Insider Trading and Financial Anomalies Surrounding the Las Vegas Attack

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Authored by Kip Herriage of | October 7, 2017

Note: This is an update to my article of 10/7/17. Nothing has been removed or edited from the original article. This updated article includes additional financial/trading anomalies I have uncovered since posting the original piece.
Included in this updated article:

1) Additional trading research on OSIS (OSI Systems), the global leader in baggage, shipping and people detection systems (airports and now MUCH more, like hotels/casinos). Like the other 4 co’s that I have found, OSIS also began to rise on 9/11/17 (remember this date as you will see it in each company) and it rose on large share/option volume increases. The shares of OSIS would rise as much as 16% from its 9/11/17 lows to just after the attack.

2) OLN (Olin Corp) makes Winchester ammunition. Beginning on 9/11/17 their shares began to rise on a large increase in volume and a HUGE increase in call option purchases (so far I’ve found more than 6000 calls were purchased in OIH the week prior to the attack with someone making a ton of money in these calls). The shares of OLN would soar as much as 23% from their 9/11/17 lows to just after the attack.

Insider Trading and Financial Anomalies Surrounding the Las Vegas Attack

Note: With this report, I make no claim to specific knowledge of any wrongdoing or improprieties. Instead, this report includes trading patterns, news releases and/or public record SEC filings.

We will examine the share price movements of two gun manufacturers (American Outdoor Brands and Sturm Ruger) and the share price movement of MGM (which owns Mandalay Bay). We will also examine additional financial events surrounding MGM, including what can only be referred to as massive levels of insider selling in the shares of MGM, by the CEO/Chairman and MGM officers/directors. As you’ll see, more than $200 million in MGM shares were sold in the weeks leading up to the attack.

Background. Interesting Trading Patterns in AOBC, RGR and MGM.

Over the course of my 32 years in the investment industry I have constructed a proprietary investing model that I refer to as the “VRA Trading & Investing System”. In short, its design is to track money flows in the stock market and detect sector and stock analysis/movements that then alert me as to when/where money is flowing in the markets.

For example, prior to the 2016 Presidential Elections, the VRA System noticed that the share price of gun manufacturers had begun to decline rapidly. This was one of our first financial clues that Trump might beat Clinton (Trump’s strong support of 2A). As you can see below, American Outdoor Brands (AOBC, formerly Smith & Wesson), hit a high of $31/share in August of 2016. As the bottom began to fall out, it would ultimately drop 55% in price, before hitting its low price of just over $13 on 9/11/17.

The market is referred to as a “discounting mechanism” and as such, it often predicts future events. It certainly did so in the case of the election and the share price of AOBC.

We see the same trading pattern in gun manufacturer Sturm Ruger (RGR). RGR traded as high as $73 in March of 2016 before ultimately dropping 37%, when it too bottomed within one trading day of AOBC hitting it’s lows (9/8/17). Again, my system noted the rapid decline in gun stocks, which led me to believe that Trump may in fact win the election. Remember this point; both AOBC and RGR hit their lows at the same time, just over two weeks prior to the Las Vegas shooting.

Something Changed in September

Let’s now examine the trading patterns of AOBC and RGR in detail, just over two weeks “prior” to the attack. As you can see, AOBC bottomed on 9/11/17 at $13.30 before the spike higher began. From 9/11 to just after the attack, AOBC rose 23% in price. It did so on a noticeable increase in buy-side trading volumes.

Below, we see the same chart and reaction in the shares of Sturm Ruger (RGR). From its 9/8/17 lows, RGR bottomed at $46.24 and then spiked to $55.90 just after the attack, for a move higher of 21%.

After falling in price from early-mid 2016 to their early September 2017 lows, the two largest publicly traded gun manufacturers bottomed, then spiked higher, at almost exactly the same time. In addition, buy-side volume increases rose sharply as well.And, while not covered in this report (more work is needed), we also saw a spike in call option purchases in both AOBC and RGR, in the days/weeks leading up to the attack.

This final chart shows the share price of MGM (owner of Mandalay Bay) in the days leading up to the attack to present. MGM shares declined more than 10%, from 9/7/17 to recent lows. This decline occurred as some $200 million in insider selling was taking place.

Bottom line: Beginning in early-mid September to this report, gun manufactures AOBC and RGR rose in price 23% and 21% (on higher trading volumes), while the shares of MGM fell in price by 11% (as $200 million in insider selling occurred).

