Foreign Affairs Mag Advances Domestic Terrorism To Remove Alternative Media

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Submitted by Mike Miles, journalist, writer and book author

Foreign Affairs Magazine Advances Domestic Terrorism To Remove Alternative Media

Is Foreign Affairs magazine advancing “domestic terrorism” because it could help remove alternative media, and even jail editors and writers or worse. The recent article is entitled “Should We Treat Domestic Terrorists the Way We Treat ISIS? What Works—and What Doesn't.” It begins as follows:

The mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night has again raised fears about terrorism. There’s much we don’t yet know. The Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed the attack, but the FBI claims that there is no international terrorism link. The attacker, Stephen Paddock, was 64 years old and white, fitting a stereotype of a right-wing terrorist more than a jihadist one. And he may just be a crazy nut. But regardless of Paddock’s particular pathology, the situation highlights how the United States treats similar forms of violence differently depending on the nature of the perpetrator.  

Many commentators have already demanded that we make a case for domestic terrorism including such prominent Youtubers as Philip DeFranco. He runs a website of some six million and offers mildly libertarian commentary. But perhaps he doesn’t understand that he may eventually become a victim of what he wants to invoke. There are many such well-meaning people who quite possibly misunderstand what is happening

How about PropOrNot? This outfit lists around websites “friendly” to Russia and in total includes many of the major alternative websites in the country. Those who run the website say they believe these sites provide propaganda for Russia. 

A recent reading of PropOrNot seems to reveal that the site may have reduced some of the finger-pointing. It says that it does not “censor.” However it continues to list websites nonetheless. The Washington Post drew information from PropOrNot long ago when it was trying to paint alternative websites as Russian sympathizers.

Interestingly, the recent shooting in Las Vegas didn’t make much sense to some people because neither the shooter nor people shot fit into known patterns of terrorism – or so we are told. But what if the real reason to shoot so many people was at least in part to create support for domestic terrorism?

It is surely “conspiratorial” to ask such a question and certainly it must seem far-fetched. On the other hand some commentators have pointed out that there may have been at least two shooters on two separate floors. 

The main point here is that the determination to assault the alternative media seems to have taken a big step forward with this article in Foreign Affairs magazine. No new legislation may be needed, according to the article. The FBI simply needs to go after people who are supposedly questionable.  Sooner or later this could include the alternative media.

Here’s a quote from the end of the article that back-peddles from some of its more Draconian observations about what the FBI could easily do once people supposedly began to make a fuss about “terrorism” on America’s shores:

… Legislation should factor in counterterrorism measures we don’t want as well as ones we do. … The language should be tightly worded and subject to regular legislative oversight—the definition of a foreign terrorist organization is broad, and any domestic legislation should focus heavily on the threat or use of violence and be regularly reviewed to ensure that changes in group behavior are reflected.

And another quote:

The right-wing threat in particular is comparable to that of jihadist violence at home, and similar resources should be allocated to addressing it. The FBI and DHS should create larger offices dedicated to domestic groups and otherwise develop their intelligence presence.

Will the FBI really be subject to “legislative oversight” and be “regularly reviewed.” The people suggesting this supposed advancement are, at the top, possibly some of the most powerful and wealthy people on the planet. This project may not be bound by constraints any more than the current investigation into Trump is being adequately constrained. And it may be happening sooner rather than later.

Of course maybe Congress has dropped legislative authority to create a well-funded group of reporters that will “expose” the alternative media in the US and perhaps abroad. On the  other hand, the move to concentrate on domestic terrorism and then to heighten the battle against the alternative media seems like it could be advancing in earnest. It is certainly possible that the alternative media read by tens of millions is ready to repel the FBI and other forces that could be trying to remove it. But what if it is not?

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Joominati gonna joo.

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You'll believe what we tell you to believe, goy. NOW SHUT UP. Because muh six gorillion. I'll take your shekels too while we're on the subject.

Handful of Dust's picture

Has anyone ever heard the FA editor of this rag on NPR?

Far left radical Marxist would be too mild a phrase to describe him imo. The guy can't even think straight or just outright distorts and spins.

Foreign Affairs Magazine has degenerated into a 5th rate propaganda trash bin affair.

robertsgt40's picture

Given that Foreign Affairs is the mouth organ of the CFR, this should surprise no one.

Arnold's picture

I have enough enough faces Antifa video to fill one prison ship.
Ski masks are easy to spot, there PoPo.

macholatte's picture


Soros => Domestic Terrorist


Manthong's picture


Paddock was a left-wing whacko....

I believe he was actually a Democrat.

Just look at who he targeted.

That Foreign Affairs rag revealed again what a deep state fake news and propaganda tool it is.


"Big Lie", anyone?

