Theresa May Could Be Ousted By Christmas As "Quite A Few" MPs "Firmly" Want Her Out: Report

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Following Theresa May's "disastrous" conference speech in Manchester yesterday, in which she had a coughing fit preventing her from speaking for minutes, while a heckler gave her the UK equivalent of a pink slip, and ended with letters falling from the slogan behind the stage and the Prime Minister being comforted by her husband, her political future is reportedly hanging in the balance, leaving her feeling "extremely distraught." Overnight, the Telegraph reported that May could be ousted as Prime Minister as soon as Christmas because as many as 30 Tory MPs are said to be preparing a letter calling for May's resignation.

In the speech, Mrs May apologised for the election defeat and spoke passionately about Brexit. She said: “We did not get the victory we wanted because our national campaign fell short. It was too scripted, too presidential, and it allowed the Labour Party to paint us as the voice of continuity, when the public wanted to hear a message of change. “I hold my hands up for that. I take responsibility. I led the campaign. And I am sorry.”

And while May was "extremely distraught" for all the glitches surrounding her speech, with her Cabinet publicly supported the prime minister, privately Tory MPs said she was “limping like a broken horse into oblivion” and suggested that talks about her departure will have to be “accelerated”.

As the Telegraph first reported, May’s apology was well received in the conference hall, but it emerged on Wednesday night that as many as 30 Tory MPs are thought to be prepared to sign a letter calling for the Prime Minister to resign, with one drawing comparisons to Labour’s “sleepwalk into defeat” under Gordon Brown.

A senior Conservative source said: “The public are far more brutal about these things. They will see a Prime Minister who looks ill, with the stage set falling down. It will compound many of the views that they already have for her. It should be a wake-up call at the moment. “There were great policies in her speech, and nobody will be talking about them. We’ve not just been unlucky here, there have been some real, real failings.”


Another minister said: "Things are moving quite quickly. Conversations are being held. The plates are moving more fundamentally now. She has to decide." But the speech has accelerated calls for her to go in order to head off an emboldened Labour Party.

If May refused to step aside, rebels believe they could win enough signatures to trigger a leadership ballot over the coming months. Under the rules, 48 MPs would need to write to the party's backbench 1922 Committee expressing no confidence in Mrs May in order to trigger a leadership contest.

While May's Cabinet has been in damage control mode (the Telegraph has a live blog on all the latest post-speech developments) , Kit Juckes said it best overnight:

If collapsing props, coughing fits and a comic interruption are all that matter than politics truly is all about style rather than substance, but the pound is a little weaker on the back of this news but it's still ‘bumping along the bottom' rather than heading into uncharted waters. If EUR/USD has limited downside, so too does GBP/USD. Olivier pointed out yesterday that the lower spot provides the opportunity to Buy distant OTM calls, as the GBP risk is now getting very asymmetric.

Indeed, the market's verdict is that May's future is increasingly shaky, with the GBPUSD now back to levels last seen in early September.

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cossack55's picture

Change her name to Margaret perhaps?

TheWord's picture

Don't be obtuse. Thatcher was actually good. May's as useless as a social justice warrior with a flat tyre.

EnglishMajor's picture

She should have raised her fist at the end and shouted "Yeehaw!" to the crowd.

thesonandheir's picture

We now call it 'Winterval' in the UK.


Christmas is rayciss.

Manthong's picture


Why on earth would anyone want the modern day incarnation of Neville Chamberlain ousted?

bamawatson's picture

matters not, who is in, who is out

there will be NO EXIT !

French Bloke's picture

I think you may have hit the nail on the head! At least May was listening to the Brexiteers. Whoever takes her place will be fully in the EU camp. If it's Boris the Tories will be doomed. If Labour get in next time, as is widely expected, we're all still on the EU fascist gravy train. Lose Lose me thinks.

Blue Steel 309's picture

Chamberlain was right. WW2 was a war of bankers and Germany had no interested beyond unifying the fatherland and keeping the bankers out.

New_Meat's picture

George Orwell couldn't be reached for comment in time for this posting.

BobEore's picture

British politics is at such a nadir, that the whole government should be just subcontracted to telaviv...

the savings would be enormous - instead of one set of bureaucrats duplicating the orders from their higher-ups, as of the moment - commands could be issued and executed directly, there would be no more slip ups and gaffes in foreign policy pronouncements, and

the displaced civil servants could be retrained as dozer operators and demolition workers, routing out all those Muzzie radicals who the new 'DIRECTLY IN CHARGE' governors would not tolerate for a minute...

once their 'social engineering' schemes have borne sufficient fruition - in the form of a morally and financially bankrupted polity, ripe to be added to the sionist loot bag of political satrapies.

