White House Says Trump's "Calm Before The Storm" Comment Is "Extremely Serious"

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Following President Trump's "calm before the storm" comments last night, reporters tried to ask him once again what he meant today, to which he responded "you'll see." However, during The White House Press Briefing, Sarah Sanders replied to questions suggesting the President's comments were "extremely serious," however without offering an explanation.


When asked if Trump was referring to military action when he said "calm before the storm." Sarah Sanders replied "We're never going to say in advance what the president's going to do. You'll have to wait and see." 

Then, in a follow up question "how seriously should America's public or America's adversaries take these comments", the White House press secretary said "I think you can take the president protecting the American people always extremely seriously. He's been very clear that that's his number one priority."

Earlier in the day, Trump continued the cryptic mystery: shortly after signing a manufacturing executive order, a reporter asked what he meant when he said that a gathering of military leaders at the White House the evening before was "the calm before the storm," U.S. President Donald Trump did not elaborate, and said again, "You'll find out."

And then he winked.

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The Norks are preparing a launch they say can hit the west coast of North America. On October 9 (Monday), North Korea will celebrate the anniversary of its communist political party controlled by Lil' Kim, his father, and grandfather. There will no doubt be a grand military parade showcasing North Korea's military hardware -- missiles, tanks, artillery, etc... and the massive number of North Korean troops. 


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I have cut and pasted a section of the article http://www.preearth.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1174 for your entertainment:

Jews, Nazis, Ukraine and Hitler.

So, how is it that the Jews, Oleksander Turchinov, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Vitali Klitschko, etc, have teamed up with the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis to conduct a coup in the Ukraine. Why is the coup always called a Neo-Nazi coup but never a Jew coup (look it even rhymes). The Ukrainian coup was organized by Jews; they got the most important positions of power. So it was obviously a Jew coup. Then why the Neo-Nazis? Simply so the lying press could say "It was a Neo-Nazi coup." I think these Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are actually a "false flag" group of Jews.

Hitler was the same. Hitler was actually a Jew.

I have gathered yet more evidence from various web-sites and people, and it gets better & better. It is very interesting;

1) Hitler ordered the tanks to stop for 3 days near Dunkirk when only a short distance away. This allowed the entire British army and part of the French army to escape to Britain.

2) Hitler refused to take Gibraltar and turn the Mediterranean into a "German lake". There was nothing to stop the Germans from driving through Spain (their ally) and doing the job.

3) Hitler declared war on the United States.

4) Hitler refused to allow the tens of thousands of tons of weaponized nerve gas that the Germans had produced (at Dyhernfurth an der Oder) to be used. Over 500,000 artillery shells and about 100,000 bombs filled with nerve gas were found in their storage areas (mainly at Krappitz = Krapowice) at the end of the war.

5) Hitler refused to conquer Britain. After Dunkirk, Britain was totally defenseless.

6) Hitler refused to authorise the production of jet fighters. The Heinkel He 178 had its first successful flight in 1939, but the Jews Milch/Goering/Hitler showed no interest in it. The fighter version, the Heinkel He 280, was successfully demonstrated on April 5, 1941, but the Jews Milch/Goering/Hitler refused to put it into production. Hitler wasn't interested in a plane that could travel a couple of hundred miles per hour faster than the others. Same story with the Messerschmidt jets.

7) Jewish financiers gave billions to finance Hitler's rise to power.

8) Only the Nazi's attempted to kill Hitler. The Americans, British and Soviets made no attempt to kill Hitler. It is known that the British refused to allow a number of feasible assassination plans to proceed.

9) An article from "The Jewish World" tells us that Hitler, Goering and Himmler, all have close relatives living as religious Jews in Israel today. Namely,
Hitler's nephew's grandson,
Matthias Goering ? great-nephew of Hermann Goering, and
Katrin Himmler ? the great-niece of Heinreich Himmler.

10) In 1932 the Jewish genealogist Karl Friedrich von Frank published Hitler's family tree. It was pointed out (June 16, 1932, in the newspaper Neue Zurcher Zeitung) that the name Salomon, which came up repeatedly in Hitler's maternal line, was unlikely to be Aryan. On July 14, 1933, the newspaper Osterreichisches Abendblatt published photographs of graves of various Hitlers from Jewish cemeteries and mentioned a cookbook written in Hebrew by Rosalie Hitler. Also, a number of Jewish families, surnamed Hitler, officially applied to have their names changed due to Hitler's (supposed) antisemitism. [Hitler's Vienna by Brigitte Hamann]

Learn from the past to prevent war in the future.