HopefulCynical's picture

The panic of the Marxists grows more evident every day.

We. ARE. Winning.

glenlloyd's picture

Yes, Paddock was a registered Dem, so the 'right-wing' nutjob reference from FA is incorrect.

Much of this FA article that relates to Las Vegas is premature to say the least and it bothers me that we have such groups pontificating from on high about issues like this.

Perhaps FA needs to go back and look at what their purpose is. A rag related to foreign policy and international relations should not be commenting about issues like this, especially when their conclusion is going to be a boot on the neck of US citizens.

Perhaps the think tank that sponsors this rag should be disbanded...

Trogdor's picture

The CFR is a Rothschild organ - it's a Leftist/Communist organization and always has been. It's main goal is the destruction of Freedom throughout the world, and the United States in particular.

chumbawamba's picture

Why is ZH running this sorry sort of claptrap?

Fucking sad bullshit.

I am Chumbawamba.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Well he cased out and rented a nice hotel perched above Lollapalooza too.  

Clearly all gun nuts, Trumpies, bible thumpers, righty wingnuts.  

BabaLooey's picture

I read Foreign Affiars when I have to take a long runny dump.

It seems....somehow.....the same

Ignatius's picture

This author starts with the presumption that he has an accurate narrative of what happened in Las Vegas.

Once again a finding of opinion precedes a proper finding of fact.

This cell phone footage is "interesting," to say the least as people start running BEFORE the shooting starts: 

Here we find the name of "my buddy" that alleged witness Mike Cronk refers to: 

Note "Rob's" amazing recovery from 3 gunshot chest wounds.

Las Vegas has too many unanswered questions.

Exactly what happened is unclear, but what we've been told is bullshit.

Trogdor's picture

The really discomforting thing is that while this is the OPINION of a Leftist uber-douche, a lot of people won't read it that way - they'll read it as fact.

Well, I think we can expect the screws to keep tightening as the Communists sense their quarry is wriggling from their blood-encrusted rotting fingers ...

A. Boaty's picture

Globalists for the glorious People's Revolution, Comrades!

Pickleton's picture

Anybody else notice how these lefftard imbeciles just assign Paddock to right-wing terrorism/


THis is how the imbecile left gets away with the scurrilous claims that Right wing terrorism is what as this country.  Simply screech Rigth-wing and voila.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

By equating radical Islamic terror with the less-frequent-at-this-historical-juncture acts of mass murder by white Christians, they are trying to advance their identity politics narrative, which is merely a decoy to distract from their main goal: support for the economic status quo of globalism. Globalism is very lucrative for the elites who likely fund their publication. And no, I do not agree that globalism is the work any one religious, racial or ethnic group.

In a way, we should just call all of these mass murders evil, period, regardless of the motive. The mass murder on 9/11 rose beyond that level of horror to be an act of war. Those non-citizen terrorists killed 3,000 Americans and destroyed two massive buildings. What Timothy McVeigh did was close to that act-of-war scale, blowing up an entire building, but it would have to be a civil war in that case due to his citizenship. And he did not have that many people involved in his evil deed; it was not, therefore, an act of war. The 9/11 mass murder (act of war) by raidical Islamic terrorists included many actors.

lew1024's picture

I think you are minority on ZH in accepting both 9/11 and OKC as non-governmental terrorism rather than what they were, false flag attacks by the US government on the populace for political effect.

I tell you what we tell everyone, LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE.

Nobody looks at the evidence.  The Overton Window is over here, the evidence is over there, so nobody looks at the evidence. The CIA really understands propaganda, 9/11 was a ballsy move that left evidence everywhere, but 16 years later, despite many scholars doing serious work on the subject and many investigative documentaries, very large amounts of accumulated evidence, no political effect at all.

And people like you still accepting the premise.

The CIA really understands propaganda AND has complete control of legacy media and increasing control of alt-media.

Concertedmaniac's picture

Dumb shit. They found the passports but not the black boxes and logged them into evidence, that alone tells you the truth, while calling into question all the other ‘attacks’. I swear smart people have outsmarted themselves or its a mass mental illness.

PhilofOz's picture

What rock did you crawl out from under?! You have absoluetely no idea if you state "two massive buildings".... so 47 story WTC7 freefalling into it's own footprint the same afternoon does not count? Israel did 911 with traitorous scum in the USA goverment throwing in their assistance, and the circumstantial proof you can find online is so overwhelming if you study it as a jury would a crimnal case, you would have zero doubt!!!

El Oregonian's picture

A junior level investigator starts at the beginning. Motive - Method - Accessibility - Beneficiary - Risk. Unsurprisingly, none of the truth (or very little of it) will ever be acknowledged and in fact will be blatantly obvious of the grand deception game being presented as fact.