French Bloke's picture

It's called outsourcing. I haven't seen a business yet that saves money as they need to keep half of the incumbent staff to ensure that the 3rd party delivers what it's supposed to. But in this case they just sleep and approve everything the EU tells them. That's exactly what Yeltsin did when the US Embassy in Moscow was writing laws for the Duma to pass. Maybe we need a Putin in Europe!

Bemused Observer's picture


She would have saved the whole speech, pulled victory right out of the flames...but she lacked the nerve.

Ghordius's picture

and then? 

who is then supposed to lead both the Tory party and the country over the Brexit Sea (uncharted) to the distant and yet undefined shores of Britain After Brexit?

Boris Johnson?

cossack55's picture

Change his name to Winston. It is all about branding after all. math is too hard and probably dead.

Ghordius's picture

agree, branding is... well, it is key, nowadays. since content is kind of dead

above, you suggest "Margaret", I suppose Maggie Tatcher. who campaigned for the UK to get in the EU, in the 70's

here, you suggest "Winston", I suppose Winston Churchill. Who proposed first, in Zurich right after WW2, the (his words, his vision) "United States of Europe" (for the Continent, though, not necessarily for the UK)

today, in the year 2017... such remembrances sound like Fake News

and... there is still no proposal from the UK gov for that Irish Border Question

cossack55's picture

Correct. Do you find it interesting that branding is so important but the history that branding is based on is ignored.  How is that even possible?

Ghordius's picture

shallowness, I suppose. as prerequisite to ignorance, the true bane of humanity, the worst illness

Sandmann's picture

So what ? Chamberlain offered Hitler a Free Trade Agreement and a £1 billion soft loan if he restrained his territorial impulses.

UK should have imposed a Free Trade Deal like EFTA on Germany and Netherlands in 1945

GreatUncle's picture

Ghordius it is a sinking ship ... does it really matter who crashed the boat into the rocks?


Sandmann's picture

Johnson is a 17 stone blusterer. May is out of her depth. Frankly, the UK is in a mess it did not need to have inflicted. It does not want Political Union so EEA was perfectly suited to its Trading needs

Scanderbeg's picture

Hopefully someone with children instead of a weak, bloated, senile, spinster in menopause who never supported leaving in the first place.

Then they might actually care about the future unlike most of the EU leaders.

Britain is cucked beyond all recognition though so I'm not optimistic.

The next Tory PM will likely be even worse and deliberately chosen to sabotage Brexit just like May.

French Bloke's picture

No. He is one of ((them)). His features and his Talmud Turkish roots are evident...

Arrest Hillary's picture

Therexit .... good riddance .... Nigel Farage .... welcome ?

Ghordius's picture

Nigel Farage is not a Tory. but Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP, is

the two point at each other as "wonderful chap" and broadly agree with each other

julian_n's picture

JRM would be a liability with his religeous views - as Tim Farron found out last time round.

shovelhead's picture


A coughing fit and a letter falls down.

"She's a witch. Burn her."

Ghordius's picture

funny, yes. but the reaction of the public there was intense

standing ovations every time she had a return of that coughing fit

GreatUncle's picture

Oh even more funny Ghordius.

Hammond handed her a cough sweet to soothe her throat.

What is the betting the taxpayer paid for that sweet on expenses?

Even Hammond would steal sweets from children just like they did when we joined the common market 10% vat added so you got less sweets for your pennies.

Ghordius's picture

yes. but the trick, so far, was to blame the EU

easy. you pick an EU regulation, you slap the British "goldplating" on top of it, by that you steal those sweets, and...

... when someone complains, you point to the EU and say "it's their regulation"

Irate Question: "wait a moment, what do you mean their regulation? it's a British goldplating, it's a British Agency executing on it, it was a British idea to have that timeframe to handle paperwork, it is the British Mail that is not working fast enough to handle that timeframe, and you are a British MP and you tell me that it's the EU's fault? Give me my money!"

problem is... that Irate Question is never posed

this is the true dilemma for many Sweets-Stealers in the British System. Who to blame... after Brexit?

ah. foreigners. problem solved

Sandmann's picture

UK has always been among first to implement EU Regulations/Directives and Germany usually among the LAST 

CRM114's picture

Anyone actually think that any Tory MP can turn around the UK?

Thought not. It's all Deckchair rearranging on the Titanic. There isn't a single person in politics today (ANY country) who can fix the deficits, and the public pensions time bomb is ticking....

GreatUncle's picture

Nope, it is all a pretence, it will all still go over over the cliff.

