Defying Spanish Defense Ministry's Civil War Threat, Catalans To Hold Debate Monday

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Spanish (and European) stocks surged this afternoon as headlines crossed that Catalan separatists were hoping to 'stall' proceedings in hope of negotiating with Madrid. That hopeful headline appears to have been crushed now as Bloomberg reports the Catalan regional parliament intends to meet as planned Monday, defying a suspension by Spain’s Constitutional Court.

As Bloomberg reports, Jordi Sanchez, who heads the Catalan National Assembly, said that lawmakers may need to gather in an alternative venue, but that the debate on an illegal referendum on independence from Spain will take place. Sanchez collaborates closely with Regional President Carles Puigdemont and the speaker in the Catalan legislature, Carme Forcadell. He helped organize the vote on Oct. 1.

“There will be some formula for the Catalan Parliament to convene and hold its meeting as planned,” Sanchez said in an interview in Barcelona.


“There will be a plenary session.”

While separatists are split on whether to declare independence next week, they are agreed that they need to hold the session on Monday to sustain the momentum in their campaign - clearly signalling that the 'stall' rumor was false.

Additionally, confirming the earlier concerns, Banco Sabadell has decided to move its corporate registered address outside of Catalonia, Europa Press reported, and Reuters reports that Spanish authorities will on Friday approve a decree that makes it easier for companies to transfer their legal base out of Catalonia.

The decree is tailor-made for Spanish lender Caixabank and would allow the bank to change its legal and tax base without having to hold a shareholder’s meeting.

Bank bonds bounced but were unconvinced that this solves the Catalan region's largest lenders' problems...

However, perhaps most ominously, reports that the Spanish Defense Minister has warned "everything outside of democracy is a threat to our nation."

Spain's Defence Minister, María Dolores de Cospedal (PP) said on Thursday morning during a conference about women in the Spanish armed forces...


"The state of law has a duty to defend its citizens and therefore the duty to defend liberty and the law, because in a democracy the law is made by all of us."


"Either you are with the law or you are against it."


"With the law in hand, from a position of unity and addition, of institutional respect and with rules we have all given ourselves, we can continue to build a project that has been the most successful one in recent world history."


"The Constitution and our entire body of laws are our ensign but at the same time give us the instruments and means to protect our nation."


"It is in our legislation where all of us, absolutely all of us, are equal. It is precisely the law that makes us equal and avoids the tyranny of a few on the rest."


"That is precisely why no one can ignore it because they are placing themselves not only outside of the law but mean to place themselves above others."

Why is this so ominous?

Simple, Article 8 of the Spanish Constitution states that Spain's Armed Forces have the "mission of guaranteeing the sovereignty and independence of Spain, of defending her territorial integrity and constitutional order".

In other words - if the Catalans push for secession, thus breaking the 'territorial integrity' of the sovereign state, then Spain can send in the military to 'fix' the problem.

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Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Showtime!  Get your popcorn!  Programs, get your programs.

Greece is so yesterday.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Every time I play the board game Risk, Europe suffers the most losses and is hardest to hold together for bonus armies.

eforce's picture

What are they going to do? Mow down the crowds blocking the streets? Popcorn time indeed...

rrrr's picture

Laws are written by humans. Other humans can write other laws.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Yes, or more precisely...

all animals are created "equal", it's just that some animals are "more equal" than others...

NotApplicable's picture

It would be nice if all of the Tylers knew the definition of "civil war."

seccession <> civil war

BurningFuld's picture


"The Constitution and our entire body of laws are our ensign but at the same time give us the instruments and means to protect our nation from our nation." Fixed it.

The Alarmist's picture

It would be a serious breach of constitutional order in any country if the Judiciary had the power to suspend the legislative branch. The King might have the powers to dissolve it, but he'll just have to watch another body be elected to do it all over again. At least this latter approach would be consistent with the EU policy of having repeat elections until the voters come to a "correct" outcome.

Crazy Or Not's picture

...and its going to be "Civil Arrests" (well as Civil as the Guardia gets these days).
For it to be Civil War both sides need to have weapons and do some fighting.
So far Catalans have taken a more Gandhi approach ... which has also shown success. TBC I guess....

