Virtue Signaling Ben Affleck ‘Saddened and Angry’ About Weinstein, Immediately Called Out For Molesting Two Women

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After actor Matt Damon had to answer for allegations he pressured a journalist to drop a negative story on disgraced Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein, his good buddy Ben ‘get them titties out‘ Affleck was called out by two women who claim the actor sexually molested them, while a third says he was well aware of Weinstein’s predatory behavior.

After Affleck’s virtue signaling statement that he was “saddened and angry” at Weinstein’s behavior (without actually naming him), actress Rose McGowan – featured in the bombshell NYT report on Weinstein’s inappropriate behavior – called BS on his statement…

Ben allegedly didn't “do” much to make sure it didn’t happen to Rose (again)…

And on Wednesday, actress Hilarie Burton responded to a tweet that Affleck had grabbed her breasts during an appearance on MTV’s “TRL” (Total Request Live):

For which Affleck apologized:

Only to be accused shortly thereafter of molesting another Hollywood female, makeup artist Annamarie Tendler, at a 2014 Golden Globes party.

One has to wonder if Ben is “saddened and angry” that he just got called out?

Updated 10/12/17 @ 6:00 to reflect Annamarie Tendler's profession as a makeup artist. She was originally referred to as an actress. 

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Savyindallas's picture

This is great. Now Gloria Allred can line up thousands of Plaintiffs to go after all the Hollywood producers and big wigs who have been raping women, little boys and little girls for the past 30 years. She did it for Cosby, certainly she will do the same for all her fellow tribesmen billionnaire producers and big wigs. 

MoreFreedom's picture

Where do we draw the ethical lines here?

Gloria Steinem said men get one free grope, and if the recipient says no and the groper backs off it's OK.  Frankly, I think it's more appropriate for any pass to be verbal, but a kiss is OK provided one doesn't force it on the woman by grabbing her and preventing her from backing off.   

What Weinstein and Bill Clinton did, where they had power over the woman's jobs and income, is criminal sexual harassment IMHO.  And the Democrats enabled such activity in their defense of Bill Clinton, with Hillary as the lead accuser of the victims.   All the supporters of Bill's behavior show a double standard and should be defending Weinstein if they are to be consistent.  Which is part of the reason Hillary lost.  Their double standard also shows via their support of sexual harassment laws except in Bill's case.

Even if I were the owner of a business and had a strong interest in one of the employees, I wouldn't get involved without them working somewhere else first - it gives a bad impression to the rest of the employees.  On the other hand, as an owner, I wouldn't have a problem hiring my wife if she had the skills for the job.  That's a freedom and perogative of the owner (but not an employee who's also a hiring manager without the agreement of the owner).

tangent's picture

Correction: Waiting until Weinstein was fired and powerless, molester Affleck then goes on the attack and virtue signals against him.

Spaced Out's picture

Hang on a minute, everyone else gets 140 come affleck gets 500?

BTW, he is SUCH. A. SHIT. "ACTOR".

Avichi's picture

What a hypocrites these basturds snowflakes are, Hollywood have short term memory, there darling girl HitLIARry Clitoris was a enabler of all the screwing around by her husband  “Slick "DICK"  Willie” Bill Clinton, Have they forgotten the BLUE DRESS with the scum stains (, These basturd Liberal Progressive Saul AlinskySocialist  ,should STOP throwing STONES on their opponents and "#TRUMP HOUSE" when they know they live in a "#GLASS HOUSE OF CARDS".


Avichi's picture

What a hypocrites these basturds snowflakes and have short term memory in Hollywood, there darling girl HitLIARry Clitoris was a enabler of all the screwing around by her husband Slick "DICK" Wiley Bill CLinton, Have they forgotten the BLUE DRESS with the scum stains?, These basturd Liberal Progressive Saul AlinskySocialist  ,should STOP trhowing STONES on their opponents "#TRUMP HOUSE" when they know they live in a "#GLASS HOUSE OF CARDS".


kumquatsunite's picture

heck, isn't it about time some of these guys, like Affleck, start handing out lists of the women who were willing to sleep with them, hoping to get ahead?

What percent of women in hollywhore would sleep with Affleck given half a chance? 99.9%?


847328_3527's picture
Must Watch Rose McGowan SLAM Ben Assflex LIAR!!!... Over His Faux Outrage

American Dissident's picture

Ben is such a dumbass.

aloha_snakbar's picture

And some people say dogs are of limited intelligence...LOL...Im sure dogs are sitting around saying to each other, WTF is WRONG with these humans ?

hedge4Gain's picture

Ask yourself, why are women the most naked in the room?  It is their  basic instinctual need to have a man protect them and provide food and shelter. They will do anything to attract man to take care of then, it is their hidden need of the  survivor of the fittest need that they fight to deny and as a result some will never understand or learn to control. 