MGM: Heavy Levels of Insider Selling

As the SEC insider transaction reports below detail, from 9/5/17 to 9/12/17, approximately 6 million shares of MGM were sold by officers and/or directors of the company, totaling approximately $200 million in proceeds to sellers. Included in this group is the selling of approximately 450,000 shares by MGM CEO and Chairman James Murren (a seller of size since late July) and who appears to have sold more than 85% of all holdings. We also see that MGM Board member Grounds William Warwick sold 176 million shares of his MGM stock on 9/6/17.

We have no indication that MGM insiders sold these 6 million shares due to any advance knowledge of the 10/1 attack. I am not making that claim. I am simply pointing out facts that cannot be in question.

But I will make a few observations:

1) If MGM/Mandalay Bay were to lose law suits associated with this attack, the downside risks to MGM share price may be extensive.

2) We also know that MGM CEO James Murren was appointed to the Homeland Security National Infrastructure Advisory Council by President Obama in December 2013. This fact could make for some interesting depositions, as it relates to exactly what type of advanced security systems Mandalay Bay had in place, leading up to and on the night of 10/1/17.

“The National Infrastructure Advisory Council is tasked with providing the president with advice on the “security of the critical infrastructure sectors and their information systems.” The council is composed of a maximum of 30 members, appointed by the president, from private industry, academia and state and local government.”

3) I am also aware of the fact that MGM put options activity spiked as well (needs more work), beginning at the same time gun stocks were rising and MGM was falling in price.

4) For those curious about the trading in other major Las Vegas Hotel casino stocks, during this same time frame, this also needs more work. However, I can report that at the same time MGM’s share price was falling, the share prices of Las Vegas Sands (LVS) and Wynn Resorts (WYNN) were actually rising.

There’s more…like the recent trading pattern in OSIS, which makes “detection systems” of all kinds (similar to their subsidiary “Rapiscan”, which makes the TSA body scanners that were put in place following 9/11). Many are wondering how long it might be before we are forced to walk through similar devices, as we enter hotels/casinos.

In my original piece I only mentioned OSI Systems (OSIS) and their trading pattern around the Las Vegas attack. I’m updating this to include the chart from the same time frame and additional comments.

Below is the chart of OSIS. From the lows of 9/11/17 to after the attack, the shares of OSIS have jumped 16%. In addition (more work is being done here), call option volume also spiked higher, 2 weeks before the attack.

I have also confirmed that OSIS is working on plans to place their baggage/people detection systems in hotels/casinos around the world. Deepak Chopra is the CEO and Founder of OSIS.

Here’s another interesting piece to the puzzle. Olin Corp (OIH) makes Winchester ammunition (among other things). Beginning on 9/11/17 their shares began to rise on a large increase in volume and a HUGE increase in call option purchases (so far I’ve found more than 6000 calls were purchased in OIH the week prior to the attack. Someone is making a ton of money in these calls). The shares of OLN would soar as much as 23% from their 9/11/17 lows to just after the attack.

I am also including the anonymous 4 chan post (below) that everyone is talking about. As I see it, these are (among) the 5 publicly traded companies that the planner of the Las Vegas attack would want to target. It is most interesting that each of these stocks began their moves on 9/11/17, just one day after the 4chan post. This is what we know after less than 1 week after the attack. What might we know in another week?


In closing, let me repeat; I make no claims or assertions that anyone mentioned in this piece has done anything nefarious. They likely did not.

The question I might ask is, “Did someone else profit from the heinous acts of 10/1/17? Possibly the planners?”

Like many of you, I am interested and I am asking questions. I also remember that during 9/11/01, reports surfaced widely in the financial media that “many, many millions” in profits were made off of the purchase of put options in the shares of United Airlines and American Airlines, the two airliners that operated the four aircraft that were hijacked on 9/11 (among other well-documented reports of large put option purchases in numerous companies that had the most exposure to a shocked US economy).

There’s more…like the recent trading pattern in OSIS, which makes “detection systems” of all kinds (similar to their subsidiary “Rapiscan”, which makes the TSA body scanners that were put in place following 9/11). Many are wondering how long it might be before we are forced to walk through similar devices, as we enter hotels/casinos.

