Iran, Iraq, And Turkey Unite To Block Kurdish Oil Exports

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Authored by Zainab Calcuttawala via,

Iraq, Iran, and Turkey are taking a unified stance against Kurdistan’s oil sector after the region elected to seek independence from Baghdad in a referendum in September, according to a new report by Rudaw.

“In the case of northern Iraq; Iran, Iraq and Turkey will form a tripartite mechanism and will decide on shutting down the oil,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said after a meeting with leaders from the other two nations on Thursday.

day before the vote, the Iraqi central government issued a statement calling on “neighboring countries and countries of the world” to stop buying crude oil directly from Kurdistan and only deal with Baghdad.

Turkey’s Ceyhan port provides an outlet for the Kurdish Kirkuk oil to meet international markets without interference from Baghdad. Erdogan, Tehran and other members of the international community had censured Erbil for proceeding with the independence referendum as Iraq recovers from a three-year war against the Islamic State (ISIS). The Turkish leader had previously threatened to cut Kirkuk off from Ceyhan, but did not provide details on how such a measure would be carried out.

Russia’s oil majors side with Kurdistan in its quest for an independent fossil fuel establishment. Rosneft signed off on a $1 billion gas pipeline deal with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) a week prior to the historic vote, signaling Moscow’s approval of a hypothetically separate Kurdistan.

Both Iran and Turkey house sizeable Kurdish populations, so the referendum raises fears that Kurds from other nations may seek similar political solutions.

Kurdistan produces around 600,000 bpd of crude oil, or about 15 percent of Iraq’s total output. After the votes were counted, the KRG said that the ‘Yes’ to independence option won at the polls, with 92.73 percent of voters opting to grant Erbil its own regime.

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The curse to humanity, crude oil. 

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...says the man typing from a computer made from petrochemicals using electricity powered by natural gas and driving in a car powered by gasoline eating food grown with petroleum based fertilizer.

Think before you speak next time.

dogismycopilot's picture

downvote all you want, but your statement is fucking idiotic. "crude oil is the curse of mankind" - you like antibiotics? you like working just 8 hours a day? take any medicatons lately?

Man's insatiable desire for power and control is the curse of mankind and that's the original sin.

you want to live in the 5th century, go live in a cave in Afghaninstan with the jihadis.


BennyBoy's picture


Soon Syria will join.

Nobody wants Kurdistan to be the US base of black ops, proxy wars, the latest and greatest version of CIA-ISIS to fuck with all the other countries.

new game's picture

just thieves trying to control assets.

whether it be gold, oil, land or any of these phyz assets, let the force be with the victor of the spoils...

simple shit maynard.

animals do it all the tyme, free meal shit.

fuken thieves.

foxenburg's picture


I was reading the other day that some thought the USA should come up with a more down to earth name reflective of its ethos.

The winning suggestion was "The New American Empire".

This won because people had trouble spellinng "Kleptomania".

Mementoil's picture

What I see is a new nation being born, and three regional bullies trying to stop that from happening, because they hate freedom and wish to preserve their power.

If you support liberty, you should support a free Kurdistan.

Ranger4564's picture

That's because through your wishful filters, that's how you want to view the world, so that's what you see.

What is really happening, is that the cabal is losing traction in the Middle East, so through the GENEL deal in 2011, the Rothschilds put their claws into Kurdish held Iraq, and established a position they would exploit when needed. I even wrote about that event and its consequences as it happened, elsewhere. The purpose of Kurdistan is not because any sociopathic cabal douche like Kurds or independence... it's to destabilize the middle east, namely Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria in this case. The tentacles never stop grabbing... and there are 8 of them, so there are always many things going on to achieving their domination. This time, it's to dismantle the wealth of 4 nations, and controlling that wealth through prior ownership.

If the Kurds want freedom, why do other nations want freedom for them? If the Catalonians, the South Brazilians, the Crimeans want freedom, why don't the other nations want that same freedom for all of them? Because, different strategies of domination.

Iwanttoknow's picture

also support independent palestine , Republic oF Texas etc.

General Titus's picture

"the holy war,the Jihad, which will cleanse the Universe and bring us out of darkness"

So is that why the judeo-masons are bringing in millions and millions of turd world muslims into almost every western christian country to destroy Western Civilization & Christianity (and dare I say Caucasian species aka "White" people)?

Was Herbert a Mason?


