Trump To Sign Executive Order Rolling Back Obamacare Regulations

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It appears another 'chat with Chuck' may result in a deal 'win' for President Trump.

In a brief comment to reporters at The White House, Trump said this afternoon that he would be open to a one- or two-year deal as a way to reform the nation's healthcare system...

"So if we could do a one-year deal or two-year deal as a temporary measure, you’ll have block granting ultimately to the states, which is what Republicans want."

With Republican efforts to repeal, replace, or re-anything Obamacare falling short numerous times, Trump is looking for a 'win' and it appears he may get one.

The Hill reports that Trump will sign an executive order next week aimed at rolling back health insurance regulations put in place by former President Obama in an effort to undo his predecessor's signature health care law, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The order will direct the Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS), Labor, and Treasury to make it easier for individuals to group together and purchase insurance through "association health plans," according to the report.


The president also directs the agencies in the order to roll back the Obama administration regulations of “short-term medical insurance,” which is a cheap limited protection option that the former administration claimed was did not provide adequate coverage for individuals.


The regulation requiring insurance plans to cover a set of package benefits will also be rolled back, according to The Journal.


The order is seen as an effort from the president to roll back parts of ObamaCare after his administration and Republicans failed to fulfill their seven-year campaign promise to repeal and replace the law.

While the move has been anticipated by industry officials and political observers in the days since the GOP repeal effort crashed, the move is most likely to unsettle Republicans, who have already watched Trump partner with congressional Democrats on a debt ceiling deal.

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MozartIII's picture

Just do a EO that nullifies all enforcement and taxation on the turd. End of story. Let the market figure it out, which it will, without the insurance companies and their BS manipulation of the markets.

RovingGrokster's picture

Just dissolve all the regulations issued under "the secretary shall" regulate this or that, and most of the effects of Obamacare vanish.

Never mind the g-damned plane rides - Tom Price could have done this: He could have been the un-Sebelius, but he wasn't.  It's very simple - be effective, or "you're fired"

Billy the Poet's picture

Trump will sign an executive order next week aimed at rolling back health insurance regulations put in place by former President Obama in an effort to undo his predecessor's signature health care law,


I saw a cartoon once and it said that's not how "laws" are made.

just the tip's picture

and that was true, until the HNIC came along with his phone and his pen.  and for six years after ACA was passed tweaked it here and there day in day out.  and all the while the congress twiddled their fingers.  which was quite remarkable really considering both thumbs were stuck up their asses at the time.  i'm also not sure if said thumbs were in respective congressmen's asses.

JRobby's picture

Owned by insurance & pharma. Owned

consider me gone's picture

I saw a president change a brand new written law, passed by Congress, signed by the president, at a press conference on numerous occasions. After he got tired of the press conferences, they'd just post the "new law" on the internet. No Congress required. There's a term for that type of legislation. It's called "law by dictat" or "order by decree." Precedent can be a bitch. And all those liberal twats can't say a fucking thing because they howled their approval when the pen was in the other hand.

Implied Violins's picture

...and that is how dictators are born. It's a slippery path, and all roads are strewn with banana peels.

It starts with changes that are popular with the masses, so there is no outcry when the laws are circumvented and one man has all the power. Then it's all downhill from there.

Sanity Bear's picture

ACA is riddled with "discretion of the Secretary" clauses.

It is more of a surrender of power by Congress, in that respect, than a law as once commonly understood.

j0nx's picture

Not like anything will get done with turtle and RIno running the GOP. May as well start wheeling and dealing with crying chuck and senile Nancy.

MozartIII's picture

It's actually that pathetic!

Amerika the land run by the asylum, with rules for you and me. But no criminal penalties for the creatures in the swamp.

Salzburg1756's picture

Ahem! All is run by the jews!

AGuy's picture

"nullifies all enforcement and taxation on the turd."

LOL! Silly Rabbit (Trix): new taxes never go away!

Funny think, I got a notice from my healthcare provided this week telling me that they are dropping me (dropping my plan). I thought it was impossible for providers to drop people? Considering I paid close to $8K in premiums and filed no claims for 2016, (not even one doctor visit) seems silly to drop me. I probably would have dropped them anyway since next year the premiums would be increasing by about 55%.

The Most interesting Man now says: "Stay Healthly my friends, because you can't afford healthcare anymore!" Looks like healthcare is going to crash next year: Here comes single payer!

1stepcloser's picture Fuck yourself!


RovingGrokster's picture

Well, yes - I'm going to cut the knot that holds this abomination (obamanation) together - will you help me deregulate, or will you be buried under the debris? Your move, Chuck-u......

DieselChadron's picture

but nothing about individual mandate.  all Trump has to do is get rid of individual mandate and all problems are solved.

Trump=Loser.  McCain=can't wait til he dies.

RaymondKHessel's picture

F the Repugs.
F the LibTardDems.

Trump is the man.

Al Gophilia's picture

Awwwwww. Your saviour. Fuck you and your long list of saviours. Every goddamned one of them since 1913.

