This Is What Americans Heard During The Mysterious Cuban Sonic Attacks, And Why Experts Don't Buy It

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Multiple neurologists and experts have told The Guardian that the mysterious 'sonic attacks' upon US diplomats in Cuba are likely just a case of mass hysteria. The extensive Guardian report is based on research and interviews with top neurologists and medical experts explaining that the likeliest explanation for the strange and inexplicable symptoms reported by US embassy staff in Cuba which have led to a breakdown in relations between the two countries has nothing to do with some kind of Cuban sonic device or high tech conspiracy.

The neurologists say that the most plausible explanation is that the diplomats' high stress environment is leading to neurological abnormalities and disorders which are causing psychosomatic (or self-induced) symptoms. If true it would be a shocking revelation that such a "natural cause" phenomenon could result in the US removing most of its embassy staff from Havana. The Guardian report was issued on the very day that the Associated Press published what it purports to be an audio recording of high pitched undulating sounds which some embassy workers in Havana claim made them sick. Reports indicate that 22 US victims have suffered mysterious ailments after working at the embassy, including hearing, visual, cognitive, balance, sleep and other problems.

US Embassy in Havana, Cube. Image source: RNZ via AFP

Though it took over a year for the complaints to surface in the media, it all started in the fall of 2016. Several of the affected diplomats were recent arrivals at the embassy, which reopened in 2015 as part of Barack Obama’s reestablishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba. The various accounts were strange yet similar: one diplomat, for example, described being jolted awake in a Havana hotel room by a grinding, blaring cacophony. When he moved a few feet across the room, the noise stopped. When he got back into bed, the agonizing sound hit him again; as if, he told doctors, he had walked through some invisible wall cutting straight down the middle of his room. Multiple personnel also reported persisted nausea, nosebleeds, headaches, and dizziness while stationed in Cuba.

The US State Department has deemed the occurrence to be deliberate attacks, though US officials have stopped short of pointing the finger directly at the Cuban government. But The Guardian is now casting significant doubts on the US allegations even while its report acknowledged the new audio recording obtained by the AP.  

It sounds sort of like a mass of crickets. A high-pitched whine, but from what? It seems to undulate, even writhe. Listen closely: There are hear multiple, distinct tones that sound to some like they’re colliding in a nails-on-the-chalkboard effect.

The Guardian begins by citing Alan Carson, a consultant neuropsychiatrist and former president of the British Neuropsychiatry Association, who explained, “Typically what one gets in a functional disorder is some trigger. It is often relatively mild and non-specific, it can be a minor physical injury. But then a combination of a degree of anxiety and also belief and expectation distort that feeling.” Carson suggested that initial reports of US staff hearing strange sounds and experiencing unusual sensations could have triggered similar sensations in others: “If there is a strong enough expectation that something is going to happen, that will distort in an entirely real way the incoming information,” Carson said. “In certain circumstances that can be transmitted from person to person... If one person has that experience strongly enough and sets off that train of thought in somebody’s else’s mind, that can happen too.”

Sound waves from a sonic attack on the US Embassy in Cuba? Image source: New York Post

The report futher cites Mark Hallett, head of the human motor control section of the US National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, to introduce the likely possibility of a "mass hysteria" phenomenon. Hallet said, “From an objective point of view it’s more like mass hysteria than anything else.” This involves possible "functional disorders" taking root among small groups of people based on the power of suggestion in high stress close working environments. The Guardian explains further:

“Mass hysteria” is the popular term for outbreaks among groups of people which are partly or wholly psychosomatic, but Hallett stressed there should be no blame attached to them.


“Psychosomatic disease is a disease like anything else. It shouldn’t be stigmatized,” said Hallett, who is also president of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology. “It’s important to point out that symptoms like this are not voluntary. They are not a sign of weakness in an individual’s personality.”

Hallet also noted the vagueness of the complains among the nearly two dozen embassy staff: “There are a very large number of individuals that have relatively vague complaints as far as I can see.” He said. “There has been an exploration of possible causes for this and nothing has been found and the notion of some sonic beam is relatively nonsensical."

“If it is mass hysteria that would clarify all the mystery – and presumably normalize US-Cuban relations again,” Hallett suggested. “These people are all clustered together in a somewhat anxious environment and that is exactly the situation that precipitates something like this. Anxiety may be one of the critical factors."

