Nigel Farage: "This Is The Clearest Proof Yet That The Great Brexit Betrayal Is Under Way"

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Authored by Nigel Farage, originally published in the Telegraph

Theresa May is now the EU's Stepford Wife: subservient and submissive to their every whim

So there we have it. Theresa May does not believe in Brexit. In an interview with Iain Dale on LBC, she completely collapsed, proving incapable of answering the question of how would she vote if there was a referendum now. She simply would not answer if she would support Leave.

Everyone listening to that interview knows that the reality is that May is still a Remainer. I don’t believe it’s possible to carry out this great, historic change against a huge amount of international criticism unless you truly believe in it. Nor, as it happens, does May: in a speech on June 1 she herself said: “To deliver Brexit you have to believe it”. This is the clearest proof yet that the Great Brexit Betrayal is under way.

It is only the latest piece of evidence in a whole procession. On Monday we also found out that Boris Johnson – supposedly Brexit's loudest cheerleader in the Cabinet – has bottled it. Last month the Foreign Secretary stated in print his demand that the UK must leave the wretched European Court of Justice (ECJ) on Day One of our exit from the EU in March 2019. But then folded like a cheap suit by backing to the hilt Theresa May’s House of Commons Brexit statement – a speech which was itself further confirmation of the great betrayal.

This came to light in her answer to the rapier-like question from Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, in which she said that the UK will still be bound by ECJ rulings during the Brexit transition period, Jacob looked somewhat deflated by this answer. She also would not deny that any new EU laws would be applicable to us, simply trying to ignore the question by saying it was ‘highly unlikely’ this this would occur.

During her parliamentary address, May admitted to MPs that Britain will still be bound by the ECJ’s rulings during the Brexit transition period, currently set to end in 2021. Not only that, but she suggested this country will also have to accept any new EU laws which are dreamt up in Brussels during this time. 

In her world, this arrangement represents part of a “smooth and orderly process of withdrawal, with minimum disruption”.

To me, this demonstrates that May has become the Stepford Wife of the EU – conformist, subservient, submissive. It is woeful stuff.

The only good news of the day is that, at last, some contingency plans have been prepared for a no deal outcome. The only trouble is I simply do not believe that May has the courage to opt for this.

Depressingly, another supposed Brexiteer in the Cabinet, Environment Secretary Michael Gove, joined Johnson, hailing May’s “strong statement” in the Commons. To him, it was as though she had just made some important breakthrough for the good of mankind when all she had done was roll over and surrender for even longer our courts and laws to a distant power.

I realise that Johnson and Gove have assumed this new anything-goes position because they want to publicly support their troubled party leader at a difficult time and, by extension, remain in government for as long as possible. Anything to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Downing Street is the mantra.

But is there not something utterly shameless about their acquiescence? Indeed, does anyone seriously believe either man actually welcomes our remaining under the ECJ for the foreseeable future?

By putting themselves and, let’s face it, their careers first, Johnson and Gove have made clear that they have no serious interest in carrying out the will of the 17.4 million people who last year voted to leave the EU. To them, the lives of the citizens are secondary.

In backing a proposition they don’t even agree with, they have done little more than make themselves look foolish and mocked the notion that we are an independent state.

What their actions show is that this is fast becoming Brexit in name only and, as I’ve written before, it should concern everybody that our politicians are caving in at the very time they should be standing firm.

What sort of message does it send to potential trading partners in the world that Britain is still bowing and scraping to the institution which in June 2016 we very publicly dumped?

Countries outside the EU will regard us as flaky, a shadow of ourselves, perhaps even untrustworthy. At the same time, some within the EU will smell blood, and will use our confused domestic political situation to punish us as they see fit. It is lose-lose.

With every week that passes we see May and her government dither and delay over one issue or another, and it is this sense that she is being worn down by her opponents in the EU that I find truly alarming. The fight appears to have gone out of her at the time we need it most. I wrote last month of May’s naivety in thinking that the EU even wants to do a deal with Britain. It is blatantly obvious they don’t, and that she should call their bluff and walk away. The time for appeasing Messrs Juncker, Barnier and Verhofstadt is over.

Yesterday, Theresa May became Theresa Maybe in that she left open the door to further concessions. Once again I find myself wondering whether, 16 months after we voted to do so, we have the leaders to complete the job.


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Brexit is a scam and so is Nigel Farage

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Nigel Farage is a champion of democracy, intelligence, humanity and freedom. 

Just too many weak minded sheeple are incapable of grasping any of these. 



Nigel Farage is is a payed politician, payed by the same people and representing the same people who rule Britan right now.

It's just you and most of the other dumbfuck ZH pigeon heads are incapable to understand that.


