"A Civil War Is Coming" - EU Commissioner Urges Madrid & Barcelona To Talk

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The EU’s budget commissioner has warned of the risk of “civil war” in Catalonia, as fears grew over a looming independence declaration and major banks prepared to relocate their headquarters.

With just 48 hours until Catalonia's Parliament meets, defying Madrid, to debate secession, Gunther Oettinger, the Germany EU commissioner urged dialogue...

"The position is very, very alarming. Civil war is conceivable there, in the middle of Europe," he began.


”One can only hope that a conversation will be made between Madrid and Barcelona soon,” he continued, adding that the EU could only mediate talks “if asked."

The German commissioner’s startling remarks prompted disquiet among EU diplomats. One told VOA he thought the comments "nonsense."

What would Spain lose if Catalonia becomes independent?

Independence for Catalonia has been a long time coming...

As VOA reports, Oettinger and the EU Commission, the European bloc’s governing body, which fears Catalan independence might stir up separatism elsewhere in Europe, have also urged the authorities in Madrid and Barcelona to start negotiations and to avoid further provocations.

But there are little signs of that happening.

Both sides appear to be standing firm in Spain’s worst constitutional crisis since an attempted coup in 1981.

And this won't help...

In an interview with El Pais newspaper that will be published in full on Sunday, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said Spain will exist for a long time and that he won’t allow a declaration of independence to lead to anything.

“I hope that the Catalan political class that was moderate and willing to compromise -- and that has contributed for so many years to our wellbeing and economic development -returns."

So civil war it is?

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Overflow's picture

Some Spanish ZHers have been trying to explain that and give you all a 1st hand and close view of the issue with a ZH style perspective, but almost everyone preferes to follow the msm narrative.   


A pity, they're missing big time LOLs with these clowns.

Crazy Or Not's picture

Cheers for that, (if it was me among others you were refering to?). In short I can't be bothered to argue the toss on the ill informed and the jingoistic drum thumpers. 
In short Spains woken up to the fact its an economic argument so is retaliating by financing relocation outside of Cat. A hard line by the Cat. parlimentarians next week will likely lead to some more breaking heads, attempts to cut the head of the Hydra by some key arrests followed by a flood of uniforms on the streets and key locations. ....then the talking will commence with the second tier.
The whole thing has been burbling since 1978 when the outline proposal for Catalan Autonomy (within Spain) was first ignored by Madrid - after indicating it was no issue and  "you go ahead and draw up the proposal" ...which was then modified in 200 places by the Constitutional court which miffed the Cats. and nothing has been agreed since. hence a shit deal on Taxes. Education. Toll Roads. Pensions and Healthcare. in Catalonia ever since....

So in short its unlikely to go away until a 39 year dispute gets looked at. 
As some important elements of Geman car production/ US pharmacueticals etc are manufactured in Cat. there's likely to be an emphasis to put some politicians in a locked room.

Mulder1's picture

Catalonian regional state has no army, only a policeman body. This summer a video shows a Mosso d'esquadra (catalonian police) shooting 11 bullets to a half quiet terrorist muslim at 20 meters without hit him.

A mosso d'esquadra that was in a spanish militar body (legionarios) hit 4 terrorist muslims himself without any help from others, his couple agent was run over by muslims car.

A war between Spain and Catalonia will last only 5 minutes...they have no chance to win.

zvzzt's picture

Basically it is about (apparently): "I don't want to be supressed by socialists from Madrid, but by communists in Brussels". Why not seek independence and become a beacon of light for a libertarian nation in Europe? Lots of demand for that, I'm sure. (and yes I know they don't really have a history of being libertarian over there, but one can still hope and dream, right...? Ain't going to happen in DE, NL or UK anytime soon, unfortunately...)

Hugh Mann's picture

Really your torches and sharpen those pitchforks!

Don Diego's picture

there will be no war as the Catalibans are not into personal violence, least of all firearms violence, I give that to them. Even if some extremist group appears, it would be dismantled in a few days as the Spanish police has a decades-long experience in dealing with terrorism. Expect some staged provocations against police in front of the TV cameras.


