Anna Bono: "There's No Future For Africans In Europe"

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Via GEFIRA, guest author: Daniel Moscardi

An exclusive interview with Anna Bono.

Prof. Anna Bono has been a researcher in African history and institutions at the University of Turin until 2015 after living many years in Africa. She has collaborated as an expert on Africa with a number of Universities and Institutions, including the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and written over 1600 articles, essays and books on topics such as international relations and cooperation with Africa, as well as demographics and migrations.

GEFIRA asked in an exclusive interview the opinion of an expert on Africa about the current situation in Italy, about the “asylum seekers” coming mostly from sub-Saharan countries. Professor Anna Bono recently made headlines in Italy with a book that completely debunks the ongoing narrative of “poor Africans” running away from starvation and knocking on wealthy Europe’s doors through Sicily or other ports of southern Italy.

*  *  *

GEFIRA: Can we identify one of the more specific events as the beginning of the ongoing biblical numbers arriving in Italy?
ANNA BONO: It all started with the removal of Qaddafi. Qaddafi, bound by the 2008 treaty of cooperation with Italy, implemented an effective control of Libyan coasts, thus preventing the departure of migrants from other African countries. The numbers of arrivals of Africans to Italy prior to Qaddafi’s overthrow were manageable; moreover, they were not organized as they are today. It is important to remind Europeans that Libya prior to 2011 was a relatively wealthy and stable country, hosting approximately 1 million foreign workers mostly from sub-Saharan Africa. When the civil war broke out, some of these foreign workers went home, but the majority started to look for ways of crossing over to Italy.

G: Could we define the current demographic growth of Africa as “unsustainable”?
AB: Not necessarily. Africa, remains, after all, the least populated of all continents. The bottom line is all about Africa’s resources. The way these huge natural resources continue to be mismanaged – to say the least – is at the core of every possible discussion about the continent. The economic policies of most African governments fall short of any real accomplishment, with the result that only a fraction of the population receives any benefit, with corruption, deeply ingrained in most African countries, remaining as the chief obstacle to a serious and harmonized growth. Thanks to institutionalized corruption, Africans are literally squandering away their resources. One example: Africa exports oil in huge quantities, but then lacks refineries, and therefore imports refined fuel.

G: Most corrupted countries?
AB: Nigeria certainly stands out. Nigeria is a classic example of corruption as a way of life. Being Africa’s number one country for oil exports and the second African economy (after South Africa), it has huge amounts of wealth that is up for grabs.

G: Can you describe the average African “migrant” arriving in Libya from sub-Saharan countries? We all know all-too well the ongoing narrative: if they go through so much effort and dangers to get to Italy, they must be desperate, running away from war and starvation. But sheer data show us quite a different story.
AB: There is no war in these countries. There is no war in almost any of these countries, such as Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leon, Mali, etc. Yet, these are the countries with the highest numbers of arrivals. The real refugees, the ones running away from wars, are not coming to Italy and the numbers are out there to prove it. The other complete fake narrative is that these young males, aged 18 to 35, are, by African standards, anything but poor.

G: How can you say that?
AB: How can you define an African “poor” when he has paid between 5.000 to 8.000 USD or EUR to make it to Italy? What these young males are doing in reality is an investment, usually with money from their families, to start a better life in Western Europe. The whole story is just as simple as that.

The problem is that they chose the wrong country, although the easiest to get to. Italy has a serious youth unemployment problem that is not going away anytime soon. Official numbers estimate that well over 100.000 Italians in the 18-35 age group leave Italy every year because they simply can’t find a decent job, and then you have well over that number of young African males coming to Italy every year to find what kind of employment?

G: Which leads to another, all-too obvious question. What will all these Africans do, from now on?
AB: Considering that the whole process of being granted – or denied – the status of “refugee” in Italy takes years, they will be an onerous burden on Italy, costing Italian taxpayers billions of euros.

G: Why does this process take years? Is Italian bureaucracy this slow?
AB: When you are granting to any self claiming “asylum seeker” 3 (three) different levels of justice like to any ordinary Italian citizen, (1st degree court, Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court), is it that difficult to realize that he will spend in Italy, pending these different appeals, a number of years at taxpayers’ expenses?

In the meantime these people have to be fed, clothed, sheltered, and given free medical and legal assistance for years to come. This translates into billions of euros that the Italian welfare system has to spend, taking these resources away from the welfare of Italian citizens and legal residents.

