White House Says Trump's "Calm Before The Storm" Comment Is "Extremely Serious"

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Following President Trump's "calm before the storm" comments last night, reporters tried to ask him once again what he meant today, to which he responded "you'll see." However, during The White House Press Briefing, Sarah Sanders replied to questions suggesting the President's comments were "extremely serious," however without offering an explanation.


When asked if Trump was referring to military action when he said "calm before the storm." Sarah Sanders replied "We're never going to say in advance what the president's going to do. You'll have to wait and see." 

Then, in a follow up question "how seriously should America's public or America's adversaries take these comments", the White House press secretary said "I think you can take the president protecting the American people always extremely seriously. He's been very clear that that's his number one priority."

Earlier in the day, Trump continued the cryptic mystery: shortly after signing a manufacturing executive order, a reporter asked what he meant when he said that a gathering of military leaders at the White House the evening before was "the calm before the storm," U.S. President Donald Trump did not elaborate, and said again, "You'll find out."

And then he winked.

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I take it you have never read, "The Art of War."


tripletail's picture

Just a tad bit: The Warrior Class: Sun Tzu's The Art of War as 306 Lessons in Strategy. I even lived in Japan/Asia for 10 years, and earned a BS from Maryland in Asian Studies. Yet my knowledge is woefully inadequate, for which I apologize. Kindly enlighten me, sir.

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I agree. His twitter diplomacy and aggressive antics at the UN are not helping at all. US is losing far more allies than it can hope to win back with such behavior (notable exception is Israel, of course. They love the warmongering).

tripletail's picture

Indeed, the deep state does love war. It's their cash cow, after all.

That's why I think Trump was compromised with the fake Syria sarin gas false flag event, if not before then or ( worse ) from the start.

Why? Simple. Trump has consistently used the raw meat / betrayal political strategy that has dominated DC politics for decades. Ostensibly, congress uses it on a routine basis. Yet the sheeple continue to eat it up, much to their collective demise.

Trump's over-the-top tough talk on the Norks is just insane. And on it goes with this guy.

Enter the LV false flag event, and Trump suddenly wants to have a conversation about gun control.

Yet he's often celebrated as some kind of grand chess master. Seriously?

It's just frustrating for any rational-thinking individual to take Trump seriously. My apologies for rant.;) But, then, I voted for the SOB. So I've earned right, don't you think?:)


Nona Yobiznes's picture

I voted for him too. I won't say I regret it (yet), but I can say with certainty that I did not vote for this kind of foreign policy. Trump has betrayed his promises in this regard. He knew war was an unpopular position, and promised to follow the "peace through strength" mantra. I don't know, perhaps that is exactly what he is doing by browbeating all of these countries into submission with threats of military action, without actually intending to attack. It does seem a risky strategy though, and may well not work out for the best, especially in the case of North Korea.

I'm also not a fan of his twitter outbursts. He wants to go after the media and domestic political figures, that's cool with me. But to conduct foreign fucking policy over twatter is simply irresponsible, especially when it pisses off our allies and contradicts Rex Tillerson. It makes the US look unstable and immature in the eyes of the world. Trump has a serious problem with formulating a consisten and effective message, and nobody can fix that until he gets over himself and starts to delegate such work to actual diplomats.

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Ill believe it when sisal futures, and allied rope co start moving up

AgAuSkeptic's picture

Oh my whats he going to do force feed us Captagon (actiq in the US) (https://www.rxrankings.com/datatable/default/chart/zzzCS# (the drug that makes you lose all fear) and make us brave like ISIS such that we can fight his wars? Or just give out a tweetstorm?

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Oh shit...f-ing Manbearpig!

Fiat Burner's picture

What a shit show. 

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Put the Arabs on....


Double Secret Probation.mpg



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I see why Trump says things like this that if compared to other presidents from the past sounds unstable, or unpredictable. He does it to get his rivals like the NORK leader or Iran to question every move they make and ones Trump can, or will make.

Uncertainty can freeze your position............