I will continue to follow this story. Should you have information that might assist in my research, you can reach me at

I am a proud American. I want the best for our country. Wherever the truth leads us, that is where we must go. Follow the money.

Kip Herriage

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Hammer of Light's picture

Simple rule in determining a crime or what leads to the actual perpetrators... FOLLOW THE MONEY!

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The sun rose that day. Everyone knows the rising sun in the symbol of Japan.  Obviously this was a sneak attack by Japan to celebrate Pearl Harbor.  Ah, you say, but Pearl Harbor was on the 7th of December.  Yes, but not in the Gregorian calendar! 

In addition, the European stock markets traded including the CAC 40.  If you add the number values of "cac" (which is 3+1+3) to 40 you get 47.  Number 47 was the jersey number worn by Mel Blount, the NFL hall of famer who played for Pittsburgh. until 1983.  Stephen Paddock's father, the famous bank robber, robbed the Pennsylvania Saving and Loan in Pittsburgh which used to be at 47 Centre Avenue.  coincidence?  I think not.

Illuminati, International Jewish Cabal, the Shriners. They are all involved.  This shooting was the culmination of decades of planning.  All in an attempt to assassinate one Charles Martigan.  It would have worked as well if Martigan had been delayed in getting to the concert when his car broke down at a race track that day.  It was parked in the area in the middle of the oval track, commonly called the paddock!

This is all too creepy.

roadhazard's picture

lol... that's as good as any of this BS. I stll say there was a shooter on the grassy knoll by the event. Pass it on.

Expat's picture

You know that ZH is hopeless when a post like mine gets two downvotes.  I am guessing one is from from some mullet-headed NASCAR fan who thinks I am being serious.  The other is from crew-cut, marine corps wannabe with more bump stocks than Paddock who thinks I am being disrespectful to ZH and therefore to America.

I mean, it could not be my humour is sub-par, could it?

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It's so sub-par, you're getting charcoal in your sock this year, Johnny.

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Your gun/ammo companies should benefit this time of year, every year, because small and big game hunting season is open or about to open in most states and canadian provinces. That IMHO is not that unusual.

Just sayin...

Iconoclast421's picture

Such nonsense. The entire market went on a mega rally in early sept.

herriage's picture

As the author of the piece and research, you may be right. There may be nothing to the fact that beginning on the same day, 9/11/17, the 5 companies that would be among the most directly affected by the Vegas attack began to move sharply (shares and options, with more than 6000 calls purchased in OLN the preceding 2-3 trading sessions). Same options trading patterns with each. For those wondering why "these" companies might be the most affected, consider the conversations taking place around gun control, 2A and increased deteection systems and scanners at hotels and casinos. Again, I make no claims. Observing trading patterns is what I do. BTW, each of these popped up on my advance scans the week prior to the attack. This story continues to develop. For those interested in following, Twitter @kherriage

Abaco's picture

Your data provides no information because it is incomplete.  What did the general stock market do during that time frame?  What did similar sectors do?

Abaco's picture

Your data provides no information because it is incomplete.  What did the general stock market do during that time frame?  What did similar sectors do?

Money_for_Nothing's picture

Grand Master Conspiracy theory. Central Banks did it. Crashing stocks is one way to destroy fiat money.

SirBarksAlot's picture

True that. Everyone in LA says Hollywood is dead and Las Vegas has been going under for a long time. This may have been an exit strategy with several motives.

The Divided Stoopids of DuhMerica's picture

I'm sick of Las fucking Vegas.

I lived there for 4 years and it's a peice of shit, shitty city that is hideously ugly during the clean light of day.

Not to mention the fact that it's fake as hell, full of transients, and seriously...

If you've been in one fucking casino, you've literaly been in them all.

Only dipshits that have lapped up the hype about it like dogs slurping on their own vomit think it's great.

Las Vegas is a fucking dump.

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right. long island iced tea smells chlorine and all whores are 40 plus

General Fuster Cluck's picture

I recall noting during the so called "Arab spring" while fighting Qaddafi, otherwise ragtag looking supposed spontaneous jihad freedom revolters had these shiny new AK type weapons with fancy looking grips and such. They were obviously brand new. They had chrome and synthetic stock parts. They looked like made in America guns to me. It was pretty clear my Government and thus myself was complicit in the murder and killing and overthrow and destruction of an otherwise peaceful and prosperous country. That is a horrendous crime. Hitlary and the Obomination held office then.

