Russia Military Accuses U.S. Of Supporting ISIS

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Two week after Russia released a set of satellite photos from Syria, which allegedly showed US special ops located in immediate proximity to ISIS positions, the Russian defence ministry doubled down on Wednesday and again accused the United States of supporting Islamic State jihadists, enabling them to mount counter-offensive attacks in eastern Syria.

"The main thing preventing the final defeat of ISIS in Syria is not the terrorists' military capability but support and pandering to them by American colleagues," Russian military spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in a statement.

Quoted by AFP, he said recent attacks on Syrian regime forces were all made "from a 50-kilometre zone around At-Tanf on the Syrian-Jordan border" where the US-led coalition is operating a garrison.

As we first noted at the end of September, in recent weeks Moscow has repeatedly accused the US of hindering the offensive in the east of the country against IS jihadists mounted by Syrian regime forces with the support of Russian airstrikes and special forces on the ground.

The Russian military also said the regime forces "neutralised mobile IS groups on the road from Palmyra to Deir-Ezzor" and freed the captured villages. "If the US side views such operations as unforeseen 'accidents', Russian aviation in Syria is ready to begin complete eradication of all such 'accidents' in the zone they control," Konashenkov said.

Russia has been flying a bombing campaign in Syria since 2015, when it stepped in to support the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and tipped the conflict in his favour.

Two weeks ago, the Russian Defense Minister released a trove of photos which were meant to demonstrate the cooperation between the US and the Islamic State in Syria.

We repost several below:

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J Mahoney's picture

Good Timing Vlad--

Las Vegas media attention on the decline.

Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida news on the decline.

Taking a knee news becoming "old news"

Tom Petty is really dead--RIP

-----but the major outlets still wont give you the time of day because they are controlled by the deep state.

HRClinton's picture

Which is why I wonder... To what extent is Putin reaching a growing audience in the US (via Non-MSM media), in Europe and MENA?

I suspect that he targets his Audience well.

rejected's picture

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,,, say it ain't so!

Not the good ole US of A. We wear the white hats,,, we're the good guys,,, we never start wars,,, never support terrorists (unless they're good terrorists),,, never bomb indiscriminately,,, always respect other nations sovereignty,,, always keep our word and treaties,,, never ever overthrow governments,,, never threaten,,, Peoples of the world love us, I tell ya,,,, they absolutely love us........

And if they don't, we'll bomb the shit out of them until they do!

Two Theives and a Liar's picture

Russia: "USA supposts ISIS!"

USA: "Yeah, so? What are you going to DO about it Ruskies?"

Blankone's picture

The US is pushing the "What are you going to do about us Putin?" strategy but is being a bit tentative.

The US recently places mini outposts in the east and outside Deir. ISIS gets to use them a safe areas and as shields. They also serve as barriers to the Syrian military who are attacked if they drive close to them. Russia also has stated that they do not bomb anywhere near where US troops are on the ground. (That is from Russia, not the US.)

It has effectively complicated things. For example - Syria retakes Deir from ISIS (surprising the US had to allow it) so the US puts in outposts in the area to block further movement, ISIS uses them as safe zones, the US coordinates with ISIS and the Russia Lt General is killed outside Deir, Russia in a few days sent long range bombers from Russia to hit ISIS -

But the US saw those bombers long before they got to Syria (and Russia may Still be informing the US of bombing ops prior), so the US informs ISIS who drives close to an outpost and escapes the main bombing.

If Syria holds Deir for 6 months it is a major change. But this is when the US/Israel is likely to make a bold move. The russian Lt General was killed by the US using ISIS - some say the mortars were cover for a small US guided missile that hit with such accuracy.

Right now it is still the US says "what are you gonna do about it" but without further action it could be Russia moving around/surrounding the outposts and saying the same back. Could become interesting soon, or maybe the US will be regulated to just using the Kurds.

dl106's picture

The Ruskies are a bit slow, over in Langley the other name for ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, The Islamic State is 'CIA Raqqa' - Military base 801!