G: What is the percentage of those who eventually get refugee status?
AB: The magnitude is one percentage digit. The numbers just tell us that the overwhelming majority do not qualify for any refugee status. In 2015 out of 153.000 arrivals only 3.555 were granted the status. In 2016 out of 181.000 arrivals fewer than 5.000 were recognized as refugees. Numbers are out to tell us there is a complete fake narrative being served on us.

G: And the others? Those who don’t qualify for the refugee status?
AB: They will be served a foglio di via, an official warning that orders the alien, who is at that point illegal, to leave Italy within a certain number of days. To go where? That is quite ineffective, and it does not make any sense, to say the least. It’s like saying to these people: we have come to the conclusion – after years of keeping you here at our own expense – that you should have not been here in the first place, so could you please now go home? Where will these people go? Is it so hard to imagine that they will remain in Italy regardless of this ridiculous warning and they will find ways – legal, or most likely, illegal – to continue living here or to move around Europe trying to survive somehow?

G: But some Italians seem to like or at least tolerate all this scam (because at this point plain evidence shows all this to be nothing but a huge scam). And, as in every scam, there is someone out there reaping a profit.
AB: Of course, the numbers of those involved of what we can now call a well-established industry are not so small. It’s a growing industry which now commands huge numbers, in the billions of euros. And not just in Italy, where the government (read: Italian taxpayers) this year (2017) will spend well over 4.5 billion euros for this industry. I will just give one example outside Italy: Agadez, Niger. This town is practically living off the migrants’ main route to Libya. All these sub-Saharan Africans need all sorts of services en route to Europe, and they are providing this town with a livelihood that otherwise would not come from other sources.

G: Do you see any light at the end of this tunnel? Any hope that a future government of Italy will turn the tide? We all know too well that forced deportation of masses like these would be next to impossible in terms of financial efforts, not to mention that Italy has already a huge debt that shows no signs of improving.
AB: The only way to reduce the arrivals of these masses is for European governments to intervene effectively in Africa, with extensive information that explains in simple terms to young Africans that Europe is not the land of unlimited wealth for all. Until this myth persists in the minds of young Africans, there is simply no hope of preventing them from arriving here only to find themselves without a job, without their families, without knowing anything about our way of life. In short, without a future.

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Yars Revenge's picture

Make Apartheid Great Again

Keyser's picture

"We came, we saw and he died... Bwahahahaha" - famous Shillary quote 

5 years later, southern Europe is over run by Africans... I guess the Pentagon didn't see that one coming... 

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Everything is going according to (((plan))) /rubshands

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Those heebs just want to please european goyim.

Azannoth's picture

There is truth to that, (West)Europeans are suicidal

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Please let me disabuse:  The Deep Staters knew exactly what they were doing.  They are puposely destroying Europe and 10s of thousands of years of cultural development.  If you include the Neanderthal of which Europeans average about 4% of DNA you have to say they are frvolously tossing away 200,000 years of human history and development.   How frivolous do you have to be to do that with a hand wave?

UselessEater's picture

"Present day Poland has observed the effects in Europe of weaponized migration by the 30 year old male “child” refugees flooding in from MENA nations and bravely said NO! Not for Poland! This is exactly what Europeans need, the projection of strength not victim-hood. It is also clear to Poland and every other nation in Europe that the relentless projection of guilt onto all German people generation after generation is why the flood of weaponized ‘refugees’ are being tolerated in Germany. The unrelenting pressure of Guilt! Guilt! Guilt! is creating National suicide by genocide – white Ethnic European genocide. Cui bono, when this is finally achieved? It will not be Poland."

Radical Marijuana's picture

DownWithYogaPants, I agree that the shadow governments operating within the deep state matrix have been deliberately designing the trajectory of divide and conquer to oblivion. However, I do not agree that those who are being divided and conquered are doing so with no response more than a "frivolous hand wave."

Western Civilization has become self-destructive due to the prolonged and persistent applications of the methods of organized crime through the political processes, whose most important results were the ways that the public money supplies became systems whereby governmental powers enforced frauds by private banks. The vicious feedback spirals of the funding of all aspects of every sociopolitical system has resulted in the schools and mass media brainwashing people to become muppets that vote for the puppets of those who have the power to issue the public money supplies.


