Spain Responds: Considers Puigdemont Speech Declaration Of Independence, "Expected To Apply Article 155"

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It has been a hectic day for Spain where moments ago separatist Catalonia appeared to step back from the brink of officially declaring independence - with potentially dire consequences -  even as Puigdemont asked for a mandate to delare indpendence for Catalonia but proposed to suspend the result of the referendum vote "for weeks", in an attempt to achieve dialogue with the Spanish government "to arrive at an agreed solution to advance with the demands of the people of Catalonia."

"With the results of October 1, Catalonia has won the right to be an independent state," Puigdemont said. "If everyone acts responsibly, the conflict can be resolved with calm."

As Bloomberg summarized the speech, "it sounds like Catalan President Puigdemont is trying to catch Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy at his own game. Rajoy has always said he won’t talk as long as the Catalan government is acting outside the Spanish Constitution’s framework. Puigdemont is basically saying -- fine let’s do that -- but if doesn’t go our way we’ll resume with our plans."

The question then was how the Spanish central government would respond, which it did when it appears to have purposefully misinterpreted Puigdemont speech, declaring that "Catalonia has declared deferred independence" and, as El Pais reports, "Central government sources say they consider Puigdemont's speech to be a declaration of independence" with a press officer for the Rajoy cabinet telling Bloomberg that "it’s not acceptable to make an implicit declaration of independence and then explicitly leave it hanging." adding that Puigdemont “has taken his irresponsibility to the absolute extreme by ignoring the laws, citizens.”

As a result, "the Rajoy government will take measures, and is expected to apply Article 155 of the Constitution."

That, as readers are aware by now, is the so-called "nuclear option", one which would entail Spain seizing control of the separatist province, potentially leading to even more violence and even more demands for independence.

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Blood in the streets...

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Merit is no qualification for freedom. Bulgars, Afghans, and Tahitans have it. Freedom is enjoyed when you are so well armed, or so turbulent, or inhabit a country so thorny that the expense of your neighbour's occupying you is greater than the profit.
    -- T.E Lawrence "Letter to the Editor" The Times (22 July 1920)

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Spain Considers. . .

Hehehehe, Semantics

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The lack of outrage by the EU against the brutal treatment of the Catalonians is quite frankly shocking.

I trust that the same people will keep quiet when wee Jimmie Krankie up in Scotland gets a baseball bat to her face when she starts her independence pish?

'It is an internal matter'

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"The EU has nothing to do with this.  Why does everyone keep thinking this involves the EU?"

- What Ghordius would say if he were here


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How long until shit starts getting blown up? 

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now that catalan is independent, the US can go ahead and annex it

the republic of texas 

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Do they have oil or gold?
Didin't think so.
Nah.  No interest.

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Catalan had their moment, had their climax, and they choked.


Nobody ever won their independence by going backwards and forwards and pissing about. You win your freedom with a A to Z charge through a tunnel of blood and shit, there is no careful positioning, the moment you lose momentum or stall it's all over. That's what we have just seen.


He delayed his speech for an hour, someone got to him. Made him reconsider, made him play for time, and as the movement stalls it weakens dramatically.


Now it's business as usual. Now Spain and the EU will throw the kitchen sink at crushing the independence movement and Catalan politicians will slowly be bought off with cheap bribes and blackmailed.

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I agree. There's no negotiation with fascists. They only respect power. 
There's the possibillity they will act with so much violence that they will trigger a total popular insurrection.
then all the cards are reshuffled. 

Occident Mortal's picture

Nah we won't hear about this much again.

He has muddied the water with his ridiculous and pathetic 'suspended independence'. His moment has passed. Next time the world won't tune in. Spain handed him a winning ticket with the police brutality during the referendum but he has traded it for 3 magic beans.


Catalonians have put themselves in a hole now. All the momentum is gone and they have fired all their bullets at the world press.

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@Occident Mortal
obviously he's trying to look like a peaceful person, ready to negotiate.
that won't work, but I know a few people from there (Catalonia): they are very determined. they say "it's now or never".
if they start arresting officials or invoce 155 there's only the option of a full insurrection left. the catelans remember Franco, they do not want to repeat that.

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I think this has been part of their plan all along. We shall see.

