#5 How in the world did Paddock get 42 guns and “several thousand rounds of ammo” into his hotel room without anyone noticing?

#6 How did someone with “no military background” and that wasn’t a “gun guy at all” operate such advanced weapons?  Because what we are being told by the mainstream media just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.  I really like how Natural News made this point…

Far from what the firearms-illiterate media claims, these are not systems that any Joe off the street can just pick up and use to effortlessly mow down 500 people. Running these systems requires extensive training, experience and stamina. It is physically impossible for a guy like Stephen Paddock to operate such a system in the sustained, effective manner that we witnessed, especially when shooting from an elevated position which throws off all the ranging of the weapon system.


Far from being a Navy Seal, Stephen Paddock is a retired accountant senior citizen with a gambling problem and a flabby physique. The only way he could have carried out this shooting is if he were transformed into a human superweapon through a magic wand. I’m calling this “Mission IMPOSSIBLE” because of the physical impossibility of a retired, untrained senior citizen pulling this off.

#7 Why was one woman telling people in the crowd that they were all going to die 45 minutes before the attack?

#8 Why did it take law enforcement authorities 72 minutes to get into Stephen Paddock’s hotel room?

#9 Why did Paddock wire $100,000 to the Philippines last week?

#10 Why was Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, in the Philippines when the attack took place?  Did she know what was about to happen?

#11 Was Paddock on antidepressants like so many other mass killers in the past have been?

#12 Why was ISIS so eager to take responsibility for this attack, and why was the FBI so quick to dismiss that connection?

#13 Apparently Paddock had earned millions of dollars “through real estate deals”.  If he was so wealthy, why would he all of a sudden snap like that?

#14 Why did he move so frequently?  It is being reported that Paddock had 27 different residences during his adult life.

#15 Why were nearly all of the exits out of the concert venue completely blocked?…

In essence, the concert trapped the people, preventing them from escaping, and denying them the ability to seek cover. From there, sustained, full-auto gunfire is almost impossible to survive.


From Fox News, a caller named Russell Bleck, who survived the shooting, said live on air, “There were ten-foot walls blocking us in. We couldn’t escape. It was just a massacre. We had nowhere to go.”

#16 Why was a country music festival chosen as the target?  Was the goal to kill as many Trump supporters and other conservatives as possible?  And is there evidence that Stephen Paddock was connected to Antifa in any way?

At first I thought that this was a fairly straightforward story too, but the more I have dug into it the more complex things have become.

Personally, I have come to the conclusion that Stephen Paddock definitely did not act alone.  That means that the others involved in the shooting are still out there, and they must be brought to justice.  Let us never forget what these extremely wicked individuals did to innocent civilians such as 27-year-old Tina Frost

A 27-year-old woman has lost her right eye after a bullet ripped through her face during the Las Vegas concert massacre.


Tina Frost remains in a coma in hospital after undergoing surgery to remove the bullet that became lodged in her eye when a gunman opened fire on the crowd of country music fans on Sunday night.


Frost, who is originally from Maryland but moved to California several years ago, is expected to remain in the coma for a week.

Whoever did this is going to pay greatly.  Yes, I do believe that Stephen Paddock was involved.  But he did not act alone, and the mainstream media is doing the public a great disservice by ignoring all of the evidence that this was not just a “lone wolf” operation.

*  *  *

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.

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RumpleShitzkin's picture

I don’t think we need to anything much more than view the recording that the LVMPD clearly told us the shooter made of himself actually doing said Rambo maneuvers.

Not sure why this is hard.

They said they have it. I’m gonna guess they saw it. They gave it to the fbi.

I think the LVMPD really, really wants us to see this.

I think we are gonna be real surprised when we do.

Gorgeous's picture

That would seem to be the story right there.  But if the FBI has it, I'll bet it dissapears...for national security.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

The video.