The Wizard's picture

The Laws of Nature are written by God. Humans are constantly violating the with their own laws.

HardAssets's picture

Nazi Germany & the Stalinist USSR had all sorts of 'laws'.

Government lawyers in black dresses have made all sorts of 'legal' 'rulings' which directly violate the US Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson warned about lawyers, for good reasons.

cossack55's picture

Nuremburg Laws of 1935, for instance.  You were either for it or in Dachau

jefferson32's picture

By "law", do they mean the scribblings made by men in robes that men in costumes like to brandish while they're initating violence?

Or do they mean natural law?

Because the latter is the only law all men are equal before.

msamour's picture

That is exactly what I was thinking also. The defense minister's speech relies heavily on mentioning the "Law" every sentence because that is all they have for argument. Nevermind that the so called law was written to keep the population subservient. I suppose we can expect a civil war commancing next week...

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

We are going to crack your cranium, for your own good and bludgeon 60 year old Catalan female lefties.  The spirit of Franco lives.

jbwilson24's picture

Spirit of Franco? I suspect you will find that most countries do not take kindly to separatism, and will use violence to prevent it. Cough cough, US civil war.

syzygysus's picture

Although i've joked of 'UN Tanks'....I expect La Grippe, "Spanish Flu".


that is all.

Vageling's picture

Equal and that kinda yadda. People fall for that shit everytime. Last time I checked the robbermint is the few. They made themselves more "equal" than others. Banksters? Law? Yeah, equal. The few, a group of corrupt greedy muppets, bring tyranny to the most.

But nice try Maria. Sure you won the hearts and minds of many with that hollow oratory. 

Herodotus's picture

I am going to hold out high up in Montserrat where I can see anyone attempting to approach.

richCat's picture

Spain can send in the military to 'fix' the problem. Gosh, my father remembered 1936; still alive in 2017 he said 'we thought his nonsense' was done with ?

This is a very retro step. Madrid, with other pressures is ill equipped to dealing to underground movements. Spain has received vast sums of EU monies, could all this got to pot and go backwards ?

Don Diego's picture

maybe you can recognize your father in this huge Catalan crowd welcoming Franco's army in 1939?

nice try to enlist international help. I heard Venezuela and South Ossetia might recognize you.

Check mate suckers. The worse is that the half-wit of Rajoy will look like a strategy genius after this.


brain_glitch's picture

Oh man, I sure hope Rajoy retires. What a fucking tool he is.

caesium's picture

Fascinating link - thanks. The key is 2:13. Many Catalonian Catholics were sick of having their priests murdered and nuns raped by communists and saw Franco as their liberator. 

discopimp's picture

This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.

Dirtnapper's picture

Now if California would follow Catalan's lead, but they have to take Pelosi with them!

brain_glitch's picture

"Banco Sabadell has decided to move its corporate registered address outside of Catalonia"

That is what happens when the project is not credible. Companies flee. Already the Generalitat asked its public companies to pay taxes to Catalonia not to Spain (, and they are pressuring the private companies too.

For any merger & acquisition or when you split a company you have an army of lawyers and accountants working for months if not years to find a way to do it properly.

Becoming an independent country is magnitudes times more difficult than splitting a company. What are these guys doing? All we see are gestures.

brain_glitch's picture

CaixaBank moving out too, Würth Spain (industrial supplies, 3000 employes ) also leaving Catalonia, and Oryzon (farmaceutical),... This is not even in the news yet.

Do you see a trend?

These idiots are going to destroy Catalonia. And guess who will suffer the most? Jusep Six Pack

The fucking politicians will walk away with their massive pensions to be in the board of a corporation.

The Alarmist's picture

JUst because it is difficult doesn't mean it isn't worth a try. Man are Americans becoming ever more pussified every day.

brain_glitch's picture

Maybe I didn't make my point clear: this guys are not even trying to do it the right way. Their are only posturing.

I am a Spaniard btw.

BritBob's picture
Spanish king uses UN address to demand Britain return Gibraltar

(RT 22 Sep, 2016 ).

