In Early Tweetstorm, Trump Praises WaPo, Slams NBC And "Late Night Comedians", Reaches Out To Schumer

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It took Trump a little longer to get started on twitter Saturday morning, when shortly after 7am ET, the president launched a pair of tweets in which he unexpectedly offered a rare compliment to the Washington Post for its coverage of “wonderful small donors” who have contributed to the Republican party.

“Can't believe I finally got a good story in The Washington Post It discusses the enthusiasm of ‘Trump’ voters through campaign contributions. The RNC is taking in far more $'s than the Dems, and much of it by my wonderful small donors. I am working hard for them!”

On Friday, the WaPo reported that the Republican Party which has traditionally relied on contributions from large dollar donors such as corporations, is increasingly raising money from small-dollar contributions. In a grassroots shift, more than $40 million of the $68 million in direct contributions to the RNC by the end of August came in donations of $200 and less, according to campaign finance disclosures.

Then, in the following pair of tweets, Trump then lashed out at "late night" comedians for "unfunny", "repetitive" "alway anti-Trump" material, and suggested that Republicans aren’t given “equal time” to Democrats on television.

"Late Night host are dealing with the Democrats for their very "unfunny" & repetitive material, always anti-Trump! Should we get Equal Time? More and more people are suggesting that Republicans (and me) should be given Equal Time on T.V. when you look at the one-sided coverage?"

As The Hill notes, Trump’s tweets came about an hour after Trump's favorite news show “Fox and Friends” aired a segment accusing late night comedians like Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel of “[taking] a hard turn to the left.”

In recent weeks Kimmel has delivered emotional monologues against the Graham-Cassidy bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare as well as lawmakers’ responses to the mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival.


Kimmel became the public face of opposition against the Graham-Cassidy bill after he slammed Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) for failing his own “Jimmy Kimmel test” for healthcare bills.

Shortly after Trump's tweet, a producer for "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” fired back at Trump for suggesting he should get “equal time” on TV in comparison to “anti-Trump” jokes.

“That's not how it works. You're not campaigning. You're the president,” Mike DiCenzo tweeted. “Now kindly stop tweeting nonsense and go do your job for once.”

Trump wasn't done, however, and next the president touched on a late Friday night report from Axios, according to which he telephoned Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer on Friday "in an effort to revive health-care legislation." Hoping to achieve the same success as he did when he averted a government shutdown by crossing the aisle and getting a deal done directly with democrats, Trump was said to be seeking "a path forward on health care," a GOP source said.

Several hours later, Trump tweeted that "On Saturday morning, I called Chuck Schumer yesterday to see if the Dems want to do a great HealthCare Bill. ObamaCare is badly broken, big premiums. Who knows!"

Shortly after Trump's tweet, Schumer gave his version of the Friday phone call:

"The president wanted to make another run at repeal and replace and I told the president that's off the table. If he wants to work together to improve the existing health care system, we Democrats are open to his suggestions. A good place to start might be the Alexander-Murray negotiations that would stabilize the system and lower costs."

As Axios adds, a Democratic aide added, in an email: "Particularly after the birth control decision yesterday, the administration has to stop sabotaging the law before anything real can happen."

Finally, in what was likely the latest reference to the ongoing Tillerson saga in which the media and the White House disgree on whether the Secretary of State called Trump a "fucking Moron", Trump concluded his morning tweetstorm (so far), by slamming NBC News, which "is so knowingly inaccurate with their reporting. The good news is that the PEOPLE get it, which is really all that matters! Not #1"

Trump has yet to make a comment on the most cryptic topic of the last week,  his repeated suggestions that the current situation is a "calm before the storm."

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Giant Meteor's picture

Holy Shit !

Tweeting with a bump stock, no doubt about it ..

The shout out to chickee shroomer was priceless ...

Mr. Class and Quality's picture


MagicHandPuppet's picture

// Applauding the Trump's tweetiness this morning!!!

Though I wish Trump would use a different, non-censoring social media outlet for his zingers, his use of Twatter has been a game changer - clearly irritating both the brainwashed left and the propagandist legacy media outlets.

