Senior House Democrat: "Nancy Pelosi Should Step Aside"

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Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may have survived November’s contentious leadership vote - securing an eighth term as the Democrats’ leader in the House despite an abysmal election-day performance and a formidable challenge by Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, a 43-year-old Congressman from Youngstown, Ohio – but tensions between the San Francisco congresswoman and rank-and-file lawmakers, many of whom believe (correctly) that her toxic public personal outweighs her effectiveness as a fundraiser, never subsided.

Now, one senior House Democrat is calling for Pelosi and her two most-senior lieutenants – Steny Hoyer and Jim Clyburn – to step aside and make way for a new generation of lawmakers to lead the party in the post-Obama era.

The comments by Rep. Linda T. Sánchez (Calif.), who, as vice chair of the House Democratic Caucus is the fifth-highest ranking Democrat in the House, mark the first time a member of the party’s leadership has openly called for Pelosi to step down, as the Washington Post reports.

Pelosi’s half-hearted attempt to appease her critics by doling out leadership positions to junior lawmakers have done little to assuage the rank and file’s anger.

On Thursday, the party’s simmering dissatisfaction with Pelosi burst into full view when Sanchez shared her thoughts about the party’s leadership in a TV interview.

“I do think it’s time to pass a torch to a new generation of leaders, and I want to be a part of that transition,” Sanchez said on C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers” in an interview conducted by reporters with The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times.


“I want to see that happen. I think we have too many great members here that don’t always get the opportunities that they should. I would like to see that change.”


Pressed to clarify her comments, Sanchez went further and said House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer (Md.) and House Assistant Minority Leader James E. Clyburn (S.C.), who have been part of Pelosi’s leadership team for more than a decade, also should prepare to step down.


“They are all of the same generation, and, again, their contributions to the Congress and the caucus are substantial. But I think there comes a time when you need to pass that torch. And I think it’s time,” she said.

Pelosi, 77, has served in Congress since 1987 and has led House Democrats for 14 years. She served as House speaker – becoming the first female speaker - from 2007 to 2011, when Republicans regained the majority, which they’ve held ever since.

Sanchez clarified that she doesn’t expect the leadership change to happen immediately; instead, she hopes it will happen after the 2018 midterms. The 48-year-old lawmaker also stressed that her concerns focused on seniority, not age.

“This is not an age thing,” she said.

The timing of Sanchez’s statement is notable. Last month, Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, her counterpart in the senate, struck a deal with Trump to preserve DACA protections in exchange for rallying Democratic support for Trump’s bill to avert a government shutdown.

So, will Sanchez’s candid statement inspire other senior legislators to speak out? What do you think?

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Can't we just send in the Spanish riot police to drag her away by the hair?

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The devil's calling, bitch.  Pack up your shit and beat it.

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I hope Maxine Waters replaces her... Too much to ask?

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Maybe Caitlin Jender will replace her. At least she has some balls.

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Oh No!

We need for that lame-brain hag to stick around to provide the comic relief in response to American civilization and common sense.

Save our demented dunce!


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Dear Angry Old Cracker,

We no longer accept white owmen in DNC leadership positions.


Female Democrap BLM/Latino Cactus


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The only acceptable replacement for Nancy Pelosi is a gay muslim trangender woman of color.

Otherwise I say, let the demented, batty old cunt stay right where she is!

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Exactly! The democrat party has morphed into the WeHateWhitey party.

This woman looks like she has spent her 48 years at Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast, McDonald's at lunch and Burrito Buggy at dinner.

espirit's picture

Eating their own!

Moar popcorn, please!

Muppet's picture


Maxine Waters is by far the best representative of Democrats across the U.S.

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Sanchez wants her shot at the really big money that comes with additional power. All in good time, My Pretty.

Has she tried a bucket of water? Or did that flying monkey Clyburn take the splash?

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Jesus that bitch is hideous. Ugh Ive seen walking dead zombies id rather fuck. 

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Distant relative....

Only she's much more attractive.

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Do you agree with Senior House Democrat that "Nancy Pelosi Should Step Aside"?

>>> YES

>>> NO

Let's have some fun and cast your vote above!

Have a good and Godly day.

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pelosi was heard raging in the hallways: "will no one rid me of this troublesome beaner?!?"

Everybodys All American's picture

I think we are all waiting for her to stroke out. She’s not leaving leadership on her own. You are going to have to drag her out by the ankles.

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Her brain is so confused she can't find the exit.

