Fire Breaks Out On The Roof Of The New York Fed

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Dozens of firefighters are fighting a blaze which broke out on the top of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, NBC New York reports. The fire broke out sometime before 8:40 p.m. on the roof of the 14-story building at 33 Liberty St. in Lower Manhattan, the location of the world's biggest gold vault as Simon Gruber knows too well.

Several videos show numerous fire trucks at the scene around 9 p.m. 

Contrary to recurring rumors that the fire was created from excess money creation, the FDNY said that a generator on the roof of the building caused the fire in a chimney, although the severity of the damage to the building is not known.

No injuries have been reported.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is the most important of the 12 regional Reserve Banks that are part of the Federal Reserve system, the central banking system of the United States. As previously reported, the world's most important trading desk, also known as the "Plunge Protection Team", is located on the 9th floor of the New York Fed.

Here are some snapshots.

Blake Gwinn, left, and James White in the operations room at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (source)







A Trader Monitors Four Computer Screens on the Open Market Trading Desk at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (source)






Open Market Trading Floor at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (source)







And just because...


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Twee Surgeon's picture

Where there's Smirk, there's Fire.

Chris88's picture

Just saw all the commotion before when I was coming back from getting food, lol.

Obsidian Samctum's picture

File for the missing trillions are « missing »

Lost in translation's picture

Destruction of incriminating documents and other material evidence for the prosecution got out of hand...

VWAndy's picture

 All the evidence you ever needed is prolly in your wallet right now. jus sayin

Uranium Mountain's picture

Turn it into a Strip Joint like the old Minneapolis Fed Building.

LOL123's picture

And the Phoenix rises from the ashes.....

SilvaDolla's picture

I’m reminded of the scene from the ORIGINAL Ghostbusters when Rick Moranis is running around outside GB HQ after the EPA guys shut down the containment grid screaming, “It’s a sign! This is the sign!!”

And Janine (secretary) answers with, “It’s a sign alright...of going out of business.”

It’s a sign. Be Leary.

Yellow_Snow's picture

Cause likely from overheated printing press...

ClickNLook's picture

As if they print paper money...

More like their bitcoin mining GPU overheated.

Twee Surgeon's picture

Ha Ha ! Ain't that the truth !

Sorry_about_Dresden's picture

Who burnt the Feral Reserve deserves metal!

ClickNLook's picture

Let's hope it is insured.

Against acts of God and terrorism.

ClickNLook's picture

Fed feels the Bern...

GodSpeed_00's picture

Too bad it didn't burn to the ground.

peterk's picture

It is an Omen

traditionalfunds's picture

Anti-Volatility AI exploded... 

Wait for the dip... And buy!

Unbelievabubble's picture

Don't panic! Tungsten doesn't melt until it reaches 3422 deg C....the 'gold' is safe :)

ArmaG3don's picture

In this dystopian era funk i'd like to fuck Ivanka Trump.

Father ¢hristmas's picture

Melania just got a new round of Botox and is looking good again.  But oddly, I don't like her accent.  When I hear her speak, she is not as sexy as when she is silent.

The void of space is non-existence, and all matter is not really matter, but existence itself.  There is only existence and non-existence, and both are part of existence, so technically, there is only existence.

Even if existence ceased to exist, it's occurrence and subsequent dissolution is all an existence within itself.

BingoBoggins's picture


don't get hung up about easter ...

helloimjohnnycat's picture

I think you're right about the 'tox.

But what she needs is a good haircut. 

That long hair is dated & she'd look better with it shorter. Add a new husband and she's got it.






CultiVader's picture

We don't got no water, let the motherfucker burn
Burn motherfucher

Grandad Grumps's picture

Burning bankers' boxes of records before they head to the bunker?

Father ¢hristmas's picture

Thank God© no one was injured.

Thoughts and prayers to the brave firefighters who battled the blaze, and the honorable men and women employed by the New York Federal Reserve.


Baronneke's picture

Hopefully there is a large wooden cross on the roof with Yellen nailed to it. 


It's because they fitted jet engines to the printing press.

GoyimUprising's picture

Bernanke will fly by and put the fire out with helicopter money.

GoyimUprising's picture

While the firefighters battle the fire on the roof, someone from the FED is loading those fire trucks with gold.

gmak's picture

This is the real "The roof is on fire".   The was a great video with things burning in a microwave but it seems to be gone now.  I don't know what that crappy video is in the article, but this is what it's supposed to be.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

there goes some evidence

tuetenueggel's picture

All of us will have to believe that gold can evaporate.

didthatreallyhappen's picture

if they are going to dustify the building, can they at least wait for the firemen to leave

css1971's picture

I guess they forgot to clean up all the wax from those satanic black candles they light on the roof.

lo2hi's picture

This happens every time I overdraw my checking account.

Last of the Middle Class's picture

High bypass GE turbofan powering the shredder on the roof overheated.

Arrest Hillary's picture

Gold .... scissors .... paper .... fire ?

cookies anyone's picture

did someone approved audit or something?

In Ze No's picture

It's ok.  That's just where they perform their full moon ritual to Baphomet.

hangemhigh77's picture

Uh-ooh, the building is going to collapse. I’m sure all the gold will melt and dissapear.

adonisdemilo's picture

They've destroyed the country.

They've destoyed their credibility.

Now they're destroying the evidence.

They are all stinking rich.

Job done

hangemhigh77's picture

15 fire trucks? If it was your house they might send a fireman over to spit on it.

msamour's picture

Anyone know how much glod can be stacked on a fire truck? I'm willing to bed those fire trucks did not leave empty...

hangemhigh77's picture

To fight this blaze I would drop tons of gas on it.

JailBanksters's picture

OH No, that's where we keep all the records as to owns what.

Unfortuately, there's nothing left to audit.

What a sham  , I was so looking forward to completing the Audit.




Lostinfortwalton's picture

"We've got to pull it. The Fire Marshall says so"