We can expect every president moving forward to use social media to either bypass the propagandists or supplement their propaganda as the case may be.

I'd love to see Trump latch on to a new social media startup who would promise never to censor.  This would be a game changer for free speech as he would single-handedly boost the new platform's notoriety.

Giant Meteor's picture

Well you may have a point.

And when one ponders it, it was only a natural progression of things. From bumper sticker campaign slogans and platitudes. And what, in keeping with all the mass psychosis of late , schizophrenia, and attention deficit disordered, fully medicated nation, it's a real winner. The only thing missing, is the built in laugh track.

Now I have to admit, the comedy value of the apoplexy is at times worthy of solid gold, although it would have been nice to let it go a bit longer, before reaching the inflection points of idiocracy and electrolyte induced hyperbole  ..

Ah, fuck it, I'm sure it'll all be ok ..

D.T.Barnum's picture

No one gives a fuck about WAPO.  The President is making things that were organically going into the irrelevant dustbin of history relevant again.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Trump doesn’t care about policies. He only cares to be the center of attention.

The meaningless twittering is the best example one can witness.

Politics is a very different animal than developing real estate. In real estate development hyping things might be good marketing. In politics this strategy is deadly. You lose face and get nothing done because in politics you’re dealing with smart and disciplined parties/diplomats. In real estate development your thrown one bid against the other and you come up as a winner while most contractors can barely survive while making the developer richer.


Gardentoolnumber5's picture

"smart and disciplined parties/diplomats."<-- Hahahaha! Apparatchiks and sellouts for the most part.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Welcome to capitalism, pardon me, Anglo-Saxon world.


D.T.Barnum's picture

He seriously watches/reads way too much MSM.  It's derranged, ungodly, and unhealthy.  Do you think H.R. Giger or Thelonious Monk cared when people said their work was crazy rubbish?  I bet they gave 2 shits what the Mainstream said about them and that's why they will go down as great men and contributors to society.  President Trump will go down as a man who can't even see outside himself.

Clinteastwood's picture

Wrong. Politics is nothing but hype and marketing. "Smart and disciplined parties/diplomats"??? You must have forgot the sarc tag.

D.T.Barnum's picture

I thought "we" voted for him because we wanted something different than that.  He already won the election, remember?

847328_3527's picture

Making America great Again, One Day at a Time.



Juggernaut x2's picture

I am not a big Trump fan but these late-night assholes like Colbert and Kimmel hammer him mercilessly-  of course their writers are all liberal heebs. 

Bay of Pigs's picture

The Noah faggot on the Daily Show is intolerable.

A first class douche and not funny at all.

NoPension's picture

They wake up in the morning....twerked!!

I for one, Fucking love it! President Trump. They cringe at the thought...much less the reality. That alone makes it all well worth it.

Stephen Colbert....get your fucking lob cocked ear dork. An easy fix would be to use a nail gun to pin it back.

jin187's picture

That'll never happen. Any new startup would be too concerned with getting that Chinese and EU money, and if they won't censor anything, then you know it'll be subject to thought policing in those places.

general ambivalent's picture

Only dotards applaud the Dotard.

Worse than Hillary.

junction's picture

Yes, small donors like employees at Boeing encouraged to send in political contributions to the Republican Party after Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross recommended a 300% anti-dumping duty on Bombardier C jets.  Boeing made the complaint not because this Bombardier jet competes with any of their jets (it doesn't) but because the new C series of jets has wider seats, is much more convertible to fly in and makes Boeing's jets, especially the new version of the 737, seem like torture chambers.   

847328_3527's picture

MOney is money and it's for a noble cause; to fight evil and sordidness from the Marxists and Satan's like Soros, Obama and Crooked Hillary.

Gardentoolnumber5's picture

One thing is true, the RNC will use the money to elect big government toads against constitutional, small govt type candidates. Better to give directly to candidates like Moore, Lee, Paul, Massie, Amash and others who vote along constitutional lines.


