Germany's "Open Doors" Are Closing: Merkel Seeks New Limits On Refugees

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After German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted late last year that she had “lost control” of Germany’s refugee crisis after adopting an “open door” policy that fueled an unprecedented spike in crime, her weakened ruling coalition announced Monday that it would seek to impose new restrictions on the number of refugees admitted to the country.

Germany famously admitted nearly one million refugees from Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and other war zones in 2015, a five-fold increase over the previous year.

Migrants repaid Germany for its openness by committing 142,500 crimes during the first six months of 2016, including several high-profile sexual assaults.  

And now it seems Merkel has hit a wall and folded...

Merkel announced the policy change on Monday during a joint news conference with Horst Seehofer, leader of the Bavarian Christian Social Union - the more conservative partner to Merkel's Christian Democratic Union – following discussions in which the two parties sought compromises on a number of issues following poor results in the federal elections two weeks ago, according to CNN.

"We will continue our efforts to reduce, sustainably and permanently, the number of people who flee to Germany and Europe, so that a situation like that of 2015 will not and cannot be repeated," reads a joint CSU/CDU position paper published Monday. "We guarantee that."

Last month, the Trump administration took steps to cap the number of refugees admitted into the US at 45,000 annually – a dramatic reduction. However, Merkel’s conservative allies pledged that nobody would be turned back at the German border, according to WSJ, while adding that the German Parliament could suspend the cap in the event of an international crisis.

The bloc agreed to limit to 200,000 annually the number of people allowed to enter Germany for humanitarian reasons. The conservatives pledged at the same time that people wouldn’t be turned back at the German border, expressing their support for the right to seek asylum in Germany and for the Geneva refugee convention, which states that countries should give protection to those who flee war and expulsion, and those who are politically persecuted.

“We continue with our efforts to permanently reduce the number of people fleeing to Germany and Europe in order to prevent a repeat of the situation such as in 2015” when Germany took in 890,000 asylum seekers, Ms. Merkel said Monday, presenting the agreement to reporters.

She said the parties agreed on measures that will ensure that the total number of admissions won’t exceed 200,000 people a year. These include dealing with newcomers seeking asylum in Germany in centralized centers where their claims will be quickly decided. Rejected asylum seekers will then be rapidly deported back to their home countries. With this move, the parties hope to speed up asylum proceedings and increase the number of deportations.

The limit of allowing up to 200,000 migrants entering the country every year could be amended by the German Parliament if an international crisis warrants it, the compromise said.

The stunning capitulation follows an embarrassing showing by Merkel’s Christian Democrats during September’s federal elections.  While the party again received the largest share of the vote, its support declined by more than 8%  from the prior election in Merkel’s worst-ever performance. Meanwhile, the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party secured an unprecedented 13% of the vote, enough for it to earn representative in parliament – the first time a far-right party had been voted into Germany’s parliament since World War II.

To be sure, WSJ says the policy change is purely symbolic, adding that it would likely be scuttled by the time Merkel’s party successfully forms a governing coalition. Instead of representing meaningful change, the announcement is largely a sop to more moderate-leaning conservatives.

The deal appears to be, however, a largely symbolic concession to Ms. Merkel’s Bavaria allies that may change little in practice, partly because the right to asylum is enshrined in Germany’s constitution.


Such an upper limit will also likely be hard to push through in talks to forge a nationally yet untested coalition government with both potential partners, the pro-business Free Democrats and the Greens. Ms. Merkel on Saturday said she would seek a coalition with those parties and would let an extraordinary party convention vote on any coalition deal.

Indeed, Merkel’s Bavarian allies have been calling for an annual limit of 200,000 on refugees since Germany opened its borders in the fall of 2015. In passing the rule, Merkel is acknowledging that her center right party has moved too far to the center, and must now sharpen its conservative credentials.

Ultimately, whether the policy survives the complicated process of coalition building remains to be seen. But if nothing else, Merkel’s reluctant reversal validates countries like Poland and Hungary, which were threatened with EU fines over their steadfast refusals to take in refugees. 

