House Intelligence Committee Subpoenas Firm Behind "Trump Dossier"

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House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has been repeatedly stymied in his efforts to compel the FBI to turn over documents that would help him ascertain how much of the Trump dossier has been verified by the intelligence community, and what role that information played in launching the DOJ’s investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.  

But the FBI has resisted Nunes’ subpoenas despite his threats to compel AG Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray to deliver public testimony before the committee if the FBI continues to withhold the documents. So now, it appears he’s trying a different tack.

Devin Nunes

CNN reports that Nunes earlier this month issued subpoenas to the founders of Fusion GPS, the Washington opposition research firm that originally helped procure the dossier, demanding that they participate in public hearings before the House Intelligence Committee, and turn over all pertinent documents.

Earlier this year, Nunes announced that he was stepping aside from directing the committee's Russia inquiry when he became the subject of an ethics investigation into his handling of classified information after he informed the White House about the possibility that members of the Trump campaign were legally surveilled during the race before informing his own committee.

But more recently, Nunes has made clear that he is still playing an influential role in the committee’s inquiry, despite announcing that he had delegated authority on the Russia matter to Republican Rep. Mike Conaway of Texas.

Nunes’ Democratic colleagues have repeatedly accused Nunes of deliberately trying to undermine the FBI’s investigation by forcing the agency to reveal sensitive details about the dossier that the intelligence community previously decided to withhold from the January report on the intelligence community’s finding that Russia had interfered with the election. 

A Democratic committee source said "the subpoenas were issued unilaterally by the majority, without the minority's agreement and despite good faith engagement thus far by the witnesses on the potential terms for voluntary cooperation."


Indeed, the move blindsided some committee members, multiple sources told CNN. And it has angered some on the committee who say that Nunes is still seeking to direct an investigation he was supposed to have no involvement in leading.


"He's not in any way, shape or form working on the investigation," said one Democratic committee member. "He's sitting outside the investigation and pushing it in a political direction."

Nunes and Conway denied that they’d cut their Democratic colleagues out of the loop.

Conaway said the committee's procedures were to consult with the committee's Democratic leader, and that "the mechanics on that fit in with the chairman's responsibilities."


"I'm trying to maintain good relations, but at the end of the day we need to get those records that are subject to those subpoenas," Conaway said.


Asked by CNN Monday why he issued the subpoenas, Nunes declined to comment. "You can ask, but you're not going to get a response," Nunes said.


Indeed, the move blindsided some committee members, multiple sources told CNN. And it has angered some on the committee who say that Nunes is still seeking to direct an investigation he was supposed to have no involvement in leading.

Nunes said in June that “when I temporarily stepped aside from leading the investigation, that's exactly what it means: It doesn't mean I wasn't going to be involved, it doesn't mean I wasn't going to be fully read in."

Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson attended a closed-door briefing with the Senate Judiciary Committee in August that some lawmakers have said should be made public.

Joshua Levy, an attorney for Fusion GPS, said the firm's founder, Glenn Simpson, already provided a 10-hour interview to the Senate judiciary committee and Nunes could first seek to review that testimony.


"This is a blatant attempt to undermine the reporting of the so-called 'dossier,' even as its core conclusion of a broad campaign by the Russian government to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election has been confirmed by the US intelligence community and is now widely accepted as fact," Levy said.

Nunes’ longtime committee nemesis Adam Schiff blasted him for purportedly trying to run a “parallel investigation.”

"Rep. Nunes recused himself, but now appears to be running a parallel investigation outside of the official (House intelligence) investigation run by Reps. Conaway and (California Rep. Adam) Schiff. His actions undermine the House, its investigation and the public's ability to learn the truth. As we evaluate these subpoenas, we have serious concerns about their legitimacy."

The Fusion GPS subpoenas mark at least the fourth time Nunes has inserted himself into the investigation since his April announcement that he was temporarily stepping aside, CNN reported. Nunes led an effort earlier this summer to subpoena the FBI, CIA and NSA about Trump associates whose identities were allegedly unmasked during the presidential transition by Obama administration officials.