Men need to learn to resist womens temptations, their is nothing more dangerous than a women scorned and the soul of a ballanced Society has a hidden need to protect the weaker sex's need of protection, food, shelter and need to perpetuate Society.

ZIRPY's picture

OK, so what's the over/under on CNN blaming Pokemon Go! for making these women upset?

Refuse-Resist's picture

This the type of world the Semites create. Are you all growing tired of it yet?

No? Then lets have open borders, men in womens bathrooms, harems for rich jews, ponzi schemes, and all us regular white men can just fuck off.

Jewmerica? FUCK YEAH!

Refuse-Resist's picture

The truth is that Trump was right.  Again.

They let you grab them by the pussies if your'e a rich powerful Alpha male.

It's only harassment when they don't find you hawt.

Truth 1. Feminism 0.


Refuse-Resist's picture

Hawt guys know this is true. Basically 80% of the women are having sex with 20% of the men. Thanks to birth control and the rise of matriarchical totalitarianism.

This is what the unleashed cunts wanted and this is what they got. The one man one woman thing that has held up western civilizatoin for a thousand years is being scrapped in favor of a more primitive model, like Arabs. Where the few rich and poweful apex alphas get all the desireable women and the betas are left with their hands, each other, or martrydom.

The truth is that if we want western civilization to survive the women must be put back into the kitchen and removed from positions of empowered 'leadership'.  When put in charge, they ruin everything.

Look at Sweden and Germany for Christ's sake.

Women: don't listen to what they say, watch what they do. The medium IS the messgae.

rex-lacrymarum's picture

The feminization of Western politics threatens to bury what's left of Western civilization, of that there cannot be any doubt. Anyone who exercises his (or her for that matter) braincells without prejudice or preconceived notions will realize this is true. 

On the other hand, this poses an almost intractable dilemma. I strongly believe women should not be deprived of any rights; the fact that they enjoy equal rights is in fact also one of the strengths of Western civilization. Men have in fact no right to declare that women should not enjoy the same rights as they do.   

It seems this is a matter that can only be resolved by education and dialogue - but that dialogue must not be weighed down by the poison of political correctness. We have to be prepared to acknowledge that there are fundamental differences between men and women that are biologically and genetically hardwired - and that therefore, there are things not both genders are good at (there will always be noteworthy exceptions to such "rules" of course - added by way of edit: it has to be possible to accommodate these exceptions). 

LA_Goldbug's picture

"It seems this is a matter that can only be resolved by education and dialogue "

That is happening but not in the way you would want it.

E Michael Jones - Hour 1 - Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation & Political Control

pawn's picture

These people are dillusion wtf twitter this twitter that hard copy comes in curious ways

847328_3527's picture

Libtard Dawg eating Libtard Dawg.



ZIRPY's picture

They're aint't enough popcorn in the world!!! LOL

BouncingCat's picture

all the true stuff is going to come out and some untrue stuff, too.  women have been known to lie about sex to get what they want, too.  That director didn't give you the part?  Accuse him!

passerby's picture

These women are no different than the NSA. They aren't concerned about preventing what you are doing today. They will though gather your life history and use it against you if you piss em off in the future.

ZIRPY's picture

Where I'm from we call that marriage!

qdone's picture

ben POS. long known.

sevensixtwo's picture

How come you never hear the women who liked it say, "I liked it when he didn't do it to me."  How come the man never says, "Well when the other guy did the same thing to you last week at the other movie party and you liked it then so why are you complaining about me doing the same thing?"

Arrest Hillary's picture

These actresses are not helpless waifs .... they've played the game forever .... like any crime .... report it .... while memory of the incident is fresh .... this is fairness for the accused and the accuser ?

CheapBastard's picture
Anthony Bourdain Rips Hillary Clinton For 'Shameful' Response To Weinstein Scandal


Bourdain, whose girlfriend, Asia Argento, claims she was raped by Weinstein in 1997, called Clinton’s interview “shameful in its deflection and its disingenuousness.” Bourdain also suggested that Clinton may have known about Weinstein’s behavior for years before the bombshell reports on him were released last week.

DeadLikeMe's picture

Hollywood stories are a distraction to avoid discussing what really happened in Vegas.

ZeroPointNow's picture

That's far from over.

Weinstein may have been sacrificed to clear the headlines but the internet doesn't forget, and there are autists far and wide comparing earlobes, handwriting, a corporation registered to Paddock, etc. There is active and ongoing forensic analysis of the audio from the incident, looking at caliber, echo, overlapping gunshots, potential locations of operatives, etc. There are people pouring over the transcripts of the police radio from that night, which contain all sorts of interesting reports of activity which doesn't adhere to the narrative they're weaving together. And you've got MGM publicly disagreeing with the LVPD's timeline.