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Trump not jailing Hillary sure was unpredictable.  So was that Obamacare whammy. 



khnum's picture

Erratic or unfathomable behaviour can also get you to strike first

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When I voted for Trump last November, all I really wanted from him were three things:

1. Build the wall.

2. Eliminate the Department of Education.

3. Repeal Obamacare.

On 1 and 3 he's tried, and, so far, failed, with abundant help from RINOs in congress. I know #2 will probably never happen, but one has to have dreams, so I'll give him another year or two, or seven.

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Perhaps he has convinced the Army to move against the CIA?

ciscokid's picture

Iran is next I think.

DEMIZEN's picture

maybe a major deployment to Kurdish areas a coup or two in Gulf states. Israelis moving and connecting with rebels in homs and daraa area.

Smedley's Butler's picture

I believe this will have something to do with LV.

Doom Porn Star's picture

A full on highly public high casualty Fast-n-furious domestic arms dealing road show double-cross disaster?

IF they can pin it on Obama/Holder cronies the dept. will be wiped clean.  

Maybe some other dirty shit will get exposed and cleaned up, too.

Like with a cloth or something..

AgAuSkeptic's picture

The only serious thing that came out todays was Trumps order abolishing forcible coverage of Birth control, which only benefited dumb moocher women who can't click on links and look up cheap and effective + plentiful birth control options (https://www.rxrankings.com/datatable/default/diseaseinfo/Contraception@(Birth@Control))

mrtoad's picture

Trump has no idea what he meant and neither does anyone else.

serotonindumptruck's picture

Maybe he can claim he invented the phrase "calm before the storm" while he "primes the pump" of the Pentagon's war machine.

bunkers's picture

I, really, think it's time to stock up, build a very deep, self contained, extremely well stocked John Conner bunker.

Brazen Heist's picture

Fuck the empire of warmongering. When the hammer is all they got, every problem looks like a nail.

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I heard today that the White House has in its posession an ISIS tape with the LV shooter making a statement. I think this is the calm before the storm.

DEMIZEN's picture

good one. or at least a letter written in camel turds.

Juggernaut x2's picture

They have to translate it from Hebrew before it is released 

RougeUnderwriter's picture

He's getting a new hair style

Yellow Zookaninnie's picture

Bad boy Jared was caught shaving Melania's box.

lester1's picture

I already know what the storm is.


1. North Korea launches long range missle.

2. USA shots down missile.

3. North Korea declares war on USA, Japan, South Korea.

4. War with North Korea begins

5. Global markets crash

6. Putin invades Ukraine.

7. Israel attacks Iran

8. Spain  takes over Catalonia.

9. China has a violent anti-communist revolution


10. Gold prices skyrocket 


King of Ruperts Land's picture

Wrong. ISIS just killed and or wounded 500 Americans in Vegas. The latest in a long string of actual attacks with actual casualties.

ISIS = Islam and we are fully infiltrated by Islamic who are covert Jihadis or one sermon away from Jihad. Also The left/Antifa/CNN/Enemy MSM/BLM/Democrats are allies of Isis in the "open fire and kill Americans especially whites and Trump supporters."

As I have been saying for some time now the ENEMY DOMESTIC is the real threat to America.

2. By the way, you cannot "shoot down" a ballistic missile. If you think you can then tell me how.
Also, that would be an act of war. Should the North shoot at the anti missile installation?
3. Already at war, you mean violate cease fire?
4. Be more specific. Like NK could move into the DMZ, but stay of their side of the border? Then what would the USA do?

The ISIS war is the one Trump promised the American people.

We could still get to 10. Just not via the events you describe.

Scuba Steve's picture

Im game, let the shitshow notch up ...

lester1's picture

I already know what the storm is.


1. North Korea launches long range missle.

2. USA shots down missile.

3. North Korea declares war on USA, Japan, South Korea.

4. War with North Korea begins

5. Global markets crash

6. Putin invades Ukraine.

7. Israel attacks Iran

8. Spain  takes over Catalonia.

9. China has a violent anti-communist revolution


10. Gold prices skyrocket 


lester1's picture

I already know what the storm is.