THAT is the general rule to use to attempt to understand EVERY ISSUE. Unfortunately, after one does THAT, then the more one learns, the worse it gets, since those who already have the power to create the public money supplies out of nothing as debts, and thereafter can relatively easily dominate the funding of every other sociopolitical institution, can not be effectively competed with by those who can not legally create any money out of nothing.

After a society loses control over its public money supplies, it automatically then loses control over everything else, as well as can not regain control by acting within those already established systems. All of the countries which have been suffering from runaway immigration originally lost control of their public money supplies, and then more and more rapidly lost control over everything else. At this point in time, the tragic trajectory of divide and conquer to oblivion looks like it has already gone too far to stop ...


I recently had my DNA tested regarding my ancestry, which is 100% European, and also discovered that I have almost 4% Neanderthal traits. However, my DNA haploid groups indicated that my great to the nth power grandmother came from central Africa about 180,000 years ago, while my great to the nth power grandfather came from central Africa about 275,000 years ago.

Of course, migrating back and forth with the advancing and retreating glaciers for tens of thousands of years imposed significant selection pressures upon those populations of people who became Europeans in general, and especially upon Northern Europeans. However, generally speaking, eventually those North European peoples were culturally conquered by Middle Eastern sociopolitical systems, as demonstrated by the ways that Christianity and the Bible became so dominant for so long.

Indeed, those who converted to adopting those books (which are effectively books of organized crime gang rules, which perfected the abilities of the ruling classes to operate as the best available professional hypocrites) became dominate in the groups that became the ruling classes in European countries, and then European colonies of settlement, like in North America, etc. ... Those members of the European ruling classes developed their abilities to enforce frauds, which operated as symbolic robberies. The vicious feedback spirals of those excessively successful enforced frauds delivered greater and greater benefits in the forms of those symbolic robberies, so that the funding of all sociopolitical institutions became runaway systems of divide and conquer to oblivion.

In my view, there was never a time when the majority of Europeans, or the majority of their descendants in their colonies of settlement, agreed to being overwhelmed by immigration. Rather, the majority of those people were never losing control with nothing more than a frivolous hand wave, but rather, more and more lost control by being conquered by the prolonged and persistent applications of the methods of organized crime by the ruling classes. That is, the majority of people became brainwashed muppets that voted for the political puppet politicians of the ruling classes. In particular, after the majority of people lost control over the public money supplies, then they necessarily lost control over everything else, including lost control over immigration.

Who opened America's borders?


Of course, similar things also happened in Europe, as well as throughout the European colonies of settlement, although that varied according to the times and places where that happened.

Human history has many apparently paradoxical swings of pendulums from one extreme to others, over the course of enough time passing, such that, given enough time, things tend to turn into their opposites. (I.e., all Europeans, and their decedents, were immigrants from central Africa, about a couple of hundred thousand years ago.)

At the present time, those swings of the pendulum appear to behave as if they are being pushed to become like a swing that has enough momentum to go over the bar from which that swing was suspended. In other words, that can be expressed as the manifestation of divide and conquer to oblivion.


There was another comment posted here by Cloud 9.5 which indicated some of what would be theoretically necessary for European people to belatedly understand and perhaps begin to effectively resist the ruling classes treating them like cattle. However, actually doing anything like that appears to be politically impossible, because of the degree to which the ruling classes continue to control the public money supplies, and continue to benefit from having dominated the funding and control of the public schools and mainstream mass media, so much, for so long. The majority of people are muppets, who were manipulated for generation after generation by the best scientific brainwashing that money could buy.

While those who bother to post comments on Zero Hedge tend to understand that better than most, and those comments which present those insights tend to most up-voted, despite some degree of some people waking up, the overall statistics indicate to me that most people are behaving in ways which are stupider, and thud, there are no good grounds to expect that the divide and conquer to oblivion will not continue to go through to oblivion.

The ONLY thing about Western Civilization that I like is the scientific method. Hence, I tend to propose and promote ways that those methods should be applied to develop more radical truths regarding political science. However, at this point in time, it appears to me that the ONLY barely possible things which might be done is to start thinking using the military ethics which applies to sinking lifeboats.

7thGenMO's picture

Wow RM! Brilliant work - your best yet - IMHO!  Yes, it all stems from who controls the money supply.