Green2Delta's picture

I wish those pictures were translated because I only speak American. 

spacemonkey99's picture

Well now that ISIS is drying up next on the government sponsored Toyota Fleet program is OSIRIS, then HORUS

koan's picture

I'm sure we do support ISIS, the military supported Al Queda, the military supported Bin Laden.
After the last 6 months I trust the Russians more than the American military or media.

bunkers's picture

Even I, almost 70, can see, sooner or later, I'm going to have to stand up to be counted. I have mixed feelings about that day. I fear it and know things will never be the same again but, I know, that day must come.

DjangoCat's picture

Same boat, still paddling.  You know that hanging around here is getting you attention from those you would rather not know.  

Embrace the danger, what could possibly go wrong.

gilhgvc's picture

I think there is a strong contingent of people within the USA that has too much to lose, to openly resist...YET. The PTB mistakenly assume that we will all REMAIN in that state. If you take enough from me.....I CAN be forced to stand is all open to many possible paths

Weisshorn's picture

Hitler rightfully, correctly and legally proved numerous war crimes by the allies, such as Roosevelt and Churchill egging Poland on to get the war started by making promises they could never keep to stop Germany if Poland went to far, to Katyn forest, to scortched earth, to Churchill's civilian bombing campaign to US's fake neutrality.  A lot of good it did.

The only way this zionist war mongering will stop is when it is good for the jews that this happens.  Otherwise the centuries old game of doubling down on the stupid goyim will continue on until there is no more Europe or US.

Matteo S.'s picture

Poland did not start the war. Germany did.

historian40's picture

France and Britain gave Poland a blank check to do as it pleased to Germans.  They knew that if they pushed Germany too far, they would get rescued by those other two nations.  In essence, they were useful idiots who helped start the war.

Funny how France and Britain declared war on Germany, not the other way around, but at the same time, did not declare war on the Soviets for attacking Poland as well.  They were all in on it with "Uncle Joe" from the beginning, because they all had the same jewish controllers.

The only winners of WW2 were the zionists, yet if you know nothing else of WW2, you "know 6 million jews were killed"....

robertocarlos's picture

The gloves are coming off. Good for Russia.

Secret Weapon's picture

We should not have killed that general.

directaction's picture

Everyone knows Obama and Hillary funded, armed, supplied and protected a small rag-tag group called ISIS thereby converting it into a major force in a failed attempt to topple Assad.

Everyone knows that without Russia's help Syria would've been destroyed. 

Everyone also knows President Dotard Trump has continued arming, funding and supplying ISIS. 

RawPawg's picture

Shocked,I Tell Ya,Shocked.....

johnnycanuck's picture

Lavrov all but outright called the US what Putin called Turkey.  Accomplice of terrorism.

Blanco Diablo's picture

I wish the US could produce a diplomat of Lavrov's Calibre. I have great respect for Mr Lavrov.

DirtySanchez's picture

supports Isis????

USA is Isis!!!

Overflow-admin's picture

Depends what your definition of IS IS ;)

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


And why the announcement is getting both more public and personal ( (

The Bear is telling the Eagle to "FUGET" AboutIt!

my new username's picture

Next we will learn that our military has been giving nukes to the Norks.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"Next we will learn that our military has been giving nukes to the Norks."

No. But our partner in crime Ihor Kolomoisky that made a coup "happen" in Ukraine certainly did!

When your Amerikansky "partner"... stands you up for a conflict with a neighbor that can destroy not only you but everyone else in Europe for that matter and then leaves you "high and dry" you're willing to take some technology risks!

Rinse and repeat (you should known better Jew Boy after) Mikheil Saakashvili was knifed in the back by Amerikansky "bitch" in 2008!...

Needless to say you have to pay the bills some how?!!!