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I agree that the fix is in, delay works in Spains favor. If they send in the troops then it's either Catalons fight or spend the rest of their lives sucking the cock of the army soldier standing guard on the street corner. Bet they wish they had a 2nd amendment clause in their founding document at this point.

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You rang?

Nothingburger as expected

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"Catalonia has won the right to be an independent state..."

Unfortunately, human history shows you rarely win independence with a mere vote. Takes action, and, most likely, blood.

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"Now Spain and the EU will throw the kitchen sink at crushing the independence movement and Catalan politicians will slowly be bought off with cheap bribes and blackmailed."

And they will fail.

You're talking about millions of people putting their will back in the box. It won't work. They won't go away. And the more drastically their freedom and self-determination is suppressed by a central government the greater they will resist, and the greater will be the support from others seeking independence and freedom.

Of course, Madrid and the EU Commission don't want to see this happen, but the people of Europe are getting more than pissed off with their castrated central governments and authoritarian federalists in Brussels.

At the end of the day it will be the people who decide, or it will be tyranny.

This is a wake up call to all Europeans, whether seeking separatism, regional autonomy, or just a voice that counts in a democratic Europe...... The reaction of Rajoy's government, and the EU commission, will tell us how deep we are already into tyrannical autocracy.

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But they have Spics, we likes Spics.....  Kommiefornia needs more.  Maybe they should offer them Refugee status?

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They are all a bunch of socialists. Fuk em.

Reptil's picture

BOTH the Spanish and Catelan government are RIGHT WING.

[edit: removed the insults]

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They may seem right wing using a EU ruler but hell I have even heard Labour blame capitalism for the UK's woes.

I am like, hell when can you remember the UK practice capitalism, not in my life time!! In fact when Britain practiced capitalim we use to rule the 7 seas but then we became weak when we started trading in our freedoms for free dentures from the NHS.

There is no difference between Pyramids and NHS hospitals when adding up human suffering and lives.

Reptil's picture

Hmm I don't agree. Why? Because people are an asset in a country. If you don't keep them in good health, if you don't educate them well, they will become a burden. 
Dumbing them down, destroy their future, to favour a small group of "elite" would work for some time, but you can't build an empire on that. Empires are like a farm, every animal plays a role. Humanity (unless we shake ourselves loose and evolve to something smarter) is organized right now like a farm. Freedom is a relative concept in this. (what irks me personally to no end)
But back to Spain: A model with a top heavy feudal society, that's not the best way of running even a country. This can be seen from the cold war period, or the post Franco period until the turn of the century. Because there was a competing ideology (totalitarianism posing as communism) in the cold war, the citizens were wooed with relative wealth and education. This resulted in an economic development. Same as the post Franco era: the nineties were the period when this empire of the EU was built. After say... 2001 they screwed up.
After this was competition was eliminated, the globalists thought they would own the world. They invested wrong because of greed and then covered that up with some bullshit austerity. They live in lavish palaces with more wealth than ever before possible. But nature favours the efficiënt. The healthy, the smart. Nature doesn't give a shit about one or two generations of wealth. It won't end well.

duckandcover's picture

I grew up hearing how Britain is socialist. as if it's been that way since dawn of time.  Only had to read a few chapters about the history of oil to hear how Churchill's leadership to change the navy from coal to oil was one of the first forays into a social state.

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It has everything to do with the EU. It is now clear for even the blind, that the EU is a double sided dictatorial unaccountable non-democratic club of idiots.

lucitanian's picture

Absolutely. And Rajoy is playing their song.

The Count's picture

Ghordius is a dickhead.

Arturo's picture

Zerohedgian Spaniard here. This article is bullshit. The central government will do jack shit. The Catalan Parliament did not delcare the independence.


The news is that the catlaans backed off.

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Soros foundation is the conection. Seriously, nations are beginning to break apart as the world continues to centralise.

Reptil's picture

Soros is a vulture, waiting for the EU to break up, so he can make another few bilions. That's why he is gaming this thing. Also he hates europe, europeans everything on that continent. Just like George Friedman (STRATFOR). The psyche of these men was damaged during the war. 

