Retired Green Beret Fears North Korea Is On "Death Ground" - No Recourse But To Fight Or Die

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Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces) via,

Fox News reported this on October 11, 2017, in the article North Korea says Trump ‘Lit the Wick of War,’ vows a hail of fire:

On Wednesday, the U.S. and South Korea flew two strategic bombers over the Korean peninsula in a joint military exercise — another show of force against Pyongyang amid the mounting tensions. The bombers also conducted firing exercises over the East Sea and Yellow Sea, according to the BBC. Japan’s air force also joined the drill.  This is the second time since Trump’s fiery U.N. General Assembly speech that North Korea vocally accused the U.S. of declaring war on its country. Trump lambasted “little rocket man” Kim Jong Un for going on a “suicide mission for himself and his regime” in the speech last month. He vowed to “totally destroy” the country if it did not halt its nuclear program.”

Additionally, this information was released in the article North Korea Hackers Reportedly Stole US, South Korea War Plans, by Fox News on October 10, 2017:

“A plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un and preparations for a potential nuclear showdown with North Korea were among the trove of South Korean military documents reportedly stolen by Hermit Kingdom hackers.  South Korea’s Defense Ministry did not comment on the alleged hack, which reportedly occurred in September 2016 but was only revealed Tuesday. Rhee Cheol-hee, a lawmaker in South Korea, confirmed the data breach to the BBC. The hack consisted of 235 gigabytes of military documents and about 80 percent of what was stolen hasn’t been identified.


Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Rob Manning told reporters on Tuesday: “I can assure you that we are confident in the security of our operations plans and our ability to deal with any threat from North Korea.”  Manning would not confirm the hack.  Pyongyang is suspected of having expert hackers attack South Korean government websites and facilities for years. North Korea has accused its neighbor of “fabricating” the claims, the BBC reported.”

There was also an incident pursuant to the UN sanctions (initiated by the US) on North Korea, as reported by Reuters on October 11:

“The United Nations Security Council has banned four ships from ports globally for carrying coal from North Korea, including one vessel that also had ammunition, but the United States postponed a bid to blacklist four others pending further investigation.  The vessels are the first to be designated under stepped-up sanctions imposed on North Korea by the 15-member council in August and September over Pyongyang’s sixth and largest nuclear test and two long-range ballistic missile launches.  The Security Council North Korea sanctions committee, which operates by consensus, agreed at the request of the United States, to blacklist the ships on Oct. 3 for “transporting prohibited items from the DPRK” (North Korea), according to documents seen by Reuters on Tuesday.”

As mentioned in the articles, the U.S. just flew (and has been flying) bomber missions…ostensibly for “combat readiness,” but realistically to torment North Korea.  Along with the hacked into battle plans, it has been reported that an assassination plan against Kim Jong Un was also among the plans.  Now the UN (at the request of the U.S.) is interfering with North Korea’s ability to ship materials abroad.

The U.S. is rapidly approaching the point of placing North Korea on the “Death Ground,” characterized in Sun Tzu’s “Art of War.”  This “Death Ground” is an untenable position where an enemy has no recourse but to fight or die, as honorable withdrawal is not permitted.

We have a president who is not acting in the manner of a statesman with the name-calling and insults…actions that are unbecoming for a man who is the Commander-in-Chief and leader of the United States of America.  Diplomatic channels are not being properly pursued.  China and Russia have each stated that North Korea will not back down, and that diplomacy needs to be placed in clearer focus and sought after.

The United States is deliberately trying to goad North Korea into taking an action (not necessarily an attack) that will justify a response in force.  Un knows what happened to Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Muhammar Khaddaffi…two nations that did not have nuclear weapons.  The North Koreans know that to disarm is to capitulate.  They also know that the U.S. will not strike first without irradiating South Korea, China, or Russia, and such will elicit repercussions from China and Russia.