The optics are available to those who choose to see them.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Cui bono?

We already who they are. People like George Soros, Sheldon Adelson, Michael Chertoff. Not to mention the ever growing power and authority of the intelligence agencies. The NSA, CIA, DHS, FBI all benefit from this false flag bullshit. All the military agencies as well.

Deep State gone mad.

Farqued Up's picture

After all, the Deep State rag is the propaganda arm of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

The CFR is the executor of the evils of the Bilderbergs' masters, the trillionaires and Royals. They ARE the communists bosses.

Poor babies are pissed that they are being outed and the serfs may get educated and remove their genitals and stuff them in their mouths. That’s far preferable to having to relinquish control of the serfs and do an honest days work along with the rest of us.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

The end goal of globalist subversives has never changed, just their methodologies.

pynky01's picture

This guy/blogger or whatever the fuk he thinks he is... should be on a watch list...sounds like he could have easily been the second shooter in LV... pos ...the marxist jew is your enemy...

JRobby's picture

The battle against censorship will go on forever. It has been waged forever and will be one battle at a time forever.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Censorship is a small dynamic, but it will be growing.

In the mean time, the ultimate goal still the same: Dominate the public mind. Public mind has two sectors:

General Population (80 percent):

And the Managers ‘educated class’ (20 percent):

The educated class they have nothing to worry about it. The general population is a matter of time before they lose.

And they even have a name for it:

Minerva Initiative — Societal Collapse.



Arnold's picture

Goggle, Faceplant and twatter are all in on it, censorship that is.
Don't you read ZeroHedge?

Escrava Isaura's picture

Yes, there’s censorship but it’s minuscule.


Bay of Pigs's picture

Minuscule? You mean like 9/11 total false flag misdirection and blatant MSM censorship of the facts?

Can you really be this fucking stupid?

_triplesix_'s picture

Thank you for making your avatar so easy to spot.

Makes it simple for me to skip over your mindless (and endless) drivel.

FixItAgainTony's picture

loose lips sink ships dummmmas

zzmop's picture


We don’t have to loose. Everything they impose upon us they have to “sell”. They have to present it to us in a way that wow’s us so that more than 50 % of that 80 % think, “hey that’s alright”. It is the background scene on the MSM, the music on the commercial, the suit and tie, the smile, |the assurances of “experts” or in this case the presumed authority of a “prestigious” magazine with glossy pages and dramatic cover art. Take away all that and we can lay some groundwork. So easy peasy, just create a platform that is “heavy” on logic and reason where people work together anonymously to justify conclusions and let them be heavy on props and drama. Who will win, who is the face of the future and who looks stupid now? This forum, person after person expressing thoughts backed by personal beliefs founded on the intellect, (logic and reason) of the individual. What we don’t have are selling aids. No music plays when I read your post. Though I wish ZH would add that option. No background scene. Just a stupid little icon is all we get. But that’s not why we are here. We are not trying to sell anything. We just want someone to hear what we have to say, because we believe it.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

MSM / Experts

MSM / Entertainers

zzmop's picture

Exactly!  And who am I? I'm just a large headed, big eyed figment of your imagination, You, I had to get out my magnifying glass, seen to be a button  or some  type of pully wheel.

zzmop's picture

i was just being funny no offense, I still can't tell what your little icon is. I am an old person. Thant is why I use the word icon.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Blogging is a small and the most democratic venue. You cannot duplicate this blogging approach in the real world. Anyway, even here we have major differences of opinions and understanding.

Give you an example. You said logic and reason. All sounds great.

However, how are you going to reason with a population that about 42 percent believe in the Rapture where Jesus comes back and remove all the believers and the dead believers resurrected to meet the lord in the sky?

I am talking almost half of the US population.




zzmop's picture


Blogging is a small way to talk to people you can’t see or locate, which for very inefficient, and almost totally useless, as everything we say today will be long gone and forgotten this time next week. When you say major major differences of opinion and understanding I say exactly. That is alright though, we are all different different perspective are good. If you are going to build a house you want to look at it from different standpoints, energy efficiency, etc. Really though I don’t want to recreate this in the real world. I want to use technology to accomplice things that people only 50 years ago had ( 0 ) chance of accomplishing. How do you reason with the believers. I live in the bible belt and I know what that is about. It may even be a big part of why I am here. 12 years ago I was even one of them. If you do go read my short book on Medium “viable” under user CMW it may make more sense than I can do here. Basically though back to your question. If the believers had to log on to a site online where once you were there all affiliation and self identify, prestige, award, social status, religious affiliation was gone. (Why do we need it anyway? If what we have to say makes sense. Why the hurdles?) I am no one. Consider if your question became a work in progress and instead of just me typing there were thousands at work. There was advanced software ( hey if we can send and man to the moon and create A.I. why not) that aided in applying logic and coming to a more complete understanding. There was a permanent history and trail from your initial question, there for you should you wake up in the middle of the night and have a new perspective. I’m hoping I am helping here. Really it is just that we strip away the non-essentials to functioning logic and reason – credential, etc. . If you really are that special then what you have to say will help, just don’t cut out the rest of us. Then treat it like a math problem. Make it a work In progress always open for amendment. With a history for learning and educational and efficiency. If you really believe we should all just give up and wait for the second coming then tell us why.