SoDamnMad's picture

Yep, so let Italy hand the bill to the Pentagon.  And raise the price of the training area in Sicily.  And... and..

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@Keyser - Maybe the dumbfuck military fucks didn't but (((some others))) sure as Hell did. Planned it as a matter of fact.

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All this migration is wanted, is organized by TPTB, the NWO and their minions. It breaks societies apart, it creates chaos and fear. Order out of chaos. They will rearrange the world population whenever, however they need. We are just cattle to them, as soon as you understand that we are just cattle the better you understand current politicians and their goals. Always remember all politicians are only puppets and do the bidding of their masters. Below a link, Sarkozys future of france. It's sad, I personally have nothing against mixed marriages or relationship, but what he is suggesting is pure evil.

Like I said we are only cattle to the parasitic elites.

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Oh jesus fucking christ don't tell me that this is some bitch married to Bono from U2. Please god, No!

K. I'm obviously wrong. But remember it all started with the removal of Kadafi.

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Get a grip man. 

Put your brain in gear before putting your mouth in motion. 

Next you'll be referring to uncle Edward de Bono. 


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Ok. I was wrong. You are correct. I got triggered by "Bono". That's my fault and no one elses.

My bad. Mea Culpa.

Feel free to do whatever. I don't care.

So, why should I get a grip? I don't want Elephants brought into it. K. Dame. I don't have a beef with you. But leave the fucking elephants out of it.

Leave Libya out of it. Leave Italy out of it. Leave the whole fucking bullshit out of it. There's no African elephants or African Rhinos in Europe. No Sumatran Rhinos in Europe. However there are a bunch of Jihadist assholes in Europe and if they didn't get squished through Italy it is not news.

I don't fucking care how or why there are suddenly a bunch of fucking assholes from lesser than North Africa who are black and have brown eyes and are not even North African getting up into Europe. You can't even talk about it with a straight face if you wanted to. These are not refugees. They are sub Saharan people with no claim to North Africa. Someone says Africa and what am I gonna fucking do? Nothing. I don't give a fuck. Build a boat, travel to a new land and settle peacefully the first winter before you murder everyone else endlessly.

Afghanis have blue eyes and shit. Don't believe me?

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$5.00 more for you, + a penalty and interest of $10.00!!


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Let's recap: Human beings did not come out of Africa. That theory is caput. Also, there were tremendous and incredible events in geological time resulting in many many warm climate species like sabre tooth tigers and mastadons being frozen over instantly with food in their stomachs in the Tundras of Western Russia. This is undeniable fact.

Don't even start talking to me about a Qadaffi timeline whatever the fuck you spell it.

Ok, you know what? I don't even know what the fuck you're even posting this dumb bullshit for. I'm gonna come back here and fuck you up.

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Speaking of primitive life forms...

Are you even aware that you're responding to yourself? 

Please close the door down to your basement and put a sock in your mouth before you fuck yourself up. 


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How about you shut the fuck up. You're not contributing and I appreciate the little smack. You got me.

But you want to be a bitch. Go ahead.

I'm sitting here calling you a stupid bitch. Why don't you contribute something other than your disgusting Andy Warhol looking face to this forum you fake modern art ugly ass piece of shit?

Ednas Skunk Pussy is what you really mean and you know it. So don't even dip to my level bitch. I've got you figured. Go and take the high ground and your fucking canvas with you, slut. I see shit like you a mile away. You're so fucking bad ass that when I thank you you get up in my face.

Speaking of no talent artists you actually contribute to the cause. Enjoy your wannabe non contributing bullshit fake ugly frame. That's all you want out of life, and that's not my problem.

I'm a man. I have three jobs and fuck you.

Want to come over and do the man dance, Bitch?

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Fuck. I am getting fucking sick and fucking tired, fucking disgusted at the fucking use of the fucking word "fuck", every other word by fucking everyone in the fucking world.

It has to be the most fucking overused noun, adjective, fucking pronoun, fucking gerund and exclamation in the fucking multiverse. 

We fucking need to fucking start a fucking virtual fucking piggy bank.

Every fucking time anyone types the fucking word "fuck" and in fucking-- all its fucking derivations---they need to deposit fucking bitcoins, gold, crypto currencies of all types, paypal, FRNs, Social security IOUs, NO \fucking Credit fucking cards $1.00 for each fucking occurrence. 