Juggernaut x2's picture

Who cares- fuck Bombardier and Canada and their twink Prime Minister. we can make our own jets to sell to domestic airlines.

Cash2Riches's picture

Trump continues to be bombarded and attacked by the Swamp on BOTH sides, like no President we have seen throughout history. The battle goes on.

JoeTurner's picture

Trump makes my nutsack tingle !

Giant Meteor's picture

Don't be silly. That's jock itch !

TheLastTrump's picture

$18,000 dollars to get health insurance for one year for 2 middle aged people on a silver plan.


It was $9,000 4 years ago.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Help is coming.  Team-Trump needs until next year to repeal Obamacare. Pence promised:


Mike Pence says GOP will eliminate Obamacare in 2018

JoeTurner's picture

Yep, and plan for those costs to increase 20-30% annually until HoBamacare implodes...

Jack McGriff's picture

You must be tarded to pay that!  That money is much better spent on your prevenative health like organic foods, healthy diet, gym memberships, work out gear, etc.  

tmosley's picture

Or a plane ticket to a country that doesn't have a fascist healthcare system.

kahplunk's picture

So the grass is greener on the other side of the fence?

847328_3527's picture

"If you want to keep your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance. I promise!"


~ Hussein Barrack O'Sama

Never One Roach's picture

Obama had to be the Biggest Liar in white house history.

NoPension's picture

His whole presidency was a lie. I surmise he ran as a lark...never really believing he had a chance...Hillary's first turn and all.

When he did get's holly shit...seal the college records, elimination of his editor's writing talking about how Zero was born in Kenya...and get the kids working on a birth certificate. Only the biggest sycophants believe that hap hazardly produced fake. Stolen SS number. And, growing up in Indonesia...a secret Muzzie fuck.

And wow!!! How the media just dropped to their knees for this turd.

He did speak well though. So...there's that. Apparently...that's the low bar a black dude needs to become president. Half white my ass. Why is it, all the half breeds go full tilt black? Kappernick? Obama?

BarkingCat's picture

Depending on what you need, it can be significantly cheaper to get it done elsewhere.

For example you can go to Hungary and have an elective operation done for fraction of the cost.

I had a crown pop off my tooth when I was visiting my mom. I went to a local dentist and he would not even give me a ballpark price without an exam first. Knowing I will be traveling soon, I held off. Had it put back on while in Ukraine for a grand total of about $5. The dentist used German made cement and told me he does implants using ones from German.

I know someone that had arthoscopic knee surgery in Czech Republic.

Cost was less than 25% in US.

sheikurbootie's picture

My Obamacare $22,000 with $7500 deductible healthy no pre-existing condition.  No other option is available.  If you make over $80,000 there is NO tax credit, rebate, subside.  Whatever those tools are calling it now. 

Pre-Obama $8000 with $5000 ded.  Obama canceled our plan because the ded was too high.  WTF it's now $7500 and 3x as much. 


Herodotus's picture

You would be better off just to drop it.  You are going to die sooner or later anyway.

WillyGroper's picture

stop playing.

liberty health share.

swmnguy's picture

Good Grief!  Where do you live?  I have a $10,000 deductible policy, covering my 51 year-old self and two teenaged kids; all healthy no pre-existing conditions; total premium per per month $510; per year $6,120.  Which is far too high, as we use less than $1,000 of care per year as it is, so obviously we have to pay for all of it out of pocket.  The only benefit we actually get is the reduced pricetag for services, as negotiated between the insurance company and the provider.

I've had my plan since 2007.  It was "grandfathered in" to ObamaCare standards.  It lacks some of the coverages required in current plans.

Sounds like you had a shitty and expensive plan even pre-ObamaCare.  

Of course, I've never heard of an "ObamaCare" policy.  I have a policy from a private insurance company.  Not sure where you live that you don't buy insurance from a private company.  I make over $85,000, so no subsidies.  But I deduct the cost of premiums, paying with pre-tax income like everyone does.

Escrava Isaura's picture

That’s the problem of having private parties taking care of healthcare.

