Paul Craig Roberts Asks "Whose Bright Idea Was RussiaGate?"

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Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

The answer to the question in the title of this article is that Russiagate was created by CIA director John Brennan.

The CIA started what is called Russiagate in order to prevent Trump from being able to normalize relations with Russia.

The CIA and the military/security complex need an enemy in order to justify their huge budgets and unaccountable power. Russia has been assigned that role.

The Democrats joined in as a way of attacking Trump. They hoped to have him tarnished as cooperating with Russia to steal the presidential election from Hillary and to have him impeached. I don’t think the Democrats have considered the consequence of further worsening the relations between the US and Russia.

Public Russia-bashing pre-dates Trump. It has been going on privately in neoconservative circles for years, but appeared publicly during the Obama regime when Russia blocked Washington’s plans to invade Syria and to bomb Iran.

Russia bashing became more intense when Washington’s coup in Ukraine failed to deliver Crimea. Washington had intended for the new Ukrainian regime to evict the Russians from their naval base on the Black Sea. This goal was frustrated when Crimea voted to rejoin Russia.

The neoconservative ideology of US world hegemony requires the principal goal of US foreign policy to be to prevent the rise of other countries that can serve as a restraint on US unilateralism. This is the main basis for the hostility of US foreign policy toward Russia, and of course there also is the material interests of the military/security complex.

Russia bashing is much larger than merely Russiagate.

The danger lies in Washington convincing Russia that Washington is planning a surprise attack on Russia. With US and NATO bases on Russia’s borders, efforts to arm Ukraine and to include Ukraine and Georgia in NATO provide more evidence that Washington is surrounding Russia for attack. There is nothing more reckless and irresponsible than convincing a nuclear power that you are going to attack.

Washington is fully aware that there was no Russian interference in the presidential election or in the state elections.

The military/security complex, the neoconservatives, and the Democratic Party are merely using the accusations to serve their own agendas.

These selfish agendas are a dire threat to life on earth.

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PCR is bored again writing stories for the insomniacs. 

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"The CIA started what is called Russiagate in order to prevent Trump from being able to normalize relations with Russia."

But maybe Trump didn't want to normalize relations with Russia.

Maybe Trump just said he wanted to normalize relations with Russia.

Trump's policy is not that of his supporters.

All the apparent flip-flops by Trump, are flip-flops to Trump's real policy. Not the policy Trump campaigned on, but Trump's real policy.

I have come to the conclusion that Trump is not at all what he seems. Trump is the enemy who pretends to be your friend. Trump is false opposition.

Remember a few weeks back, when Trump happily agreed to sign the sanctions bill against Russia.

The Orange Jew actually wanted to enact sanctions against Russia. This was the real plan.

However, he wanted to do this while still pretending to represent those that voted for him.

That is why the House voted 419-3 for sanctions.

That is why the Senate voted 98-2 for sanctions.

That is why the press screamed that the sanctions deal is veto-proof.

That is why the media screamed that Trump is trapped and has no other choice but to sign the sanctions bill.

All to give him a plausible excuse to sign the bill, to do what he wanted, but not what his support base wants.

As many Trump supporters now suspect, Trump has actually been their enemy from the beginning.

If the Orange Jew is the real deal then he would have vetoed the sanctions legislation.

But, Trump is not the real deal. So, he signed the sanctions into law.

Trump is no different from Obama, Bush and Clinton.

For one thing, it appears that Obama, Bush, Clinton and Trump are all Jews.

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Taking up way too much thread space with your idiot cut-n-paste screeds.

Born a dipshit or just aquired a bad case recently ???   Doesn't seem good.  Doubleplusungood more like it.


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He's Slack Jack - don't you know Slack Jack one of the top Antijewish dips-in-shit trolls on service at 0hedge?!

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podesta and clinton to cover up their seth rich murder.

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Russia gate is the only thing Trump got right as of October 5, 2017.


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Hello Washington, this is 1989 and you are please to give back outdated foreign policy.