They almost certainly have it. Who the heck would come up with such a story if it was not true, and why would such a BS story be released? At some point we will see it, or reporters will see it or a grand jury. It's like the kids who did Columbine made all of these boastful videos. It took a while, but plenty of people have seen these videos and corroborate details of them. The definitive book on the subject describes most scenes from these videos. Enough people will see them that no one will be able to credibly say they are fakes or do not exist. Short edited versions will probably be released to the public if not the entire footage. Once that day comes, I wonder what all of these people who are saying that this man was either incapable of firing these rounds or didn't fire a single round are going to say. You think they will admit they were wrong or do you think they will come up with another conspiracy explanation?


Problem, Gorgeous - a thousand rounds of spent brass weighs 23.5 pounds, and takes up a lot of real estate. So, where is all of it in the hotel room pics ?

ThePhantom's picture

this bodes well for the future of humanity... no matter how you look at it.

IH8OBAMA's picture

tmosley, I don't agree with you on a lot of issues but you have the loigical position on this one hands down.


hestroy's picture

Perfect answers for sheeple and simple minded imbeciles like you.

shankster's picture

Who was the guy in the security guard uniform that multiple witnesses report fleeing and being chased by other security guards?

Give Me Some Truth's picture

The "second shooter" theory (or "multiple shooter theory") would be incredibly easy to investigate. Law enforcement and/or hotel staffers just inspect all the rooms that could have been used (hell inspect every room, which has no doubt happened). Is there shattered glass where shots were fired (no, you could see that from the street); was a window somehow opened (no, virtually impossible at a Vegas hotel); were there spent casings all over the floor of ANY OTHER room? Did someone fire a ton of rounds and then take the time to spotlessly clean the room before getting the heck out of there? Did guests in nearby rooms report any shots (many shots) being fired from "down the hall" "just above them," etc. I have seen or heard of no reports or no social media posts; Did the police know of a second or third shooter and decide to cover this up? Did they silence other witnesses or anyone who knew of this startling fact? How and why? Why would the entire police force WANT a mass murderer to escape justice? 

Anyway, if there was a second shooter at that hotel there would be ALL KINDS of evidence and indications in ANOTHER hotel room. Can you open up with a repeating rifle(s) in a small hotel room for minutes and leave zero evidence or have everyone in nearby rooms not notice?

Some of the questions posed above still haven't been answered and are legit. However, the questions I just posed tell me that there was not a second shooter in that hotel. If there was, then HUNDREDS of police officers, hotel staffers and guests are participating in a massive conspiracy to let one murderer escape. Really, folks, how likely or plausible is that? 

DisorderlyConduct's picture

I'm waiting for facts, which given the credibility of all parties involved may be hard to come by. But i do know some things.

He could have been a 400 lb diabetic in a wheelchair and pulled that off. I used to shoot at a range with a guy like that. He could have had no legs and pulled that off. I shoot at a range with a guy like that now. So the physical argument doesn't hold water for me.

They say he was a millionaire. Hmmm. We'll then why would he only wire his gal, whom he doted on, a measly $100k if he was going bye-bye? If he sent her away with it all in cash, gold or Bitcoin, then why wire anything at all? This part is odd.

His room shows guns arrayed all over, seemingly far from the window.  An orgy of evidence, to quote from Minority Report.  And a nice neat stack of mags. Too neat. Look, first he would have had the weapons arranged close to the point of usage, not in a scatter all over the room. All of the scattered weapons have mags in them. Don't you think that after emptying a given weapon he would have dropped the mag for a reload? Of course. And where are all the empties? A thousand rounds is not small after being fired. And it would take a large number of mags, which presumably would be in a pile.

For a second shooter, please look up Aries suppressors. They make a long gun sound like a pellet gun. A loud TV in a room would easily mask the report. A registered item for sure but also something our government buys in quantity. Not saying there was a second shooter, but assuming they would be foolish enough to go unsuppressed is stretching credulity. It would also be foolish to think they aren't professional enough to get in, work, and clean up without raising a fuss. And assuming a second shooter would be in the same building is also stretching it. Why risk that?

Peruserdude's picture

Yours and the post above just blew this conspiracy horseshit out of the water, lateral thinking plus reasoned analysis are rare commodities these days.

Most people get emotional, clouds perception...

Tinfoil hats attract lightning.