Audio released by the AP on Thursday purports to capture what American embassy staff heard in Cuba.

Jon Stone, a University of Edinburgh neurologist and leading author in the field also told The Guardan that such disorders were so frequent in society that it constitutes the second commonest reason people seek out neurologists. “There is a misconception that only people who are weak-willed, people who are neurotic, get these symptoms. It isn’t true,” Stone explained. “We are talking about genuine symptoms that people have of dizziness, of headaches, of hearing problems, which they are not faking.” Stone seconded Hallett's analysis of the mass hysteria phenomenon as "the outbreak could have started with one or two people falling ill with headaches or hearing problems, and those spread in a high-stress atmosphere and then amid talk of a 'sonic attack'."

One of the interviewed medical professionals went so far as to say it's likely that experts within American intelligence understand the "mass hysteria" possibility quite well. According to Dr. Robert Bartholomew, author and widely regarded expert on outbreaks of mass hysteria:

None of this makes sense until you consider the psychogenic explanation... American intelligence agencies are the most sophisticated in the world, and they reportedly don’t have a clue as to what’s causing the symptoms. I will bet my house that there are agents in the intelligence community who have also concluded that this is a psychogenic event – but their analysis is either being repressed or ignored by the Trump administration because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Mass psychogenic illness is by far the most plausible explanation.

Meanwhile The Guardian questioned the US State Department about the possibility of functional disorders, to which a spokesperson responded: “We have no definitive answers on the cause or the source of the attacks on US diplomats in Cuba, and an aggressive investigation continues. We do not want to get ahead of that investigation.”

We will be to the first to confess that the idea that this could all be much ado about nothing based on some kind of psychosomatic self-induced mass hysteria and panic event would be an explanation perhaps just as wildly unexpected and "out there" as the high tech sonic device attack scenario. Either one sounds like it could be the plot line for some sci-fi movie or X-Files type series.

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VladLenin's picture

Been there, done that. This is bullshit. 

The neurologists say that the most plausible explanation is that the diplomats' high stress environment is leading to neurological abnormalities and disorders which are causing psychosomatic (or self-induced) symptoms.


It's either a 'weapon' or some type of intelligence gathering technique. 

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Nah, it's John Podesta's little green men.

espirit's picture

Isn't  'Intelligence Gathering' an oxymoron?

I wanna really know what those spys heard.

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Hope he washed his hands after every snatch?

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someone's putting pcp on their cigars

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When someone starts calling sound weapons "nonsensical", then this article is clearly not sourced by experts and it has an agenda.

knukles's picture

Well I can tell you that when Mrs K goes off on me for being really really bad, that the sound emitted is a formidable weapon

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

We need more of "it" (crickets chirping) for every American Embassy across the planet!

The Count's picture

Well, if the fucking Guardian says something it has to be right.

FoggyWorld's picture

They exist to protect any and all left wing friends.

Umh's picture

It must be psychological. When you take city slickers out into the rest of the world they hear things, like crickets.

Tachyon5321's picture

High power radio waves are known to cause problems

Global Douche's picture

I've long wondered if they still use VLF for very much anymore, specifically that just below 20Khz. If they use a frequency similar to what one hears with strong tinnitis (ringing of the ears) that might screw with their brains. Powerful enough, and some have likened it to an LSD trip.

It'd be strange to get an FCC engineer at your doorstep instead of DEA goons when you're trippin' out. Just sayin'!

To Infinity And Beyond's picture

Umm.. Did anyone call an exterminator maybe...

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Jamie, what the fuck you doing here?

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If you keep self-upvoting like that you are gonna go blind.

The Count's picture

Ham radio operator here.

Every frequency transmission can be triangulated!

So there is really no way to conceal the origin.

Global Douche's picture

Could it be that powerful numbers/data station on 9240 Khz, late overnight?

--...  ...--  ...  :-)


Yellow Zookaninnie's picture

Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine playing gigs in Havana.

Rhal's picture

That is not unlike a ringing in my head I have been experiencing lately. Mostly at work, even between ears. I was thinking I react badly to the florescent lighting. Not I'm not so sure.

peddling-fiction's picture

Are you increasingly having "bad luck" with jobs and relationships, and are people being rude to you for no good reason?

