Doc Copper helping materials ETF’s breakout again

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Doc Copper helping materials ETF’s breakout again

Many are of the opinion that what Doc Copper does, can send an important price message about the strength or of lack of in the overall economy. Doc Copper is important to keep a close eye and how Basic Materials stocks are performing can be important to keep aware of.

Below looks at Basic Materials ETF (XLB) over the past few years-


Ascending triangles are rewarding patterns to find in bulls markets, as this pattern breaks to the upside two-thirds of the time. This pattern also helps with risk management, as it helps one apply stops, should the pattern fail to break out, which it does one-third of the time.

Below looks at a different Basic Materials ETF (IYM)

basic materials weekly chris kimble chart


Strenght in Doc Copper, XLB and IYM often times is a good sign for the macro economy. If both of these would continue higher, it could send a concerning message to bond hold holders. The global growth story wants/needs to see both of these continuing to head higher.

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I think it also may be tied to new tech coming out of Antarctica if it ever makes it out. I’m reading that. silver will really go wild.

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I am one of those who regard copper as another precious metal. I already pay to aquire 1982 and older cents and hoard all my nickels. Nickels are mostly copper too. Well 75% The other 25% nickel is an even more valuable metal. Don't spend this shit.

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A lot of base metal will be needed for that Silk Road construction extravaganza and a lot of copper will be needed for new electric services, motor windings of all types and electronics.

A lot of Cu going into electric vehicles, light rail and zillions of battery powered drones.