"ugghh bu  bu...but he said what I wanted to heeeeear ugghhh ughhh"

Calm your tits old man and stop with that strange noises,

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Go eat a bag of dicks you nob jockey. 




Trolls gonna troll. If they have no arguments they just call you names like a cornered rat. Guess who will be banned soon again?



Why? Because I dared to expose ZH.

I never called any ZH member to be a rat nor does my comments contain "booo hiiighohoo mohhiho" shit posting.

And that is exactly the problem, if you want your account to become older that 2 months you need to start posting in his manner and spam shit and "moo hii hooo" comments.

Congrats, by doing so you now have archived the ability ot imitate the average Zh poster. 


I do believe many of the posters here a fake accounts made by ZH staff. The owner of ZH is paying them to derail each"unpleasant" conversation. While they ban all other people with critical voices, it then creates the illusion of ZH being a free speech site with a one way narrative.

IntTheHole's picture

"dumbfuck ZH pigeon heads"

"calm your tits old man and stop with the strange noises"

"a cornered rat"


"they just call you names"


...the fucking irony

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Why are you surprised?

Theresa May like Trump is false opposition.

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I forget how many times I have been banned by ZH, maybe 3 or 4 times over 8 or 10 years. It is definitely not a free speech site. One day you rub someone the wrong way and boom, gone.

But that does not mean that ZH cannot be a useful tool... amongst other tools.

Pinot-Noir's picture

EEEEEE...what is your point exacxtly?


You think that Farage is just the other side of the same coin?

How exactly is Brexit  a con? Who is it serving...the EU??


Make your point.

Spaced Out's picture

"If they have no arguments they just call you names like a cornered rat......"dumbfuck ZH pigeon heads".

You said it moron.



DisorderlyConduct's picture

And yet you keep coming back for more. Just that should make you wonder what's really going on here. If Zerohedge is so bad, why keep coming back? Unless you're trolling, and coming back is what trolls do.

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True. Nigel has a good gig going. He would never want to mess it up by actually taking responsibility.

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""Nigel Farage is is a payed politician, payed by the same people and representing the same people who rule Britan right now.""


That's is just the dumbest thing I have read on ZH. 

Ghordius's picture

indeed, it's badly written, imo

if I had to make the argument that Nigel Farage is paid, I would point to Mr. Rupert Murdoch

who is influential, in the UK, but can hardly be counted as "ruling" Britain

Nigel was last seen at a primary Republican election, where he supported a guy that was the favourite of Bannon, but not Trump or the rest of the Republican "leadership". and he is a bit in American media, nowadays, which leads again to Murdoch's media empire, including Fox News

unrulian's picture

He was on fox news a few times, that's your "he's a paid shill" arguement? If I had a week I'd start listing who pays the Pro EU globalist shills but unfortunately I have to work this week

JoseyWalesTheOutlaw's picture

They are all paid..some more than others.....I would think the Globalist payscale is higher

A Sentinel's picture

My question is how come this guy didn't even get elected to parliament when he should be prime minister?

Ghordius's picture

the answer is actually simple: the UK has the FTPT electoral method

(UKIP got plenty of seats in the EU Parliament, where the proportional electoral method is used)

FTPT favours, generally speaking, old, established/entrenched political parties, and is a bummer for new parties


19 weeks because ZH is censoring the board by deleting "unpleasant" free speech commentary and banning users.


ZH =/= free speech

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

I believe in free speech. 


"Fuck you".




Cool, then why is ZH moderation banning users who have not spammed but rather just expressed their opinions?


Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Ohhhh... boo hoo!! 

Come over here and let me dry your eyes. 



Showing the fact you have ignored what I said and redirected my message to you, indicates you are just another troll.
Probably you are one of this Breitbart kike dumbfucks or what ever ass your are root in.


This is why you concentrate on the fact I'm 19 weeks rather than what I said - you can't counter it but you know I'm right so you flee into shit posting.



ZH is promoting shit posts like Dame Ednas Possum while banning sane people. This is a good live exposure what ZH really is. Another payed government site to track users and twist the narrative to control the opinion of the opposition.

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You keep crying, but yet you are still here.
You are a true sociopath.

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I've been posting less-than-popular opinions for years and I've never been banned.  I think EEE has "issues".

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His name was Francis_Sawyer!

Free Jeff Corzine!

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 How is it that my opinions dont get me banned?

TheReplacement's picture

I generally do not keep track of who says what.  Have you ever blamed the jews?  If not, that is a pretty good reason why you have not been banned.

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You're entitled to your opinion, no matter how misguided and i'm not going to lower the level of my argument by threatening to dismember you, no sirEEEEEEEEE, that would be most unpleasant, a most unfortunate business.

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You have a massive chip on your shoulder little man.  

You have also made little valid point about anybody other than yourself. 