A pair of GOP staffers on the panel flew to London to urge the British agent who wrote the dossier, Christopher Steele, to appear before the committee, an effort several committee members said was led by Nunes. About six weeks ago, Nunes signed off on subpoenas demanding Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray turn over records about the DOJ’s relationship with Steele and what role the Trump dossier played in prompting the FBI to launch its investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. In a letter, Nunes warned that he would compel them to testify in a public hearing if they didn’t comply. The FBI has maintained that the disclosures being sought by Nunes would undermine an active investigation.

Though Nunes has said publicly and privately that he never technically recused himself, he did stop attending intelligence briefings about potential witnesses in the investigation. However, he retains the sole power on the committee to sign off on subpoenas, meaning Democrats like Schiff who must play nice with the chairman.

Most notably, Nunes still has the power to issue subpoenas "in consultation" with Schiff, the committee's top Democrat.


But unlike other committee members, Nunes does not attend classified hearings of the key witnesses in the Russia probe, sources said, and instead appears to be making his push from the outside.


The committee's Democrats face a dilemma: They still need Nunes to sign off on subpoenas that Conaway and Schiff are seeking directly tied to the Russia investigation.

To be sure, Nunes has said he’s simply trying to ascertain what role the dossier played in the investigation. Many have speculated that the intelligence community has withheld this information not because it could compromise the investigation, but because it would reveal what Trump’s political opponents in Congress (not to mention the intelligence community) don’t want you to know. Exactly nine months after the first wide-ranging Congressional investigation was publicly announced, investigators are still struggling to find the “smoking gun” to substantiate the collusion allegations as they try to stretch the inquiry out for as long as possible, with an eye toward next year’s midterm vote.

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spastic_colon's picture

oxymoron number 1 - House Intelligence

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Another useless Congressional Investigation that will go nowhere.  They don't have the stones to handle the truth.

Winston Churchill's picture

You misunderstand the true purpose of these investigative hearings.

Delay, delay, and delay.Both in the hope everyone will forget and to run out the clock on the

statute of limitations.Its nearly too late to prosecute HRC, and in practical terms the clock has

tolled out.

decon's picture

Statute of limitations for most federal crimes including what HRC did is at least 5 years.  Still lots of time.

Winston Churchill's picture

Maff is not that hard.SoS until 2013.We're in late 2017.

The foundation is a whole other matter, because the SoL doesn't start tolling until the discovery of the fraud.

A cute criminal lawyer would argue that it was known about the whole time,but ignored,which it was, so he'd win

his motion.

decon's picture

The Foundation is the biggy, lots of time on that one.

Down voted you for the condescending "Maff".

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I like where this is headed ... if the tape exists it'll get rave reviews ... good for ratings

Rex Andrus's picture

There is no limit for murder and treason.

Consuelo's picture





Remember the good 'ole days WC, when Billy Jeff swaggered...?

- Deny

- Delay

- Obfuscate


But I wholeheartedly agree with you, and have held the same position wrt/Madame Defarge and her wife's comeuppance that will never come to pass on terra firma anyway...

There are simply too many high-net-worth and high-profile individuals, corporations, institutions (private, public and governmental) tied to this tag-team of absolute zenith-level criminality for any Just-Us to occur.    A replay of the 90's, writ-Large.

man from glad's picture

That and simple job security. They get to hire lots of bureaucrats and keep those baseline budget numbers up.

libertyanyday's picture

Its hard to explain why after millions are spent ............there is nothing to show for it excerpt dust bunnies

gregga777's picture

Fuck the Demon-Marxist minority. Does anyone believe that the Demon-Marxists would respect the wishes of any Repussican minority? The Repussicans need to either grow some balls or go home and let some real men deal with business.

A. Boaty's picture

Demon-Marxists for the glorious People's Revolution, Comrades!

A. Boaty's picture

I remember when this bullshit dossier hit the news. MSM tripped all over themselves calling it "unsubstantiated," but that didn't stop them from mentioning it at every opportunity. Fucking hypocrites.

Mike Masr's picture

This is all a huge waste of time and taxpayer dollars. 

chunga's picture

Now that he's got his office painted, Jeff Sessions is putting together a task force against caramel M & M's.

TheLastTrump's picture

Could be. I hope not. I think Trumps got some surprises coming along those lines.

chunga's picture

I hope they're rope-a-doping too. If not then I hope this fraud Mueller throws a few people in prison because that would show a refusal to fight the swamp, yet again.