FixItAgainTony's picture

No, the comments get snarfed up by agencies through bogus accounts for crackpot data mining BS. But, hey, they wouldn't want to loose some funding from next year's budget by not doing it.

zzmop's picture


Not necessarily, Please go to Medium and read my book, “Viable” by Race Caffee. It is listed under user CMW. It is free there. I guess the point I want to make is that humanity is still operating under the mental programming of the last 10,000 years. With today’s technology we can effect change In that. The answer is Collective intelligence. That is why I do not believe censorship will go on forever. One day it will become obsolete. Why, because what supports censorship will become scarce. That is the 140+ fallacies in human logic and reasoning that we harbor, manipulate and use everyday in every way to get what we want and make the world conform to our ideas. Suppose if you could take the arguments for censorship and let logic and reason play the moderator and judge, cut out the individual bias and twisted intellect. Would you not run to that. Will they really replicate A.I. in the form of human intelligence? Jo Bob and Sally the overly sensitive, coffee shop lounging, hating you A.I. bots? I don’t thing so.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Collective Intelligence?

I think you’ll need to rethink your strategy.

Wondering why?

”Intelligence is a lethal mutation.” — Ernest Mayr, grand old man of American biology.


zzmop's picture



Biology is a lethal mutation. Should DNA just refuse to participate? The problem is that each person (individual) has a small very complex powerful computer perched atop their neck. A computer which survived the last thousands of years by taking in partial, incomplete information and analyzing it very quickly. We form perceptions, We form beliefs. The issue are the fallacies, the errors. Those are real look them up. DuckDuckgo rigth now. It is an entire branch of philosophy, huge, as Donald would say just waiting for us to come of age.

zzmop's picture


Take your post for example. What if we were more advanced than just a bunch of 14th century peasants with electronic devices, which is what we really are for all practical purposes. Suppose this forum was actually set up to do something other than allow people to vent and give their opinion as they slowly sank into the quicksand of obscurity. Let’s take you post. “Collective Intelligence”, that is just a question no real relevance, no raw material. “I think you need to rethink your strategy, wondering why”, another question, this is what you think, fine but you have to say why. So this is just another useless statement. ”Intelligence is a lethal mutation.” — Ernest Mayr, grand old man of American biology. Here is the meat and potatoes. Like the sensors though you are selling your idea, your proposition, In fact it is not even your proposition. It belongs to someone else. Am I supposed to live in servitude and humble acquiescence to Ernest Mayr? What he says can’t be refuted? I think what he says Is incomplete. Unstable intelligence can be lethal or intelligence in an unstable environment (like we have today, 140 + fallacies running amok) can be lethal. But I will not give up my independence to someone even if they say he is “the grand old man of American Biology” .


Escrava Isaura's picture

Do you understand that we live in a finite planet, meaning, energy is a finite resource?

Second, the end point of an evolutionary process is extinction. You need to drop intelligence, education, religion, better or worse, or whatever you’re thinking if you plan to survive. The key for success is adaptation. DO NOT try to change your environment or you’ll go extinct sooner than later.

Even under the best scenario of adaptation, thermodynamics will halt all life’s eventually.


zzmop's picture


What I know is that we live in a world rules by individual, perception based ( I believe ) intellects that use and many fallacies (errors in logic ) as true logic and reason to navigate through the world they inhabit. It is not that the branch of philosophy called epistemology does not exist. It is just that it is in a dustpan as far as social dialog goes. Energy has nothing to do with this. If anything is would be more efficient which would save more energy. All this typing, for what? For someone who sees the religious , Armageddon will fix everything crowd as an obstacle. I must say that you sound much like them only in scientific dogma. Really all I am talking about is ADAPTATION. The people living today are just like those 1000 years ago. Our technology is going insane. Like a tech stock something is going to snap and it will not be good. WE NEED TO EVOLVE. And that will be Adaptation.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Technology will die with the technologists. It is difficult to make spare parts and wiring from radioactive dust.

zzmop's picture

The human brain is biologys technology, There  may be setbacks, but we humans are wired to advance.