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Dratpmurt's picture

This news will give a trumptard a partial erection, which is way more than they are used to given all Drumpf's winning.

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Merkel must have come from the same gene pool as the NFL owners and the ranchers that close the barn door after the horse has run out.

Got The Wrong No's picture

She is looking more Reptilian by the day. 

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Pope Francis will not be pleased.  But not so displeased that he will open the gates of the 30' high walls around the Vatican to let the overflow from Germany live there.


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Ha, ha, ha, ha. First of all, each of the 200k has at least two in tow; Second, that is not a small, annual accretion of new, seriously foreign and potentially hostile bodies in a country of circa 85 million people; and Third, are they really going to lick the door when they reach 200k, or will they hope that central Europe will take the overflow; and Fourth, for those not granted asylum, will they really repatriate them to a country that has actual conditions that mandate asylum?

gladih8r's picture

Merkel, the Soros'-dick-sucking-wench is NOT going to limit any muzzie invasion no matter what she says.  She will say something to appease the stupid electorate for a little while but the flood will continue as is, and you know it. 

She is a traitor.

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Just logged in using`s IP adress to say that domain could not be resolved by the main
German telecoms provider at present. "Navigation error" message page instead!

Things back to normal as I write but make sure your bookmarks
refer to an actual IP adress like
because DOS DNS interference is the easiest way of censorship.

Rapunzal's picture

It's anyway only lip service, to calm the sheeple. The end goal of the NWO is to destroy the western civilization. They will cover up in the ensuing chaos the greatest heist in human history. All pensions, all savings etc. will be gone.

waspwench's picture

That is the whole idea.   The damage is already done.

It doesn't matter what Merkel says that she is going to do.   What matters is what Merkel has already done.   The damage is irreparable (she hopes) and, in any event, she cannot be trusted to enforce any laws that she makes regarding stemming the flow of rapefugees.

Why have the Germans not voted this woman out of office?   Are they all brain dead?   She is destroying Germany and still she is in office.

Omen IV's picture

Merkel is a whore who destroyed one of the best countries in the world -  she should do the right thing as Hitler did when he destoyed his country 70 years ago -- He shot himself

Merkel you must shoot yourself in the Fucking Head in an undergorund bunker - do it for humanity!!

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Stupid Merdekel. She only barely won because of the Turkish/moslem voters. Now she's giving her supporters the middle finger.  Expect blowback soon.  Flee Doucheland if you still have any working braincells.

TheGardener's picture

"the first time a far-right party had been voted into Germany’s parliament since World War II."

Far right my ass, the AfD are just common sense people and positions, by my reckoning not even fully conservative as such.

Far left is what the former "conservatives" of the CDU have become to overtake their SPD coalition partner from the left

and make sure there is no party to the left of the ruling party.  What were extreme fringe positions of the far

left a mere 15 years ago as in gender hate mongering, helping and abetting foreign invasion and PC related hate speach is now almost official government policy.


Luc X. Ifer's picture

The Left using the politically correct framework of NewSpeak will call anything not/or aligned to Left Ideology as Right Extremism - ditto Salinsky.

afronaut's picture

The winning also includes stacking the lower courts with conservative judges. It's Happening

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He calls his erection the wrecking balls.  They're yuge.  And covered with hair.  Smashing down Obama sandcastles daily.  Triggering Hillary voters with all the winning.

RagaMuffin's picture

"142,500 crimes"  that happened because of a guilt trip over screwing Greece?

DosZap's picture

That number os just those SHE allowed reported.

Doesn't matter Merkie, you have allowed in SO many now,your country is DEAD MEAT.

Umh's picture

Politics in action, cause a problem and then promise to fix it.

Old Europe's picture

Don´t let Merkel fool you - again.

This so called "limit" can be adjusted if necessary and it´s only meant for people let in for "humanitarian reasons", a category that didn´t even exist until today.