Worst case scenario: a Maidan-style crowd of armed Catalan police mixed with old farts and children as human shields to prevent arrest of the secesSIONISTS if and when declare independence. The Spanish police performing the arrest will probably cut the water and electricity till the get bored.

Antifaschistische's picture

then find a way to strike back financially...or, agree to buy your independence...it's a LOT better than spending billions on war machines and killing people.  Agree to pay Madrid XX for the next 10 years...or take a disproportionate amount of the Spanish debt and work your ass to pay it off.   Or wait for the rest of the EU and just default.

London..unfortunately's picture

You have helpfully undermined your own argument. You say that any Catalan extremist groups will be dismantled in a few days because the Spanish police has a decades long experience of dealing with terrorism. If it took Spain decades to deal with ETA, what makes you think you can deal with a new group in a few days? 

Overflow's picture

Don Diego was trying to explain to you Spain did not surrender in 30 years of violent and socially accepted secessionnit terror, now we'll not surrender to a minority of leftards commanded by a bunch of corrupt redneck politicians.




And you'd better listen so spanish ZHers giving you a 1st hand view of the issue instead of swallowing the victimistic propaganda.


I understand you hate EU because of it's NWO agenda, but youre been fooled by the very few people in the world that's even more collectivist, left-oprogressive islam loving, corrupt and totalitarian than EU masters.  Up to you.

Don Diego's picture

Sauron's eye is everywhere now, the radicalized Catalibans will fail to be ahead of the steep learning curve of today's covert warfare.

Teja's picture


Very telling use of language. If I were Catalan, this alone would tell me enough to say good bye to Spain.

Don Diego's picture

When I use Catalibans is just for the independentists, when I use Catalans is for all Catalans, independentists and unionists alike. Read my previous posts, the distinction is clear.

JoeTurner's picture

oye vey!, the goyim are waking up to their slavery....shut it down !

johand inmywallet's picture

Putin's been on a roll lately, I wonder if he could interest Cataolnia in some S-400's and a Kalishnakov plant?!!

Don Diego's picture

Zhedgers, these are the degenerates you are defending:


prmths2's picture

”One can only hope that a conversation will be made between Madrid and Barcelona soon,”

It seems that "having a conversation" is now preferred to having a debate or a negotiation. I presume that it is because it is less confrontational. The irony is that it is being applied to situations that are already marked by physical violence.

Overflow's picture



Socialists, Communists, SJW's and ZeroHedgers are the only idiots asking for "dialogue" with a coup gang.


No.  Thay MUST go back to constitutional order and then we'll dialogue in the Parlament. Period.

ciscokid's picture

The Catalans are great hard working honest people.
The cannot keep carrying the lazy Southern Spain people
Who do nothing but collect social security while working and not paying taxes.

I have lived in both parts of the region and know.
No one in Andalucía will give you an official receipts for any work carried out in your home.

Visca Catalonia!!!!!!

Overflow's picture



In fact, Catalonia is being bailed-out by spanish regional liquidity transfer mechanism EVERY MONTH.


Catalans are 16% of Spaniards, 20% of GDP, 28% of debt and 35% of corruption cases.

(last figure is the key to understand what's going on in Spain)

ciscokid's picture

Corruption of the PP party that was never investigated goes beyond doubt.
Remember the envelopes;)

Overflow's picture

Spain is corrupt. From top to the lowest classes, here almost every one cheats for almost everything they need to if we can.


In fact, there's two main things we al lspaniards share, something historically in our essence:

- Picaresque (and victimism, is a part of ot)

- Deny Spain (victimism again)


I mentioned corruption just because it's one of the most used excuses for catalans to defend their shameless claims.

francis scott falseflag's picture


But the EU cocksuckers didn't mind bringing civil war to middle of

 the Balkans in 1995 and striking Belgrade.  Lets see how they like

it when Brussels, Stockholm, Copenhagen, get their comeuppance.