The Black Bishop's picture

The physical argument DOES hold water, he needs to move around these weapons and reload them. How was his firing position? From the angle he had to be close to the window. But also, how does he use weapons on bipods to fire down?


The weapons are heavy. The ammo is heavy.


The guy you mention, how much time did he take to reload, to move around, changing position? Standing? Sitting on a chair firing down at that angle is not an option, no fucking way.

DisorderlyConduct's picture

But my point remains. The guy in the hotel could do it. The guns are not heavy. A mag or two is not heavy. He'd be a moron if he didn't have mags at the ready. But he WAS a moron for using such crap gear. Such is the disconnected logic of the crazy, I suppose. And who carries 27 weapons when one would suffice? A patsy maybe, or an insane nutter that's not thinking right. Which seems most plausible given the evidence?

From the distance involved, a bipod may have been perfect for a standing shot off of the window or a sitting shot off a table.  Simple geometry will bear this out. Ask any hunter. This argument holds no water at all. A bipod is for stability, not necessarily for elevation.

All the facts aren't in. We will see. Like I said, lots of possibilities and I don't exclude any. There is a lot about this that is fishy, but not his ability to use a gun. That's a red herring. What about he being a prime emotional target to be manipulated? A lonely guy with a gambling habit. What about his chick? What about her origins? Lots to wonder about.

Blano's picture

I'm a mid 50's year old guy who, ironically, carted 8 guns and about 5,000 rounds of ammo to Vegas the weekend before to shoot with some friends.

The weapons aren't heavy, especially if you only carry a couple at a time over the course of a few days.

The ammo is heavy if you lump it all together, but not when you separate it into containers. All mine fit on the floor of the backseat of my car, easy peasy.

The physical argument against him doesn't hold up for anyone who is dedicated to his "mission."

Give Me Some Truth's picture

We've only seen a tiny percentage of the hundreds of photos that have been taken of that room. And videotape. Over time, I assume more will be released. Now we learn the shooter might have even videotaped himself. I'm sure after seeing all of these pictures and video even most people here will conclude that, yes, this guy fired a shitload of rounds from this room. Are people actually saying that this room was not used to fire off hundreds if not thousands of rounds?

DisorderlyConduct's picture

I think that the photos we've seen paint a picture that's got huge problems. The scattered guns with mags in them. Neatly oriented upright. The neat pile of mags by the column. It looks arranged. I mean, he could have been that bonkers, sure. But it looks set up.

Including the one OVER his leg after he shot himself. That's kind of a one in a million shot. Sitting upright, over his leg, in a position no one would ever put a weapon.

I'm much more interested in the woman. Indonesia is a nation with a huge muslim base. To think that a political gal like her has no possibility of being tied in with a group with an agenda is ignoring a lot. ISIS did claim responsibility. Not saying they are, but it is reasonable to follow that up. And that has been dismissed out of hand. Hmmm...

IH8OBAMA's picture

Not only that, the smoke from the gunfire set off the smoke alarms in the shooter's room and possibly hallway.  Did any other smoke alarms go off?  No?  Case closed.

ejmoosa's picture

I am confused by the five minutes of shooting versus the 72 minutes to get into the room.


Give Me Some Truth's picture

If that is true, it's inexcusable. But then again at Columbine the police waited an hour to move into the high school and it took them about three hours (I think) to get to the library where those two kids killed 90 percent of their victims. I think it took a long time for police to go into the Orlando Nightclub too.  For all the alleged training that law enforcement does for "mass shooting events" their response tactics are hard to explain in many of these cases.

IH8OBAMA's picture

No mystery with the 10 minutes of shooting vs the 72 minutes to enter the room.  He had cameras so he could monitor the hallway.  He had doors blocked in the stairwells and his room door some way.  He was firing into the crowd for 10 minutes and fired through the room door when someone would approach.  One security guard was shot in the leg when he knocked on the door.  The police were shot at when they tried to enter.  They backed off and waited for the SWAT team to take the door out with expolsives.  Apparently it took another 30 minutes or so for SWAT to get there and get setup to safely enter the room.

