Trump to Expedite the Death of Obamacare; Healthcare Stocks Clown-Punch Lower

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Over the weekend it was announced that President Trump was going to ditch restrictions that banned people from buying health instance across state lines. For the love of God, he's going to allow competition and not force you to buy from your state monopoly. While this might sound wonderful, it will expedite the death of Obamacare -- which is probably the gameplay here.

Trump can't get his way, so he's gonna burrrrn the whole kit and caboodle down.

Source: Washington Examiner

The plans offered by associations would be less expensive because they wouldn't have the same requirements as Obamacare coverage. For instance, they wouldn't be required to cover customers with pre-existing illnesses and could either deny coverage or charge these customers more. They also would not be required to provide coverage for a range of medical care, from addiction to maternity services. Insurers would be likely to sell coverage from a state with the fewest restrictions, which is why its supporters bill it as a move that would allow a long-stated conservative goal to sell health insurance across state lines.
Association health plans used to be more common before Obamacare, which placed restrictions on their use.
Lifting these protections would offer less comprehensive coverage, but would also make health plans less expensive. Critics worry that they set people up for "junk insurance" and would further destabilize the Obamacare exchanges, which already are plagued with mass exits by insurers and double-digit premium hikes. The move, critics say, could result in an even sicker population on the exchanges while healthier customers are picked off into the association health plans.
Still, the proposal is popular with conservatives. Middle class customers who don't receive subsidies under Obamacare are facing the prospect of buying more expensive coverage in 2018 through Obamacare's exchanges, and could avail themselves of the option. Through a short-term health insurance option, they face similar coverage as those sold on association health plans.
The increases these customers face come as a result of lack of profitability in the markets as well as vast uncertainty over what the Republican-controlled Congress and the Trump administration would do about the law as they sought for months to repeal or overhaul portions of it.

A backdoor way of totally destroying Obamacare and there is nothing anyone can do about it -- chaos theory.

Healthcarefags, BTFO.

ESRX -5%, ABC -3%, CYH -6%, THC -5%, LPNT -3%, CVS -3%, DVA -8.5%, AAC -5.5%, ACHC -4%.

The only outlier: HIIQ.

Health Insurance Innovations: Trump rollback benefits HIIQ -- Canaccord Genuity (18.05 +1.15)

Canaccord notes that in light of WSJ reports that President Trump intends to roll back certain health insurance regulations concerning short-term medical insurance, which should have a direct benefit to Tampa-based Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ), firm feels, "This should be positive for HIIQ: Even though 2Q'17 was still a strong quarter, we believe results would have been even better (specifically at Agile) if the Obama policy did not go into effect; thus, we believe the reversal of the three-month limitation rule will be positive for growth at Agile in addition to providing a greater sense of legitimacy for STM insurance, especially in light of the recent negative sentiment generated by the various short reports. Furthermore, we would point out that a main driver of the stock's performance since Trump won the election was the potential for him to de-regulate the insurance industry and reverse the three-month limitation; thus, it is encouraging to see this play out."

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This is great news for those of us who are hoping to take more healthcare decisions into our hands, get rid of your insurance once the mandate goes, then check for effectivity and safety information to compare drugs, talk to your physician and take the cheapest, that simple, here is an example (, better off choosing Altocor over Lipitor, if your physician advises.

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"Critics worry that they set people up for "junk insurance" "

'Critics'. The nanny-state has got to stop protecting people from themselves! That only drives prices up further.

And who the hell are you anyway?!


Chuck and Nancy are already out shopping a Libtard

federal judge to rule Trump's healthcare EO 'unconstitutional'

before the ink is dry.

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Wait ... you r saying men don't have to buy breast implant insurance and women don't need to purchase penial implant coverage??

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Everything. Else Is just bullshit!

agNau's picture


Everything else is just BULLSHIT!

