Trump's Afghanistan War Policy (In 1 Simple Chart)

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President Trump’s coalition airpower in Afghanistan continued its annihilation of ‘extremist groups’. Latest figures from Air Force Central Command’s ‘Airpower Summary’ for September showed a 7-year high in airstrikes.

According to the report,

“September marked a record high month for weapons employed in Afghanistan since 2012, with 751 munitions being delivered against Taliban and ISIS –Khorasan targets; a 50 percent jump from August”.

The more active air-war reflects the President’s strategy to target extremist groups that threaten the security of Afghanistan.

Defense One adds, U.S. leaders say there’s more to come. Gen. John Nicholson, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, promised “a tidal wave of air power is on the horizon.”

We suspect, President Trump, Warmonger-in-Chief, has just reignited a trend that the military industrial complex is very satisfied about.

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Muroluvmi's picture

You'd think the left, with all their hatred for chief pussy-grabber, would get their anti-war mojo back. Where the hell are they?

OneStinkyDinky's picture

Quiet on rising civilian casualties

ne-tiger's picture

That's the problem, Trump has too much reliance on his generals. With his childish mentality, soon he might start WW3 with NK.

The_Juggernaut's picture

So far he hasn't come up with any wars of his own, unlike the last several presidents.  They'll come out when he does.

Silver Bullet's picture

They surrendered that position when they embraced Obama and his “good war”. Hard to get it back.

Veracious Poet's picture

The proglodytes' hive mind was TOTALLY blown when Rotten couldn't beat Trump, and they still haven't stopped drugging themselves into a stupor while chanting Russia, Russia, RUSSIA!!!


I'm sure ODs are WAY up in the blue states...


~Trump-Rand 2020~

johnnycanuck's picture

A person could write an essay on that topic but first you would have to define what you mean by the 'left' and which 'left'?  The Vietnam war era left, or the Iraq war era left?

Did the anti war effort come only from the left or was it the left and some decent journalists who started it and woke up the un-left?  Take the Trumplanders hereabouts for example, one could hardly call them 'left' but generally speaking they sure don't have much interest in more regime change actions and chaos brought about by extreme militaristic adventurism.

The problem with applying the 'left' tag is that it immediately makes the right winghers get their backs up and their minds close like a steel trap.  As example mention Occupy Wall St. and see the reaction you get? It of course was quickly branded as a bunch of no account dirty hippie leftists, by the usual suspects who have a vested interest in protecting the system of which the war machine is an integral part.


HardAssets's picture

The 60s anti-war left was based on them (or someone in their family) heading off to Vietnam. Once the draft ended, many old hippies no longer gave a damn. And many of them are war hawks when the personal cost to them is zero.

johnnycanuck's picture

Indeed it was more personal for many during the Vietnam era, thus differs from the Iraq war period and why I made the distinction.  What became of those people and their thinking however is speculative. Clearly the majority were 'assimilated' and with that can come a change in views.  But how many were totally brought into the neocon/lib fold is what no one can answer.  There was also a large percentage whose views were set during that time and never changed that much, and as time went on and  Afghanistan and Iraq news came along, their views were validated.

Then Obie and Hillary with their betrayals sent a spear through the heart of many of them and that explains to a degree why there is a lack of coordinated effort to resist what is currently taking place.  When an opportunity did present itself in the form of an old outlier candidate who rekindled their passions, the corrupt Democrat Party's election machine slammed the door on them.  The rest is History now and the result is ReALitY TVee guy sucking up all the oxygen in the room and converting it into copious amounts of fetid hot air.

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Afghanistan is one of the CIA's major drug production areas. They wouldn't want any of the locals messing around with that part of the business. It's good to have all that tech against the local tribes. If Bannon hadn't been binned, Trump might've got to know the truth.

onthedeschutes's picture

Can we get an overlay of that chart showing poppy production?

venturen's picture

can you get bombed back beyond the stone age?

chunga's picture

I feel like belting out a rousing national anthem. Yeah.

khnum's picture

and its 1,2,3,4

what are we fighting for

I dont give a damn

Im off to Afghanistan.

Join the army travel the world meet lots of interesting people...and kill them

Herdee's picture

CIA needs that heroin production. Inner government needs moula.

Deep Snorkeler's picture

This is sooo Vietnam.

We continue on the slope slide

atop the crash-toboggan of national failure.

topspinslicer's picture

It's our freedom at stake here people!!!!

Setarcos's picture

What's said about doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results?

Let's see:  1) 1950-3.  Bombed the crap out of N Korea and brought it into the Washington fold?  No.

                2) 1955-75.  Bombed the crap out of N Vietnam and ... Oh well.

                3) 1991.  Started war against Iraq ... ongoing.

                4) 2001.  Started war against Afghanistan ... ongoing.

                5) 1776.  Began 241 years of almost continuous war ... result uncertain, but empires tend to expire in about that time frame.

                6) 1946.  Began series of minor wars, such as in Central and S America.  Overall fail, but most lately in Syria and Libya, definite fail.

Go Emperor Trumpigula.  It's different this time, the Romans never had a genius like you, nor such a competent Senate.

khnum's picture

Well actually the Romans did Nero's last words were Qualis artifex pereo which roughly means what a great artist the world loses with my death.

Sliced into ribbons's picture

More bombs. Why didn't anyone else think of that?

gmj's picture

Are we up to $1 billion per dead jihadi yet?

Gatto's picture

America first!  But right after Afghanistan, and some other places I can't pronounce!

FlKeysFisherman's picture

Is this good or bad for heroin prices?