Twitter Suspends Account Of Weinstein Accuser Rose McGowan Prompting Calls For Boycott

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Update (11:30 am ET): The public has predictably exploded with outrage following Twitter's bizarre decision to freeze the account of actress Rose McGowan after she accused Ben Affleck of lying after he expressed remorse for groping a young actress live on MTV in 2003, and now a growing number of users are trying to organize a women's boycott of the social media service in response. Several Twitter users have pointed out the company's policies don't seem to be fairly enforced across all users. Others have called on the service to retore McGowan's account






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In a move tha may to trigger an outpouring of rage from the company's Silicon Valley milieu, Twitter has frozen some features of Rose McGowan's account after she tweeted "You Lie" at Ben Affleck following the latter's apology for groping actress Hilarie Burton during an appearance on "TRL" in 2003.

The actress, who is at the center of the storm of sexual misconduct allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein, took to her Instagram and Facebook accounts to relay the news of her suspension, writing cryptically that: “TWITTER HAS SUSPENDED ME. THERE ARE POWERFUL FORCES AT WORK. BE MY VOICE. #ROSEARMY.”

She added a screenshot from a message from Twitter telling her that she had violated their terms of service and she would be locked out for 12 hours.

Since the bombshell sexual harassment, assault and rape allegations about Weinstein were reported by the New York Times and The New Yorker, McGowan has excoriated Weinstein and others, like Affleck, whom she believes knew about Weinstein's disgraceful behavior but did nothing to stop it or hold Weinstein accountable. The NYT reported in its original expose that McGowan reached a $100,000 settlement with Weinstein after an encounter in a hotel room at the Sundance Film Festival in 1997.

Previously, Twitter has mostly reserved suspensions and bans like this for conservative journalists and commentators. But the company's motive in its decision to crack down on a famous actress speaking out about sexual abuse is not known. Representatives for the company have not yet commentated on McGowan's suspension.

Meanwhile, the FBI is reportedly investigating Weinstein - who recently landed in Europe for rehab - amid fears that he may be planning a Roman Polanski-style evasion of charges by fleeing to Europe. 

Separately, evidence of Affleck's hypocrisy has proliferated online...

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This makes me wonder if this is a lot bigger than what we're seeing. Pizza?

What really up with Hillary and this Weinstein guy....

Ashton Kutcher, sex trafficking.....

I think there was something to the covfefe tweet, remember it set Hillary off? She said people that live in glass houses shouldn't.

We shall see....

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Watch this video of Affleck if you want to puke.  At 4:00 he makes fun of the handicapped.  Oh the hypocracy....

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Rose is smokey! Imina grab her by the pussy

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twitter symbol is a dick hidden in plain sight just to let you know they are fucking with you....

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I'll bets li'l Rosey grabbed some pussies in her heyday

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When Ms.McGowan talks about "POWERFUL FORCES" - Follow the Money, Follow the "USUAL SUSPECT". 


Will FBI ever find out "WHO" were the "POWERFUL FORCES", protecting the "THE BUNDLER" and the "HOLLYWOOD ELITES PEDOPHILES"?

Will FBI ever find out "WHO" has the "NUBILE PHONE BOOK"?

ExcapedPOI's picture

Simple answer: No, they never will.

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If the social media apps are going to stifel free speech then every American should download brave browser or ublock organ and destroy their advertising tracking business model.

If you are going to use social media, then run it out of brave browser. It will by default block advertising and tracking.

Time to render these business models useless.  Brave works on any device or operating system.

If you are the product and the social media apps are selling your information then you need to get paid.

Get everybody you know to destroy the digital advertising model.



Avichi's picture

Paging "George Clooney" ...Paging "George Clooney" - "THE BUNDLER"

GRDguy's picture

In the 70s, we had Roman Polanski.

Nothing new under the sun.

GoyimUprising's picture

We also had Charles Manson

GoyimUprising's picture

Love to see the elite cannibalize each other.

Solio's picture

The slime on the bottom gets protection from the slime at the top.

Avichi's picture


SuperRay's picture

Your mixed metaphor just triggered me! I'm gonna sue

Dg4884's picture

I am eating popcorn while these utopian stooges eat each other.  This is good tee vee.

kidinwyoming's picture

Let's get the Hollyweird ball rolling!  Paging Corey Feldman.  Feldman?  Feldman?

jet20's picture

His alleged guilt notwithstanding, but there's a huge hypocrisy here that gets steamrollered to feed the all-too-cozy "Men are criminals, women are victims" narrative: almost all of these women did NOT speak out at the time of this happening, and they did not speak out because it would have affected their future careers. They do speak out now because Weinstein has been sacrificed by Hollywood and cannot harm them anymore anyway, even if they didn't already have steady careers. All these women, however, did have a choice at the time: which is to suck up (quite literally) and get a career or to stand up to the sleaze and face the consequences of a harder path to fame and money. They chose the easy way out, and for that they should not be victimized. It takes two on the (now not so proverbial) casting couch to do the nasty, and they made their choice!

Anunnaki's picture

The Italian actress spoke out enough to call the cops who of course did nothing against a Chosenite Elite

Blankenstein's picture

Yeah.  The same "model" who had been to Berlusconi's bunga bunga parties and previously had a 70 year old boyfriend. 