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Shit for brains Slack Jack should be banned from zerohedge.  He's fucking racist scum.  Likes to lick his mother, sisters and daughters too.

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He is pro -Jewish.Hence the cartoonish ,annoying dips - in- shit racist trolling.

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Julian Assange is ready to hand over the PROOF (it wasn't Russia). Doesn't appear President Trump's interested. Just one Tweet to Dana Rohrabacher and he could put this to bed.

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I hope this is true and not moar fake news. The story goes that Trump didn't know about that, something I find hard to believe, because this turd Kelly threw a block.

Report: General Kelly 'Pulled Off' Air Force One Flight to Las Vegas, May Resign This Week


WTFUD's picture

Yes, does seem Russiagate's running out of steam. The personal attacks also. Maybe President Trump's using this as a bargaining chip against the CIA/Deep State. I hope not and that Jared's/Son's en route to London as we speak.

Free Assange

Zorba's idea's picture

that would make my tribe of deplorable's week..

LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

Mr. Chunga, IT IS NOT "FAKE NEWS", and this is the REAL reason that he is fired:


Things are about to get VERY, VERY interesting, given everything that is happening.



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Dana Rohrabacher's offer is so out on the open, even us plebeians are aware of it. It is plain for everyone to see, including Trump. Especially Trump.


Stopping apologizing for him.  

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Imagine a world where foreign leaders could actually get together and talk things over without anybody listening or recording or interfering.  unbelievable i know..

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I added the following comment on an ABC news article related to Russian meddling and it was DELETED twice.

"How many people, contributing or reading these comments, actually read and were influenced by ANY Facebook ads related to the 2016 election - much less any ads purchased by Russia? The whole Russian thing is overblown and pretty much a farce in my opinion. If you can't read an ad and not be immediately swayed by its contents you've got bigger problems than Russian meddling."

Proofreder's picture

So post it twice here ...

GREAT idea, you deserve many greenies 

ABC sucks.

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If you can't read an ad and not be immediately swayed by its contents you've got bigger problems than Russian meddling.


Hardest sentence ever to read ... maybe proofreder can't redo it. But good post, after I recovered from the drain bamage reading it.

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Yes but just think about all of the hours that all of the .gov employees get to bill us for. This is what these people get paid to do....stir up trouble, trouble for the taxpayer.

insidious's picture

I added the following comment on an ABC news article related to Russian meddling and it was DELETED twice.

"How many people, contributing or reading these comments, actually read and were influenced by ANY Facebook ads related to the 2016 election - much less any ads purchased by Russia? The whole Russian thing is overblown and pretty much a farce in my opinion. If you can't read an ad and not be immediately swayed by its contents you've got bigger problems than Russian meddling."

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you cut and pasted that already, fucktard

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What difference does it even make at this point PCR.

You, I and everyone else in "Murica" lost everything after Iran Contra and G.H.W. 'pedo' Bush took over with the Gulf War, followed by Prince "William Jefferson" with the wholesale genocide in Serbia, then George "the II" giving U.S. 9/11 as the last chapter that "CLOSED THE BOOK" for good!

Doesn't matter what the John Brennan(s) or Mike Morell(s) cook up in their "meth lab" at this stage of the "American coma's" arrested development.

I rest my case ( (

And ooohhhhh.... my.... my.... my..... but that oil and PM those Ruskies got is gettin "heavyier" and "heavyier"!

Reaper's picture

The stupid find satisfaction emoting in a Russia/bad -US/good dichoctomy.

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Obama LOVED the idea of colluding with Russia..... right up until the State Department coup in the Ukraine backfired.  Then Syria quickly unraveled.  The Obama idiotically went after Russia's oil.  Putian played Obama and Hillary like fiddles.  There WAS a window of opportunity to "get along" via Trump, but the DC crowd absolutely had to crush that.  Too much money on the line.  Too many deals would unravel.  Side-benefit... maybe get something in a investigation, but really I like what I read somewhere else...  the HAD to go there to give an explanation of why they were illegally tapping Trump and his folks via FISA AND unmasking and leaking, et al.   And it's ALL blowing up in the Dems and Brennans' faces.  Well, soon anyway.