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For an enlightening read grab Planet Rothschild by M S King you'll find a lot there including the fact ww2 was started by a mad Pole,but dont loose sight of the fact that in so far as nation states are concerned it is not good vs vil but various evils fighting for the food on the table as for history as we know it,'history will be kind to us for I myself shall be writing it'Winston Churchill

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Slack Jack,

Are you saying that Trump is a Jew?


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Donald Trump is an instigator.  I learned this, first hand, while standing with him in his back yard as he hit a bucket of golf balls at his neighbor's house.  Plan accordingly.



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I spent time in New York. I know.

Another example: National Manufacturing Day.

What a joke.

Does his base really falls for all these nonsense?

If so, for how long?


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WHY isn't the Power Grid Being Upgraded to protect against an EMP attack ???

GWB / Omaba / Now Thump WON"T Do It!

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Elon's Power Wall Team is busy in Puerto Rico.

BaBaBouy's picture

WHY isn't the Power Grid Being Upgraded to protect against an EMP attack ???

Estimates say Cost a few Billions, Really Peanuts in the Budget.

GWB / Omaba / Now Thump WON"T Do It (or even Mention it) !   WHY ???

Does ANYBODY in the MSM with access have the ballz to ask THUMP this question ???

I'd love to hear his answer...

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Trump is a MUSLIM. He is working with his Jew daughter and Kushner to form an alliance between Muslims and Jews for the final battle against Christianity. Why was his first state visit to Saudi Arabia and then Israel immediately after, with his Jew-in-law and daughter in tow?


(Stop down voting, stop calling me insane, and think about it for a minute.  The sooner you wake up, the sooner you can prepare.)


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Holy shit man, I'm so confused. So is Trump a Jew or a Muslim? I don't know what to believe anymore. /s

What is it with these retards spamming up every article. God damn.

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I don't want to comment on this since so little actual information has been provided other than to say it is "extremely serious" -- clickbait

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Does this mean Hillary will be indicted next week?


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No. All it means is Trump's about to set the Middle East ON FIRE. http://wp.me/p4OZ4v-2g9

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Slack Jack before ZH: Peace dude, fix global warming!

Slack Jack after ZH: #GTKRWN

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And it was such a nice place.  

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It sucks to see fight club turned into daycare for fucking retards.

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Was sometime last year when news came out. Word spread, both near and far. The witch is dead. Oh look again, it's the witching hour. Said by Yog. all copyrights maintained. He made a deal with Assange maybe.

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Not knowing the nature of the threat, how do you prep?  Do you buy more beans and rice?  Do you build a bomb shelter?  Do you buy bullion in anticipation of a currency collapse?  Do you buy another thousand rounds of ammo?  What the hell do you do?  Comments like this, raise the level of anxiety without providing a single bit of useful information.  Then again maybe it was a wink and a nod to the ones that were listening to do all of the above.

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You had better invest in sandbags!

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Stop being so ignorant. Everybody knows they were crypto-Chinese.

Teja's picture

All allied with the Lee family! And those are everywhere and preparing their endgame. The South Will Rise Again!

Escrava Isaura's picture

Neither one. And those are not the danger.

Trump will be a disaster for the US people and economy. The conservatives can’t grasp that shitty manufacturing jobs are gone. That we consume about 20 percent of the world resources while having only 5 percent of the world population. Trump going in a trade war with Asia, Middle East, and Europe most likely will be the final blow to America living standards.

Giving tax rebate to the rich will kill jobs, especially healthcare jobs, because that tax rebate will be invested back in Wall Street.

My main concern is in 2018 when Trump, and his top people, realizes that his presidency will be a major failure.

Can a 911 rescue him like it did to Bush?

We’ll find out in the next 12 months.


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Im afraid we are gonna find out starting next week when he officially starts trying to fuck with Iran. Iran will of course get mad and star up their program and then Trump will have the excuse to attack Iran, and find out just how good those S-400 really are. In the process we will also find if Putin stays by his pal Iran(who heped him in Syria) or backs out again. 

Joiningupthedots's picture

Attack Iran with what?

Every naval asset within range of this will be sunk


Ditto the Qatar, UAE, Omani, Saudi and Kuwait airfiields.

Iran has enough missiles to destroy the lot of them.

Dont take my word for it though....start your dumb ass war with Iran.