Maybe there are more involved.  But it doesn't look like the guy had any friends and wasn't friendly at all.  How does someone like that meet other people who want to commit mass murder?

DisorderlyConduct's picture

Geez. What kind of iron balls does some rent a cop at a casino hotel have to have to get a job? That's intense!

(Knock-knock-knock) Hotel security! Stop that shit right now! (Ratta-ratta-tat) I said stop that shit right now! Dammit you put a hole in my new slacks! That's it. I'm calling the cops.

Diatom's picture

This was my first comment about this all shit ina previous article:

"The true smoking gun is the fact that police found 23 weapons in the room.

To do such thing you need a truck load of ammo but JUST 3 OR 4 machine guns to manage


Its a fucking false flag. Another patsy  went down just like the JFK story..."

F... the Kakistocracy Motherf...

SoDamnMad's picture

I'm confused by so many victims but so few shell casings in the room.  I saw somethign like 14 of those Surefire (?) 100 rd magazines still stacked up.

If it was 72 minutes then he must have fired one hell of a lot other magazines to have 14 that he lugged up there just sitting there (as if stacked neatly the way Adam Lanza's room was).  Those were long guns.  Can any hotel personnel say he took long suitcases up to his room.  Yes, he was there, he was the patsy who the "team wacked".   I would love to see where all those guns were sold; i.e. the Feds using serial numbers to get to sellers who can try to remember to whom (not just name but do they remember his face)  and when they were sold.  Just doesn't add up. If it was an ex-vet with 3-4 tours of Iraq/ Afghanistan in active combat units with PSTD claims at the VA then I might buy it. An old  fat, accountant who was a gambler and had money enough to send $100,000 to the Phillipines. NO Way

dot_bust's picture

The public will take the official story Sandy Hook, line, and sinker.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

With every sentence your conspiracy theory (by logic) would have to involve more and more people. So many people signing off on massacring innocent Americans. Where do these mass-murdering psychopaths come from and where do they get the authority or power to pull off such attacks?

DisorderlyConduct's picture

But that's just not true. If the guys a patsy, it doesn't have to be gov that made him one. If a team of 3 were to have worked him up, then there's only 3 to hide a secret. Everyone else is trying to do their jobs and not look like the one that dropped the ball.

All of dhs, fbi, nsa, etc will scream it ain't isis just because it serves their interests to not to look like boobs. If it is - and I'm not saying it is - then all of those agencies are in the shit. Going thru all our personal lives - for nothing. They can't let it be isis.

The gun grabbers are not involved other than to never let a good crisis go to waste.

ejmoosa's picture

Five hundred rounds of .223 takes up 217 cubic inches or .1255 cubic feet.

Not sure what he was firing, however.

IH8OBAMA's picture

Sounds like both .223 and 7.62.  Switching back and forth with different rifles while the others cooled.


DisorderlyConduct's picture

Well only one gun really. And a handful of quick-change barrels.

If the guy was a millionaire and he planned it out, why did he not have something decent in there for doing his work? Daniel Defense? Really? I mean they're not crap, but with a few bucks I can show you lots better. And a bump stock? What complete crap. Given his resources and the fact he could clear a background check, he very likely could have gotten a mini gun on an FFL.

But like they say, crazy is as crazy does. Let's be glad he wasn't too bright.

The Black Bishop's picture

Just to put things into context. The so called "Beast of Omaha" fired 13500 rounds of ammunition from a single MG42 + 400 rounds of bolt action fire from 2x 98K carabines.


There is no need for a lot of guns for something like this. 5 guns max. What they put into the room is total overkill. Completely fantasy. It's like someone else pointed out, as if they put every gun they wanted banned into the room. If he had so much money he could have gone for high end solid reliable weapons. If it was so well planned in advance he would have tuned his weapons to the job.


It all smells like complete horseshit and a patsy job.

IH8OBAMA's picture

The shooter may have expected a shooting stand-off with police as to why he brought so many of his weapons with him.  Or maybe he felt comfortable having them around just in case of whatever.  I'm sure he was expecting some sort of stand-off at the end until he saw the SWAT guys planting explosives on the door.  Then he must have just called it quits knowing he was going to spend the rest of his life in prison if he didn't get killed right there.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Does anyone ever factor in "human nature" when concocting these elaborate conspiracy theories/cover-ups?