And yes, I agree. That is the point I made 4 years ago. As there is more centralisation, the natural counterreaction will be smaller organisations. As the nation states dissolve into the EU (without them telling the citizens, or asking for permission) there's a chance for regions like Catalunia to break free of the bonds of Madrid. 

It's now or never. And if they EU doesn't back them up, they'll break with the EU as well. That's what some people there told me. It's fairly logical.

Crazy Or Not's picture

Only that the EU was founded on the principle to prevent future conflict in Europe....
It's a small detail I know....

julian_n's picture

Why do you say that?  Do Articles 2 and 7 of the EU Treaties not apply to Spain?

SilverRhino's picture

But when the Serbs were 'brutalizing' the Albanians in Kosovo they had their panties all up in  wad.

Reptil's picture

@thesonandheir OF COURSE the EU will back their guys in Madrid. 
Frans Timmermans said:
"However, it is of course a duty for any government to uphold the rule of law and this sometimes does require the proportionate use of force."
So, I admire your positve expectiations but apparantly, there's some things you don't know about the EU yet
. please let me assure you, there is an iron fist of fascism, behind the velvet glove of neo-liberalism.

Let me explain: In the "explanatory notes" which were published some years after the Treaty of Lisbon was signed, it turned out that the EU considers it legal to kill people: "(c) in action lawfully taken for the purpose of quelling a riot or insurrection.”.
The classic bait and switch. Build an empire without imperialism (Barroso) then switch to a brutal enforcement of austerity (which is what this conflict is about, money and power).
The EU would rather have Barcelona burn to the ground, than they leave and set an example for all those countless other national groups, who suffer the same "austerity" bullshit. 
Also see this. THEY WERE WARNED !!!!!! (please use subtitles on the youtube)

Also.. you can't negotiate with fascists. They'll now remove the regional government, have the officials arrested, and that is it.
How the (mostly peaceful) catelans will react, I don't know. They've showed consideral stamina. 

Reptil's picture

LOL morons downvote
who predicted 4 years ago this would happen? (here, on Zerohedge) 

emersonreturn's picture

great to see you posting again.  missed you.

JohnGaltUk's picture

The EU is over, instead of spreading peace they are stoking the drumb of war. This will scare the shit out of the Poles, Hungarians and Czech's

Reptil's picture

For some reason my browser doesn't want me to upvote, but I agree. In this case, violence will not bring the EU together.
The "leadership" are corrupt arseholes (Timmermans got this job after fooling the dutch sheeple about MH-17) but they're not equipped to build a real empire.
To do that, there must be incentives. Instead some region (a small country effectively) wants to leave the farm, but can't. So the farm has a door that opens to one side.
The "incentive" for the catelans is more austerity, because of "saving the banks". (Of course they played their part in the wild period of wrong spending before 2010) 

I think the amound of corruption and abuse of power is corresponding to the distance between citizens and representatives, but the EU was never a "people's union".
That was a mistake. We're at the end of the consumer economy cycle and if people are not involved, they will become an uncontrollable element.

Please see this? It's quite good:

peace out

HardAssets's picture

The EU only cares about taking steps toward the New World Order.

Catalonia is obviously a potential threat to such integration. But they can't come out against the people openly. So, they say nothing.

Rapunzal's picture

Let fascism rule in the name of democracy ? Or the emperor is admitting he has no clothes

theWHTMANN's picture

Time to send in Hillary with a reset button....

HotelBread's picture

I sure hope the Catalans haven't turned in their guns.

The Management's picture

Maybe they can settle it with some tomatoes instead?

abyssinian's picture

So now Puigdemont can't even pussy foot around the independence. lol Spain wants to put that pussy Puigdemont in jail for good !

HRClinton's picture

"Blood in the streets"?

No, no, señor. Not unless Los Rothschilds want it, to buy cheap. In the meantime...

Declararemos nuestra independencia!  Qué? Qué? Entiendo... Declararemos independence mañana. Si, mañana. Vamos a cenar.

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Article 155 = Applying Facism

NoDebt's picture

Article 155 = Roll the tanks

tmosley's picture

Catalans would do well to use gallium and mercury infused bullets to take out all the Spanish metal vehicles. What will the tank crews do when their tanks crumble into dust around them?