I resort to ridicule when it is obvious that reasoned discussion is pointless, and because more often than not plonkers like you thn typically reveal their true self. 


Hey presto... you have eagerly proven me correct. 

Good job. Thanks. 

Run along now... mummy needs a foot rub. 

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If anyone is under the delusion that ZH is a voice of reason or opposition, you can forget it. It may have started out that way, but today, it is a combination of the mainstream with tests to see how people react. ZH is a fishbowl and we are guppies being watched.

While the elitists believe themselves to be of a superior race when compared to normal humans, they are inferior in two very important and observable ways.

1. They lack creativity
2. They lack insight into many things, including human behavior. They value accurate insight above all.

For the above two reasons, these "superior" beings understand that they need us to provide insight and creativity ... they just don't need all of us.

malek's picture

You know I would have agreed to you somewhat if you had made a nuanced argument.

But the whole "it's a setup, a 110% conspiracy, and only I am able to see through the charade" (by simply declaring everything and anything to be completely false, Doh)
is just the reverse approach of inspecting and dealing with single real facts.

JRobby's picture

You hijacked the comments section by changing the subject. Congratulations! Oldest Troll Trick in the universe. They all fall for it every time.

What were your old post ID's??

bob_dole's picture

Voting doesn't work. The only reason Trump got in is because his campaign rallies were selling out stadiums and Hillary's looked like a 1pm line up at Burger King. The western nations who are not armed have zero power and zero chance to change their foreign ruled governments.

Thoresen's picture

Pity Farage isn't in charge.

Ghordius's picture

the EU "system" gave his UKIP seats. the UK's... doesn't. meh

HardAssets's picture

It seems the Brits have their own Swamp that needs draining, starting with May.
Dump them all. They are Swamp creatures. (And enough Germans are apparently still bamboozled by Merkel that she remains to slowly destroy their nation.) The EU is a step toward destruction of the nation state and the New World Order. Dump the Swamp minions Now or your nations will be undermined from within. Not planning for and doing this is Pres Trump's biggest mistake.

Ghordius's picture

that's an American narrative that simply does not fit those european Affairs, including Brexit

(our Nation States are... medium sized at best, and small in most cases. in a world of giants, mind)

whatever you think about the "British Swamp"... the key word there is "British". their Swamp. (actually, it's a "Bog")

abyssinian's picture

Thereaa May just changed her last name to Will.

Theresa Will Fuck Brtitan!

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

She already covered up for all the pedos when she was Home Secretary. This is the ultimate anal raping of society... allowing these scum to consume children.  

She does what she is told.

She couldn't care less about the will of the people. 


Dame Ednas Possum's picture

As an aside... I'm in NYC briefly so I visited the 9-11 memorial last night for the first time. 


Anybody seen Lucky Larry and Slippery Frank's 'Oculus'? 

Look it up.  WTF? 

The occult eye!!! Built over the WTC site. 

These guys are brazenly mocking society and every person in it. 


detached.amusement's picture

I drove by that bullshit with my middle finger held high out the window for all to see

and because of those dumbass roads, it gave me the chance to flip it off from the north to the south to the east to the west, on top of it.

Killdo's picture

When I lived in England I always felt sorry for English kids - compared to other countries, I felt they were treated wlike criminals, always balmed for everything, sent to boarding schools early to be molested by predatory pedos, always in fear, always either bullying other kids or being bullied etc...even when I did my degree in Psychology they taught us how bad the UK justice system was when it comes to treating kids in courts - how the normal approach is to shout at them and bully them into submission. 

Then after I moved to the USSA I used to read in the Guardian every year  the international survey about how happy, well-adjusted, healthy etc teenergers aroudn the world were. The Uk was always 2nd worst after Ukraine. The most unhappy, most STDs, most drugs,  how well they get on with other teenagers...all the indicators of a fucked up society ruled by psychopaths and pedos as you woudl expect

it tells a lot about the country how they treat their kids

VWAndy's picture

Bribery, blackmail, murder is how its really done. Voting? yea thats just for show.

kellys_eye's picture

Not only is Maybe untrustworthy to progress Brexit, it seems her intention is to further weaken the British position such that we cannot offer any argument to the EU's demands thereafter.

If being aware of public opinion is anything to go by I can assure Maybe that the strength of feeling towards Brexit has hardened considerably since the referendum and that to betray the British public will result in consequences she simply doesn't have the intelligence to recognise.

Ghordius's picture

meh. a transition period is still a gift. to the UK, from the 27

one that has not even been negotiated, yet. but many Brits seem to think that when they (rarely) agree among themselves, the other 27 have to comply, unasked

GoldenDonuts's picture

Britain buys more from Europe than they sell so the transition period and a negotiated exit is more important to Germany than Britain.