Vardaman's picture

I think you execute Brennan and Clapper and send Comey to mop the execution chamber at Terre Haute and all this stuff quiets right down.  Even Paul Ryan will lose interest...

JustPastPeacefield's picture

How 'bout we throw Ryan on the barbie just for the heck of it.

Stolypin's picture

Why not China?

To China's advantage to have the US and Russia shooting at each other?

WTFUD's picture

China & Russia are working in tandem around the globe and almost now tied at the hip, including protecting the South China Sea and other Gateways. They've signed a plethora of agreements with each other & tri-lateral with 20-25 countries in the last 2 years ( Iran, Argentina, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Japan, Qatar, South Africa, Germany, Austria, France, half the STANS . . . . ). Oh yeah and who turned up in Russia on a State visit for the 1st time ever, yes the No.1 US ally in the Middle-East (after Israel of course ) and enabler of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ hegemony, the Saudi King.

This Silk Road Project alone crisscrossing 5 continents is a 20 year plus project and trillions of (name the future currency - gold backed ).

President Trump needs to CLEAN HOUSE quick and get in on this, before it's too late.

Zorba's idea's picture

i believe the trigger point is when the PRC accumulates enough gold reserves to go long

Intelligence_Insulter's picture

The cold war was actually good a super power competing with another super power for scientific advancement...this russiagate full retard... is just a race to the bottom with the U.S. jumping the gun in the race.  stupid, John Brennan is retarded and incompetent.


waist-down-naked's picture

True, fundamental sciences ceased advancing about the end of 80-ies, and been limping evra sins. Imho, this is the greatest imaginable crime against humanity.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

PCR is right that this Russia business was made out of whole cloth, that it is artificial and contrived. Like everything the deep state (don't like that term but it's what is used nowadays) does. Recall Ukraine. It was a peaceful state until Victoria Nuland went and spent $5 billion to destabilize it and demonize the government in place, which culminated in Maidan and war, and now it is a failed state like Libya. Look at Syria, which was a peaceful and prosperous state with tolerance for all religions which was destabilized by using highly suspect demonstrations against the goverment as a catspaw to justify fighting a proxy war there, leaving the country in ruins. Libya had the highest standard of living in Northern Africa--same story. In this case oil, water, and gold reserves seem to have been the object. Also, that 'evil dictator Qaddafi' (we came, we saw, he died, har dee har har) was acting as a thumb in the dike holding back massive immigration into Europe. If we go back further, Iraq was also a stable and prosperous country. First the US lied to Saddam, giving him the green light to invade Kuweit, and then that was used as a pretext to start up the gulf war. Subsequently, the second round of the war was sold to the public and to allies on the false pretext of weapons of mass destruction.

What is the object in all of this? I believe protecting the greenback petro-dollar is part of it, but that is also turning out to be a disaster. American policies are so hated by everyone that countries are determined to dump the dollar as soon as possible. Then you have to consider the neo-Trotskyites, especially in the Middle East. When you read your history, particularly the mass deaths of Christians in Russia engineered by the Bolsheviks, you come to the conclusion that these Trotskyites will stop at nothing to gain power. It is really quite frightening from the point of view of the consequences of allowing them any influence at all. America will soon be a failed state when they get their civil war and the dollar collapses. We are not exempt from history!

Setarcos's picture

You know the same history as me and what we know is accurate, beyond reasonable dispute.

Seasmoke's picture

I still go back to the Russian Olympics. Something big changed right after them.

francis scott falseflag's picture

The Russian Olympics at Sochi?


The government in Kiev changed during them.

And Crimea's allegiance to Kiev changed right after them.  


francis scott falseflag's picture

So you answered your own question:


It was the American People, by electing Trump, who are responsible for Russiagate. 

Had Hillary been elected, there would have been no need for it.

Her attitude about Russia was well known.


"The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on ..."


Russiagate was on Brennan's to-do list in the event Trump won.