There are thousands of people working on Vegas on message boards heavily monitored by most news outlets and govt. agencies. 

In the meantime, enjoy Hollywood's ongoing implosion.

Bananamerican's picture

shut up and enjoy Hollyweird chewing on itself

sjb's picture

Did he smell his finger afterwards and make a face?  Because that would have been rude.

Joebloinvestor's picture

Kinda puts it all in perspective.

GOOP's new T shirt:

I fucked HW and all I got was an Oscar.







(Oscars are gold plated by the way)

Scuba Steve's picture

Move over Cosmo Kramer ... there is a new Assman in town :)


Catahoula's picture

Ass clown burying his finger up assholes all night . Buttman Ben Afflek! Ayyye

Refuse-Resist's picture

Here's the thing: 2 of them complained and didn't like it.

I'd wager there are a hundred who DID like it and didn't say a damn thing except YES.

Pasadena Phil's picture

Watching the entire Clinton/Obama/Hollywood criminal empire self-destruct en masse and all at once proves that there is a God. I'll bet this takes George Clooney's name off of the list for a POTUS run in 2020. Now when candidates fly into LA to raise campaign money, maybe they will show a little concern about the traffic jams they cause for once. In fact, they better do it at 3am and incog.

gdpetti's picture

Well, this is expected as we enter the 'transition'.... and everything 'opens up'... such as all of this hidden data on events and people.... the net is one example in very limited form of the same process. So, expect much the same but even more so as the floodgates open up... same with all aspects of the Lie... from the propaganda/entertainment industry which like DC or the Church of Rome is very, very well known for this type of abuse, misuse, from a-holes to pedophiles and psychopaths.... they are all members of the same club.... the 'chosen people' of Satan.... look up their pics and see them give the One Eyed Salute or the hand salute to Baphomet/Satan/Lucifer/Devil etc.... they join the club.... many of the 'girls' get the Monarch treatment.... check out their videos on YouTube.... it's been going into rap music in recent years....

It's all gonna come out.... remember when Mel Gibson got ragged on for talking about the Jews in Hollywood? Personally, I didn't understand the big deal as it was all mostly true.... a little drunkeness aside.... it's all well known what's going on... and why some choose to stay out of town.... our of that Cave of Plato's mention.

are we there yet's picture

Really Hollywood is vulgar?
All attractive actresses sell themselves on screen. What do the give away to get to the screen?
Anyway, so gay actors can pretend to be randy men wanting plastic boob women who are pretending to be innocent ?

gespiri's picture


MarketWizard's picture

Between Affleck and Trump they got the grabbing perimeter covered!!! 

any_mouse's picture

"Must step down as Batman"!!! WTF.

Anyway, isn't Affleck gay? This behavior would have been cover to give him cred as a man's man.

Let's step back. Not "blaming victims" here, because actors and actresses will do whatever it takes to be a star, even if they are born into it. Any moral compromises they made led right to Weinstein and promotion.

The dresses at awards shows have become very revealing in a breasts race of mass distraction.

Let 'em hang out and someone wants to touch? Dress like a whore, advertising the merchandise, and be surprised when treated like a whore?

Disney and the child star track? North Hollywood Hills?

Weinstein is not an aberration in the industry.

Fuck these people. MTV? Scum that wiggered America's youth.

bardot63's picture

Sounds like Afflec is a closet muzzie.  He'd do alright in Sweden. 

cejack's picture

Bat Man's porno alter ego "Ass Man" to the rescue.  

messystateofaffairs's picture

Batman, say it ain't so.

Rex Andrus's picture

Flirting has consequences. 

John_Coltrane's picture

Guess a verbal claim of "I like to grab 'em by the pussy" can't match the physical reality of Hollyweird, can it, Hilliary supporters?

If they weren't such virtue signaling hypocrites it wouldn't be so deliciously amusing.

Joebloinvestor's picture

I am waiting for the panic to set in when Harvey's HIV test results are disclosed.

disagreeableness's picture

The "pressed his finger into my crack" bit made me hard as hell. Is that wrong? 

petroglyph's picture

I don't understand how he did that, unless she was nude? What was she wearing that that could  physically work?

This is just another distraction. Wonder what the heck is really going on, that they don't want us to think about?

vaporland's picture

guess you don't play with many shapely women... your loss I guess.

same goes for all you misogynists finding fault with the victims.

think how you guys would feel if you were tightly bound and a gay guy could mess with you any way he wanted - that's what these women have been going through.

clueless is as clueless does....