Money_for_Nothing's picture

Clinton Global Initiative had to pay a lot of bribes to try-and-fail to get Hillary elected President. Gun running guns paid for by taxpayers is quite lucrative unless someone tries to gouge the people buying the guns. Then bad press ensues. Hard to find hardworking honest people in government crime syndicates.

truthseeker47's picture

The big Vegas casinos will NOT be installing airport-style screening devices.  Reason - too many people like myself would instead just go to the many little casinos in Nevada that will not do that crap.

torabora's picture

Ummm Mr. Wynn has stated he's pursued aggressive screening tactics on his guests....for the most part inobtrusive but you WILL be surveilled and you will get a scan of your luggage.

KashNCarry's picture

Eerie Predictions in Vegas... Cui Bono? A better explanation than the above article...
Oswald did it's picture

Sheldon Adelson was behind this shooting.  Vegas billionaire zionist that owns Las Vegas sands corporation, met with Trump right after the shooting.  He had a lot to gain and the guy is a shady fucking narcissist globalist with a criminal history

General Fuster Cluck's picture

What makes you think it was him and not his rival? I would suspect the hotel where the shooter supposedly was shooting from. If they are not involved they certainly have liability issues. I would not put the 70 minute response time all down to the Police. Where was the Hotel in this?

Victory_Garden's picture

Scam Scamba Kazooie...

Big time Hooie Baaalooie!



What in the heck is that behind the sun...anyways?



Distraction from the distraction from the distraction coming in 5...4...3...2....



And speaking of isreal...what is that satanic/luciferic/jesuit/ziorottenchild evil puppet nation doing now?







pine_marten's picture

Nobody is going to walk through a scanner to go to a hotel. But hotels are free to ban guns.

ThrowAwayYourTV's picture

HA! This article brought to you, AKA planted by, MOSSAD or KGB.

Ex-Oligarch's picture

How long has it been since you checked under your bed? 
There might be a Russian there.
Better check again.

pynky01's picture is the marxist jew ... the enemy ... see bldg 7... who gives a shit about 50 or so people being killed if you can make 100million... muricans are you getting this... the Federal Reserve IS NOT A NATIONAL PARK ... we are doomed...

AurorusBorealus's picture

It is a shame that the American public must conduct their own investigations of every major crime committed in that country, because of the extensive corruption and outright criminality of the ruling elite.

General Fuster Cluck's picture

Don't forget the criminal elite's "Enemy of the American People Fake News"

Question: when do the elite transcend criminality and become enemies?

We arrest and prosecute criminals, at least ordinary ones. We seem to give the criminal elites a pass. That is probably because they have a lock on the justice and political systems.

On the other hand, we kill and destroy enemies. Especially very dangerous ones actively attacking us.

Therefore I suggest we start framing the problem elite as enemies rather than criminals. Then perhaps progress can be made on the problem of the enemy elites.

ironmace's picture

I don't see why gun stocks would go up. Because guns were used in the attack? That doesn't make sense to me.

Not the same Deepak Chopra, the alterrnative medicine guy, that threw me.

What does Smith and Wesson and Ruger have to do with this?

General Fuster Cluck's picture

Why is this such a mystery to some people?

Guns are not causing crazies to do this. This is not bad PR for guns. It is bad PR for crazies like Islam or lefty nuts.

If crazies, or determined enemies of America, or brain rewired (Enemy of the People Fake News) CNN watchers are going to open fire and try to kill people in public places. I want to have a gun in my pocket. I want my wife to have a gun in her purse and I want my daughters packing heat and I want the stranger next to me and the one next to him packing heat. Get it?

If the crazies know that we are all going to shoot back at them they will think twice.

This guy felt safe in his hotel room to just open fire at will. If the odds where that 20 men on his floor had guns do you think he would have felt safe in his cozy machine gun nest?

By the way. The best guns for those ordinary Americans to have in a case like this to breach the guys room seconds after he started firing would be hi mag capacity semi-auto assault riffles. Possibly even full auto machine pistols, but that might just be too scary for you.

I do NOT want to stay at the Hotel that bans guns. I want to stay at the hotel where all the nice people bring their guns. and keep them ready.