We could fucking pay off the motherfucking deficit, the National Debt each fucking year and have a fucking fortune left fucking over!!


You now owe $3.00.  Pay the fuck up!



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Shut the fuck up, or fuck the fuck off.

TheSilentMajority's picture

Youth unemployment in italy is mainly a result of illegal migrant labor undercutting citizen wages. Stop the flow of cheap illegal labor and you will magically observe that young italians can suddenly find decent paying work in Italy.

Some simple solutions to stop the illegals:
1) An immediate naval blockade of all migrant boats leaving african waters is the best way to start. Saves lives and stops the flow of illegals.

2) Directly fund and/or support Libyan border controls to bring back khadaffi-esque control would significantly reduce the flow as well.

3) Fast track refugee-status courts that would have the power to immediately repatriate the illegals without appeal.

Simple stuff really.

hestroy's picture

Concentration working camps could really help.

Ghordius's picture

see this article:

the author's gist: "The EU favours Concentration Camps in Libya"

UselessEater's picture

But Israel has already built them send them there. Call it quid pro quo for the foreign aid they get.

Debugas's picture

maybe stop feeding the asylum seekers ? I t could solve the issue in a matter of days

DaveA's picture

In London, a great many Africans toil as slave laborers. No attempt is made to rescue them because their bosses are not white. They desperately want to go home, but they still owe thousands of dollars to the criminal gangs that smuggled them to England, and they know that bad things will happen to their families in Africa if this debt is not paid.

Ghordius's picture

a still ongoing problem, yes

since this is a financial-focused blog: credit plays a huge role in all this

interestingly, if you are a young African, you can get credit - through very informal but extensive networks with disparate financers including many Indian individuals - by just stating that you want to go to Europe

you get cash, you get tickets, you get transportation through the Sahara, you might get kidnapped and ransomed and released (with or without molestation/rape) a few times (and several smartphones, in case the kidnapper bandits take them away) until you are at the north African coast. and then more for the voyage to Europe, and more until you have found work (or, in the case of girls, prostitution)

of course, after all that credit... what happens with credit, once it is used? particularly if wasted? well, it becomes... debt

and... the family, the clan is still in Africa, and so... "enforceable"

this is the absurdity of credit: no limitations, no restrictions on credit... turns Freedom into Bondage

note: no central bank involved, no state involved, no Laws involved

Credit is a Human Thing, not a Systemic one. We, humans, do that without any need for such things

in fact, many "State" things that are so abhorrent to so many here... rose in response of this Human Thing


_triplesix_'s picture

What???  More black on black crime???  Who'd 'uve thunk it?

Bigly's picture

You know Dave, in the scheme of things, I just don't care about such people.

They fall into the category of too stupid to live (certainly in the first world). We have a lot of those on our own without imports and they are fucking up society.  Cull the herd.

DaveA's picture

Truth be told, I don't care about them either. Round them up and let them work off their debts back home in Africa. If we can't afford to send them home, or their countries refuse to take them, bullets are cheap.

Lord Peter Pipsqueak's picture

They have a job, working for the NWO to replace the white populations of Europe, who are funding all this and have made all European countries drop theor border controls to allow this to happen, Hungary and Poland being the exceptions who are now being threatened with sanctions if they do not comply.

rbg81's picture

Back in the 1980s, I worked with some older Germans who would regularly make fun of the "mess" the US had gotten itself into with the large AA population and ghettos.  Now, 30 years laters, they are doing the same thing.  I'd luv to see the looks on those guys faces, but suspect many/most of them are dead by now.  Anyone who thinks that bringing in tons of foreigners, especially Africans, will help Europe in any way, shape or form is fuking delusional.

ipso_facto's picture

'Anyone who thinks that bringing in tons of foreigners, especially Africans, will help Europe in any way, shape or form is fuking delusional.'

But... but... but... they're supposed to become super-productive citizens that will enable the welfare state to actually pay the benefits to all the current aging citizens.


PiratePiggy's picture

You don't see this outside of democracies. The idea is that by flooding the society with new people dependent on government, you will grow government power and government jobs.  The new dependent people will never vote to reduce socialism and will almost always vote to increase it and the politicians and lawyers associated with the process prosper like never before.