Spain will not allow the Catalans to have the right to self-determination as this will impinge on their national sovereignty. Spain uses the same flawed territorial integrity doctrine to deny that the people of Gibraltar have the right to self-determination. Gibraltar self-determination:

Gib – Territorial Integrity (1 page)

The Alarmist's picture

Even in their current pathetic state, the Royal Navy and Army would pretty much be done with Spain in a couple of days. Might even be worth it to see the Union Jack hauled up over Madrid.

PontifexMaximus's picture

the catalonia story is and will be the best story to move EU markets higher. BTW, no one and his dog care about catalonia. I am 1000 % conviced, that restaurants are full and life is moving on. Cui bono?

JPMorgan's picture

Looks like the hostile takeover of Catalonia is on.

I would imagine local government officials supporting independence will be the among the first people they try to arrest and jail.

honestann's picture

Finally... something worth having a war over.

Which means... of course... they won't.

With 90% pro-exit vote == EXIT.

They'll chicken out, the morons!


Don Diego's picture

LOLZ, that is what the natives here in ZH have been trying to explain but you would not listen. They pull this shit every now and then, they are just attention whores that this time have raised the stakes a bit higher.

Don Diego's picture

The manipulation of the Tylers knows no limits. The declarations of the Minister of Defense, talking in a women's conference, were in her capacity of Government official, not Minister of Defense. Of course, she follows the government line, what a surprise.

The Spanish army has not increased its minimimal presence in Catalonia, nor are there rumours they are preparing to intervene. Spain has actually withdrawn 2000 policemen (out of the 14000 present in Catalonia) to protect a soccer match. 14000 men to watch over a population of 7.5M do not seem a lot but the risks of this getting out of hand are low.


The main catalan newspaper says a declaration of independence would be a "very bad idea" in its editorial. Check mate suckers.

Puigdemont now wants to negotiate,

As I said no declaration of independence on Monday. The Spanish have all the advantage now, they should wait until the inter-catalan infighting starts and then cancel their autonomy. Clean up with arrests and dismissals the higher levels of the administration and police and hand back most administrations except the education department and the public TV. And I know this is a dream, reduce everybody's taxes and of course the public "services" and overhead.

brain_glitch's picture

They were bluffing all along.

IDESofMARCH's picture

There is no more democracy only globalists control. Catalan will be force to give up their dream with military pressure. Only successful separation was Cramia with Russian protection.   

Don Diego's picture

The Catalan independence movement is pure NWO, check their official youtube spot:


they even managed to convince 160.000 zombies to ask for more rapefugees:

the organiser of the pro-rapefugee rally has a nice Catalan surname "Wagensberg".


BarkingCat's picture

Oh my fucking god!!!

Did you just use the Daily West Spammer as a source?

Don Diego's picture

The Barcelona soccer team, the number one institution in Catalonia, wants to keep playing in the Spanish league.


A lot of reputations in ZH are going to be destroyed this Monday.

Overflow's picture

ZH reputation among the few spaniards reading and writing here is gone.


Both the blog and the forum have missed it completely, and keep on the fake news even when everything about the secession movement  has been revealed by all the real alternative media.





brain_glitch's picture


ZH is turning into rightwing snowflake central cheering on the SJW.

BarkingCat's picture

Do you really think that we give a shit with the Spaniards think?

discopimp's picture
Wait, is this how TPTB will rally to our own Constitution, when "their" laws are continuously disobeyed, and they have no other refuge in which to turn?  Patriotism is the last refuge for a scoundrel – seems as if the government of Spain is currently claiming this podium. 
discopimp's picture

Good People of Catalonia, you have had your say, there is no longer a need to ask for premission, LEAVE!  Do so now or fear your new master is the same as your old one.  


Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws. Plato

Don Diego's picture

the secesSIONIST putchists are right now shitting their pants, thinking over the prospect of a 15-year sentence. The first rat of the Cataliban government has just abandoned ship. Over the next 4 days more rats will follow, nobody wants to hold the bag.

The only chance they have now is a Maidan or false flag.

Fireman's picture

Where is Nudelman?