Overflow's picture

See the timeline graph.


in Novemebr 2014 they held a first referendum (illegal but Madrid did not try to cancel it so every seccesionist voted.

Only 37% voted. 80% Yes.


That means less than 30% of catalans voted for independence. THEY LOST.

But they decided to keep "the process" running anyway.


Por sus cojones.



when the saxon began's picture

This new documentary must be to truthful, judging by everything youtube is doing to suppress it - https://europathelastbattle.wordpress.com/

Overflow's picture

Kennedy vs Mississippi 1962



This clip is going viral in Spain.

falak pema's picture


ZH at its bizarrest.

falak pema's picture

when a liBertarian blog buries its head in Nate hurricaning jitters ; hoping its coming to Catalonia...

Wrong continent !

Overflow's picture

Another fake in the ZH timeline.

1938: Franco supressed catalan language and culture.


Leftard propaganda.  Franco made Spanish the only Official language for relations with the administration.  Period.


But, out of that...



My point is not defending Franco. But truth is truth and this exact lie about language and culture suppresion by Franco is key in the independence brainwash for children and morons, and to mantain a well rooted self-hate on their minds.


Progressists are the same everywhere: Victimist self-haters wishing to destroy everything because "reasons".


You have BlackLiveMatters, we have catalan and basque secessionists.   

tuetenueggel's picture

With Germany´s assistance by legion Condor.

Now Germany will help EUDSSR-Rajoy again by big fat ugly Merkill.

Coldfire's picture

No, it would not be a civil war. Catalonians do not want to take over Spain. It would be a war of secession.

Hongcha's picture

Civil war how.  The Spanish have no guns except for Rajoy's Sturmischer.  The template for the rest of the world - fascism masquerading as whatever is palatable.  In 'murika, Nanny fascists backed with truncheons and jackboots because the men like the mommies (Hillary, Yellin) and will succumb.  Best hold onto the weapons or it's 1984.

But hey, it's Week Five, who's playing :) ?

msamour's picture

All people require to make weapons is a basic machine shop and iron and steel. There are so many videos on you tube on how to make shot guns and stamped metal hand guns that in itself should worry yhe elite.

Potassium nitrate can be obtained by collecting the collective piss of all Catalans. Wood charcoal cab be obtained from burning down of every Spanish intitution of power. Sulphur can be bought on the open market. Once you got all that guns are not so hard to obtain.

Things could go either way this time around, but I add suspect over time as people lose everything. People will finally fight the authority. 

Lost in translation's picture

How can you have a war (civil, of secession, et al) when the State has weapons to spare and its opponents have none?

silverer's picture

"EU Commissioner Urges Madrid & Barcelona To Talk"

No, fuck that. Have the civil war. There is no middle ground with those stupid unelected assholes in the EU.

TeraByte's picture

"EU Commissioner Urges Madrid & Barcelona To Talk"
This guy, who represents EUtopia, whose representatives in numerous occasions already declared nation state dead, are devoted believers, their big is beautiful, meaning integration is a blessing at any price.  In real world however, it is generally those entrepreneur run effective units, have which have capacity to grow to winners. Something to think about, when comparing a big bag of mixed oddities to a smaller one of more family like shared culture.

tuetenueggel's picture

You can fill shit into a champagne bottle, it still stinks and stays shit.

tuetenueggel's picture

Who asked the by nobody elected EU-Morons to open their mouths again ?

Nobody. Shutup you bribed assholes.

Joiningupthedots's picture

It could be argued that the Civil War has already begun.

When the Catalan Government stops dealing with Madrid, sending taxes, VAT ect it is effectively decllaring independence.

Mdrid has two options;

1. Accept the independence of Catalonia

2. Take over the government functions of Catalonia and the civil war begins


You dont need tanks and machine guns for civil war. You need high grade actionable intelligence, identification of the lead officials and and small teams to go out and execute them. 

This is essentially what the IRA done in the Irish War of Independence against the British.