Live Feed From The Munk Debates: "Is Trump To Blame For The Crisis Of American Democracy?"

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Is Donald Trump precipitating a crisis of American democracy?

For some the answer is an emphatic “yes”. Trump’s disregard for the institutions and political norms of U.S. democracy is imperiling the Republic. The sooner his presidency collapses the sooner the healing can begin and the ship of state righted.

For others Trump is not the villain in this drama. Rather, his young presidency is the conduit, not the cause, of Americans’ deep-seated anger towards a privileged and self-dealing Washington elite. Trump’s disruption of politics as usual is what America needs to start the process of restoring democracy by the people, for the people.

Is Trump the cause or the symptom: that is the topic of today's semi-annual Munk Debates, which start at 7pm ET in Toronto, and where arguing for the resolution will be senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and syndicated columnist with The Washington Post, E.J. Dionne, Jr. He will be joined by Andrew Sullivan, New York magazine editor and blogger.

Speaking against the resolution will be former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich as well as Kimberley Strassel, senior editorial writer and member of the editorial board for the Wall Street Journal.

Rudyard Griffiths, director and moderator of the Munk Debates, says: “The future and fate of American democracy concerns everyone. This debate promises to bring into sharp contrast the critical issues driving a tumultuous moment in American politics."

The Autumn 2017 Munk Debate will move the motion: be it resolved, American democracy is in its worst crisis in a generation and Donald J. Trump is to blame...

The Munk Debates are Canada’s preeminent forum for leading thinkers to discuss the pressing issues of our time. Two debates are held each year in Toronto, one in the spring and one in the autumn. Previous Munk Debate participants include former British prime minister Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger, Christopher Hitchens, Samantha Power, Paul Krugman, Fareed Zakaria, Dambisa Moyo, Mia Farrow, Malcolm Gladwell, Nigel Farage, Simon Schama, Louse Arbour and Glenn Greenwald.

Watch the debate live below (link).

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tmosley's picture

No, the Deep State is to blame. They have held themselves above the law and operated with impunity for so long that now that they are shown the slightest bit of scrutiny, their entire power base falls apart. Witness the Awan brothers and the Pedowood situation.

anarchitect's picture

E.J. Dionne?  I hadn't heard this snotty little weasel's name in quite a while.  Seeing it again just spoiled my day.

covfefe MICdotard's picture

The people who are to blame for the collapse of American Democracy (even though we were never a Democracy in the first place) are deciding who to blame.


Every day it gets weirder

CheapBastard's picture

Soweeto Hussein bin Bama has no comment.

Got The Wrong No's picture

All I know is the two on the left look like they have sucked too many dicks. 


TBT or not TBT's picture

Let's worry about the Republic, which got in this mess by adding too much democracy onto the original design.   Now, as the founders predicted,we havevoted ourselves goodies from the public treasury and it's not merely empty,it's way way less than empty.   

giovanni_f's picture

"Democracy in Crisis". What Democracy?

TBT or not TBT's picture

Republic is the operative word here. 

Rapunzal's picture

The democracy died with Kennedy, since then all presidents have been puppets. A few senators or congress men have been killed as well, but since 15 years you can pretty much say the whole political system is corrupt to the core and voting a farce on federal level.

grasha87's picture

I have begun reviewing books on Austrian Economics and there are many more to come. Here is my latest book review:

Blue Steel 309's picture

Whoever asked that question deserves to get kicked in the vagina for the sheer mendacity.

TheLastTrump's picture

This article precipitated a crisis of confidence in my computer.


Log out, no article. Refresh, no article. Log back in, here's the artcile.


Just for me?

overbet's picture

Trump is a big fuck you to those in politics. A warning shot that your self enriching dealing at the expense of the people is done. You can take the warning and change or continue your ways and Trump will seem like a gift.

CheapBastard's picture

These November elections will be another "eye-opener" to both the retarded far lefties in the DNC as well as the Establishment Repugnican Swamp Creatures imo.


The challengers look strong at this stage.