The German borders will stay open, no border controls will be introduced and the number of asylum seekers allowed to enter Germany remains unlimited. "noone will be rejected at the border". In addition there will be some law concerning so called "skilled workers".

Immigration to Germany and to Europe will surge due to the additional ways of immigration Merkel has created now. Merkel´s genocide of the European people by ethnic replacement will take up speed.

TheGardener's picture

Nothing less than a negative immigration quota of 1 million/year can stop the tide. 

No compromise of even more of them to come, roll this back as complete and as fast as you can

and we can retain those family run ethnic food joints and their kids in our schools. Failing that,

even look-alikes might not be able to re-enter for two generations or more.

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If you ever wondered what the DDR's doomsday weapon looked like and how it operates, you now have clear evidence in the picture above.

koan's picture

So it's an empty statement to calm the sheep...

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The existing millions of knagg garz and aloha snackbars are dug into the German welfare handouts like fleas in a dog.

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Day late and mass killing short.

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fucking racist cunt!  what would niggaz do now?  fucking die?  

NoWayJose's picture

Was-da-fook? Another German election coming? Can’t have Germany saying ‘Nein’ while forcing non-integrating immigrants into Eastern Europe!

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Trust that face.

Would it lie to you?

Would you let it babysit your child?

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RKae's picture

Why isn't her corpse dangling from a lamp post?

How has she managed to get this far?

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

Instead of ten times more than they can absorb, it will be reduced to twenty times more than they can absorb.

directaction's picture

Germany must deport 200,000 each year until Germany is actually German again.

Because admitting 200,000 non-Europeans each year means the extinction of Germany.

In fact, allowing the millions of non-Europeans already in Germany to remain and breed will result in the extinction of Germany, too.  

MisterMousePotato's picture

Maybe 200,000 a month.

Fact is, one breeding pair, and you lose.

Ever hear of zebra mussels?

BarkingCat's picture

Think of it this way, 200.000 people is a mid-sized city.

Albertarocks's picture

Merkel seems clueless that the word she needs to be uttering is "deportation".  Until she gets that straight, Germany's future will remain on the decline.  Start shippin' 'em out and maybe, just maybe there's a chance the country will survive.

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angela merkel = weapons grade moron

all that semen all over those young german girls are all over this bitch's hands!

small axe's picture

all the refugees from US-Israeli destabilization in the Middle East can go live at George Soros' house.

ipso_facto's picture

'...Bavaria allies that may change little in practice, partly because the right to asylum is enshrined in Germany’s constitution...'

The 'right to asylum' is for tethnic Germans being expelled by other states after WWII.

The Terrible Sweal's picture

Merkel gets a head smashing wise-up, but her damage is already done.

When elites get dumb ideas they use their totalitarian power and it's The People who suffer.  I can't believe the Germans let her back in charge after such basically criminal conduct.

Greed is King's picture

Did the Germans let her back in charge ?, did they really vote for her ?, did the French really vote for an unknown Vampire Squid employee ?. Who IS choosing our politicians ?, it would appear very strange for the public to vote for unpopular candidates and reject those candidates who ARE popular, would`nt it.

waspwench's picture

Agree.   Wilders in Holland, LePen in France both had a huge voter base and both mysteriously lost.   I think those elections were rigged.

Greed is King's picture

Merkel is fanally acting, not out of patriotic what`s good for Germany motives, her motives are purely of survival, survival as in her own political sutvival.

A sterotypical self serving political minion of the Piggery.

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Only a face Hitler's double could love.

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Hitler's policies were exactly the opposite of Merkel's.

Stan522's picture

The difference between Hitler and Merkel is that Hilter did his own atrocities against his people and the rest of the world and Merkel is shipping in a culture incongruent with the Westernized world and letting others do her dirty work.

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She is the antithesis of Hitler,  Shlomo.

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With these current policies, the west will soon become the stripped barren 3rd world country that  these people came from.

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Merkel has already killed Germany.  The only hope is to deport ALL sandniggers, but that will never happen.