Avichi's picture

Zoom Out and look at the BIG PICTURE- There is a media-war going on 

FarceBook- Tweet-Tweet- MSM-Hollywood,


EastCoast Clan Vs.WestCoast Clan

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As soon as the election was over Twitter & Facebook decided they needed to clamp down on "fake news" on their sites.


Besides banning the drivel posted by a lot of so called alt-right racist jackasses you find here, they also mowed a swath right through conservatives of every stripe.


Google will keep you from seeing anything that harms leftists chances of sneaking into an elected position.


This is all about the 2018 election.


Come on election fraud commission, get some.

Honest Sam's picture

Don't know about my freres who are 'so called alt-right...etc", but the nugget here is the 2018 election.  Full court press hasn't let up since November and will continue thru out the next year and a half and if the other Incumbent party doesn't take back the majority in 2018, they will triple down. 

Much ado about nothing except some big donors who Trump is attempting to oust from power. And they don't much like it.  

Mass media is sold on the fact that it is THEY who determine what people will think, who they will vote for, and what politicians will be subject to their lies, fakery, and propaganda.

Only a defeat in 2018 of the nominal democrats, (republicans don't deserve a win, but it might wake up the media to......nevermind I was just hallucinating......

TheLastTrump's picture

Good post.


I think if the left gets its head smacked again in 2018 we'll have lots more baseball shooter type nutters who have abandoned all hope of getting Trump impeached.


Kamala Harris just simply doesn't resonate enough to recapture the flag. Grim prospects for liberals are grim prospects for all as they act out.

Anunnaki's picture

Good to see Affleck exposed as a hypocritical douchebag

Sizzurp's picture

The holier than thou leftists are tearing each other apart.

Anunnaki's picture

As a recovering Lefitst, this gives me double pleasure. LIke groping a tit and a vag a la Harvey

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The 2018 Academy Awards ceremony will be a real hoot!

Maybe it should be renamed, The Predators' Ball.

Will the Hollywood elite will be preening themselves in front of the TV cameras or hanging their heads in shame as they give each other awards for shitty, overpriced movies.

sunshine_units's picture

Maybe the real action will come from the process servers standing nearby with docs to hand out as they await their chance to say "You've been served" as each star walks down that red carpet.

Pass the salt, please.  

Rex Andrus's picture

If Hillary won you'd all be castrated already, boys.

TRUMP 2020 Ow My Balls 

Koba the Dread's picture

"commentated"? Did the writer of this article really mean to use the word "commentated"? Jeez! Why do you go to how-to-write-the-English-language school? "Commentated"?

The word is "commented". Those who comment are commenters. Those who are whores of commenting are pejoratively called "commentators". It's a bridge to far to say that whoring commenters who might be called commentators in fact commentated. Surely they commented. Just as surely, they lied for their supper.

rwmctrofholz's picture

Yet it was close enough that you were still able to comprehend it's meaning?

I'll await your follow up post where you comment/commentate on the actual point of the article. 

Reality_checkers's picture

Most ZH commentators never comment on the actual point of an article. They prefer to discuss ex and non presidents like Obama and Hillary, having been misdirected there by the Orange Genius. It's much easier than looking at the truth.

TheLastTrump's picture

2/3 of the political comments on ZH are leftists, faux libertarians & paid disinfo agents bashing Trump.



The other 1/3 are my comments. :)

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That would be a bridge to far.

Honest Sam's picture

"It's a bridge TOO far...", too.

N'est-ce pas?

Rip van Wrinkle's picture

When becoming a grammar Nazi make sure you don't make an error!!


'...too far...'

Nightjar's picture

"In a move tha may to trigger"   zerohedge now also available in pidgin

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You always want to speak to the lowest common denominator on your web site, if you enjoy the cash generated by clicks & comments.



What's the takeaway? You're surrounded by retards.

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Its so funny seeing children play with their toys... so cute.... Rose used to be cute in Scream but now she is scary. #Whogivesashitaboutyourhastag

Gamma735's picture

Tool said it best in a song.



Here in this hopeless fucking hole we call L.A.
The only way to fix it is to flush it all away.
Any fucking time. Any fucking day.
Learn to swim, I'll see you down in Arizona Bay. -Tool, "Ænema"

pawn's picture

Your gossip. Who gives a flyin fuck about harvey weinsten. Move on jfc where's marla?

TheLastTrump's picture

Lefty's aren't happy squirming in the spotlight of their own self righteous indignation.


It's supposed to happen to the other guy.

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We are constantly psychologically conditioned(programmed) that females are as strong, tough, robust and capable of standing up for and defending themselves as any male, so what is with all the snowflake whining and kvetching?!

Sweden: Feminists Say "Please Don't Protect Us If We Get Raped By Immigrants"

TheLastTrump's picture

OK, but is it alright if we watch?

headless blogger's picture

Red Ice goes too far to extremes to the right. An especially deviant nutcase is "Lana". These people ARE white supremacists and they damage whites almost as badly as the extremist Leftists, and especially degrade many women, who they should be appealing to. The article you refer to is trash, because it starts dividing white women up into classifications of "rapable or non-rapable". Look, all women are being targeted by the extreme Islamic factions; looks has nothing to do with it.

Dratpmurt's picture

It turns out Harvey has switched to the republican party so his crimes can be forgiven just like trumps pussy grabbing was forgiven. Party affiliation matters.

StevieTexie's picture

I believe you have that backwards.