Young Guns of Gold Podcast – ‘The Everything Bubble’

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 Young Guns of Gold Podcast - 'The Everything Bubble'
- Precious Metal Roundtable discuss gold in 2017 and outlook
- Gold +9.1% year to date; Performing well given Fed raising rates, lack of volatility and surge in stock markets
- "People are expecting too much from gold"

- Economy: Inflation indicators, recession on the horizon, global debt issues
- Global demand: ETF inflows, Russia central bank purchases, Germany investment figures and international coin demand bode well for gold
- "First monetary inflation, then asset inflation, next is price inflation ..."
- Gold bull market resumed; silver should outperform gold

Indicators point to inflation, a recession is on the horizon and the 'Everything Bubble' is the great threat to financial stability - these are the conclusions of the Young Guns of Gold who hosted a Precious Metal Roundtable, this week.

Jan Skoyles from GoldCore and Jordan Eliseo of Australia's ABC Bullion were hosted by Ronald Stoeferle of Incrementum in a reboot of their Young Guns of Gold podcast.

The Young Guns of Gold discussion was broken into three parts:

  1. Gold, Markets and Macro
  2. Gold's Role in a Portfolio, 2017 and beyond
  3. Gold on the international stage
  4. Engagements and buying diamonds : )

Executive Summary

  • High expectations of Trump’s reflationary growth policy dampened the gold price increase in 2016. However, Gold was still up 8.5% in 2016 and is up 10.6% since Jan. 2017.
  • The further development of the normalization of monetary policy in the US is the litmus test for the US economy and it is decisive for how the gold price will develop.
  • If the normalization of monetary policy does not succeed – which we expect so - gold will pick up momentum.
  • Based on the premise that the bull market in gold has resumed, we expect the gold-silver ratio to decline.

In order to listen to and watch the Young Guns of Gold podcast click here.


Gold and Silver Bullion - News and Commentary

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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

11 Oct: USD 1,290.20, GBP 978.62 & EUR 1,091.90 per ounce
10 Oct: USD 1,289.60, GBP 977.77 & EUR 1,094.61 per ounce
09 Oct: USD 1,282.15, GBP 976.23 & EUR 1,092.01 per ounce
06 Oct: USD 1,268.20, GBP 970.43 & EUR 1,083.93 per ounce
05 Oct: USD 1,278.40, GBP 969.28 & EUR 1,086.51 per ounce
04 Oct: USD 1,275.55, GBP 960.87 & EUR 1,085.11 per ounce
03 Oct: USD 1,270.70, GBP 959.00 & EUR 1,081.87 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

11 Oct: USD 17.15, GBP 13.00 & EUR 14.51 per ounce
10 Oct: USD 17.12, GBP 12.98 & EUR 14.53 per ounce
09 Oct: USD 16.92, GBP 12.86 & EUR 14.41 per ounce
06 Oct: USD 16.63, GBP 12.73 & EUR 14.20 per ounce
05 Oct: USD 16.66, GBP 12.64 & EUR 14.19 per ounce
04 Oct: USD 16.83, GBP 12.67 & EUR 14.29 per ounce
03 Oct: USD 16.61, GBP 12.53 & EUR 14.13 per ounce

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Silver Savior's picture

People will continue to dis on gold until they don't. From the day they are born they are suckered into the idea that fiat currency is money. You may want to clobber them like I want to do every day but they can't help it. 

They have not make their personal discovery of what is the true value. I can not fathom not having a stack.

The Real Tony's picture

There will be no normalization of monetary policy but America will end up worst than Japan with zero or negative gorwth for many decades. They can lie all they want but the growth rates will still be flat to negative for decades to come. There will be no inflation only deflation.

Silver Savior's picture

But daily costs keep rising because the dollar is going down in value. I have not yet seen deflation. Don't plan on ever seeing it. The cost of nearly everything is getting worse.

Latitude25's picture

Yeah.  Stuff like a "silver shortage" or goldmoney, your gold ownership with a debit card LOL.

BobEore's picture

|Young Guns| indeed!

Jus what tired metalholders need - a newer generation of gobsmaked |to the moon-real soon| "anal-(c)ysts" who rate a passing bulge of 5 points or so as a "preliminary indication of a new bull market"...

or sumthin like dat!

Because the 'older' generation of said systemically cystic nitwits has started to molder - in a graveyard of ghoulish (mis)predictions of their own making. "Turds" "Roxx" and faux 'insiders' of all descriptions... serial psychopaths who led a generation of investors into a mass extinction event...

as the $POWER laughed and bought up the whole western world with the proceeds of yet another |sure shot| for the lil guy!

Apu: "nickel off expired baby food madam - today only!"
Bullion blowhard: "nickel over spot - today only"!!
nickel over spot! Today only!!

thefinn's picture



Let's just call it what it is... inflation.

Silver Savior's picture

I keep on trying to call it that but not a lot of people will let me. They must have all their wealth in paper assets.