Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie Accuse Weinstein Of Harassment As Fresh Allegations Emerge

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More shocking allegations of sexual assault and harassment against Hollywood megaproducer Harvey Weinstein emerged on Tuesday when the New Yorker and the New York Times published more accounts of harassment, rape and coercion from a group of women that includes two of the most famous actresses in Hollywood.

In a follow-up piece to its original bombshell report, the New York Times published on-the-record accounts from Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie, who described how Weinstein isolated them and made advances or unwanted sexual contact, which they said they rejected.

The encounters they recalled followed a similar narrative: First, they said, Mr. Weinstein lured them to a private place to discuss films, scripts or even Oscar campaigns. Then, the women contend, he variously tried to initiate massages, touched them inappropriately, took off his clothes or offered them explicit work-for-sex deals.

Yet even after becoming famous, A-list stars, both actresses felt the need to keep their experiences to themselves. Weinstein even berated Paltrow after being confronted by her then-boyfriend, actor Brad Pitt. At the time, she was 22 and had just received a breakout role in a Weinstein-produced film.

Even as Ms. Paltrow became known as the “first lady of Miramax” and won an Oscar for “Shakespeare in Love” in 1999, very few people knew about Mr. Weinstein’s advances. “I was expected to keep the secret,” she said.

Jolie said Weinstein made unwanted advances toward her during the release of “Playing by Heart” in the late 1990s, in a hotel room, which she rejected.  

“I had a bad experience with Harvey Weinstein in my youth, and as a result, chose never to work with him again and warn others when they did,” Ms. Jolie said in an email. “This behavior towards women in any field, any country is unacceptable.”

In one of the most searing accounts from the dozens of woman who have now shared their stories with either the New York Times or the New Yorker, actress Katharine Kendall  described an incident where she accompanied Weinstein back to his house, where he disrobed and “chased her around the living room.”

“He literally chased me,” she said. “He wouldn’t let me pass him to get to the door.”

* * *

In an another alarming disclosure, the New Yorker has published the accounts of three additional women who claim that Weinstein raped them.

But perhaps the most sickening account of Weinstein’s misdeeds comes directly from the man himself. The New Yorker also published an audio recording where Weinstein can be heard acknowledging that he groped Model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez.

Here’s the stomach-turning recording, in which Weinstein acknowledges that he’s “used to that” – referring to his grope of Gutierrez – and can be heard berating Gutierrez for “embarrassing him” by not wanting to accompany him to his hotel room.

The recording was made as part of a sting operation planned by the New York Police Department in 2015 that never came to pass. Instead, Manhattan Attorney General Cyrus Vance Jr. dropped the investigation. He later received a $10,000 campaign contribution from Weinstein's attorney, David Boies.

The New York Post had hinted at the New Yorker expose when it reported on Weinstein hiring a phalanx of crisis managers to combat the impending scandal. But it offered no indication of the harrowing details that would be exposed.

The reporter, former MSNBC host Ronan Farrow spoke with 16 woman who’d been either raped, groped or otherwise harassed and exploited by Weinstein. In the course of his reporting, Farrow formulated an image of a man who never hesitated to use threats or coercion to coax sexual favors from actresses and models in his orbit.

Sixteen former and current executives and assistants at Weinstein’s companies told me that they witnessed or had knowledge of unwanted sexual advances and touching at events associated with Weinstein’s films and in the workplace. They and others describe a pattern of professional meetings that were little more than thin pretexts for sexual advances on young actresses and models. All sixteen said that the behavior was widely known within both Miramax and the Weinstein Company. Messages sent by Irwin Reiter, a senior company executive, to Emily Nestor, one of the women who alleged that she was harassed at the company, described the “mistreatment of women” as a serial problem that the Weinstein Company was struggling with in recent years. Other employees described what was, in essence, a culture of complicity at Weinstein’s places of business, with numerous people throughout the companies fully aware of his behavior but either abetting it or looking the other way. Some employees said that they were enlisted in subterfuge to make the victims feel safe. A female executive with the company described how Weinstein assistants and others served as a “honeypot”—they would initially join a meeting, but then Weinstein would dismiss them, leaving him alone with the woman.

In a passage that lays bare the hypocrisy of Hollywood's liberal elite, one actress claims that Weinstein openly harassed and degraded women while a coterie of industry figures remained purposefully silent.