I think all would agree that the consensus at Zero Hedge is that there was "more than one shooter" involved. Okay, let's extrapolate logically from this assumption. "More than one shooter" means that the authorities have not caught the "second shooter." Indeed, they are not actively seeking to apprehend any second shooter. Presumably they are aggressively and boldly covering up the fact there was a second shooter.

Now back to "human nature." Is it not human nature to first and foremost protect one's self? "Self-preservation" is a goal for almost every one of us, right? Career preservation also ranks right up there, I think most would agree.

Okay, so the "more than one shooter crowd" is saying that scores or hundreds of police officers, FBI agents, ATF agents, hotel employees and others have ALL independently and collectively decided that they are going to advance the conspirators' goals of pushing the false narrative that there was just one shooter.

Now what happens if this story blows up in their face? What happens if just one credible person or persons finds out that there were in fact at least two shooters, that all of these people knew this, all of them lied about it and tried to cover up this fact? What would be the consequences to these accomplices if we learned that all of these people did everything they could to make sure this second shooter got away with MASS MURDER? Would these people risk "everything" to pull off a conspiracy that killed 59 innocent fellow citizens? I say one person in a thousand might do this, risk this.

How would the truth being exposed (well, it turns out there was a second shooter but we tried to cover that up) effect all of the conspirators' lives and careers? Would these people be celebrated for lying and covering up, for trying to allow a mass murderer to get away with it? Or, back in sane world, would they not instantly be fired, probably prosecuted and imprisoned, certainly disgraced and humilated? Certainly their careers and reputations and livelihoods would be ruined. Their family members would be shamed and disgraced as well. 

So the "second shooter" crowd is saying that all of the people covering up said second shooter  are willing and eager to risk all of the above to ... please some shadowy figure at the CIA? Come on people.

What would you do if you were a police officer. You receive what seems to be a credible report that there was a second shooter on the 4th floor and you go to investigate. Your superior stops you. "Oh no, don't go there." Would you ask some questions about "why not?" Or: you do investigate all the rooms on the fourth floor (which has surely happened by now). Sure enough, you find all kind of evidence that there WAS a second shooter in a room on this floor. Alas, your superiors tell you (as well as everyone else who entered this room), "Hey, we can't talk about this. If you mention this to anyone your fired."

Do you say, "Oh sure. Okay boss."

You might. Most people I know would not.

Most people I know would tell this person "go fuck yourself." In the real world, you would think this person was insane and you would turn in this person. Hell, you would be the hero for exposing some psycopath mad men in government.

Still, we are left with the proposition that some shadowy figure that none of these people know (some spymaster from the CIA I guess) has "got to" the chief of police in Las Vegas and persuaded him and everyone else under his authority to do as ordered. "Or else?" "For the good of the country?" "You will be paid $750?" I mean, what's so compelling about this person's argument that gets so many people to sign on to the conpsiracy and risk their careers and reputations?

Human nature says dozens, or scores or hundreds of cops and others would never go along with allowing a mass murderer to get away with a heinous crime. Morally, 99 percent of people would never do this. And practically, even if you didn't care about letting a murderer get away with a crime, it would be the worst decision you could make for your own life and your families life on the, ah, off chance the truth came out.

Short version: When someone says there was a "second shooter" they are actually saying that there are scores or hundreds of people that don't care that there was a second shooter and are doing whatever they can to keep this from the world. They are doing this to, because, why? It makes no sense. It conflicts with human nature. It didn't happen.

Col_Sanders's picture

It doesn't require any of that.

In any investigation, eyewitness testimony is the least reliable.  Why?  People see different things.  When they panic, they would see *lots* of different things.  That includes the cops.

A team of four or five highly trained individuals could get in there, spend 11 minutes shooting up the place, and evade/escape during the remaining 45-minute panic.  Most people may not even see them - and if they do, they may deny they saw it or when they say they did, they'll just be talked down because everyone wants the simplest explanation.