1. North Korea launches long range missle.

2. USA shots down missile.

3. North Korea declares war on USA, Japan, South Korea.

4. War with North Korea begins

5. Global markets crash

6. Putin invades Ukraine.

7. Israel attacks Iran

8. Spain  takes over Catalonia.

9. China has a violent anti-communist revolution


10. Gold prices skyrocket 


lester1's picture

Sorry about the multiple post Tylers.

me or you's picture

He should stop using drugs. 

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


Will the President be providing the public "State of the Nation" address that will outline his plans for WWIII and "WHY" we must start the next one that will end this Country's existence for good?...

Something like...

We're $24 trillion in debt that could triple within the year if we can't find a buyer for our "treasuries".

I've asked the Russian's and Chinese to give U.S. a $5 trillion loan (in PM without interest) on "lay away" threatening war with North Korea to get my point across... But THEY BOTH REFUSE...

Then Saudi Arabia violates the "reservation" by making back room deals to put their money into Russian banks and purchasing Russian weapons systems which we simply CANNOT ALLOW! THEREFORE...

I HAVE THE EXCLUSIVE AUTHORITY to move forward with the ONLY option that is AVAILABLE!

If you're below the age of 45 you will need to report to your closest recruiting station for "military service"!...

We'll try "CONVENTIONAL" but prepare for the "WORST"!!!

rapetrain's picture

Nobody important thinks that DPRK will target Seattle, SF or LA. This is a distraction because if a nuke will go off, it will be 15 minutes off the coast of DC from a diesel submarine. Elementary.

This Trump guy has got to go. Impeached. Abolish the presidency and dissolve the Union. We've had enough of them gambling with our lives.

Trump will launch some missiles into the middle of the desert while making eye contact with China. Because this is what this all really is. A theatre. He can't threaten China and Russia directly, so he shows what he can do by pounding camel turds with million-dollar missiles. Read between the lines.

Grandad Grumps's picture

What happened to the FAKE Las Vegas shooting narrative? Are we all done?

We will know when it becomes real. However, what the fake narrative(s) did show is who can be trusted in the media (almost no one) and who can be trusted ... s tiny few. The untrustworthy went with narratives A. (lone shooter/people dead) or narrative B. (Multiple shooters/people dead)

The people who could be trusted tried to get out information that showed that no one was hurt because it was just a drill. Very little got out and even less was left up by Google and the other video sites. Live Leak was able to keep some true videos up.

Malleus Maleficarum's picture

I was unaware that the President's primary job was "providing protection" or "ensuring the safety" of the American people. I thought his primery job was to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, or what's left of it. Providing Americans with freedom is perhaps the second? I know we've become a servile nation of cowards obsessed with attaining a 100% blanket of illusory safety. I thought the American people had a bit of responsibility when it comes to their own safety. What the hell do I know? Repeat it enough, it becomes truth... 

rapetrain's picture

If his job is to protect us, he's doing a shitty job. The IRS is shaking me down for 40%. They want me to slave Jan to May for free.

DPRK and Putin never threatened my life if i didn't pay them 40%.

Let's focus on the real threat.

Fundies's picture

He's shutting down the NRA.

Bloodstock's picture

No, he's gonna announce issuing an AR15 to every able bodied American who wants one and who is concerned about defending the concept of Make America Great Again and the snoflakes are gonna be piseed, really pissed. They'll all come out of their moms' basements and make a big stink about it. Crying, whining, joining hands, whatever it takes. A real shitstorm!

Bloodstock's picture

Dear Fuck Heads in Congress,

Repeal Obamacare NOW you're draining my bank account.

Blue Steel 309's picture

I think this is about D.C. not a military action.

pine_marten's picture

And Santa might bring me a Barrett.

Boogity's picture

Now that Russia, Syria, and Iran have defeated Israel's proxy ISIS army, Dump will issue the order to attack Iran and Syria from deep inside Bibi's smelly bunghole where he lives.   

RealityColin's picture


And we all have to wait because Trump has to wait for Bibi's final commands.