De Caunes, who was in her early thirties at the time, was already an established actress, but she wondered what would happen to younger and more vulnerable women in the same situation. Over the years, she said, she’s heard similar accounts from friends. “I know that everybody—I mean everybody—in Hollywood knows that it’s happening,” de Caunes said. “He’s not even really hiding. I mean, the way he does it, so many people are involved and see what’s happening. But everyone’s too scared to say anything.”

Weinstein famously was a major fundraiser for Democratic politicians, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. In the wake of the scandal, Weinstein was fired Sunday night from the company he founded, though many actresses, actors and other industry figures have been reluctant to speak out against the onetime industry powerhouse, whose 30-year career including producing hit independent movies like “Pulp Fiction” and “Sex, Lies and Videotape.”

However, at least one prominent political figure is finally speaking out...

...and perhaps the latest string of allegations will loosen some lips.

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JackMeOff's picture

Don't you love the smell of Hypocrisy in the morning?

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This behavior cannot be tolerated, unless your husband is the POTUS.

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AND ... They're still Fucking telling us LHO Killed JFK  . . .

FAKE Hollywould ... FAKE MSM

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Sorry gals, I have little sympathy when you come out so late.  Pig-piling on Weinstein, LOL.

This whole mega-scandal shows the depths of depravity of high-level liberals. 


More coming?  I hope so.  They need to be exposed.  PedoGate, Seth Rich and so much more....


Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Typical woman behavior.

Always follow the path of least resistance and pile on when it's most convenient.

These nonsensical "strong woman" characters don't even teach the actresses who play them anything!

JRobby's picture

Ohhhhhh Gwyneth

Ohhhhhh Angelina

Hello? Where's the news?

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So how much does David Boies pay (from an anonymous donor) to enable Cleptocrat Vance, Jr. keep his job?  And to whom?

TahoeBilly2012's picture

A guy with that face has NO chance but to go for broke.

The_Juggernaut's picture

...and these are the people who are always so ready to lecture everyone else about moral issues.

vato poco's picture

"At Last I Can Tell the Real Story!"

why now? decades later? LOL   ...  because they're old bags now and nobody wants to fuck em, much less cast em in a movie 


knukles's picture

Hillary says he's not nice.  But keeps his money.

Liberal Hypocracy

38BWD22's picture



Ain't it great?

*   *   *

Now even moar "starlets" come out...:

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This guy is a total pig. His issue has to do with self-confidence. He compensates that by chasing unwilling women to show his power.

Money and Guns = Power.



Joe Davola's picture

After seeing Paltrow in 7even, he must have figured she was good for some head.

beemasters's picture

All the pussies are just coming out of the woods.
A clear display of self-centered bunch.

espirit's picture

'A' listers now have become 'B' listers.

Just trying to stay relevant.

They were good, in their prime.

Acting for some has a shelf life, but not for Helen Mirren.

janus's picture

this will be bigger than cosby, the revelations are just beginning and the associated fallout will be enormous.

the even bigger secret yet to be uncovered (but soon to follow the weinstien storm) will be the revelations of predatory homosexuals (who are protected by other homosexuals) and the assaults that go unpunished because of the wall of solidarity practiced in that community.  why gays protect other vicious gays just because they are gay is beyond me.  

and then, of course, there's the pedo shit.

bye bye, hollywood.

entertainment media will soon be decentralized; there will be creative hubs in all the major regions across this country.  



loebster's picture

"the need to keep their experiences to themselves."

Jewish control is why most actors are also afraid to speak vs APARTHEID IsraHell, the way they did about Apartheid S Africa.

covfefe MICdotard's picture



It cost Mel Gibson his career

Buck Johnson's picture

I'm still amazed that they or other jews are allowing the media (which is own mostly by them) to destroy Harvey, usually they stick together.  Could it be that maybe the goyiam is starting to attack the jewish power bases and having trump in office is what is helping them to do so.  


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The women in this case are just as complicit and I have no sympathy. They could have stopped this if they chose to but they acted like whores.

Every young woman goes through this. Being blonde blue eyed and voluptuous I had plenty of men flirting with me. Most was innocent and innocuous. Some was a bit more aggressive but could be contained. And a couple were like this man. You could tell immediately by their energy there was no way you would put yourself alone with them. Under ANY circumstances. I made one mistake at 19 when I rode a bus late at night home with a driver that gave me the hackles. I damn near got raped but managed to escape. Told a few other drivers what happened and they gave me justice. I never made another mistake again.

