Record High Stocks, Record Low VIX But Bitcoin, Bonds, & Bullion Bid

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Buy it all... On the week - Stocks are up, Treasury Bonds are up, Corporate Bonds are up, Gold is up, Bitcoin is up, and WTI Crude is up...


Before we get started - consider the following...


And perhaps this will help explain last week's action compared to this week's? Everything reversed trend when China got back from holiday...


Small Caps ended the week red - the first drop in 6 weeks - as Trannies outperformed (just eedging the Dow on the week), but the rest of the market traded in a very narrow range this week...


In fact, it appears Russell 2000 has died. After surging 12% higher in the preior month in a seemingly unstoppable surge, it has gone nowhere for 10 days straight - 1509, 1511, 1508, 1512, 1510, 1504, 1508, 1507, 1505... 1505.

This move in Small Caps looks very similar to the surge of the election which then did nothing for 9 months...


S&P saw a change of regime in the last two days with selling in the last 30 mins...


With VIX back at record lows, FX and Rates vol remains elevated - though fell this week...


And while Russell traders are hedging, so are Nasdaq traders.. as it soars to record highs, the inverse QQQ ETF (QID) has seen options interest soar...

(with more than five calls - bearish Nasdaq - outstanding for each put - bullish Nasdaq)

Despite the record highs in the major indices, Trump tax hope has collapsed back to post-election lows...


Bank stocks suffered on the week after 'sell the news' earnings...


And traders have rotated back to FANG stocks - sending then to record highs... (up for the 5th week in a row)...


Treasury yields tumbled on the week...


With a massive flattening in the curve...


The Dollar Index fell the most in 6 weeks this week led by Cable strength...


Bitcoin is perhaps the week's biggest headline-grabber - soaring over 32% - the biggest week since Dec 2013...


And Jamie Dimon has had a tough run of it...


Gold rose back above $1300 today, having its best week (and first positive week) in the last 5 weeks. Silver jumped over 3% on the week - the most in 6 weeks...


WTI/RBOB rallied on the week amid hope-strewn OPEC chatter...


Finally, you are here...

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Global Markets: Never before has price ascension been this uni-directional with volatility this compressed and flatlined. There has always never been this much central bank intervention. There is no market history for this to continue.

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reset & ADDED TO, EWV, My biggest short japan, Didn't end after last night's manip




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well, nothing says new “all time record highs” (of course on another “Happy Ending Friday" no less???) on the Dow Jones Propaganda Index, S&Piss and Nascrap like the current ZioPet Donald Chump and his obedient ZioPuppet deep state handlers attempting to antagonize another nation that has never done shit to the "exceptional” BANKRUPT nation…

lets review the list shall we?










North Korea??

lets c, did i leave anyone out???

oh yeah…

The non-existent U.S. middle class and the rest of Ameridumb, especially those Ameridumb’s who “voted” for the narcissistic boy who keeps "crying wolf”, and to whom it should be clear by now intends to shove the MoneyChangers shadow government dick all the way  up ur asses??

ahh, and that part in his speech were he professed his deep affinity for the Iranian people and their children brought tears to my eyes - how bought you???

“making Ameridumb Great Again” with each passing day, wouldn’t u say???






........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')


...........\.............. _.·´







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some days u just cant let pass...


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"lets c, did i leave anyone out???"

Afghanistan.  They dindu nuffins.

D.r. Funk's picture

As a trumper, tptb merely pulling the indexes higher (into higher and higher vulnerability, which ameridumb continue to fail to process about perpetually rising stocks) into a moment of their "affording". Over him over mr 45

Yes they could have let the implosion run Nov. 9 but it probably didn't have the optimal assigned-blame lineups, since then only 5000 manufactured dow overstretched overbloated overbleeding higher.

Intraday patterns still show master subroutine programs. "Nice" bs additional artificial leg following Hurricane irma. 100% contrived, important to middle finger their faces that some of us know


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Goldmoney stock very active this week

symbol XAU on the toronto stock exchange

All time high volume (daily)

52 week highs

accepting 16 new payment methods in various countries

now accepting storage fees for warehousing bitcoin

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Good dusting off of Occam's Razor the other day


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People have learned that as long as nobody sells they all stay  super rich.