Feel it Reel it's picture

When did we become a Democracy??? I always thought we were a Republic.....

heavens-door's picture

Never was a Democracy, been a full-on Oligarchy for a long time.

nmewn's picture

"For some the answer is an emphatic “yes”. Trump’s disregard for the institutions and political norms of U.S. democracy is imperiling the Republic."

lol...that sounds like something Ashley Judd might say, wearing a pussyhat ;-)

bigdumbnugly's picture

i have to imagine wearing a pussyhat would make a person say the darndest things...

east of eden's picture

Those 'pussyhats' keep you from freezing, fuck.

Åristotle's picture

Good for you, you chose no pronouns at all. As for democracy or republic, both are a bitch.

nmewn's picture

Well, seeing as how a majority has imposed its will on the minority, I vote for anarchy.

How did I do that time? ;-)

Åristotle's picture

"I" believe you failed regarding pronouns and it seems like anarchy would not require your vote. :-(
...and what if the minority imposed its will on the majority?

nmewn's picture

The ask was how did I do, not if "I" did or didn't and anarchy doesn't require a formal "regulated vote", just simple consensus.

The consensus is the minority is even now imposing its will on the majority, didn't you know you were supposed to choose between multi-millionaire marginal athletes or government subsidized billionaire franchise owners? ;-)

Åristotle's picture

Kinda. How about operating without a will "imposed" upon others at all? Then we don't concern ourselves with it being major, minor, right, or wrong, but just that it is or is not.

nmewn's picture

That would be great, you round up all the anti-soft drinkers, anti-speechers, anti-gunners, anti-free press, anti-history, anti-smokers, anti-boozers, anti-statue, anti-freedom and anti-fags, lay it all for them and then let me know how they feelz about it. 

As for me, I already know how they feelz. 

I really don't care about "them" ;-)

east of eden's picture

Trump is busy destroying all the touch stones. When he has reached his goal, he will let them lose and they will have nothing to relate to.




That's for all you fucks in the bunker.

TBT or not TBT's picture

"Democracy is imperiling the Republic" is exactly goddamned right. 

hotrod's picture

I think it was a Democracy when Thomas Jefferson was President.  Congress and White House sold out long ago

east of eden's picture




TBT or not TBT's picture

It was a Republic back then.  Senators were chosen by state legislatures.  Incidentally, only makes could vote. 

JoeTurner's picture

Balls and testestorone are the only mitigating factor for what omes next 

east of eden's picture

Intelligence and perserverance are the only mitigating factors for what comes next.

P-51 Stiletto's picture

"Crisis of American Democracy"? What crisis? We're a Republic, always have been. The only crisis I see is these assholes who think we're a democracy.

johand inmywallet's picture

And a Constitutional Republic to boot! I cringe every time I hear "its time to restore our Democracy"

Go pick up a history book, asswipes!

The republic died under Lincoln, and was thrown to sea in 1913.


johand inmywallet's picture

I honestly think that the left is afraid, truly afraid of the middle classes right and center awakening and finally seeing WTF is really going on, and then that will be the end of the "democracy" as we take our beloved Republic back. Will it be painful, you bet your ass it will be, worth it, every drop of blood.

redmudhooch's picture

Nothing good comes easy my friend.

It will be tough for a while but we are prepared for that.

Sad that we have let it get this bad.

east of eden's picture

What the FUCK are Americans doing at the Munk debates?

You don't even have the intelligence to tie your own shoes.


Deep Snorkeler's picture


A Used Car Salesman Empire

Headed by a Real Estate Developer

This is not a democracy and you are impotent.

Your thinking vocabulary has been lost.

Your values are pre-programmed.

You cannot return to normal life.


Father ¢hristmas's picture

You can't restore a democracy where none was ever instituted.  This is what the great American cracker fails to realize.

They trudge on with an idiotic effort to "rebuild" a prosperous ethno-state, while failing to understand the impetus of the greatness they want to replicate.

But no matter.  The Sun sets in the West, and rises in the East.  We travel that way.

".223 leave your ass still like a mannequin"

JoeTurner's picture

boomer cucks beign fags

Catahoula's picture

Liberal bias propaganda! Wotthless horseshit!

how_this_stuff_works's picture

Trump isn't to blame for the Crisis Of American Democracy.

Trump is the RESULT of the Crisis of American democracy.

Zapporius's picture

Trump is the symptome of the crisis of american democracy. There hasn't been any actual democracy for decades, if ever. Smoke and Mirrors. It had to give away somewhere and Donald Trump is the proverbial zit on the american ass.