TrumanShow's picture

Just back from a holiday in Italy. Every single shop has an african begger standing outside. They are well clothed, clearly getting help, probably being housed somewhere and yet they stand with their hats out. Real tourist attractions such as Genoa aquarium jhave literally dozens of them all trying it on, stealing the bumming jobs from genuine italian bums. I even saw italians putting money in their hats, they must be idiots. All while their own youngsters have fuck all jobs. The propaganda has been masterful to create acceptance of this atrocity.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

There is no solution for those already in Italy. The only other solution is to close the borders and police the Mediterranean to send back ships to Libya. Operators of those ships should be jailed. However even that will not be done by the indifferent ruling elites who will continue to be complicit in the destruction of their countries. Haven't they made this crystal clear already?

Meanwhile, the young immigrants will turn to crime once the money is gone and welfare ends. They will constitute a European version of Mexican drug cartels. They will become integrated into terrorist networks. Prisons are the number one recruiting sources for young terrorists. This is happening all over Europe, even in countries like Ireland. People will have to learn to band together to defend themselves from crime and terrorism as the state will not protect them. They will have to erect walls and conduct surveillance themselves. The state will have to allow them to arm themselves after hundreds of thousands are maimed or killed. Whole swaths of European cities will become no go zones with no police or fire protection. People will be kidnapped and held for ransom and white slavery will become the common. Europe will become a real hell-hole.

There is no hope for Europe. So stop imagining there are solutions or that the rulers really care. You're on your own, baby.

Cloud9.5's picture

 There is a reason why fortifications are to be found everywhere in Europe.  From the Roman Empire, through the dark ages and into era of modern states, the need to protect one’s borders was essential to national survival. The reason for these fortifications was that there was simply not enough to go around.  People who do not have enough tend to take what they need.  The ancients knew this and the fairly recent moderns knew this.  Then the new world order mime was sold to the general populace. Scarcity and inequality was hidden from the public view. When it did rear its head, the elites sold the argument that they could manage any problem by with creative financing.

The new world order was a great fantasy of guaranteed minimum living standards, opulence for the general populace and a world without borders.  It was a fantasy where the entire world was populated by beautiful twenty somethings whose lives would be filled with camaraderie, great foods and panoramic vistas. In this fantasy, one would never grow old.  No one would ever actually have to work because scarcity was simply a distribution problem.  Concerns over productive capacity and resources were so 19th century.  A few mouse clicks and the immediate allocation of conjured currency would solve whatever problems arose.

The North Sea is running out of oil.  Coal mines are getting deeper and farther away.  Natural gas has to be imported.  Nuclear power is inherently dangerous.  Solar and wind are intermittent power sources.  Agriculture is dependent on inclement weather. Sustainability of the status quo is in question.  Scarcity once again is rearing its head.

The countryside is being overrun by a host of young men of a different race and a different culture.  Those young men hold a world view that is in direct conflict with the imagined world of the globalists.  Even more dangerous is the fact that that world view embraces a religion that is incompatible with western culture.

This current itineration of thousand year old struggle will play out as it always has with ethnic cleansing and genocide.  Europeans need to look to their past for clues on how to secure their personal security.




Friedrich not Salma's picture

Great distillation of the situation. It deserves my thanks instead of just an upvote.

sarz's picture

A modest proposal. Parachute them into any country they can prove is home. Otherwise drop them into the Mediterranean. 

Ace006's picture

The people are indifferent too. The Germans just elected their betrayer. We love you, Angela. You bring stability.

GreatUncle's picture

The native populations in said western countries do not have a future neither.

MATA HAIRY's picture

white europeans and americans need to do is start flooding these third world nations with propaganda (written/created in the native language of the population there)....propaganda that tells how immigrants are being beaten and persecuted by the native whites in america/europe and how the immigrants are being refused welfare....might discourage some potential immigrants/invaders...the elites are encouraging these immigrants because the elites are being paid by big business to do so...big business CEOs and plutocrat shareholders are making millions as long as the ponzi economy is being propped up by immigration....immigration increases consumer demand, which is at least 70% of the ponzi economy

hestroy's picture

I think simple statement would be enough: Every refugee has to work 12 hours daily.

Ace006's picture

In or adjacent to their home countries.

Ace006's picture

Illegal immigrants and H1-B visa holders need to driven out and sent home. Period.