White House Says Trump's "Calm Before The Storm" Comment Is "Extremely Serious"

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Following President Trump's "calm before the storm" comments last night, reporters tried to ask him once again what he meant today, to which he responded "you'll see." However, during The White House Press Briefing, Sarah Sanders replied to questions suggesting the President's comments were "extremely serious," however without offering an explanation.


When asked if Trump was referring to military action when he said "calm before the storm." Sarah Sanders replied "We're never going to say in advance what the president's going to do. You'll have to wait and see." 

Then, in a follow up question "how seriously should America's public or America's adversaries take these comments", the White House press secretary said "I think you can take the president protecting the American people always extremely seriously. He's been very clear that that's his number one priority."

Earlier in the day, Trump continued the cryptic mystery: shortly after signing a manufacturing executive order, a reporter asked what he meant when he said that a gathering of military leaders at the White House the evening before was "the calm before the storm," U.S. President Donald Trump did not elaborate, and said again, "You'll find out."

And then he winked.

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You can also scroll all the way down the page. There will be a Next Page button if there are enough comments.

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DAX thinks the elite are going to crash the economy on purpose and that they are behind the development of bitcoin.


Lynette Zang agrees.


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Has there been a time when the economy wasn't crashed on purpose? It has been on purpose every time it's happened in my life starting with Volcker intentionally crashing and I mean CRASHING the economy to stop the Saudis and OPEC from destroying the dollar. 30 year mortgage rates peaked at today's typical credit card rate, over 18%. 

The Fed raises raites and restricts the expansion of credit until the economy crashes. That's how it works except when the political side needs to change the dynamic like in 1929, 2008 and 2018. They saw how well the Dodd Frank timebomb worked in 2008 and there are other Dick Fuld's ready to perform their patriotic duty and fold on cue. No fireworks this year but this time next year, we should be good and fucked. Only way Democrats can get control back. 

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Nah. these remarks have no significance at all.

Trump is just baiting the media with an ambiguous statement to see just how silly they get with their vacuous speculations.

Like teasing a chihuahua with a pork chop.


Entertainment is where you find it.

The man is a genius at fucking with the idiot Media mutts, I sez.

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Bigliest super duper serious badly bigly...

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Oh 'calm before the storm'.

I thought he said 'comic book store'.

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Maybe it will FINALLY be the indictment of the pig-bitch Hillary, and maybe a slew of indictments, all richly deserved... of Lynch, Comey, Mills, Holder, Huma, Power, Brennan, Clapper, Rhodes, Wasserman-Shits, Shulman, lerner, Cummings, etc, etc....

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It will start at the mid -levels  of the hierarchy. The squealing  and plea bargains will ensure that the" Napoleons"  cannot escape. So many to choose from. :-)

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Israel has been bitching that the US isn't doing enough in Syria to prevent Iran and Hezbollah from gaining a foothold there. Now the US gov't is considering pulling out from the Iran nuclear deal.

I say the ME is going to get hotter.

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In geopolitics the most significant battle is over oil, energy and resource control. If Trump is just another puppet of the Western establishment made up of banksters, oilsters, oligarchs and royalty then expect a war very soon. All the major US target nations are oil nations – Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Venezuela and Russia. The ME is still the hot spot, and control of those basins remains the main targets in their crosshairs. A huge false flag is probably in the works.  



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That could definitely be it.  Since Wiener was convicted, not much has been said, but I am sure he made a deal to get as light a sentence as he did.  Also, the Trump team has had Comies computer data for a long time and God knows what little tidbits would have been found on there. 

There have been thousands of Pedophiles arrested over the last half year or more but no MSM outlet has mentioned it.  Could it be that they are run by rampant Pedophiles and lucifarians as well?

I hope the shit its the fan regarding the fraud, Pedophilia and treason that has been going on for FAR TOO LONG. 

One can only hope.

Happy long weekend all.  Who knows what Tuesday may bring. :-)

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That's what I'm thinking.

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I am reposting this rant/screed because I have added some important categories.

I have a simple tip to reduce media induced piss-offs. I find it useful and a time saver.

Derive the subtext of the article first. That is, how is the article trying to manipulate you (sure and it's rarely intended to actually inform you).  Imagine it as an actual print header over the article.

Only then decide to read it or not.

Constant vigilance is required to prevent garbage ideas from filling your head.


This article filed under Boo!



Who Cares (SLEEP )

Bullshit (SLEEP)

Pernicious Bullshit/Plausible Bullshit/Soothing Bullshit(SLEEP)



 Lies/Damn Lies/Statistics

BOO!  Fat Korean/Global Stuff/Generic Hobgoblin gonna Kill You (FEAR)

Sluts (LUST)

Rich Sluts who Somehow Can't afford Much Clothing (LUST) (OUTRAGE)

Those Wacky Royals (u.k.) (OUTRAGE)

 Those Wacky Hollywood Types (u.s.a.) (OUTRAGE)


Those Bastards (HATE)

Those Greedy Bastards (HATE)

Those Rich Greedy Bastards (HATE) (ENVY) (OUTRAGE)

Those Bastards are Fucking us (ANGER)

Vote for Me and I'll keep the Bastards from Fucking Us (HOPE)

Those Wacky Nazis (HATE)

Those Wacky Gays (OUTRAGE)

Those Wacky Arabs (HATE)

Those Wacky Democrats/Republicans (OUTRAGE) (ANGER)

Those Silly Yurps  (OUTRAGE)

Those poor Negroes/Mexicans/Poor People (GUILT) (OUTRAGE)

Read This if you Want to Live (FEAR)

Labcoat says Stuff is Bad (FEAR)

Labcoat says Stuff is good (HOPE)

Give Us Money/Votes or Bad Stuff will Happen (FEAR)

Michael Moore/Hillary says Something (NAUSEA) (HATE) (PITY) (SLEEP)

 And ignore entirely any article containing the words "Trump" or "Gun". It is without content.

Et cetera.

You see the concept.


This technique has revealed to me that actual news/useful data, as opposed to manipulatory crap, is perhaps two percent of the Media flow. If that.