Thank goodness that the roads in America are not private, otherwise Americans couldn’t afford to walk on them, even less driving on them.


tmosley's picture

100 years ago doctors were so cheap, no-one bothered with insurance. Even the poorest people could afford housecalls.

It could be that way again if we got the government out of the business of issuing medical lisences to doctors and drug producers. Just make them carry insurance!

Giant Meteor's picture

And you could pay them with a basket of fresh apples and a plump roasting chicken !

Where do I sign up?

Harry Lightning's picture

You would see a doctor who has not been certified by a reputable authority as being competent ? 


The poblem in health care is not the doctors. Its the lawyers and the lawsuits that lose. 90% of allmalpractice lawsuits brought against hospitals and doctors lose. Yet the insurers that insure the hospitals and doctors have to pay lawyers to defend against all 100% of the lawsuits, This does not happen elsewhere in the world, because there are financial penalties that are taken from lawyers and plaintiffs if they lose the case. Such as the losing side has to pay a portion if not all of the attorney's fees of the winning side. And they make the lawyers pay as well as the plaintiffs. Hence, lawyers take only those cases where there is definitive and unmistakable evidence of malpractice, the cost of operating a hospital or medical practice goes down because the medical malpractice insurance rates are lower, and health insurance premiums drop. 

Notice that none of the plans being discusses in Washington about making health insurance available and affordable mentions refirms on lawsuits, probably because the lawyers in Congress so not want to hurt their own profession. The costs of health care in America cannot come down without solving this legal problem, but the only way it will be solved is when the insurance premiums rise so high that the politicians start losing their jobs as angry voters vote for challengers instead of incumbents. 

We cannot go back in time in terms of medical care. Your reference to the days when medical care was not xpensive also refers to a time when there were few diagnostic technologies to figure out what was wrong with you if you became ill. The way the doctors figured out what was maing you ill often came down to a procedure called "exploratory surgery" where they would cut you open from your neck to your navel and see what the organs looked like. Not very scientific, not very effective Until World War II, most surgery was amputation. It was 1967 before the first heart bypasses were performed on humans. Same with transplants. Antibiotcs are a relatively new invention as well, only since the 1950s have they been available to kill infectious germs. 

So there are a great many ways that medicine can improve the quality of peoples' lives today and as such its going to cost you more. Its worth the expense But why pay more than you have to ? Getting rid of the wasteful legal expenses is the first step towards making quality health care more reasonably priced.

Sean7k's picture

Except the biggest killer of Americans IS the healthcare system (including pharma). The numbers are quite clear.

Doctors are incapable of healing anything beyond a broken bone. It is the certification which destroyed naturalpathic systems and doctors (the Ecclectics) and left us with a system which is nothing more than a drug dispensary.

Most doctors still think cancer is genetic, even as ketogenic diets and others systems exist which do a better job than chemo and radiation (what kind of idiot would put radiation inside a body? - one which hopes to make the big profits).

When doctors learn to heal, they will become valuable, not until then. For now, they are just drug pushers.

jin187's picture

$18,000? AKA what the average food service employee makes if they work full time for a year.

Xena fobe's picture

More and more people are chosing to take the tax hit.  In particular, those who are just above the income limit for subaidies. 

TheLastTrump's picture

Love your Tweets Mr. President, keep them coming!


Keep putting pressure on doofus McConnell & sloe eyed Ryan by bringing up Schumer. Love it!


Lanka's picture

Give Shumer that cum-stained cryin towel.

johnnycanuck's picture

Here's how Team Trump pressures McConnell

"Adelson’s $25m to Future45 comes on top of two other eight figure Super Pac donations the 83-year-old mogul is making to help keep Congress in GOP hands: he has donated $20m to the Senate Leadership Fund, a Super Pac with close ties to majority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. This Pac is run by Steven Law, a former chief of staff to McConnell and is part of a quartet of outside groups that was co-founded by GOP strategist Karl Rove, with whom Adelson is close."


I repeat;

"he has donated $20m to the Senate Leadership Fund, a Super Pac with close ties to majority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky."


Did ewe get that?