Vegas Shooter Used Hotel Freight Elevator, His Reno Home Was Broken Into

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More than a week after Stephen Paddock carried out the deadliest mass shooting in US history, Las Vegas Police and the FBI still have few clues about what motivated the millionaire semi-retired professional gambler to murder 59 people, and – perhaps more disturbing – no idea why he ended his reign of terror after just 11 minutes.

On Monday, police “updated the narrative” for the shooting, admitting that a Mandalay Bay security guard who had been shot in the leg by Paddock was shot before – not after – Paddock carried out the deadly assault. Previously, authorities had maintained that the guard, Jesus Campos, had been responsible for stopping the attack. Now, they’re saying Paddock shot Campos through his door after detecting him on cameras he had set up in the hall – a full six minutes before Paddock started raining bullets on the crowd below.

Unsurprisingly given the public’s voracious appetite for news about the investigation, more details emerged early Wednesday, when it was revealed that Paddock had used the freight elevator at Mandalay Bay in the days ahead of the attack.  And in the latest sign that Paddock had hoped to maximize casualties during his rampage, police have revealed that fired special ‘incendiary’ bullets at a jet fuel tank, probably in the hopes of causing a massive explosion. Authorities had said earlier that he fired two conventional rounds at the tank, but failed to penetrate it.

The rounds, meant to ignite what they hit, were found inside Paddock's room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and near the fuel tank a short distance away on the grounds of McCarran International Airport, the sources said. Of course, this highlights a major inconsistency in the official narrative that needs to be addressed: If Paddock clearly intended to cause as much harm as possible, then why did he stop firing after just 11 minutes?

Furthermore, why did he kill himself if he was in possession of “personal protection gear” in his hotel suite and explosives in his car that suggest he planned to escape and possibly carry out a second phase of the assault.   There’s still no evidence that Paddock ascribed to any political or religious ideology.

Meanwhile, police say the Las Vegas shooter’s Reno home was broken into over the weekend, causing another round of police activity in the normally quiet Del Webb neighborhood, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal, and potentially complicating the investigation after LV Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said Monday that investigators would revisit Paddock’s homes.

“The question was: Is the FBI along with LVMPD revisiting the personal property of the suspect? Yes, that is accurate along with the behavioral analysis detectives,” Lombardo said. “They are also present and maybe we can discern additional evidence as a result of that revisit.”

Paddock purchased the small tan home in Reno's Somersett neighborhood, one of several homes where Paddock lived with his girlfriend Marilou Danley, in 2013.

Officer Tim Broadway with the Reno Police Department said the suspect or suspects broke into the home through the front door over the weekend, noting he was not sure how exactly the suspects gained entry.

Reno officers arrived on scene and “immediately notified the FBI,” he said. Broadway said the department is working with the FBI to “make sure there are no further incidents.”

Broadway said officers were not aware of anything that was taken or whether there were any damages. There are no suspects at this time.

So, the question remains. What inspired a wealthy real-estate investor and accountant with no criminal history, and only glancing brushes with mental illness (though some have speculated that he may have been an undiagnosed schitzophrenic judging by his tendency to talk to apparently imaginary figures) to carry out the worst mass shooting in US history?

And, while police have been quick to discredit video evidence appearing to show shots being fired from a lower floor, Lombardo’s remark that Paddock “must’ve had help” continues to resonate.

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Rapunzal's picture

False flag, to sell more body scanners and grab our guns.

BeepBeepRichie's picture

I would dare say false flag to sell MORE guns

Killtruck's picture

Sure are a lot of these "undiagnosed schizophrenic" people around these days. 

Took Red Pill's picture

This video presents an interesting theory to answer some of the questions ;

StackShinyStuff's picture

House broken into to plant some evidence to support the new narrative coming soon.  Probably as a Friday evening news dump.  Watch.  

MagicHandPuppet's picture

And, still no security video feeds released to the public.

This likely means that doctoring them up just right to spin the narrative as they see fit is taking an incredible amount of time.

Agstacker's picture

Plus they're worried that some 14 year old will find proof of photoshopping the video as soon as it comes out.

Ima anal sphincter's picture

What sucks (well two things) is that we tolerate a bunch of Jew Mossad fucks just coming into our country to shoot people up (or kill people in tall buildings, or......).

And the second is that this site keeps promoting the lies.

BLOTTO's picture

Our Life is one giant cosmic lie.

JRobby's picture

What fun comments!!!! Anyway, addressing the article, makes sense that he used the frieght elevator. Less trips that way.

Forget the "Hotel Employee Use Only" sign (you think it would have secure access?) WHERE IS ALL THE CAMERA FOOTAGE !!!!!!!!!!

a Smudge by any other name's picture

LOLs yeah dammit they forgot the sign. All this could have been avoided if they only put up a sign!



house biscuit's picture

Sad attempts at humor rank below all but the lowest quality trolling.....

