Erdogan Tells US "We Don't Need You"

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Amid the escalating visa and arrest crisis between Ankara and Washington, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan decided to pour some more gasoline on the fire, and said on Thursday that if the U.S. does not accept Turkey the way it is "then we do not need you", and blamed the ongoing diplomatic dispute on a US ambassador "who doesn't know his place."

"We are not a tribal state. We are the state of the Republic of Turkey and you will accept it. If you don’t, then sorry but we do not need you,” Erdogan said quoted by Hurriyet, addressing a meeting of provincial governors in the capital Ankara.

Calling on Washington to “return to reason,” Erdogan repeated his claim that it was U.S. Ambassador to Ankara John Bass who prompted the current crisis. "Let me be very clear, the person who caused this is the ambassador here. It is unacceptable for the United States to sacrifice a strategic partner to an ambassador who doesn't know his place," Erdogan said as quoted by Reuters.

“What a shame if the great United States of America is being governed by an ambassador in Ankara. Because this is the position they are holding. They should have said, ‘You cannot treat my strategic ally this way, you cannot act this way.’ But they couldn't say this," he said, as quoted by Anadolu Agency.

Erdogan’s comments came a day after Ambassador Bass stated that the decision for visa suspension was taken by the U.S. government, which also confirmed that the decision was taken in coordination with the State Department, the White House and the National Security Council. “Our ambassadors tend not to do things unilaterally,” State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said on Oct. 10. Nevertheless, the Turkish president again claimed that it was Bass who prompted the current visa suspension crisis.

Erdogan continued his angry tirade, stating that "the decision taken by the U.S. Consulate and the statements made after it are not related to the truth or reality. A junta within the American bureaucracy that is related to the previous administration aims to sabotage relations between the new administration and Turkey."

In what has become a recurring event, Ankara and Washington are drifting ever deeper into their worst bilateral crisis in years after U.S. Istanbul Consulate official Metin Topuz was arrested last week, prompting the U.S. to announce on Oct. 8 that it has stopped issuing non-immigrant visas in Turkey. In return, Ankara imposed tit-for-tat measures implementing the same measures.

Separately, Erdogan once again criticized Washington’s hesitation to sell arms to Turkey, while instead providing arms to the “terrorist organization”, referring to the Kurds, for free. He also said Ankara will stand behind its decision to mutually suspend visa services with Washington “if the U.S. secretary of state and the president defend the ambassador’s step.”

“Turkey has acted based on the principle of reciprocity, following unjust and non-proportional steps taken against our citizens with the suspension of visa applications. Turkey is never a party that extends a problem,” Erdo?an added.

“Our wish for our interlocutors to return to reason and calm, abandoning steps that would harm our friendship and alliance,” he said.

Erdogan also stated that the detention process of the U.S. consulate officer Topuz “is ongoing within the constitutional framework.”

“The legal process on the individual working at the U.S. Istanbul mission as a local personnel, who is the citizen of our country and does not hold any diplomatic immunity, is ongoing within legal practices, agreements and the Vienna Convention,” he said.

The first US consulate employee arrest took place last week, when Turkish citizen Metin Topuz was detained. The pro-government newspaper Daily Sabah reported that he was accused of “facilitating the escape” of “known Gulenists” from Turkey. Topuz's arrest prompted the US embassy in Turkey to announce it was suspending “all non-immigrant visa services at all US diplomatic facilities,” stating that “recent events” had “forced the United States government to reassess the commitment of the government of Turkey to the security of US mission facilities and personnel...”

There is yet some hope that relations between the two nations will improve. Overnight Bloomberg reported that representatives from U.S. and Turkey will meet in coming days to try and reach a solution to the mutual suspension of visas, Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency says, citing Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag. The deputy PM also said that there is no obstacle to detained U.S. consulate worker’s access to lawyer, and added that Turkey-U.S. ties strong enough to overcome visa crisis.

That said, a few more similar outbursts by Erdogan, and ties between the two nations will be irreperably destroyed.

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UndergroundPost's picture

But we really really need your authoritarian Islamist anti-democratic heavy hand. Why isTurkey in NATO anyway?

knukles's picture

So we get to continue to be a colonial power in Turkey but they gotta get that fucking Turkish Kabob House out of my beloved King's Head in Chigwell.

Looney's picture


I ain’t no Erdogan’s fan, but after the attempted coup, why would he need us?

With “friends” like us, who needs enemies?  ;-)


tmosley's picture

Turkroaches are worth less than nothing. Their place is underfoot, getting squashed.

The_Juggernaut's picture

You got it buddy.  Hope you enjoy an armed Kurdistan!

Seriously, don't the Kurds deserve nukes as much as teh next guy"

Manthong's picture


Shutter Incirlik…

Quit NATO…

Then we can bomb Turkey, too.


The Military/Industrial/Security Complex will love that.