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Don't forget Seth Rich. He was murdered by a "Democrat Hit Squad".

libertyanyday's picture

the article is BS. auto, life, renters, homeowners.............all purchaseable across state lines..........they are all working and viable insdustries...........the ACA cannot last on its own, anything that needs subsidies cannot work.

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I hope Elon Musk discovers this. Soon.

Cigar Smoker's picture

I'm on Medicare and have to take a druig called Xifaxan, no insurance covers it, I paid $661.32 for 30 pills a week or so ago, I ordered from Canada and it hasn't arrived yet, they say 2 to 3 weeks so I spent another $661 today to fill in, costs for a year are as follows:

At Costco: 3 pills per day at $22 each = $24,090. per year, no generac equivalent in the U.S.

Canada: 3 pills per day at  $5.81 each = $6,367 per year.

Canada Generac: 3 pills per day at $1.52 each = $1,654 per year.

Prior to Obamacare costs were similar to Canada, the pharamacists blame OCare, I have to pay so much because I'm rich, Medical patients get it for free, from each according to his ability, to each accocrding to his needs, the manufacturer has breaks if you qualify, to qualify you can't have any assets.  


SheHunter's picture

How is that living a healthy lifestyle thing-a-ma-jig going there 'cigar smoker'?

weburke's picture

get a better doctor, you are supposed to be on that drug for about 3 days.

humptyhump's picture

Is Trump really going to fuck over the entire sickcare industry? I doubt it. He is just squeezing them. Lobbyists will visit,  "campaign contributions" will be paid, and the whole thing will blow over.

NoBillsOfCredit's picture

Obamacare is unconstitutional. It is a Tax statute according to the Supreme Court, therefore, it must originate in the House of Representatives. It originated in the Senate, therefore it is null and void, ab initio.

Zorba's idea's picture

The best metaphor for the fuckery that constitutes Barry's OShit!care being dismembered is the bully on the playground that finally got what was coming to him. Ground and pound this POS till there is just a stain on the blacktop. Fuck you Owhatsyourname..eternally.

RightLineBacker's picture

Fly, shame on you.

"Trump can't get his way, so he's gonna burrrrn the whole kit and caboodle down."

It's not "his way".

It is what We the People told him to do. He's just carrying out our directions - as all elected officials should (and damn well better) do.

SheHunter's picture

And tRump cares about us.  Yeah.  Really he does.  Just read through his recently released tax plan. are not deciphering it correctly.  It helps us flyover state hard working Americans.  Really it does.  We will see between an 0.5 and 1.1% deduction in what we send to the Uncle.

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Critics worry that they set people up for "junk insurance" and would further destabilize the Obamacare exchanges,

What in the hell do you think Obamacare is?  $1300.00 a month premium with a $8000.00 deductible.  Fuck you!!

Lets Buy The Dip's picture

These guys are killer stock market analysts, their chart suggest the market is overbought. =>

we could go anywhere ....but north korea, and bank earnings are what is hot on the lips of everyone this week. 

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Trump to Expedite the Death of Obama

There headline fixed - extranous characters removed.

Reaper's picture

Which health insurer wants all the pre-existing condition clients?   When I was in colllege, my yearly health insurance was $98 a year.

SheHunter's picture

And pre- O'asshole care mine was around $130 a month.  Post asshole-care it jumped 4 fold.  So I baled.  And pay the IRs a penalty.  America.  land of the lemmings.

libertyanyday's picture

if america would purchase just catastrophic insurance and not use it for birth control pills.

idontcare's picture

Trump finally found "the pen".  Now if only he'd use it once and for all.

ZIRPdiggler's picture

Fuck OBarryCare, just let it fail on its own, quit wasting resources on a diluted rewrite.......I wanna see some of these scumbags swinging from the gallows.

jomama's picture

Trump finding your backdoor is the real story here.

GunnyG's picture

Kinda makes you homesick don't it?

TheTruthisSomewhere's picture

Obamacare will eventually self destruct and cause incredible havoc, how is Trump's plan worse than letting it implode? How is it worse than crony capitalism bailouts? I am confused on what points to the author is trying to make. Selling any insurance across state lines is good.