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

"Meanwhile, police say the Las Vegas shooter’s Reno home was broken into over the weekend, causing another round of police activity in the normally quiet Del Webb neighborhood, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal, and potentially complicating the investigation after LV Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said Monday that investigators would revisit Paddock’s homes."

Mossad/CIA black ops team destroying evidence, or planting evidence, or both. The only question remaining is, given that the FBI would have had responsibility for securing the Reno property as evidence-- was the FBI complicit, or were they simply incompetent? I realize that "FBI" stands for "Famous, But Incompetent" but frankly this level of incompetence is too staggering to believe.

What a fucking farce this has turned into.

RafterManFMJ's picture

Why would you post a guard on the dude’s house, right? I mean he’s just one of the biggest mass killers in US history.

Why would you post a guard or two on his house to keep it secure? Why?

Actually, the question is WHY WOULDNT YOU and the answer is they were ordered not to, so the team that went in to plant or destroy evidence were not impeded.

Fuck this shit.

RAT005's picture

I think the break in allows any arrangement of evidence.  They announce something but suggest it might have been planted during the break in. A self serving dead end.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Turns out the imaginary friend Paddock talks to is a hotel employee.

espirit's picture

Speculative report that Paddock visited Reno Guns & Range in Dec '16, bought 2 firearms and had his Colt M4 serviced.

Just like changing the oil in your car, right Bueller?

Rich_Lather's picture

He was talking to his handler. He was wired.

ByTheCross's picture

There is deception, deceit, and distraction, certainly, but this is because, in your giant cosmic terms, the truth is too terrible for most to take.

Whoa Dammit's picture

Freight elevator=MGM does not survive the lawsuit from victims.

Also I have seen comments  elsewhere that  Mandalay Bay contracted its security to a company that is a subsidiary of Walmart. Does anyone know if this is true?

ParticularlyStupidHumanoid's picture

This Paddock guy is having a bad week.

RedBaron616's picture

How about some proof of your comments before you accuse ZH of promoting lies. Prove that what YOU wrote are not LIES.

lew1024's picture

What do you mean by 'we', white man? (Punch line to a long series of Lone Ranger jokes)

CIA loves them.

Indeed, this article accepted as fact things known to be untrue.

booboo's picture

I'm leaning towards him being a vampire since the only photo we have on record is 20 years old and nothing shows up on video. Just a cart moving down the hallway loaded with AR 15's and ammo cans, flashes from a window. We have the death photo but that was after a wood stake was driven through his heart by one of the homotown hero's who rescued the world from eminate death (after sending in a robot, two drones, a waving mannequin, two blow up fuck dolls dressed as SWAT, a puppy with a camera on a stick and 6 prostitutes dressed as bunnies.) Lets all salute our heros.

wise_owl_says...'s picture

someone is dead in hotel room and it isnt paddock. paddock a cia spook is in a manila P.I. club spending his first installment of $100,000 on a barrista knowing exactly what consequences of his actions will foment. another NWO gambling / gun running (eric holder sanctioned?) bought off whore.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

So he was vampirized at a fairly young age. Probably in the Philippines with his supposed "wife". The Philippines where they practice voodoo and Islam. So this is where he got radicalized. So now he's a radical vampire muslim voodoo person. And this is where he got into rough sex with prostitutes who themselves were probably vampires cause you know those vampires, they like it rough and kinky.

This also explains the flailing explanations of elevators. Vampires don't need elevators, they turn into bats and fly. So that explains why there's no surveillance footage of him using elevators (freight or passenger) because 1. he didn't use them and 2. he wouldn't have shown up on tape anyway.

Didn't somebody say that logic begins with vampirical observations?

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Speaking of rough sex, did you hear this one?

"So I meet this chick, we get to my place, and she begs me to 'give her nine inches and make it hurt', so I screw her three times and then slap her ass hard".

FireBrander's picture

Did he have a "13" tattooed on his neck or not?

The MSM:

1. Originally showed the pic of him with what looks like a 13 on his neck.

2. Then, the guy with his face shot off photo appears, no 13 on his neck.

3. The MSM crops the original photo and only shows his face from the chin up.

4. The MSM switches to the photo used even in this story. Look at the area where the 13 "should" be...looks like a "blend" tool was used to remove the "13"? Who's ROUGH beard ends halfway down your throat in a PERFECT straight across line?