Because it's the least scary of the options.

There doesn't have to be a cover-up or a conspiracy that involves the cops - just the team of guys who did it.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

So you think this team of "four or five professionals" consituted the second or third shooter? These people secured a room, opened the window without breaking it, fired shots for five or 10 minutes, closed the window, cleaned up ALL evidence they were ever in the room ... and no one saw them or heard them firing these shots from this room and then got out of the room (with their weapons and all their spent casings). No videotape shows these professional hit men entering or leaving the room during the minutes of the attack?

And I guess they also "took out" the Patsy, Paddock and maybe fired the shots from his room too. Did they recruit Paddock? Did they buy his guns for him? Did they make him pay for the room? Did they help him get all those guns up into his room? Did they write his alleged suicide note?

Why did they even need to fire shots from different rooms?

And these people are working secretly for some element of the U.S. government? Or are they ISIS operators? 

Possible.  I guess. In a Hollywood script maybe. Not so plausible in the real world though. 


Col_Sanders's picture

Why do you feel the need to put words in my mouth?  Nowhere did I say any of that.  But you really kicked the shit out of that straw man - nice job.

There is nothing anywhere that says any other shooter had to be in a hotel room at the Mandalay - or any other hotel.  Why are you and everyone else so focused on that?  Because of a stupid video of a strobe light?  The reality is that no one knew where *any* of the shots were coming from.  Because they were in a panic - including the cops.  Even the cell videos that *should* show muzzle flash from his floor do not.

Firing from different directions at different times is done for many reasons but primarily it is to confuse the targets as to the direction of the incoming fire so they can't respond effectively.  And to increase panic in an ambush.  It's also to preserve ammo and/or keep barrels from overheating.  Google "talking guns"...

What I do believe is that - as I've repeatedly stated - it's not possible that he trained himself, planned, and executed this op alone.  That's it.

And if any of the bodies shows they were shot mutliple times - the likelyhood that every round came from his room at the Mandalay drop dramatically.

Why would anyone do this?  How the fuck do I know?  I just don't like people pissing on my head and telling me it's raining.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Okay, I'm making progress. You are now saying that the "second" or "third" shooters did not fire from the same hotel. You don't know where they fired from just that they fired from somewhere. No one knows yet and they left no obvious signs of where they fired from, I presume. Your main point is that it is "Not possible" that this man trained himself, planned and executed this op alone?  Please Follow up with us and let us know if you have changed your view when the video of him firing thousands of shots from that hotel room is released.

"What my eyes are seeing is simply not possible." 

Malkavian's picture

You're the worst skeptic I've "ever" heard.  When you "use irony punctuation" what goes inside "them" should "at least" fall on the "logical" side of "Occam's" Razor.  "Give Me Some Truth"?  You can't handle the truth!

Col_Sanders's picture

My contention is that the area around the concert venue is wide open and that multiple shooters could have been just about anywhere.  The backs of cargo vans, trunks of cars, hell - one of them could have been walking around just outside the fence and most people wouldn't have noticed because of the panic and confusion.

And yes, it's possible to do what I'm saying and leave few - if any - signs of it.

And apparently the video of him "firing thousands of shots from that hotel room" won't be forthcoming any time soon because according the the sherriff the cameras "weren't recording" during the incident.  So unless they change that story and suddenly produce a video of him doing it, you'll have to wish he had.

And I don't know what your last sentence is supposed to mean. No one *saw* anything.

What my, your and everyone else's eyes saw in all of the videos is a bunch of people running around in a panic, some of them falling down, and on at least one graphic video on liveleak there's actual people dead and wounded by what sounded (in the other videos) like gunfire coming from somewhere.  And in several of the videos you can hear ricochets and the singing of bullets passing so close to the person with the cell phone that they would probably shit their pants if they'd realized what it was and how close they came to dying. 

And after all this, you saw "leaked" pictures of his "snipers nest" complete with spent brass, stacks of mags, legal semi-auto "assault rifles" with bump-stocks attached, and a dead body from an apparent suicide.

That's what everone *saw*.