Rhal's picture

No but I do feel stress in that direction. Maybe my being aware of it keeps me sane.

spanish inquisition's picture

They are using Cicadas to attack our imagination!

Clearcutt's picture

Had they recently been through a vaccine program?

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Ah, I get this all the time when I have too much Cuba Libre.

east of eden's picture

Mass hysteria? That’s what they always call it when they have no idea what it is.

land_of_the_few's picture

Perhaps the mass hysteria itself is the weapon, and the West is making use of it for political reasons, encouraging it to make it spread.

east of eden's picture

I’ll tell you what it probably is. Parasitic worm infections. The toxins from worms are worse than radiation.

samsara's picture

"high stress environment is leading to neurological abnormalities and disorders which are causing psychosomatic (or self-induced) symptoms"

Like starting WW3. That describes our whole freaking government

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Call maintenance to thighten that loose belt on the air conditioner blower.  And then get some new diplomats that want to do their jobs.

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Ok, bubble boy(s), back in the tent.

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We've been fucking with this shit since the 1970's.  Look up "Voice of God".  Look up the patents.  Anyone can replicate this shit at home with about 4K of materials....and the know how.  You can make your neighbor hear "voices in his head" pretty easily now a days.  Unfortunately our brains can be hacked pretty easily.

wisebastard's picture

so now the US can bomb the fuck out of cuba looking for sounds of mass distruction.......

Benito_Camela's picture

When has the U.S. government ever been above testing new weapons and biological agents on its own employees? Doing it in Cuba offers a convenient layer of abstraction. 

koan's picture

There was a comment from one of the embassy staff that stated the sound was highly localized, just in the area of their bed and when they moved it stopped.
This whole thing sounds made up.

Davidduke2000's picture

of course it is made up , sound like a feedback between a mic and a speaker. 

Albertarocks's picture

The technology exists that allows sound to be pointed to one particular location and nobody else can hear it.  So I'm not doubting that the embassy staff are telling the truth.  What I'm doubting though is 'any' official story.  Isn't it sad that we've come to this... that "officialdom" can no longer be trusted to tell the truth about 'anything'?  Anyway, here's a link to a Ted Talk from the inventor of these devices that can focus and direct sound.

Albertarocks's picture

I don't believe one word of this report for several valid reasons:  

a)  This article came from The Guardian, so we can automatically discount it as having been spun to mold our opinions and deflect our attention away from the real facts.  The only thing we know with certainty is that whatever the truth is... this isn't it.

b)  We have learned that by default no "official explanation" can ever, ever be trusted.

c)  Any time the "official story" points the finger at the victims as being a bunch of paranoid delusionals, we know the lying game is on.

d)  I'd bet 2 bazillion dollars that the sounds we hear on their little toy is not the sound the diplomats were hearing (the old Roswell weather balloon trick). 

e)  BUT... when any opponent to this story requests to speak with some of the victims to find out if this was indeed the sound they were hearing, those victims will all be found to have committed suicide by shooting either themselves or each other in the anus.  The official line will then become "See... we told you they were all crazy."

f)  Going by past experience, we can logically conclude that the odds are probably somewhere near the typical 99.76 % that this explanation from a left wing rag is a pack of lies from the first sentence to the last word.

g)  Nothing in the official explanation is true

h)  All of it is false

i)  It's a pile of horseshit

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These guys are very stupid!
I was dating a girl who had an apartment on Porchat Island in São Vicente-SP (Brazil).
Beside the wall of the apartment was passing cellular antenna cables, TV and FM local radio.
The sound I heard during the time I was there was the same!
Nothing that would hinder coitus!

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Bring in some honey bees and see what happens to them.

Akdov Telmig's picture

Nothing to see here, the symptoms they suffer from are exactly the side effects of Prozac, which is very common in mainland US, but since they work in an embassy abroad in a communist country they somewhat get paranoid.

Could also have been a plot from the commies to pollute the US embassy water supplies by fluoridation to contaminate the American precious bodily fluids.



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Vodka Gimlet. you be datin yosef

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Help me out. I'm listening to Trump from this morning and I forget MICDoTard's first name. I'm laughing at the name Bigly.