Women, men will never respect you if you don't act respectable. Whining just lowers their opinion that much more. At least admit your greed and be honest.


Blue Snowflake's picture

How many women like being treated like dirt? Plenty.

FixItAgainTony's picture

Mrs. Georgina Chapman might just hire a beautiful lawyer that gives Harv a proper demonstration of abusive power.

espirit's picture

No excuses for abberant behavior.

None, is a Christian belief.


Escrava Isaura's picture


Sorry, for what I read these actress were not complicit. Some didn’t even know how to react, similar to your case in the bus.

Stereotyping actress as prostitutes is a long stretch. You “Hedgers” would have a much better case, in my opinion, looking at women that chase men that are rich and older, I mean, 20 plus year older. You don’t see many actress doing that, if at all.

Give you an example, but I know many cases: If you go to a bar in New York or DC do you ever see a Middle East women with older guys? Now look at the Eastern European women. Eastern European women are in a mission. Even the best American women/prostitutes can’t get closer to the Eastern European women in the amount of details.

Don’t take my word for it, pay attention to Melania pattern at the White House. And most Easter European women grew up with nothing. Most didn’t even have hot water.  


Miffed Microbiologist's picture

You are dead wrong. Every one knew what was going to happen and they made a decision to pay that price. Also, when completed they knew other women would go through the same. So much for Team Girl. Who needs those of their ilk as my advocates. And they are held up to be admired? I spit on them.

This was not a man hiding in a bush grabbing women off the street. They KNEW what was going to happen and they walked in alone to a room WILLINGLY. If you claim ignorance than women by default are feeble minded and unintelligent.

I made one mistake when I was young. I rectified it. They chose to be abused as well as did nothing correct it. The price was worth it to them. At least they should be honest about it. When you compromise yourself for fame and money you are by definition a prostitute.


petroglyph's picture

As always Miffed, you show a lot of class. Thanks

mkkby's picture

Poor little high class whores.

They loved this guy when he made them wealthy and famous. Now that it's over they sound like bitter wives during the divorce. Get a lawyer, cry rape and play the feminist card. Go for the big payout. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

A hollyweird mogul like this could openly advertise for sex slaves, and half the women in california would line up around the block. I give this story a 10% chance of being honest.

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Naturally, if you're a woman WITH BRAINS like:


Marissa Mayer




Mika Brezninsky


You've transcended all of that nonsense...

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Pretty sure many were more than willing. You really think they have morals? Many sell pussy for a lot less than movie stardom. Theyre all very average looking without the makeup put on with a snow shovel. 

sagramore's picture

It's funny, there's a guy in my industry who is just like Weinstein and they laughably try to accuse others of that behaviour.  

The era of the CCD sure changed things. It's too bad one of these actresses didn't go Lisbeth Salander on them...hey wait, maybe they did?

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Seems that his .17 wasn't  quite up to the task.

Seems that his money ain't no mo'

Seems like his Mo-Jo ain't no Mo

I am in the second decade of reddiez on ya.

- Ned

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Is it just me, or is Angelina Jolee looking more and more like Bill Gross?

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If she put on a hooded black robe and carried a scythe, she'd easily be able to pass for Obama.

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At least pitt has grabbed some pussy 

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Betcha betcha betcha that Angela Jolie gave Harvey her breasts from the masectomy.
A little keepsake, token of friendship

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His money and status are/were nice. An elite who typically knew, until caught, that he could buy his way out of the consequences of his own hypocrisy...a tale as old as time ...

Imagine this fat pig jerking off in front of you then forcing himself on you.... you gotta REALLY want the part...

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With that as a talent filter, we now know why Hollywood produces the crap they do.

I'll continue watching low-budget flicks from people that care about a compelling story, thankyouverymuch.

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I'd bet he tried to put it to Gal Gadot.

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Well...yEah! I kept the money. Duh!

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Well, Hillary never had a problem with him.   :)

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Hillary also said every woman who's ever been assaulted deserves to be heard, unless it is several women accusing her husband of rape or harassment.


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I suspect the MSM will somehow spin this into Trump's fault, or at least minimize/deflect by saying: Remember Trump said/did all this other bad stuff to women.


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Oh yeah right. We got so carried away reading this guy's list of trophies that we forgot the obvious.


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LeftTard Dissonance: Couldn't have been done by a principled virtue signaling leftist contributor; Roger Ailes MUST have mind-hacked him!