As long as all of them make believe they've never heard of Assange's offer they ALL look like frauds.

libertyanyday's picture

its about dam time !!! Im sure Mars colluded with hershey's to knock off TWIX..............we now have an AG is beyond worthless.

lester1's picture

Hillary/DNC paid for the dossier. 

But they get a pass from the fake news liberal media!!

thebigunit's picture

Supposedly, Republican donors ORIGINALLY paid for the dossier to take ot Trump.

After Trump won the nomination, Dems took over the "dossier project".

Hillary/DNC paid for the dossier. 

JoseyWalesTheOutlaw's picture

The US government is without a doubt the most corrupt MF of All Time! GD useless.

TheLastTrump's picture

Sure, neo Roman. Trump is legit. Don't conflate.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Josey,

Please, for the love of God, Humanity & the Universe. Stop referring to the Corporate US Government as “Corrupt.”

It’s Criminal. And, should be referred to as such whenever & wherever possible. It’s been Irrefutably proven beyond a shadow of doubt that it is.

“The US government is without a doubt the most Criminal MF of All Time! GD useless.”

Now, doesn’t that sound better. Stop sugar coating it.

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Schiff appears to be a pedophile extradonnaire.

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

Issue obstruction of justice and contempt of Congress orders and have all those who have been subpoenaed, thrown into jail, until such time, they decide to testify or produce what is wanted...that’s what they would do with us peons and serfs...


Dumpster Elite's picture

I guess what this means is that you or I, or any "commoner", can just ignore a Congressional subpoena, and tell Congress to pound salt. Cool! And here I always thought you would wind up in jail.

Dumpster Elite's picture

"...the FBI’s investigation by forcing the agency to reveal sensitive details about the dossier that the intelligence community previously decided to withhold from the January report on the intelligence community’s finding that Russia had interfered with the election. "

Translation: We don't want the public to find out the absolute depths of lies and depravity that we in the Swamp are willing to stoop, and that we are just trying to "take out" Trump (and those who voted for him) by any means possible, legal, illegal, truthful, or otherwise.

otschelnik's picture

Get it on Devin, and while you're at it, when are we going to hear from Samantha Power, Ben Rhoades and Suzy Rice on the unmasking?  We now know that Trump Tower really was bugged.

allamerican's picture

trick q right. easy one, john shithead mccain my ans alex..

War Machine's picture

Schiff is likely an Israeli agent. How convenient the ranking Dems on both Senate and House side are Zionist Jews.

Off Topic but does Tyler Dan think some of Israel's nukes aren't targeted on Russia? They are. And they likely have tactical nukes inside Russia.

One tends to think the Russians have nukes inside Israel as well.

Trump is getting pure bullshit on Iran from the Israelis. Zerohedge assures its readers that the MSM is full of shit on Trump, on Russia and Syria... but then presents the Bill Kristol version of reality on Iran.

Well the lying press lies about Iran (and Hezbollah) more than just about anything. Iran is not really an existential threat to Israel but makes it harder for the Zios to grab Lebanon to the Litani and really se ure the stolen Golan (Israel started the '67 war, which was no more defensive than the attack on the USS Liberty was a 'mistake').

The fact Russia helps Syria and Iran and frustrates both Israeli plans for a Greater Israel, and US control of energy/pipelines invites the hypothesis that Israel and its Zionist Jewish sayanim are driving the disinfo as well as leaks.

Consider the fact the NSA's network is completely compromised

Consider that Obama also agreed to give the NSA's RAW DATA to Israel. Trump has not changed that, nor tmk, has he changed Obama's end-of-term cross-agency data sharing designed to facilitate leaks.

BOTH should have been reversed and the fact Trump did not do so, while sending a Chabad linked Orthodox Jew to represent the US in 'peace talks' and appointing Jewish bankers from Goldman to head Treasury and the NEC to prove to anybody with a pulse that he is in the pocket of International Organized Zionism.

And yes, it *is* about 'jooos' to the extent a significant number of them are primarily loyal to a belligerent, expansionist foreign state that has murdered Americans without consequence on multiple occasions precisely because of excessive Jewish/Zionist power and influence.

innocent observer's picture

omigod.. enough about the evil "joos".

if they were in control of the planet as you say, they would not be living in a tiny postage stamp sized desert hell - surrounded by enemies.