However, no one sees any muzzle flashes; no one sees the shooter.  There are "reports" that people called and said they heard shots on the 32nd floor.  There are "reports" that people (including police officers) saw and heard a shooter on the fourth floor.  And IIRC, there's at least one or two "reports" of a shooter on the seventh floor as well.  There were probably hundreds of "reports" we don't hear about.  Why?  Because when people find themselves in a situation like this - like combat - a situation 99% of them have never been in, it doesn't seem real.  Time slows down and everything seems bigger and louder and more chaotic.  Their senses become so heightened that their brain can't process everything that's going on so it fills in the blanks with whatever it can to make it seem like reality.  Then they panic and begin to see and hear things that aren't there. And in this case, many - if not most - of the people at this concert were either high or drunk or both.  That makes it worse.

As I said in another reply to you higher up the chain, the narrative doesn't fit - in my opinion.  I belive that the authorities are working backwards from a conclusion.  Why?  I don't know and don't really care.  It's probably just stupidity or fear - maybe a mix of both.  It doesn't have to be some grand conspiracy involving the police, the CIA, the FBI or the government of this or any other country.  The only "conspiracy" involved would be the one between the shooters. 

He didn't do this alone.  That's my opinion.

JRobby's picture

Could you elaborate on the middle part?

IH8OBAMA's picture

So right, Give Me Some Truth.  Of course most here think there must have been a second shooter on the "grassy knoll."  But they can't figure out where the grassy knoll is in Las Vegas. LOL

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Where is the helicopter video footage?

Does anyone know whether police helicoptors were brought in during the 72 minutes? Medevac? TV stations? And in Vegas there are many helicoptor tours available too?


And why no cell phone footage loaded to the web from surrounding hotel rooms? There are probably thousands of occupied hotel rooms with direct LOS to the concert or Mandalay Bay? The web footage all seems to be from ground level?

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Yes, the "leaked" photos showed no where near what was supposedly fired in that room.

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Great, now the next ff will look better. They thanks you for the tips. :/


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Valid points, all.


I have wondered whether the high casualty count might have been intended to obfuscate the targeted killing of one or several specific individuals?


Were any of the victims a threat to some larger narrative?

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That was the storyline of a "Jack Reacher" novel/movie. Stage a mass shooting to conceal the fact only one person was the real target.

Lot of trouble and variables to take out one person. The names and occupations of the victims will be released at some point. You can speculate then on who was the real target.

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The reason you hear what sounds like a M240B or M60 is that at least one of the ARs that was in the room was an AR10 (an AR that is designed to use 7.62x51 NATO (.308) rounds. If an AR10 was bump-fired it could sound a lot like them.

At a glance the AR10 and AR15 rifles look almost identical. But, if you look carefully at the AR10 magazine it is about 1/2" wider than a standard AR15 magazine. The .308 has much better kill power out past 100m-200m than the little 5.56 (.22) rounds that an AR15 shoots. In fact a typical US military sniper uses the Remington 700 bolt action in a configuration called an M24 (chambered for 7.62x51 and a few other tweaks) for most sniper training/practice/duty.

The fact that the shooter used this round means he knew more about this stuff than an aging, burnout gambler type normally would have. But he did quite a few guns up until this shooting, so maybe his brother was downplaying how much of an "avid gun guy" he really was...

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Thanks and EXACTLY --- he certainly wasn't a "professional gambler" --- either recreational or compulsive --- and an excuse for laundering his money, likewise the real estate deals --- same money laundering conduit.

Pros don't play the slots, after all.

But a pro killer and hitman would most likely know what you detailed in your well-informed comments.

Like father, like son . . .

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A pro killer doesn't register a hotel room under his own name and haul so many weapons up to the room.  This guy was no pro killer.  He was a guy who liked guns like many of us and something caused him to snap.

Having a little knowlege about how things can go wrong with the human mind from my own experiences, I think the most logical solution is that something just snapped in this guys head.


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<<<<So much shit in the narrative being presented this whole timeline stinks.

Added questions;>>>>

You're supposed to believe whatever the big money tells you. And that's supposed to your *patriotic duty*. Since when you've got this moron thing called critical thinking?