HopefulCynical's picture

Where's a drone when you need one? Fuck this guy. He's taken Turkey from being at least a somewhat modern nation and dragged it back into being an Islamist shithole.

And yeah, I'm fine with an armed Kurdistan. A lot of the Kurds are not only not Muslim, but hate Muslims.

garcam123's picture

The poor Kurds, who I believe to be honorable people, are going to be turned into the next humanitarian crisis  They are being used just like every other US ally in history.  They have to know that they are going to be turned into burnt hamburger if they continue to lay in the bed with the great whore!

Kurds, you're not going to get your state......probably ever, but if your accept the whore into your will surely pay the price.....harken Iraq, Afganistan, Save your people and reject the whore!

They have no love or freedom for you......only death and destruction!

Volkodav's picture

       You know nothing about Kurds


garcam123's picture

and you know????????????

I know they are some bad boys on the battlefield.

I know they want their own state.

I know they are being armed by the great whore Amerika, not MY America by a fucking long shot.

I also know that the entire ME stands against their desire for their own state and know they are goind to be attacked and destroyed by every country around them.

And I know the great whore doesn't giveone flying fuck about them, just bodies of people to hold weapons for their whore paymasters.

Same old same old from the great whores in IsreAmerika!


and you know fucking what Eienstien???????????

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

If this islamist piece of dog shit doesn't need us then we should immediately stop resupplying spare parts for all the expensive weapons systems we sold them.  And throw this backwards shithole out of NATO right the fuck now.

business as stusual's picture

If you think that action through to it's logical conclusion, then you must realise that there will be NO FUTURE ARMS SALES TO TURKEY FROM THE US MIC. From that point forward it will be all China and Russia. Another foot well shot. Does the concept of critical thinking even register with you?

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Oh please, are you saying that arming the middle east has been working out well for the world??

Cundium's picture

From when you cowboys care about the world? But arming the middleeast  has been working very well for your rulers/MIC...

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Obviously there is no critical thinking registered with your brain - the critical, rational decision is to *NOT* ally and sell arms to an emerging Islamist autocrat.

garcam123's picture

The world is starting to see the great Jezabel IsrAmerika is the real whore on the planet and they are turning away from their cheap dog-shit promises to form alliances with countries that possibly have a future if they can dump this broke whore bitch IsrAmerika.

Like most Americans, they probably don't hate Mr. & Mrs. American families like the McDonalds and the Henrys who live on Anywhere St., but boy do they HATE the IsrAmerika government almost as much as common Americans hate those criminal fuckers.......I ain't a god guy, but I pray there is an eternal hell for the likes of this wienstien pig and the shit he runs with and all of the murdeous filthy thieving, scheming political cocksuckers who live off the spoils of the treachery and murder!

Rapunzal's picture

The NWO will turn the US into the villain of the 21st century. Like they turned the Germans into the villains of the 20th century. They need to destroy the US to achieve their one world government and currency.

therealestg9's picture

Not exactly a correct comparison. The "NWO" at the time of the World Wars didn't really exist, it only existed in the form of American/British/French industrial/economic interests. Which were naturally opposed to German and then later Soviet industry.

No, what the NWO are trying to destroy is autonomy, independence, and nationalism. This is true especially in the US, where Trump has been placed in power to make the "nationalists" look bad in the eyes of the dumbed down public. 

But the same forces are at play in other parts of the world too. Anywhere you see people who are united in terms of culture and proudly nationalistic, you'll find the "NWO" there to oppose them- best example is Russia.

Barney Fife's picture

Take a look at all of its brainwashed cheerleaders. You don't think that we deserve the moniker already?

America! Fuck Yeah! Kick in' ass and taking names!

Rapunzal's picture

It's all by design, the American people are not like their foreign policy and politicians. Far from it, the majority understands the injustices. It's the silent majority who is making ends meet. I'm not completely letting them of the hook on the responsibility since they are part of the system. But if you see the money, energy etc. that is used to brainwash them is incredible. For 70 years flourided water, that's unbelievable. The nazis used it in the drinking water of concentration camps. Kept the inmates calm. Since WW2 it was clear the US will be used to consolidate the power of the NWO, but in turn the US will be destroyed. The new system will be born like the Phoenix. Neofeudalism is awaiting the people, who will survive the next depopulation.

Volkodav's picture

      Germans never called themselve nazi


Jein's picture

Kurds are better than this fucking clown. Why are they letting him live

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Programs!  Programs, get you programs!

The wind has shifted this morning so the alliances must change.  That whole region so incredibly effed up.

Scanderbeg's picture

Yep, the Turks are vermin and enemies of the west. They always have been.

Erdogan has single handedly destroyed all the progress Mustafa Kemal made in civilizing that barbaric country.

The US doesn't need good relations with Turkey since the only purpose of it was to point missiles at Russia. Even the Libfags in Europe are horrified by Erdogan and Turkish membership in the EU is dead.