Could ONE, just ONE, fucking "journalist" investigate this? Apparently not...

stinkypinky's picture

Because frankly it doesn't even look much like a 13. The "1" is too short to match the "3" to the right. The supposed "3" 's lower loop droops in a weird way and doesn't match the top. It's much more likely to be droopy neck skin. Also if he had a "13" tattooed on his neck doesn't it strike you that one of the dealers, passers-by, etc would have mentioned this? Someone with a "13" tattooed right under their face, pointing right at you, kind of stands out in a person's memory. "Oh yeah ... the 13 tattoo guy ... I saw him a month ago. Wow! He was the shooter?". Other than that he looks completely unremarkable.

erkme73's picture

Worried?  Are you kidding?  Did you see that work of art known as Obama's birth certificate?  They could put out a picture drawn in crayon by a 4 yo, and the media would authenticate it.   The 'news' reporters know that their career path is directly proportionate to their ability to carry the .gov lie on every aspect of life.

FireBrander's picture

If a "journalist" decides to "report" negatively about the rich and powerful, espceially in DC; no more coctail party invites...

man from glad's picture

Yeah that BC is incredible. Complete fraud. I mean haven’t any of these .gov’s seen CSI before? If the FBI ever got back to real investigative work instead of gotcha politics they could actually do some pretty good work.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

I'll never forget that day. What I do forget is how many unfinished sentences I uttered. Sentences like "hoooooooo...." and "oh my......." and "whaaaaaaaaaa...."

I was too busy processing outrage. I thought the people that lie to us are highly paid experts in their field.

We displaymed more tradecraft forging doctor's notes to get out of gym class.

pupton's picture

^ THIS.  Why haven't we been allowed to see any CC video?  We all know it exists...

WillyGroper's picture

"when it was revealed that Paddock had used the freight elevator"

so CCTV has been released?

if any psychological assessment is made, it should be on LEO/DHS & the rest of the 3 letters.

FBI handler with podestamolesta connection.

Akzed's picture

“Oh wow, how’d we miss this giant Koran on the coffee table?”

Déjà view's picture

Second Person Of Interest Drinking Blood of...

O.J. Simpson reportedly orders Bloody Mary during recent outing as a free man in Las Vegas

Juggernaut x2's picture

So this yo-yo making dozens of trips up and down the service elevator in a few day period didn't raise any eyebrows in security?

swmnguy's picture

I've used the freight elevator at Mandalay Bay numerous times myself.  There are several freight elevators there, and I've used them all.  Also at Cosmopolitan, Bellagio, Venetian, Caesar's Palace, MGM Grand, and I'm probably forgetting a few.

Of course, I work coordinating business meetings.

When the "Ocean's 11" remake movie came out I enjoyed it, but had to laugh.  They went to wa-a-a-a-a-y too much trouble.  If I had a dozen stagehands in black t-shirts with a white rental truck full of black road cases, and carried a clipboard with a printed schedule on it, I could empty out any place in America.  If challenged I'd just wave the clipboard around and throw a fit about nobody ever reading the schedule, why do I even bother to send it around.  

Las Vegas security is very good, but they are security like everywhere else.  If you've done your planning and legwork, sent around information and established your bona fides, they will stop paying much attention and you can pretty much do what you want to.  You also have to know the right names internally.  "Call Sandy in Event Services, for Christ's Sake!  I don't have time for this bullshit!  Do you know how much labor every minute of screwing around is costing?"  And walk and stand like you're in charge. Humans still respond very strongly to non-verbal cues.  Jedi mind tricks can be very effective in real life.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

I think there's a market for this. A whole new market. Not business facing, consumer facing.

See, I'm a guy that likes to see things getting done. But like most Americans, I'm completely inept. I have no clue how to get things done.

I'd pay someone like you and your crew just to show up and get things DONE. One day you move all the furniture to one side of the house and just GET IT DONE and the next day, move it all back. Dig up all the grass in the yard one day, put it back the next. Just get it done. Heck I won't care if I have no idea what you people are doing in here, you are getting it done. You are making it happen. And that means I am too.

I am imagining how it's gonna feel as I stroll out onto the balcony in my slippers and robe and cup of joe and just feel the buzz of activity. It makes me feel more productive just imagining it. And if I'm willing to pay you for this so is my entire peer group. We're a very homogeneous class of people.

swmnguy's picture

Hah!  Some days I feel like I really am just digging up the grass one day and putting it back the next.  My crews and I do some pretty silly stuff on the whims of corporate executives.

But hey man, it beats the hell out of honest work.  Which I have also done in my time.

My life became a lot more enjoyable once I realized very few other people had any idea what the fuck they were doing, either.

Wannabee's picture

@swmnguy Nailed it!
I had an old sage tell me "you want to get anywhere in life, act like you own the place and never look you're lost"

TeamDepends's picture

Though we have tried to live our lives according to this credo up to this point, we just passed a decree that we will have this tattooed on our shlongs so that we will never forget.

Overfed's picture

Doesn't the use of a freight elevator in a place like a big name Vegas casino require some kind of key card? Somehow I doubt that a room guest key card would work in the freight elevator.

JRobby's picture

Not permitted to drink on parole / probation.

DeplorableAndy's picture

He's permitted to drink, just can't exceed BAC limits.