SoDamnMad's picture

I remember the First Gulf War when all the soon to be called "snowflakes" rallied against oil. I asked them  "How did you come to this rally? Did you drive?"   They started to bully me until the bikers arrived.  Then I was not so out-numbered.  God bless the Harley riders.

new game's picture

brain dead irrational idiots. a possible majority of mericans. scary future...

oh, and we are all fascists, lol...

fuken idiots...

dogismycopilot's picture

My favorite hypocrite is that fuckstick Leonardo Di Caprio who takes private jets to lecture the world on CO2 emissions.

Takes a special kind of asshole to do that.

Vigilante's picture

He's not doing it on his own accord.

He GETS PAID to do it.

Ditto for all Hwood shitlibs who lecture us every so often on PC 'values'

quintus.sertorius's picture

The Zionists must have planned for this scenario of the encirclement of their "Second Israel." What will the next catalyzing event be? A fake humanitarian crisis in Iraqi Kurdistan? The question is: if they waited so long for the scenario of Kurdistan's independence, what is their planned response to the predictable blockade by its neighbors, Iraq, Turkey and Iran?

Internet-is-Beast's picture

Yes, even Thierry Meyssan is talking about this. It also seems to have something to do with Bibi being in trouble.

If you know French, this guy is really good.

Kurdistan : rêve ou réalité ? » - entretien avec Bassam Tahhan,

He suggests that this is an Israeli initiative and that it is unlikely that the US will want to be involved with this. The plan is partly for Israel to be able to put a base right up against the Iranian border.

Here some interesting maps of the future ME which include the prolected Kurdistan. Ralph Peters map is particularly interesting, and apparently his bosses were angry with him for having revealed it to the public.

Victor999's picture

Chances  that Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq will allow this to happen without a major fight - 000000000000000000000000000

Vigilante's picture

Good question

Looking at the map I don't see any conceivable route that will take Kurdish oil to Israel/Med


liqmyace's picture

It will be trucked through Syria to Israel with a few palms being greased along the way.

Victor999's picture

That's a lot of trucks.  I think your imagination is getting the best of you.  Take two aspirin and go to bed.

foxenburg's picture

600 000 bpd of crude... (80 000 metric tons).... trucked daily? 

BobEore's picture

Once one gets over their delusory belief that there is still "news" - as opposed to staged "events," phony narratives, and pre-planned "situations"...

there's little to be confused about here. The noise emanating from Ankara and other capitals is all bark, no bite. A blockade of Ceyhan bound oil would be fatal to the already staggering Turkish economy - not to mention, a knockout punch to the loot bags of the captains of state there who rake off vast amounts along the way ...which happens to be ports in Srael and Malta.

All political rhetoric aside, the simple truth is that Srael, and its' Russian co-partner wish the spigots to remain open - Genel and Rosneft have too much invested for any thing otherwise to occur... and as they control the Ankare regime completely, they will allow some barking for domestic consumption, and then tell their puppet prince to change the channel. Iran is also a subsidiary of the tiny pirate state, and will do its bidding, tho more surreptidiously than the Turks.



HRClinton's picture

The Big Picture is not about Kurdish oil, independence, etc.

The Kurds are a useful tool, to stop the development of OBOR South at all costs. Ditto for Afghanistan. 

The Kurdish oil is irrelevant, compared to the danger of the New Silk Road has to De-Dollarization.

You people get distracted by every barking dog.

liqmyace's picture

Erdogan, the man that funnelled ISIS oil through the Turkish State Oil company that is run by his son. With Israel facilitating the deal....

liqmyace's picture

Israel will take delivery of the oil cutting Turkey out of the deal, simple!

Victor999's picture

And just how is Israel going to do that - the Kurds are landlocked.

historian40's picture

National borders mean nothing to the zionists.  They violate them all the time.  Knowing their arrogance, they'll set up convoys and dare anyone to touch them.

45North1's picture

So much for those Petro-Dollars....

dogismycopilot's picture

Kurdistan is proper fucked (again).

They will get no budget money from Baghdad, they will get no oil money from Turkey/Iran, they will get no pipeline from Russia. 

The Russians didn't expect them to go full retard. The writer of this article should investigate Lukoil and Gazprom's investments in South Iraq. The Russians will bide their time until the Iraqis bring Kurdistan to heel - might take 10 years but the Russians aren't in a rush and they know better than to piss off Baghdad.

The Kurds are going nowhere fast. The US did just give them a shit load of guns and ammo so expect the violence to kick off until the Kurds run out of ammo, food and money. 

Look at the brightside, the ANTIFA assholes in Kurdistan are fucking trapped there (and hopefully die there) since Baghdad just shut down Kurdistan's airspace. 