Hopefully one day these filthy animals will be expelled and we can worship in peace at the Hagia Sophia again.

IH8OBAMA's picture

Dickeaters....Opps...I mean dictators have a tendency to make statements with hyperbole.  Just like with Iran and North Korea.


Omen IV's picture

The demise of the relationship with Turkey will go done as Obama biggest failure in 8 years -He has many - but this will completely unravel the ME

The Kurds will not stand - The Kurds are surrounded by those who see the opportunity to get the USA out of the ME for a long long time. Iran / Turkey both armed on the ground powerhouses coupled with Syria / Hezbollah and the glue to hold it all together long tem  - Russia - The Premier diplomats in the world who are beleivable and respected for their word - Not the USA

SA will have no choice but change their posture permanently

The Entire European Continent will sooner or later follow as they realize they are the biggest loser in this debacle - Merkel must go immediately

Rapunzal's picture

Obama was a crook and loser, but he was never responsible for anything. He is just a puppet of the parasitic elites who run the show.

A Sentinel's picture

Do you believe that obama said "oops!" or feels anything other than satisfaction with what he wrought? I think that his guiding principle was always: "what will damage the us, the west and Christendom the most?"

And yeah - I do mean to include Christianity and its geography.

Badsamm's picture

Was it a coup or did he take advantage Turkish history and fake one in order to consolidate power? What aren't we getting from Erdogan, that would make us want to overthrow an allied government? What were the Turkish Generals promising?

If it was a coup, the only thing that seems to make sense is that Israel and the US had decided to give the Kurds a free state and were ready to destabilize Turkey, Iraq, and Iran all at the same time.

The problem with this, I can't see the Turkish military going along with it and giving up a single inch of land to anyone and certainly not the mineral rich Kurdistan.

If Iran is the US and Israel's end game, a free Kurdistan next door would be big problems in Tehran but you would have to deal with Turkey first?

Volkodav's picture

      No Fake

      if you had done any research before post, would know that...


A Sentinel's picture

Every whore fakes it.

Of course it was fake.

Raffie's picture

Thanksgiving without TURKEY is going to such. Oh how could they do that to US?

Muddy1's picture

And we don't need Turkey.  Let's pull out all US personnel, all military personnel, nukes, radar systems, listening posts, etc.  As we go destroy the bases by plugging sewers with concrete, destroy all electrical sources, and in general F the bases up.  Then  leave. 

The Germans have been leaving.

Muddy1's picture

Not at all.  The hell with Turkey, let them rot.

Cundium's picture

The hell with you! Why are you there on first place. Should you fuck off, this would be great reliefe for anyone in the region. So it will not happen.

A Sentinel's picture

Except that it will be a charnel beast, rotten, evil and, unfortunately, much more successful than it had to be.

Muddy1's picture

And while we are at it have some Navy EOD guys wire the buildings for demolition and demolish the bases completely.

Cundium's picture

Thats so tipical for you cowboys - the only thing left when you lieve is shit.

YUNOSELL's picture

We will assimilate you. Resistence is futile.

ScratInTheHat's picture

Putin has a design team already working on the new Constantinople!

RagaMuffin's picture

Location, Location , Loocation    /S

garcam123's picture

Easy question of the day!

Because they are wanton murderious, money hungry pigs just like their paymasters the US/Isreali Organized Criminal enterprise.

Now they are being thrown to the dogs because the Kurds are being wonderously ass-fucked by their new paymasters.

Turkey knows that they are going to have to desteoy the Kurds to get Satan out of the Middle East.  I'll give them 30 days and the SpewS will be out of that airbase and these assholes in Shittington, DC are going to ignite the destruction of mankind.........I at least hope I survive long enough to see Shittington turned to glass.....that would be sweet revenge....somehow

Isn't it sad these motherfuckers can do this.....They should all be impaled and set around the pentagram until the crow pick them clean.  Vlad Dracul had a pretty good justice system!

Ya know what?

I'm ok with it.  This planet has been turned into a 5 gallon bucket sitting on the sidewalk in San Diego full of human shit spreading Hepatitus A.

I'm an old fuck and I've had a great run........

Cash2Riches's picture

The geopolitical landscape continues to become increasingly unstable. The financial elite are attempting to open a rift between nations and more than ever, you need to protect yourself. The United States need to worry about itself first and foremost. Who cares about these countries. Let them rot.

Volkodav's picture

      cos nato wanted expansion east

      or no way would ever happened


DosZap's picture

Need to clear out our stored NUKEs asap.Also remove all military hardware.

Pliskin's picture


Erdogan just owned the U.S!

How about some lovely chocolate cake trump?


HK VP9's picture

Fuck off, goat molester. 

JoeTurner's picture

How many little boys has Erdogan diddled in the past year ?