Dickguzinya's picture

No.  Fuck you and your gonorrhea infested body you scumbag.  schmuck schumer, piglosi, and the rest of the useless pigs, on both sides, are being put in their place by President Trump.  Your hero, the fuck face who squatted in the White House, with his trannie, for the last eight years is a worthless duplicitous, treasonous scum bag.  You're all losers of the highest order.

Al Gophilia's picture

No prizes for coming second, fuckwad. I am politically agnostic, as you could have gleaned from my post, if you were capable of reading for understanding.

RaymondKHessel's picture

Need to dump the illegal tax. Get rates down using open state competition.

mkkby's picture

Force service providers to publish prices. Competition will lower prices 80%.

You go to a doctor or hospital and you must agree UP FRONT to pay anything they charge. As you leave you get your *surprise*. Of course, that surprise is a rape job.

This same abuse was wrung out of auto repair 40 years ago. They have to quote a price up front and stand by it. You can shop around for the best price/service. The bad actors soon go under or have to improve.

The medical industry will do anything to resist price discovery. This is their golden ticket and achilles heel at the same time.

slightlyskeptical's picture

In the end you will all beg to pay the tax rather than have 10% of your income taken for single payer. Can't say I feel sorry for you. 

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Look at the photo.


I wish Trump would headbutt Schumer and shatter has face!

nonclaim's picture

Grabbed by the nuts... that mixed look of surprise and growing pain is classic.

Expat's picture

It's obvious that you Americans can't possibly kill yourselves off fast enough with a lame mass shooting once a day.  So, please get rid of Obamacare so you will die from treatable diseases faster and faster.  And by spending all your money on prescription drugs, you might have less to spend on invading yet another country.

So, as much as I hate to say this, Go Trump!  Destroy healthcare for Americans!  Yayyy!

Tallest Skil's picture

Go suck marx’s cock on some other website, you treasonous sack of shit.

W270's picture

It isn't treason being that this "cock sucker" is an enemy combatant(EC).  I suggest waterboarding said EC with PC. Not talking political correctness, but (K(CN))

topspinslicer's picture

Obamacare isn't health care moron

MozartIII's picture

Don't think he has the ability to understand that.

Rubicon76's picture

Eat a dick, you ignorant faggot.

BorraChoom's picture

Expat my ass! FU buddy and your Palestinian murdering brothers, they are still many good people in the US, someday they may save dumbarzes like you. Fuck you and your settlements. Your day is coming soon.

overbet's picture

If you want healthcare then fucking pay for it. Dont expect me to pay for others. Fuck you

Van Halen's picture

Expat, if you aren't an American then why would you care whether we keep Obamacare or not? Also, how do you suppose we ever survived BEFORE Obamacare was implemented? And what about all the people who don't have Obamacare now but aren't dying because they have something else? The simple fact is that Trump won largely BECAUSE of Obamacare. You can hate me and America and everyone else all you want, but Obama's shoving a plan onto America that was largely unworkable for many Americans is the reason Trump is president today. 

Dickguzinya's picture

Plain and simple, this monstrosity was specifically designed for the redistribution of wealth.  Stealing from the haves, and giving to the have nots.  Because, the have nots are incapable of creating anything on their own, except for poop, piss, and overpopulating the country with future have nots.  


And the cradle will rock!

Dickguzinya's picture

Spoken like a true member of the Euro trash contingent.  Between your horrendous food, and atrocious dental care, you people are a mess.

JRobby's picture

Just the obese and unhealthy will die. The rest of us will cone for you.

Karl Marxist's picture

It's amongst the Jews. Real greaseball stuff.

DEMIZEN's picture

running on empty.

artichoke's picture

If he allows nonconforming policies he rips the heart out of O'Care.  Then I can buy a cheap policy for my own needs and no need to subsidize the massive costs of HIV+ people.  No doubt he reached out to Schumer first to tell him, basically, he was pulling the rug out from O'Care and don't the Dems want to start being reasonable.


RawPawg's picture

Will it cover any Nuke Related Maladies?  

got this funny feeling,so i thought i would ask 

BorraChoom's picture

Nuclear and Vaccine makers are immune from liability.
So what do you think??

MuffDiver69's picture

Schumer said no deal and the rollbacks of regulations are a separate thing. I give the President credit for trying with both of these screwed up parties...Dismantle everything possible and the fine has already been killed by executive order for those wondering..

nicktd's picture

Prediction, "Crying" Chuck and "Moron" Trump get together to replace ObummerCare, likely with something worse, AND pass a gun law, likely banning bump stock b.s.

1 in 10 odds anyone?

BorraChoom's picture

It depends on Jared and Ivanka. Trump has been compromised.
He was doing great until he moved into the white house.
Methinks CIA mind control drugs and frequencies have been perfected.

Mooseadd rules the roost.

It still beats the fork out of the demonic entity known as Hillary.

johand inmywallet's picture

If they ban bumpers or slide fires, they gonna come take em? Especially since there is no registration number on them!

.gov is so fucken stupid!!!

Dickguzinya's picture

Prediction:  You, the dumbocrats, and the rinos will get schlanged again, again, and again by President Trump.  And, you'll ask for more because you all love getting schlanged.

djsmps's picture

It's confusing enough, but I'm glad I went on Medicare a few months ago.