North Korea does have the capability to strike the United States, and the United States is backing it into a corner with provocative actions militarily and unstatesmanlike banter that does not befit or dignify representatives of the country.  North Korea has been backing up into a corner for some time.  There will come a point when it can back up no longer, and will be forced to come out swinging.  It is undoubtedly all part of a larger plan.  The cost, however, will not be borne by the politicians, but by the civilian populations.  The price remains to be seen.

The next world war will be initiated by an EMP device detonated over the continental United States, followed by a nuclear exchange and fighting with conventional forces.

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It helps explain why so many are running to park their cash in globally decentralized BTC, rather than in CB-manipulated PM or FX currencies.

If I were a SK, I'd buy BTC -- in case I'd have to high-tail it out of SK and get at my money abroad.  Can't trust SWIFT and BIS.

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Thank God anonymous "retired green berets" can tell us what to think. Not like we don't already get a heavy dose of it from the "authoritahs", and Their "anonymous sources".

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Doom Porn on Friday the 13th.


I think I'll go sit under a ladder in front of a parade of black cats and open an umbrella to read this one.

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not the "retired green beret" again.

Fucks sake "Mac Slavo" was tiresome in the 80's how much the fuck airtime does one doomer get........

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I gotta agree.  I have no idea what North Korea said, only what someone said they said.  Enough said. 

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This guy is an over religious wacko.  He was on TV after the Houston hurricaine with some other nonsense.  He must get paid to write this over hyped blabber.


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"Diplomatic channels are not being properly pursued."

How the fuck would this clown know what was happening in diplomatic channels? He has no access.

I might as well watch CNN for the "facts."

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HockeyFool: "Diplomatic channels are not being properly pursued."

You’re distorting what was written. Here’s the full quote:

Diplomatic channels are not being properly pursued.  China and Russia have each stated that North Korea will not back down, and that diplomacy needs to be placed in clearer focus and sought after. 


Anyway, here’s the bottom line, if history is any guide:

US deep state needs a war in Europe and Asia so Americans can survive past post collapse.

US deep state don’t care if a trillion people die in Asia. US deep state would welcome this news.

Why that the deep state think that?

The answer is with this left winger jingoist:

“When I asked Pentagon officials about the nature of war in the twenty-first century, the answer I frequently got was: Read Martin van Creveld of Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Not because these top brass are enamored of this historian or not because his writing justify their existence but, rather, the opposite: Van Creveld warns them that huge state military machines like Pentagon’s are dinosaurs about to go extinct, and that something far more terrible awaits us” — The Coming Anarchy, by Robert Kaplan



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Engdahl says Kim Jong Un is false opposition.

Engdahl says that Kim Jong Un lived in Switzerland from 1991 until 2000. He attended the Liebefeld Steinhölzli school in Köniz near Bern. The strongest hint that Kim Jong Un is a "Pentagon" puppet and not a communist (Chinese) puppet is that he had China's best friend in Pyongyang, Jang Sung-taek, executed. He also ordered the systematic execution of all other members of Jang's family including children and grandchildren (and others that were considered too close to China).

Other hints are that he is usefully (to the US) provocative and doesn't seem to listen to China.

Engdahl also thinks North Korea is an Pentagon Vassal State, but it seems more likely that Kim Jong Un is indeed a "Pentagon" man but that North Korea is (i.e., will be treated as) an enemy state.

Remember: The first rule for fighting a (real) war is to place your own puppet as the leader of the enemy.

Also, one should not forget that Trump, Obama, Bush and Clinton are all Jews.

And as an example of how real wars are fought,....

Proof that Adolf Hitler was a double agent.

It seems pretty weird when you first read it, but its clearly true.

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Sorry folks, Green Berets, especially retired ones, do not get sufficient information to have an opinion.  They are field operators who follow orders.  Unfortunately stating that fact may ruffle some feathers but that's how it is. 

You want to know what will or won't happen, watch what the deep-state psychos have to say, then apply the correct filters to get the truth.

Hans-Zandvliet's picture

Oh no! Not that slack jack again, who sees jews behind every curtain and corner!