Colonel's picture

A proxy war is a conflict between two nations where neither country directly engages the other. While this can encompass a breadth of armed confrontation, its core definition hinges on two separate powers utilizing external strife to somehow attack the interests or territorial holdings of the other. - Wiki

Stan522's picture

I had zero doubt that during the sentencing of the obama administration, that he was funding ISIS, but calling them insurgents. Now that we have Trump, I truly wonder if he has a full grasp on what is going on here. Perhaps the CIA simply calls all of the shots on behalf of the NWO......

Brazen Heist's picture

Trump has outsourced north-eastern Syrian operations to the CIA and Pentagon, who are pathologically addicted to their Jihadi fantasy.


Pol Pot's picture

Trump thought he would be the organ grinder...but he quickly became the organ grinders performing monkey....
APAIC turns the handle and the monkey performs as trained...

BarkingCat's picture

No, he is just an organ

Colonel's picture

The US/Zionists have ISIS and other assorted groups to do their dirty work and Russia and China have North Korea. Any questions?

Pol Pot's picture

Actually North Korea is ours..Opps I mean the Company's.....always has been. Having a boogie man in NK allows us to keep troops and bases near the Chinese and Russian borders...
Now we want to have THADD systems in SK so we stir up Dr Evil in playbook 101

DjangoCat's picture

Sure fits the profile, Pol, but tough to prove.

historian40's picture

North Korea is in Syria murdering people for Russia and China?  No.

North Korea is waging war against multiple countries targeted for regime change by Russia and China?  No.

Your analogy is nothing of the sort.

Colonel's picture

Think attack dogs it might explain my statements better. The US has its attack dogs in other peoples yards while Russia/China still has theirs in their front yard behind the fence barking at any passerby.

historian40's picture

How about I think North Korea, a nation of millions who have their own identity, culture, and self interests at mind.  They have suffered attacks from their neighbors in the past, they have been subjugated by their neighbors, they have had millions killed by the same empire that remains parked on their doorstep and continues to wargame the nuclear destruction of their country regularly.

ISIS is more like a trained attack animal.

Your analogy is still broken.

Colonel's picture

Everything you mentioned concerning North Korea makes them all the more "useful".

Ace006's picture

They have also waged aggressive war against their neighbors. Helps to round out the picture.

Laughing.Man's picture

No shit Igor. Tell us something that we don't know.

WTFUD's picture


AntiMatter's picture

Tyler why don't you forward this evidence to Wolf de Blitzer at CiaNaziNetwork.

historian40's picture

The zionists run the US, counterfeit "Israel", ISIS, al-CIA-da, etc.  That is why they all attack the same victims at the same time, and supposedly carry out attacks on civilians in various countries that push them to obey the empire in their "war on terror".

How convenient that they just change the label they call the same proxies and the world just goes along with it.  Why not?  It walks hand in hand with the rest of the confusion in the "west".

al-CIA-da, created by the US, then later the patsy for 9/11, which the empire just so happens to have desired.  The "new pearl harbor" that would be the catalyst to move their project forward faster.  Benefit to the muslims that supposedly carried out the attack?  None.

Al-cia-da then acts as the ground troops for the zionist empire's attack on Libya, then they move over to Syria to attack the empire's next target.  People might be catching on, change the name to ISIS, new name, same substance.

People growing tired of the fake "war on terror", bullshit war on an emotion to begin with, well, let's unleash al-cia-da on an airport, subway, etc, get the people begging for protection.  It's Gladio all over again.

To top it all off, Obama admitted on national television that the US paid mercenaries(army) were training ISIL in Iraq.  Then later the spokemen come out to say it was a mistake, he mispoke.  While reading a teleprompter, and not so much as a flinch from his military handler standing behind him?  Please.

vienna_proxy's picture

There are people at the pentagon/cia past/present that will burn in hell for creating/ helping Isis. time for a full Russia military deployment. no more of these thousands of Russian peasant pmcs getting slaughtered. bring the Chinese in too, they should be able to round up a few million troops no problem