War Machine's picture

I didn't say they control the planet. I said they developed NSA's dragnet and also get the raw data.

I suggested Russia is frustrating their designs in the ME.

I suggested Jews are at issue - to the extent guys like Schiff are absolutely willing to spend American blood and treasure to not only 'defend' Israel but pursue Likud's belligerent, expansionist efforts.

You skillfully avoided any reference to what I wrote, like any good Zionist troll is taught. Boring though, no? And not effective when pointed out.

And fwiw Israel is 'surrounded by enemies' because they bribed the Brits to create an ethnostate made up of Jews, using both guerilla warfare and terrorism in land that was 95% Christian and Arab 100 years ago. It has thereafter engaged in several aggressive wars and engaged in multiple warcrimes while building nukes and racial colonies amongst the people they displaced to create their ethnostate.

And when ot dropping white phosphorus on fleeing civilians at hospitals, they act as Al Qaeda's medics and air force and resupplier etc.

Whining about being 'surrounded by enemies' is a little odd, no?

It also murdered American sailors and Marines on the USS Liberty abd bot away with it because of Jewish/Zionist money and influence.

And this influence is harmful to US interests, and it is as excessive as it is insidious - no matter how much you cry 'antisemite'.

Or how cleverly. It's a cheap trick, and it's done to derail the issues/ideas presented.

God knows if it were Arabs or Muslims with the sort of influence Zionists/Jews have your reply would be pretty different, eh?

Good effort, though. Not all Zionist White Knights can resist a little ass rape reference when distributing their red herrings.

All the same, Israel's potential role as the source of leaks and anti-Russian propaganda, with help from their agents merits some serious attention.

Right, spooks?

libertyanyday's picture

did the jews bend you over the fence or what..............such vitriol for no apparent reason cant be good for your blood pressure.

War Machine's picture

There's no content to your response.

You don't reference the links (which go to Israeli companies contracting to set up the NDA's network, which is absurd, and to sharing raw data with a state that spies and bribes with the best of them).

You don't really do much but project your homoerotic rape fantasies while not responding in any way to the assertions made (in part, that Israel has an interest in damaging US-Russia relations and reliable allies in Jewish Zionist politicians like Schiff).

It's almost as if you're afraid to address what I wrote, and just desperate to cover for Israel.

But that can't be it, right?

loveyajimbo's picture

Schiff is a truly vile shitbag.  What is he afraid of? 

Did the un-released part of  dossier show him in the 69 position with Maxine Waters???

Consuelo's picture



Theatre, just like it was in the 90's for the cigar-diddler and his husband, Madame Defarge...

$$$Grist for the so-called 'conservative' media brigade and television 'McLaughlin Group' circle jack-off circus...    End result being the same...

Sgt Soros's picture

I would love to see Devin Nunes strung upside down by his nuts!

WillyGroper's picture

in his defense, he was ignorant of the uss liberty & presented a survivor with a silver star.

any other maggot in the swamp recognize exactly what happened there...uh wait, ADMIT?

gilhgvc's picture

no statute of limitations on lead, it lasts a long,long time. it flies through the air well andmakes amazing shapes when it expands....

Bopper09's picture

If history tells us anything, just bleachbit the records and don't bother handing them in.  Perfectly legal, at least in the sense that nothing will happen.

TGDavis's picture

Look, nothing will happen.  How hard is it to ask the question, "Who paid for the dossier?"?  How hard?  The fact that Congress allows the stonewalling means no one wants to get to the bottom of it.  Don't get your hopes up.

libertyanyday's picture

no one wants to get to the bottom of it


This truly is CONGRESS's mission statement.

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

Is there any evidence Jeff Sessions is still alive?

aldol11's picture

glaciers move faster than congress

sevensixtwo's picture

Who thinks I would lie if they just asked me to say which parts were lies or clarify the context of parts that were true?  Also, Nunez remnds me of David Feldkamp at Exide.  I sensed a Feldkamp-like presence walking by when I was in the preliminary detention area after my first attempt to get to Jerusalem.