Give us a break man, you're soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring!!!

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slack jack, it seems to me, is committing the same mistake that most orthodoxies conservatives and liberals do: Abuse of the abused facts.

Let me see if I can summarize it in as few words as possible.

Capitalism is run by a money power pyramid. The top of this pyramid can only survive is there’s enough resources, especially crude oil.

On the top of this pyramid there are two factions: Liberal Capitalists and the Conservatives Fascists. Hitler and Trump fit on the conservative side and the Jews on the liberal side. Both factions are opportunists. Both factions are pro-usury. And both factions are capitalist, meaning anything for a profit, even killing.

Morally speaking both are very alike, the difference is that the conservatives are less sophisticated, meaning more cruel. But the end result is the same as in a religion believe: The fact is what we tell you to believe. The reality is that we’ll abuse these facts for our gains.

What the bottom of that pyramid is supposed to believe is the fact that we tell you.  



DeadFred's picture

If there is any sanity in this situation it is that Trump is trying to force a coup d'etat. Once on deadly ground Kim can't retreat but his generals can. Trump is (may be) trying to force that position. Either that or he is bat shit crazy, time will tell.

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Slave Isaura (you write much like Surf on Pedro Doria's old blog):
I think this time you're wrong ...
Russians are Slavs (and I have this in my blood, genetics are genetic and do not change).
IsraHell will be the first target in any US-Russia conflict, believe me!
That mound of dripped sand will turn glass ...
Slavic does not like to fight away from home and, moreover, will have the whole Mediterranean in hand fucking IsraHell.
Then they will deal with the East and West sides of the US (the West Coast will probably be China that will fix it) ...
I say and I repeat:
The first "fart" that Trump gives against North Korea, and you will see some extremely precise weapons creating coral banks with well-fertilized pacific airplanes with approximately 4,500 bodies ...
This precision will come from the North Korean Territory but, you may believe, it will be Russian and Chinese weapons in the parade ...
It will be very similar to what happened in Dombass (Ukraine) ...
I hope it is wrong but, if it is right, you, me, everyone here will have a few years of life even with iodine pills.

Escrava Isaura's picture

There won’t be no war in North Korea if the dollar is a main player in the Southeast Asia. I think they will find a compromise.

Russia main concern during a war is Germany invasion. If I remember my history correctly, didn’t the Germans killed about 20 percent of the Polish population? And about 40 percent of the Russian population?

Anyway, the problem for Russia 10 years from now will be the Chineses on their boarders, because Russia will have some oil left while the Chineses will have none.

Also, never being to Pedro Doria’s. Actually, this is the first time that I heard of it.


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"Fucks sake "Mac Slavo" was tiresome in the 80's how much the fuck airtime does one doomer get........"

Unlimited at ZH, as dupeclick increases ad revenue.

1777's picture

Jeremiah Johnson ROCKS, man!!

Croesus's picture

I don't necessarily disagree with him, but I absolutely despise the notion that these headlines serve up:

"I served in the green berets, and therefore have automatic credibility. You can trust whatever I say".

You know what, guy? I'm a self-made man, in possession of a rare commodity called "Common Sense". Here's something you can trust:

When Anybody tells you something, pick it apart. Be skeptical, whether it's the phoney-bologna gov's, or the "anonymous, retired green berets" doing the talking.

"The End is Nigh" is the World's Longest Running Meme, followed by "Jesus will return, and THEN you'll be sorry, unless you send a donation in, pronto".

99.9999% of the world is bullshit, people. Friends, family, and the good-hearted are the only people worth trusting. Everyone else, is selling something.

