Investors "Most Euphoric" In 23 Years Despite Korea, Crap Data, Crude Crash, & Coming Storms

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The market...


Trannies ended the week lower (first down-week in 7 weeks), Dow outperformed on the week (4th week up in a row)... The S&P record-high streak is over...


Nasdaq managed to close in the green and a new record high today...


Investors have not been this 'euphoric' of the S&P 500 since 1994...


VIX and the S&P were both higher on the week for the first time since February...


VIX was pumped and dumped again in a desperate effort to get the S&P green and to a new record high for the 7th day in a row... (NOTE its the 8th day in a row that stocks ramped after Europe closed)

Just look at VIX at the close!


Notably Russell 2000 and its implied vol remain seriously decoupled...


But, uncertainty about VIX (VVIX) has never been higher relative to the uber-complacent level of VIX...


Energy and Retailers were the week's laggards as Financials and tech led...


As 'hard' economic data has collapsed (not the soft survey data), so high-tax companies have soared (and yet we are told that tax reform is 'not priced in')...


Walgreens and CVS were AMZN'd...


FANG Stocks had their 2nd best week in 3 months, ending at record highs...


"high-tax" companies are dramatically underperforming the market since trump unveiled his tax plan...


Bank stocks recoupled with the flatter yield curve post-FOMC midweek, but then decoupled again the last 2 days...


Treasury yields ended the week higher with some serious volatility today...


With yields spiking on the poor payrolls data (hawkish on the earnings data) but then North Korean headlines spooked them lower...


As rate-hike odds for December hit 80%...


The Dollar Index rose for the 4th straight week (longest streak since Oct 2016)...


Bitcoin rallied for the 2nd week in a row...but was notably less volatile this week...


Crude crashed almost 5% this week - the worst week in 5 months, ending back below $50 (and below its 200DMA). Gasoline fell for the 2nd week in a row...


While gold spiked today in North Korea headlines it remained lower on the week (4th weekly drop in a row - longest streak since Dec). Silver managed to scramble back into the green for the week today...


Finally, we note that the market's most important driver - central bank liquidity - has tumbled in the last month, but the most since Nov...


Which does not bode well for stocks...

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BlueHorseShoeLovesDT's picture

The Donald says Tax Cuts, Melania clicks her stilettos 3 times and market declines are reversed.

YUNOSELL's picture

It's all Bullish even when Bullshit

The_Juggernaut's picture

Are assets rising or is the dollar sinking into the shitter?  Which one do you want?

BlueHorseShoeLovesDT's picture

Soon a $100,000 Candy Bar will live up to it’s name.

Montani Semper Liberi's picture

 Soon, the one dollar engraved on my 1oz Silver Eagles will live up to it's name. 

post turtle saver's picture

if you haven't figured out by now that ZH is the ultimate contrarian indicator, you deserve to lose all your money

remember when the Tylers were throwing dirt in Caterpillar's face declaring them dead and buried? haha I do, worst... call... EVER

for those of you who took ZH's advice and sold me those shares, thank you :)

spastic_colon's picture

a full 6 minutes after the close and they're still trying to get the DOW green.........what a joke.

shizzledizzle's picture

It's kinda like mowing. Do you want to move markets when it's cool or do it in the heat of the day?  

AllStarInvestor's picture

consensus that today was a follow-on move to the unfounded assumption that tax reform/cuts were just passed - tax reform is likely to go the way of healthcare reform (i.e. not at all or to take years), but investors have no memory, and they're listening to Warren Buffet Et al. telling them to buy equities at any price so long as rates stay low - it's a low-IQ world.

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Brazen Heist's picture

Could the last douche turn the lights out?

D.r. Funk's picture



no triple digit

No weekend surge


I would look for another nk event or Mueller-Russia development based on what theyre doing with vix


Liberaldisdain's picture

Sounds like the whinning of a bitter short seller, prolly been selling since 2010. Boo hoo sucker.  MAGA!

Raincheck03's picture

Let me guess, you’re an automobile mechanic handing out investment advice.

illuminatus's picture

Old saying goes that when interest rates are low, stocks will grow. The big boys know central banks are buying stocks, soooo fundamentals don't matter anymore.

yogibear's picture

North Korea would have to nuke Wall Street to drive these rigged markets down.

Giant Meteor's picture

And even then it likely would not work ...

ombudsmanrules's picture

Think of the reconstruction costs = hyper-bullish!

P Christmas Carole's picture

Investors most euphoric. Zerohedge most bearish.  INTERESTING.  As I can tell the only one knowing the market fluctuations is Shepwave.   one with a proven record anyway. The rest is guesswork.  YO!

QE49er's picture

Here Tyler, use this for the next record high fraud stock market recap:

Horse won its first 19 races in a row, but lost its 20th and final race.

Archibald Buttle's picture

thanks for posting that link. not really into horseracing but that's a good watch.

tion's picture

Bugatti porn > Doom porn


Rebelrebel7's picture

Have a shot of heroin, a glass of vodka and a smile. The future looks  bright America!

pawn's picture

What ya going 2 do 4 pm tyler? 

mily's picture

"My shitter is broken" (sell the VIX)

cstu7011's picture
Baaahaahahahaaaaa hahaha
DennisR's picture

US borrows money. Fed loans money. Fed needs to offset on balance sheet. Fed prints money. Fed buys stock indexes and individual stocks which further their One World Government philosophy. Repeat. 

BingoBoggins's picture


little do they know, it'll backfire on 'em.



Ms No's picture

Well that sounds just peachy!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Needless to say ALL of my money is in "Big Pharma"...

As it appears to be "the only thing" that works!