Concealed carry is good because it is non threatening, but at the same time creates the uncertainty in criminals. Anyone could be packing heat. Even small guns will deter criminals. No criminal wants to get shot. Even If I get shot and killed by a Criminal I want the last thing I do in life to be to shoot back. Even if I just wing him there might be a trail of blood drips to follow for his apprehension and justice.

My daughters will never get raped. Some balls might get shot off though. Tough shit.

Why is this so complicated to comprehend?

robobbob's picture

big event will bring banners out to feed on the dead
politicos will rush to get in front of the issue
as talk of bans move forward, people will rush to stock up on what they may not be able to buy in the future. this is good for sales and stock prices

HOWEVER, it looks like a bust on this one

now most politicos and msm lackeys are trying to distance themselves

seems like a certain alpha bet agency has their finger prints all over this and people are putting 2+2 together.

AurorusBorealus's picture

Everything... everything... indicates that this is a CIA operation, and Paddock is a CIA asset/agent.  That agency is at war against the U.S. population just as it has been at war with Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East for decades.  Maybe now, that the U.S. people themselves, are the targets of their war-mongering, belligerent government, something will finally change, but I do not hold out much hope.

LightBeamCowboy's picture

The most important fact we can glean from the enormous volume of history about the JFK assassination is that many of the names that first appear in the public record connected to this crime as young men, appear again as older, wealthier, and much more powerful men connected to 9/11. In other words, the failure to genuinely investigate, prosecute, and punish the JFK killing leads in a straight line to 3,000 dead 38 years later. We must break this cycle of fake investigations that embolden the criminal Deep State to commit their next heinous act. I applaud this writer for doing his part to bring out the truth; if it bears fruit along with so many other researchers, it will save lives and perhaps save the country.

Tarjan's picture

+1,000 for your biography and very good points in your comment.


DjangoCat's picture

Welcome aboard, LightBeam.  Good to see some coherent thought coming out of the maelstrom.


MaxThrust's picture

Kip and writers like him are actually winning. The message is getting through to thoes willing to listen. The blinders have been lifted and the the population is starting to wake from it's TV induced stupor.

redmudhooch's picture

Well, I think we found Deep Stat..... I mean Paddocks motive.

JailBanksters's picture

Well Kirchhoff will definately benefit from this

While Guns are bad for Profits ... when in progress

The next few weeks Vegas will be filled with Tourists to see where all the action happened,

and hoping to pickup a few free souvenirs. Will certainly be added to Paddock Reality Tour.

I doubt this will have any lasting effects on Profits and Patronage for Vegas, it's just one those

things that people expect in Vegas. Anybody that doesn't expect to see a Gunfight in Vegas, has to be crazy.

nicinackynoonoo's picture

More info of CEO MGM and also pictures of so called killer in New Jersey with wife in Casino.


armageddon addahere's picture

I remember at the time, it was in the news that someone had bought hundreds of puts on airline stocks just before 9 11.  I wondered what the investigation would turn up since all suspicious stock and option transactions are checked out by the SEC. But nothing was mentioned in the news. Then recently I saw something to the effect that they did check it out, but the buyers of the puts were not on the list of official suspects so obviously they had nothing to do with 9 11. So the investigation was dropped. Ok.

hawaiian waverider's picture

OIH is not Olin ticker symbol.  Olin is OLN.  OIH is Market Vectors Oil.

Alananda's picture

Thank you. Will pass along. May your communication go viral.

Consuelo's picture



Just Wow...   

Not surprising, but even still - even for a hardened cynic, Wow.

Yes honey, we really do have evil people in positions of power & leadership and despite what we see and hear on the television, these people do not have our best interests in mind...


Great job Zerohedge for finding this and posting it.

Juggernaut x2's picture

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"- Keyser Söze

Cloud9.5's picture

The problem with a boardroom decision to kill random people to push a product on a frightened public is that you run a risk of killing the wrong person.  If this happened, it is my fervent prayer that some connected contract worker lost a loved one.  A book about the ensuing blowback would make the best seller’s list.

Consuelo's picture



I think at that point in the boardroom meetings, 'killing' has taken on a somewhat different description.   In fact, perhaps in their supreme cleverness, a 'good deed' it is spun to be...  For the betterment & all that...   

See, they got this omelet they gotta make, and you know to make an omelet you gotta... 

SirBarksAlot's picture

Duly noted and forwarded to everyone I know.

Thanks for taking the time and risk to let the rest of us know!