KRG Protests Int’l Air Traffic Embargo

Victor999's picture

The Kurds keep getting fucked because they keep making shitty decisions.

Vigilante's picture

They have very little elbow room.

Damned if you do damned if you don't.

zimboe's picture

Learn to swear, you dammit fuckout.

markaria's picture

i swear like that better like it you fucked too

dogismycopilot's picture

"you fucked?" what kind of English is that. What are you, a fucking Somali?

I hope the ANTIFA kids there have a long march back to Baghdad. 

zimboe's picture

Iran and Iraq should merge into a single nation. It will be called Iranq.

Capital: Kaboolm.

Arrest Hillary's picture

Bibi, Assad and Vlad .... will get the oil to market .... oil is a terrible thing to waste ?

africoman's picture

Unlike Soetoro and super hair fly Chump, Russia don't wanna go to another Arab masked Tribskingdom to bend the knee.

They will come to her<<<take note the Saudi king Salman visit yesterday>>> as Russia hold the triumphant cards up to her sleeve, in the ME

  • They made Qatar turning 180 degrees Check
  • They let Turkey somewhat turn too check
  • The timing for Saud to visit Russia for whatever official reason is eerie.  Check 

 Of Course, Russia receives'em with red carpet.

The thing I don't like is the business/military deal  S-400 sell for Saud and Turkey.Again this doesn't make Syria and Iran smile about it while accusing Iran as a destabilizer in the ME by Saud.

It needs hard playball gut for Putin and big boys in Russia to deal with the devil.

Maybe they have their confidence in their top-notch software that controls the missile system.If it's used against them or allies, they just remotely trigger The "Clean SlateProtocol,"  to wipe out itself or destroy itself "Screw it, fuck'em. 

I understand why Russia must talk to each of this terror nations<<<Turky, Saud, Israel, USA, Qatar etc>>> after what they did to the region>>> in order to be on top of the game.

We will see how that turn out to be amidst the I$rahelli Kurdistan session game and Erdogan's true color post the coup against him.Again Kurds are played for the schemes of western plots.

I say just kill I$I$ asswipes fast in Raqqa, Deir al-Zour before the white helmet fiction group spins the narratives as usual in MSM, I saw yesterday accusing Russian airforce destroy hospital huhua ahaha

God is The Son's picture

KurdZioistan, is sourrounded  by Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. It has shorter life span then Israel.

shortonoil's picture


Bad article, it is not fact checked. Iraq does not produce 12 million barrels per day. 600,000/ 0.15. Turkey buys the Kurds oil, and resells. They aren't going to hand those nice profits over to Baghdad. Goldman must be pumping oil up again this week!

Ranger4564's picture

Your math is worse than the article. At least check your math when you're going to challenge the math of someone else.

4,000,000 bpd = total output. = 100%
3,400,000 bpd = Iraqi output. = 85%
600,000 bpd = Kurdish output. = 15%

But I am not going to check whether the total output is realistic or not happening.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"But I am not going to check whether the total output is realistic or not happening."

Nor would you know or be allowed to publish what those actuals numbers are as that is the equivalent of holding a security clearance if your an oil man!

directaction's picture

Turkey buys Kurdish oil and burns it.

Remember, Turkey burns 900,000 bbls/d of oil and produces under 50,000 bbls/d of oil ech day.

They export none of it. 

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"Russia’s oil majors side with Kurdistan in its quest for an independent fossil fuel establishment. Rosneft signed off on a $1 billion gas pipeline deal with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) a week prior to the historic vote, signaling Moscow’s approval of a hypothetically separate Kurdistan."

Someone in the Russian oil ministry needs to explain the dichotomy between SDF/PKK (as they are all one) and giving independence to a "separate Kurdistan"???... ( (

Did a double take on that one when I saw it! Puzzling to say the least when a Russian General in this SF read is pointing out what is continuing this 6 going on 7 year war in Syria with Kurdistan 'regulars" fully supporting "ISIS"?!!!

Lost in translation's picture

The MidEast.

It's where the ZioCons just keep... on... losing...

Indeed, I am entertained.

historian40's picture

How are they losing in reality?  I see a lot of words about it, but on the ground, they are still accomplishing their goals.

Chhelo's picture

You mean the day when we realize we should have left Saddam, Qaddafi, Mubarck and Assad alone and in power to handle the failed states the Brits created out of magic.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Musn't let the Kurds sell their oil thru legit channels.


Turkey wants MOAR black market oil.