The Last Time Gold Coin Sales Were This Low...

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The first nine months of 2017 have seen demand for gold coins slump. As stocks soar unendingly (and vol drops unerringly) the US Mint notes that sales of coins is at its weakest in a decade as complacency in the face of ever-increasing potential-crisis-events nears record highs.

The question is - what happened the last time the public gave up on buying "protection against the idiocy of the political cycle"?

The answer is awkwardly simple... everything collapsed.


And as a reminder, China's Golden Week Holiday ends this weekend and that has traditionally meant only one thing for gold...


So what happens next?

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Mr. Universe's picture

So gold trades in a narrow range, about the same price as last year yet the S&P is up over 18%?? Free Markets, yeah, right.

1 Alabama's picture

When was the last time people ran out of money or time to prepare for satans rath? prolly so long ago they cant remember.

glenlloyd's picture

Maybe someone was confusing it with golden shower week?

1 Alabama's picture

Satan likes to play dutch hide and seek, and then keep both from you as long as possible

Antifaschistische's picture

I wouldn't mind if the trend continued downward for the next few years. 

ps...I am happy with no one's pain.  No offense intended to the hyperleveraged long trader. 

Billy the Poet's picture

How low was it?


Johnny Carson has left the building.

Slomotrainwreck's picture

So what happens next?

OMG! It's going to do the same thing as the past. ie. Remain in a 1250 to 1350 range. All together now. Clap, clap.

Five Star's picture

The scale on the bottom of each of those charts is completely different...

Albertarocks's picture

No they aren't.  Each vertical line measures one day and they are all showing the same size of candles... maybe 10 minute or 15 minute candles.  It's just that some charts are showing more or less days than the others, but the scales are the same.  It's not an issue, the charts make his point quite clearly.

TuPhat's picture

Really?  Why are the dates all different?

bullionbaron's picture

The scale at the bottom (i.e. x axis) is dates, not the candle bar size. Shifting the dates in the way they have is highly manipulative:

yogibear's picture

Where is the 666 indicator?

The Same one Wall Street used.

Hikikomori's picture

You weren't supposed to notice that!

bullionbaron's picture

Agree, this is awful presentation of data, playing the ZH reader for fools

SimplePrinciple's picture

This time is different.



radio man's picture

Hint: silver under $17.

Magnum's picture

Hmmmm I wonder if Jim Richards says to buy gold?

giovanni_f's picture

"Hmmmm I wonder if Jim Richards says to buy gold?"

Yes - and to bomb North Korea plus Iran and to convince Russia that China is a bully and that the US is a trustworthy partner.

tuetenueggel's picture

Good joke besides buying PM

Crisismode's picture


Who the hell is Jim Richards?


Dancing Disraeli's picture

Keef's lesser-known goldbug brother.

Barney Fife's picture

It's Rickards, not Richards. 

When Rickards tells you not to then look for the second coming. 

TheLastTrump's picture

Those GOLDEN WEEK charts....were kind of hot.

tuetenueggel's picture

The year end ralley will be tremendous.

oddjob's picture

Last Friday I was unable to get a full fill on my order of five nine Maples.

kahplunk's picture

Yeah Buffalos are tuff to get took me some time to get a decent amount.

Scuba Steve's picture

And i noticed JMBullion is looking to buy back silver on their site, first time in a long, long time.

Hmmm ....

tuetenueggel's picture

They don´t trust your $ paper.

In europe you can buy as much as you can pay. In both, Golf and silver.

The paper we pay with is almost same shit as $

IronShield's picture

Pet rocks, get yer Pet rocks. Nah brah, I've got the stock market.

Yellow_Snow's picture

Thinking of wraping sand stones with gold foil - good paper weights or put them in the garden

tuetenueggel's picture

Don´t worry (yet) be happy .

Yellow_Snow's picture

Let the 'Magic' of 'Golden Week' begin...

Strap yourself in... 


Automatic Choke's picture

yeah, yeah, is VIX at 60 that gives me a stiffie.....


Two Theives and a Liar's picture

I want a "Make VIX Great Again" hat!

dark fiber's picture

1971: gold $39 DJ@5500

2017: gold $1270 DJ@24000

Enough said.

Good luck with your funny paper BTW.

junction's picture

I recall $20 gold pieces (pre-1933) going for $64 in 1971.

Ron_Mexico's picture

um, the DowJones never even hit 1000 until 1981, which only makes your point more emphatically.  But facts is facts.

coast1's picture

I just checked 2 differnt charts and dow was near 5000 in 1971....

1stepcloser's picture

Just curious, members of the 1971 dow were?  How many are still in operation?  The dow gets its "hedonic" adjustments, when necessary, to keep the sheeple in the pen.

Scuba Steve's picture

Haha, yeah i always laugh at that one ... 

Dow Jones = Shell game

Social Security = Ponzi

Fed = Grifters

Blue Steel 309's picture

Everyone knows the true price/value of both the dollar and gold are impossible to asses right now. Gold is traded in fiat, and fiat is backed by mass delusions.