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Whew!  Thank God Phoenix is safe.  lmao

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 My best friend in the world retired from the CIA and he was born in 44   and he had retired from all sorts of crazy things that he did in the CIA back when he was young. he always taught me that the things our government does are not necessarily the right thing, but he tried to do the right thing to whatever end.I had always wanted to get into the CIA or NSA when I was younger but James always steered me away from that.   he knew that even at a young age I was a young ruthless teenage girl   but he always steered me away from that. he encouraged me to learn different languages and to keep up with the fitness but he always steered me away from that life because he said it was not worth it

MasterControl's picture

Oh no we are at the "Deathn Ground" phase.
Lets just back off and let him peacfully develope more means of sending a nukes our way with the technology given to him by the chinese and stolen from the US with the help of the Clintons.

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If only the middle class could clue into that mindset instead of accepting slow extinction.

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Poof!  What's a Bitcoin?

dark fiber's picture

A string of ones and zeroes indiscernible from digital noise.

Lore's picture

It's a cataloguing tool mistaken for money, and a ponzi promoted by rotten scum.

Look up the definition of "cryptic" (crypto) if you need help to get the inside joke, like the stupid journalists who reported on "swine flu" with a straight face.

I profit from it, but not without guilt.  It only works as long as sheep keep piling in.

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Yes, and 'Bitcoin CASH' is the new scam for Baitcon.

It'll be shoehorned into the public consciousness as virtual cash takes over from fiat physical cash on the road to cash(actual)less 'society'.

More shenanigans with a hard fork in Novemeber. Cluey guy here:

Bitcoin Hard Fork - Risk of losing Bitcoin in November? - Programmer explains


Eyes Opened's picture

Help me out here... isn't bitcoin based on blockchain ?? And isn't blockchain supposed to be akin to the P2P international internet network, u would have to completely destroy the net to destroy btc ... ??

What am I missin here guys...

wafm's picture

but that's assuming the networks are still up and runnin... nuthin like cash and gold in those kinda situation imho

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it's all on the DL because of the CIA, right?  

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And You're Right! There are but two of the "Axis of Evil" left. Nort Korea and Iran. Let the games begin!

Hongcha's picture

Never any doubt here.  The citizenry of NK would be like the Japanese would have been, had we invaded their mainland in 1945.

New_Meat's picture

Yep, u are right ...  but ... errr ... we DID invade the home islands.  nvm

tmosley's picture

It's ok because all the North Koreans will jump onto the spaceship from Nibiru and fly to Saturn next week.

Golden Showers's picture

Oh, yeah. Like with Hale Bopp. Heaven's Gate shit. No wonder Rodman visited NK. He was there to advise on appropriate footwear. It's all falling into place. Thanks, T!

JohnG's picture

On Elon's electric powered spaceships don't cha know......fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkk

deoldefarte's picture

North Koreans would all flee to Guam, and cause it to
tip over, thus eliminating 2 problems with one exodus.

Schmuck Raker's picture

Without Green Berets, would we be at war with NK in the first place?

Ooze The Other One's picture

It must be the weekend. Retired Green Beret is churning out the doom porn on schedule.

"The next war could be started by ... __________!" <reaching for Scrabble letters>

dark fiber's picture

... major CIA blunder and miscalculation followed by deep state arrogant adventurism and the MIC's opportunism.

I think I have covered about 90% of the "next war could be started by..." possibilities.

khnum's picture

Sun tzu vs 4d chess and twitter I fear the results will be less than auspicious

Ben A Drill's picture

If your feeling froggy then jump.

roddy6667's picture

More War Porn by over-the-hill cannon fodder AKA keyboard commando.


historian40's picture

MO of the empire.  Threaten, choke with sanctions, demand to disarm and stop developing any weapons the empire finds threatening to its hegemony, military drills on border, etc, and when the victim has been pushed beyond acceptable measure and retaliates, the empire pumps up the propaganda machine to act as if the response was the beginning of the exchange.

If you've provoked someone into responding, you're the aggressor.  It is no "defense" situation.

wisehiney's picture

What of the rare remaining Patriots?

In a nuclear world

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Imagine the snowflakes without devices for 24 hours.

WarPony's picture

Lulz. K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K, Containment.

"I'm standing in my line." NYoung

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US is being set up.