But pretending to be in charge keeps you in the most corrupt in charge going over a cliff.

Population needs to call them out on it but they got "strictly dancing" now over a fucking cliff.

ludwigvmises's picture

Didn't Trump tell May how fantastic Brexit is going to be and how much faith he has in her leadership?

Ghordius's picture

yes. and they managed a few photographs holding hands

meanwhile, the US Agri-Biz Lobby, together with the Australian and New Zealand's counterparts, are wetting the sharping stones and preparing to start the WTO battle about agricultural exports to the UK

one of the few things that the UK and the EU have managed to agree on (tentatively, provisional) is those quotas they have from the trade agreements with a couple of countries

kind of dividing them per size, to each according to it's previous imports

problem is... lobbyists (and farmers down under) want much more. sounds... familiar, lobbyists wanting more?

and... this is just another of those things where the beasts that were at bay because the group was compact... now sense weakness

and the weakest... well, did anybody note the Bombardier thing between the US and Canada? 4'000 workers in Northern Ireland fretting about their jobs

Sandmann's picture

NO EU airline has bought Bombardier C. 

Remember Ghordius there is a 40% Tariff on Meat Imports under WTO

julian_n's picture

I think Latvia's Air Baltic counts as EU doesn't it?

JailBanksters's picture

are they chanting Out Jew Out ?

NoWayJose's picture

May is moving like a snail on Brexit. Thus the Brexit gang does not like her. But because she is still telling everyone she is moving forward, the anti-Brexit gang does not like her either. Rather than appease both sides with a slow motion Brexit, she angers both.

A lesson for Trump?

JPMorgan's picture

Yes ok but replace May with who?... Boris Jonhson would be a complete train wreck.

Britain needs someone that can get Brexit concluded A.S.A.P!

Not someone who will put up with the EU's delaying tactics and compound the UK's exit by making major concessions for very little in return.

I say enough talk, exit hard, drop back to WTO rules, and concentrate on striking deals with non-EU countries for the first 12 to 24 months. 


mog's picture

The Tory party is a complete dead loss.
No longer 'conservative' it is a hotbed of neo lib/neo cons.
They are traitors almost to the last one.
The only possibility is Jacob Rees-Mogg and he will only become leader over the dead bodies of some 200 of them.

Sandmann's picture

Need a Coalition. Conservatives are a disaster party.

GreatUncle's picture

Lol what a joke ... pretending to BREXIT and now the criminal politicians want to "oust there leader" when in reality they should be forced to resign also the whole fucking lot.

Nope parliament is still al paid for globalist puppet ready to jackboot any of the population in the face if they object.

Dear Mrs May, I no longer have any wish or desire to talk (negotiation is bullshit if it is not democratic get it?) now please take the rest of parliament with you and fuck off and die.

c2nnib2l's picture

she was alwaya an eu supporter i dont know what the hell is she doing there now

GreatUncle's picture

Like 95% of the politicians you are looking at in the UK parliament voted BREMAIN what are any of them doing there?

The crime of treason was useful, you could just hand and replace them so that the BREXIT could proceed but of course 95% of politicians slow boating are never going to let it happen.

mog's picture

And over 95% of the British voters voted for them last June.
Open borders, free movement, anti Brexit.
In the seven years in control of immigration May has let in an average of 500,000 immigrants a year - last year going on 700,000.
Many islamics and plenty open terrorists.
The British public are completely politically bigoted and unable to work out the link of ballot box to elected government.
Britain is now completely over run with islam - much the personal and direct fault of Sharia May ( hence her nickname).
What she is still doing in No 10 is one of the mysteries of the universe.

Solio's picture

Crimes and integrity are things long past.

Carry on; but, with what? It is a sordid mess.

mog's picture

I hold my hands up for that. I take responsibility. I led the campaign. And I am sorry.”

So why didn't this muslim loving woman show some integrity, decency and honour and resign as is always the case after a failure of this kind.
Take a look at her.
Sharia May is one of the biggest liars around, the worst Home Secretary in decades and without question among the 3 worst PMs in British history.
When do you know May is lying.
She opens her mouth.
She is a remainer, her own personal goal is the complete betrayal of Brexit and she is working towards that happening as hard as she can.

Grandad Grumps's picture

Cool! Draft Boris ... but he does not want it, right? Neither does Farage. They might as well grab someone from the local pub and let them have a go at it... for all it matters.

aliens is here's picture

The person from the local pub probably will do a much better job than them professional politicans.

Vigilante's picture

Right...the expression 'It's bollocks, innit?" tends to settle a lot of parliamentary arguments.