The (American) humiliation is almost palpable.


buyingsterling's picture

You're in good company - your views are shared by the left and neocons. Ironically, the situation we are in is mostly thanks to those two groups.

garcam123's picture

Yea.......any second now.........Brit Bob will be reminding us all how mind fucked he is with some blather about Gibralter that no one oin the fucking planet cares About, but him......

I wish this pansy shitbird I voted for because he was not Cuntlery would keep some of his promises.

We should be able to arrest the sorry fuck for lying during the campaign.

He's a liar and a piece of shit and he's never even had a smell of Meliana's snatch.....I'b bet everything.

The only one who got laid there was that one little sperm and was surguically planted!

I'm fucking happy to be old.  I'm ready for this running diaherria to fuking end........Dump's a traitor and an asshole!

earleflorida's picture

"For Whom the Trump Trolls"      Will trump use conventional weapons or mini-nukes on NORK's, if Kim follows through with a first-strike Test?  or,...--- Could it be [deliberately] confused as an actual attack!

Hmmm... Would Trump do it? Absolutely!      https://theintercept.com/2017/09/27/intercepted-podcast-for-whom-the-trump-trolls/


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funny and persuasive, but I am already as prepared as I can be.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

OK, I thought about it. You are insane and here is another dv for you. Now get back on your meds ya whackjob.

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House of Saudd is crypto Jew, not Muslim

ThanksChump's picture

You're insane though. You want us to lie?

EMP is not a serious threat. There are a trillion things that can accidentally prevent it from working. Makes as much sense to demand Z-ray shields for every American penis. A Z-ray penis attack isn't 100% unlikely either, but you spend YOUR money on that crap, commie.

We could spend billions on grid upgrades, but it will accomplish very little. Better bang/buck would be to bring every military employee and contractor back to US soil to attack and eliminate the Federal Reserve, IRS, CIA, NSA, DIS, and every lobbyist they can hunt down.

willy up the creek's picture

You are being called insane because you are.  Go away and stop cluttering up this site.

giovanni_f's picture

Trump is the false prophet. I first thought it was Obama. That was wrong. Obama has been a highly irrelevant, transient figure, a remnant from the 80ies, although some here on ZH are anally fixated on this guy.

Let's be sincere. a) We all thought Trump would be better than Hillary. b) We all hoped he would turn out a Libertarian although there was no hard evidence for it. While a) might be true but cannot be proven it has become a cold comfort for the fact that b) not only did not materialize but it appears the opposite is true. We are in the midst of the fourth turning and completely fucked with this dotard and his gut-wrenching self-fixation. Brace for impact.  

buyingsterling's picture

Wow, you're a patient fellow.Trump's had the job for nine months. He didn't create a libertarian utopia all on his own yet? Boo fucking hoo. Grow up. 


Secret Weapon's picture

The answer is quite simple.  They do not care if we die.

7thGenMO's picture

+1, but in today's "markets", nuclear war means S&P = 5,000!  ///

garcam123's picture

To be perfectly frank.......They need a giantic cull to reduce the upcoming costs and failure of multiple pension plans.......the more old slugs they can put in the ground, the less the payout is and the boys in the capital can quietly keep sucking each others dicks.  They are fucking scum!

exonomic halfbreed's picture

I feel a bad flu comming on soon and probably often.

ThanksChump's picture

"To be perfectly frank.......They need a giantic cull to reduce the upcoming costs and failure of multiple pension plans.......the more old slugs they can put in the ground, the less the payout is and the boys in the capital can quietly keep sucking each others dicks.  They are fucking scum!"


Correction: WE need a gigantic cull, else we all die. Yeast in a petri dish.

weburke's picture

There is no emp threat.

When power goes off the blame will not be true

ThanksChump's picture

Fake Threats: terrorists, EMPs, nukes, Syria, NK, Russia, China, guns, nationalism, tribalism, white men.


Real Threats: government and its massive swarm of parasitic lackies/lickspittles.

researchfix's picture

Puerto Rico at the moment is immune to any EMP attack. First US state to take defense measures.

ColorMehJewish's picture

I wouldnt put much trust in Elon and his multiple exploding rockets or subsidized tech

He has a lot of good ideas but few ways to implement them into a functional product

Mike in GA's picture

How do you know that it's not?

xrxs's picture

You get a lot of bang for you buck (no pun intended) with Compton scattering.  Just read One Second After, and it got the gears turning about our grid.  There's no question it needs to be EMP proofed.  #1 on the infrastructure investment list in my book.

AllBentOutOfShape's picture

Anyone STILL defending Trump is just as delusional and brainwashed as the snowflakes were with Obama/Hillary.