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People, what people, there are no people, only machines.

Rainman's picture

'Lockup ETF ' should be a teevee show

BlueHorseShoeLovesDT's picture

Gotta love the jam it back up ES move after the close on a Friday.

Treasury Secretary Mucus must have given Old Yeller a Call.

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Of all the Brooklyn-accented phrases we’re forced to endure from Janet Yellen, the one that most offends my Midwest sensibilities is the way she says “…our two-percent objective,” which sounds like it’s bleated out by a cartoon hippo raised in the back-alley of some NY borough while chomping on a few pages of a dampened Keynes paperback that conveniently fell from the back of a garbage truck into a medium-sized puddle.

Or perhaps closer to the nagging of a platinum blonde, B-movie moll who cajoles her bank robber boyfriend in the third reel of a 1940s film noir to head back into the Second National lobby with another empty potato sack:  “You gotta meet my two-percent objective, you big oaf!”

After today’s CPI reading, fraternity drinking games keying on that phrase will need to have University medical professionals specializing in alcohol poisoning on call …

BlueHorseShoeLovesDT's picture

Hope you had a good one KCS, I closed a short on MYL first thing for a nice chunk of change and took the rest of the day off.

Keltner Channel Surf's picture

Nice, didn't do much today, more post-open horizontal statis in the indices.  Mid-day volumes again running at 1/3 normal, amazing for Oct.

D.r. Funk's picture

Won't be a typical friday when your nonchalant-triviality flips to downturn devastation

"Oh" "Just another friday" "Yeah" "Brainwashed public no big deal"

D.r. Funk's picture

Drift-negation subroutine applied at 1130, Matching red-green pair candles that started 4ish years ago, And there's no master algo setup running lol?

Keltner Channel Surf's picture

It's called the 'European Close', tin-foil troll.  Been going on for years, but is a little known 'secret' -- don't tell anyone.

Nearly all 'conspiracies' stem from basic ignorance (more on this later).  Copernicus never assumed a god of fire was racing a chariot across the sky every day, because he was: a) intelligent;  b) put in many years of study.  Going forward, after your Burger King shift ends and the chores your mom makes you do are over, do a bit of reading before posting.

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Schlongwave picks it again.

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ZH should put this up as an article

Fucking old cunt Barbara Walters covering for hollywood pedos

covfefe MICdotard's picture

Baba Wawa is covering up 4 the tribe




Barbara Walters was born in 1929[sources 1] (although Walters herself has claimed 1931 in an on-camera interview)[28] in Boston to Dena (née Seletsky) and Louis "Lou" Walters (born Louis Abrahams).[29][30] Her parents were both Jewish,[31] and descendants of refugees from the former Russian Empire.[32] Walters' paternal grandfather, Isaac Abrahams, was born in ?ód?, Poland, and emigrated to the United Kingdom, changing his name to Abraham Walters (the original family surname was Waremwasser).[33]

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if the option plyers are usually wrong, up we go!!!

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Just remember.  No crisis in your lifetime.  The frogs are starting to boil though.

brushhog's picture

By-God, they bid beyond basic boundries. One wonders if this is beneficial or the beginning of a blatantly bad blow-up!

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Might be the last time they drag out the chart comparing now to 1987.  When the current market continues to climb they won't have any use for it.

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Wish Jamie would not talk about gold the way he doesn't talk about bitcoin!

debtor of last resort's picture

The Yellen cunt did put my chips on black, the croupier gave me a wink, and sdbullion was sad they lost another ounce.

That's life bitchez.

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So how do I know that the entire bitcoin rally isn't the result of 2 North Koreans trading the same 10-lot back and forth with each other? You could make the price be anything. Ramp all of bitcoin up $1000 with only $100 cost.

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I got BTC at under 500...

Lots of it...

I love all the bitches wear pantyhose for me now.

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I trust investing in Ripple a lot more than I do Bitcoin. Wouldn't you all just shit if XRP took most of bitcoins market cap? I'm putting my money on XRP.