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Rodriguez' fraternal twin

rusty55's picture

I used to think we had the crazy politicians in eastern Europe. THe US is not winning the reace.

insanelysane's picture

Pelosi, like most politicians, is a power hungry psychopath, and power hungry psycopaths do not willingly resign their power.

E.F. Mutton's picture

I really, really hope so in her case.  She's "gone round the bend" mentally, so I hope to see the day when she starts ranting about the gun-toting dwarves that live in her china cabinet live on NBC.

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while she shits herself right on stage, tries to hide it and all commentators slowly move away from her holding their nose.

I guy can dream cant he?

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Agreed, she's not going to go willingly.

That being said, she also makes a convenient target for her political opponents, so I would like to see the Dems keep her.  HA HA

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Mike Masr's picture

All of these deep state puppets in Congress need to be voted OUT in the next election!

This is the reason why we have no repeal and replace of Obamacare and this is why Congress has accomplished absolutely nothing for the American people.  They have been working tirelessly as one senator on Fox News said yesterday. Yes, working tirelessly for the deep state.

The Democratic & Republican parties are nothing but a facade. Neocons control both parties and the deep state owns the neocons. Our votes are meaningless as elected officials pursue the goals of the deep state and NOT the will of the American people. The deep state Russian witch hunt has taken precedence over everything else.

Russia interfered in the 2016 election says this unified body of the Senate’s deep state RINO’s and unhappy Hillary supporters. They can state this without one shred of evidence that can be shared with the American public. This coming from the same intelligence agencies that told the world that Saddam had WMD’s. 

Remember when Victoria Nuland testified before Congress that the US had spent $100 million dollars to interfere in the 2012 Russian presidential election? The deep state hopes you forgot about this.

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s conclusion about Russian meddling comes from 100K of useless Facebook ads supposedly supporting conservative views or Trump. This is a direct insult to the millions of people who voted for Trump.    

All of these deep state puppets need to be voted OUT in the next election!!!     


Longus Dongus's picture

How? With the diebold electronic voting machines without a paper trail for a recount ? That always have a different result than the exit polls? That politicians from both parties are okay with? I think voting them out is not gonna be possible.

cat-foodcafe's picture

Or, we could just send them to a concert in Vegas and let ISIS know where they are......AAAHHHHH, I didn't mean that....sorry.

How about replacing Pelosi with Paul Ryan, a true male whore ?  He is much more democrat than Pelosi and everyone knows it except Ryan himself.

What a shame we have allowed ourselves to be herded like cattle by a bunch of sick, pedo, psychopathic leftist fucks.

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Would it not be ironic if Nancy Pelosi was replaced by a Mexican?

A Democrat losing her job to a Mexican. That sounds sweet

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Nooooooo! Pelosi must stay as the face of the Deocratic party. No one else can embody crony capitalism like she does except for Hilldogs.

ArthurDaley-OldieTimeTrader's picture

I want the Hildabeast for the 2020 go round!!!!

Bill of Rights's picture

The Democratic party is fucked...Well, the Fictional Democratic party that is these people are neither.

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No! No! No! 

She and her "toxic masculine white" lieutenant need to stay right where they are  ;-)

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I'm with ya.  It's fascinating watching her attempt to complete a coherent sentence.  She can't leave.

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A mentally deranged, evil, selfish, heartless, soulless, venal pig.  Par for the course in the dumbocrat party.........and can be said of the rino's as well.  This sanchez pig looks and sounds like she's missing many cards in her deck.  Typical for her crew.

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At this point, what difference does it make?

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Pelosi and the rest of the socialist libtards all just need to step in front of a speeding train.  Now there's a worthwhile reason (and the only one) for Moonbeam Browns train to nowhere.  Terrible thing to do to an innocent train but I'm not sure a bus could do the job completely.

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Wow, a sexist AND an ageist? 

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What we need in this country is more Latinos holding the reigns so they can show us stupid, evil, Gringos how to turn The USA into a world class paradise like Latin America. The only reason they have been sneaking into the USA for decades is because of their natural compassion, they are doing it for us, to lead us into the light and let us all see the joys of violent, desperate poverty and vast corruption, and it's working. If it was not for that illustrious motive, they would all hang on to their homelands and never bother visiting the USA.

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Sanchez looks like an overstuffed burrito.  Only unappetizingly so.

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Maybe Sanchez just spent too much time in Compton....?

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And give up on all that bribe money? Yall must be trippin. How else will they be multimillionares with a 100k salady.

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True, they really are "saving  $2,500 a year on average" for their health insurance  ;-)

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