Zorba's idea's picture

whoever downvoted must collect flies

Byte Me's picture

I'm one of the DVers for the following effort at transference:

It was the American People, by electing Trump, who are responsible for Russiagate. 

Had Hillary been elected, there would have been no need for it.

This arrant nonsense, that the Peeps are 'responsible' for someone else's actions should lie up there with "it's the fault of the gun" and "white male privilege"

The responsibility lies with the perpetrator. (Assumed to be Brennan in this case)

The implication is that the Peeps have no choice in who the State wants elected. (Except that - this time - they managed to buck the system)


francis scott falseflag's picture

Well, we're even.  I didn't say it was the peeps 'bright idea", i just said that the result of the vote 

in November was responsible for Russiagate.  


As for Brennan, he only did what the 'deep state' wanted.  He is not the 'deep state' or the aggressively

anti-Russia wing of the 'deep state'.  He was just an incompetent bureaucrat, whose job was murder,

blackmail, bribery, and deceit.  As America declined during his tenure, so the CIA also fell apart. 

Byte Me's picture

Not so. Again, I quote you:

It was the American People, by electing Trump, who are responsible for Russiagate. 

No-one except you mentions 'bright idea' either. Where did that come from?

The result of the vote can not be held 'responsible' nor the Peeps by extension for making that collective choice.

If Brennan perpetrated the RGate idiocy, then whoever instructed him to do so is responsible. Not the people, nor the vote. At best they provide the environment for the subsequent malicious action by the DS.

francis scott falseflag's picture

Oh, Byte Me.  You are so cute.

No-one except you mentions 'bright idea' either. Where did that come from?


Do you like "opened the door" moar?  Let me know. I don't want to upset you.

AurorusBorealus's picture

I think that every U.S. citizen should watch this video.  Then you should all realize that the CIA is not operating overseas exclusively.  They are actively involved in U.S. internal politics, using all of the same techniques that they have used overseas: torture, drug-running, arms-running, extortion, bribery, assasinations, organizing political oposition, encouraging and funding radical anti-government groups and individuals, controlling the media, producing propaganda, and strong-arming politicians to do their bidding.  The CIA has been doing these types of things in the Middle East and Latin America for decades.  They are capable of anything and have no conscience, morals, or law.  Indeed, it is certainly possible that they had something to do with the recent Vegas incident.  This Paddock fellow is precisely the type of person who is often recruited to be a CIA asset.  Indeed, he fits the profile that they seek perfectly.

Cabreado's picture

This is the Rise of the Self-Absorbed -- the Narcissist and Sociopath -- to a critical mass of places of influence and control.

The only antidote is a vigorous protection of Rule of Law.

We should know such things...

Why We don't, well... that's a huge part of the problem.  Perhaps insurmountable. 

The most pathetic part is, We're not even trying.

Much easier now, still, than later...

Setarcos's picture

Oh it's worse than that.  The scum at the top of the cess pit are psychopaths (most likely born that way, see "ponerology") who've infected lower levels to be sociopaths (made not born) and the scum comprizes banksters, of course, but also bought politicians, judges, police, etc., exactly the people supposed to uphold the rule of law.  Therefore abandon hope until and unless the Empire collapses ... but after the fall of Rome it took 1,000 years to start over, so don't hold your breath (best hope is that Russia-China-Iran mitigate, but don't expect it to flow to the West for quite a while).

Don't worry, it gets worse.  Even if, say, there are a few decent politicians, etc. in the West, you can bet on it that MAB applies - that's Mutually Assured Blackmail, when no one is completely clean.

fairmontobsever's picture

The 1,000 years was only Western Europe. The *city* of Rome fell in the 400s, after it had no longer been the capital of the Empire for 150 years, but the Roman Empire headquartered at Constantinople didn't fall until 1453. Otherwise, excellent point.

navy62802's picture

And it has mushroomed to the point that Mueller is building his own private justice department. The Attorney General has been effectively neutered. We have a fucking massive problem in Washington.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

We don't have an attorney general. It is a hologram.