Sadly neither party has the balls to actually kill this mess. 

ThreeRs's picture

Both parties owe their soul to the Globalists.


Neither party has any balls.

SummerSausage's picture

Well, we'll always have Barry's nice creased pants to remember his presidency.

oncefired's picture

Barry is probably out on a Cruise with his body man..Reggie Love, Michael is probably still jerking off to Ellen & The View everyday, just like any good wookie would do!

shankster's picture

Obama is gone and so should his policies be the same...gone.

shankster's picture

Get big gubmit out of healthcare.

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The twist is that it's always been legal to buy insurance from a company based in another state.  What the law is designed to do is prevent a situation analogous to all those corporations incorporated in Delaware - even if they do all their business in another state(s) - because Delaware has much looser laws.  An insurance company can sell Policy X to people living in State A because it provides a level of service acceptable under State A's law, but can't sell policy X to people living in State B, because Policy X doesn't meet State B's requirements for what insurance has to offer.  They either have to issue Policy Y, that does meet State B's minimum expectations, or not do business in State B.  "Selling insurance across state lines" means in practice that instead of state monopolies or duopolies - because only one or a few large companies are willing or able to meet a given state's standards - you're now going to have lots of choices that don't matter since every policy sold by every company can now be tailored to meet only the lowest expectations set by any state, and states that want to demand more can't.

RovingGrokster's picture

It's called choice.
When a government, be it state or federal, sets the mandates so onerous that few, if any, insurers will participate, you get Obamacare prices for very little real coverage.
If I want a no frills policy with a moderately high deductible, it is up to me to choose wisely. Prices are driven down and bad actors are driven out. Caveat emptor, YMMV.
Ask NH about MaggieCare and their reduced choices:

TheAnswerIs42's picture

"because only one or a few large companies are willing or able to meet a given state's standards - you're now going to have lots of choices that don't matter since every policy sold by every company can now be tailored to meet only the lowest expectations set by any state, and states that want to demand more can't."

So in other words some states are about to take an Economics 101 class?


rycK's picture

About time. Stuff those state control groups. 

Posa's picture

Yeah... well as repugnant as Obamacare is... at least it's better the the "NoCare" and "Fake Insurance" proposals that the Rino-Libertarians offer people.

Coming soon..Medicare for All ... which might have a chance of success... but is only on the table because the MArket Fundamentralists have no health care plans for the USA that do jist that.

rockface's picture

Obamacare was designed to turn into no care bringing on single payer rationing, lack of doctors, ever degrading care, and failing to keep up with modern technology.  Hello Canada.

knotjammin2's picture

You obviously do NOT pay for your own healthcare! 

Posa's picture

Obviously, you're wrong jackass... I just had a heart attack a few days ago and the bills will be high... premiums, copays and deductibles... though  do have a good plan from my employer

SheHunter's picture

How is your weight, your blood pressure, your activity level and your stress control?  Just asking.....some of our fate thankfully is ours to determine.  I'll help with your bill if you are doing all you can to live a healthy lifestyle.  It is the obese, lazy, smoking, stressed, drug laden members of my American family I resist helping with their unhealthy habits.

Socratic Dog's picture

Pleased to see you didn't ask about his cholesterol level.  The only strong correlations with cholesterol levels are length of life (direct, meaning higher cholesterol/longer life) and major cardiac events (inverse: higher cholesterol, fewer events).

You might want to ask about use of viagra.  It's looking pretty clear now that it has a truly massive effect on major coronary events, for the better.

SummerSausage's picture

You want your Charlie Gard care? You can have your Charlie Gard care. Sign up for medicaid and speed death along.

Trivictus's picture

Trump Wrecking Ball smashes another Obama Legacy sandcastle.  So much winning.  I'm sick of all the winning. Promise kept.

peippe's picture

the winning is making me slightly ill.

but I will walk it off, no doctor visit for me! : )