Catalan Independence Movement Furious After Spain Jails Two Leaders For Possible Sedition

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Political prisoners in Europe used to be a thing of the past; as of Monday afternoon, Spain has two.

Spanish judge Carmen Lamela has ruled that the leaders of the two biggest grassroots pro-independence associations in Catalonia should remain in prison without bail on possible charges of sedition for which, if convicted, they could face prison sentences of up to 10 years.

The legal investigation claims Jordi Sanchez, the leader of Catalan National Assembly (ANC) movement, and Jordi Cuixart, who heads the Omnium Cultural association, were heavily involved in organising the massive protest aimed at hindering a Guardia Civil investigation in Barcelona into the build-up for the 1 October illegal referendum. Specifically, members of the Guardia Civil were trapped in Catalan government offices on 20 September as a result of thousands of protestors encircling the building, in what has been described as a "siege" and during which three police vehicles were destroyed.

Now, in a decision that could further enflame separatist passions, both Cuixart and Sanchez are set to spend the night in a prison near Madrid; the two earlier refused to answer questions from the judge overseeing the investigation. Summoned to court twice on Monday, on entering they gave clenched fists victory salutes to a small group of supporters.

Cuixart, left, and Sanchez arrive to the Audiencia Nacional Court to testify

The ANC and Omnium are the two most powerful non-institutional Catalan separatist organisations, responsible for organising the annual marches in which several hundred thousand people are estimated to take part.

As reported earlier, the chief of the Catalan police, Josep Lluis Trapero, was also questioned in the same courtroom on Monday for a second time in ten days, on possible charges of sedition over the regional police force’s allegedly overly passive role during the build-up to the 1 October referendum. Trapero, who prosecutors had also asked to be detained, was finally released without bail, although his passport was confiscated.

Predictably the imprisonment of two of their best-known local leaders has provoked outrage amongst the separatist movement according to The Independent, further raising tension on an already exceptionally fraught day in Spain’s prolonged political crisis in Catalonia.

According To The Spain Report, Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont tweeted the judge's decision was "very bad news".

"Imprisoning Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sánchez is very bad news. They mean to imprison ideas but they make the need for freedom stronger in us."

Deputy First Minister Oriol Junqueras also responded on Twitter within minutes, in English: "We ask to sit and talk and the PP, through the Public Prosecutor, responds with unconditional imprisonment for @jordisanchezp and @jcuixart".

The independence movements were clearly outraged: Omnium Cultural tweeted: "The loss of liberty for the chairmen of Omnium and the ANC is unacceptable in a democratic society. The mobilisation continues, they cannot imprison a whole people!". The ANC released a pre-recorded message from Mr. Sánchez, in which he said his imprisonment did not respond "to any principle of justice", and that the court sought to "frighten us, punish us for having defended liberty".

The Catalan government's Director of Foreign Communications, Joan Maria Pique, tweeted: "Shame. Spain, the Turkey of the west".

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y3maxx's picture

-Spanish Judge should be should Obama for his anti Brexit speach.

I hate cunton's picture

Shiv them all.  It's the latest trend.

johngaltfla's picture

Civil War with Nazis, Franco, "Globalist Democracy", Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Man is this going to be A LOT nastier civil war than the 1930's....

stacking12321's picture

well, i didn't expect the spanish inquisition!

tmosley's picture

Imagine if 5% of Catalans marched to the jail where they were imprisoned and demanded to either go into the jail as fellow traitors, or for them to release the two.

Not much they could do against more tha na third of a million people.

fbazzrea's picture

imagine if 5% of Americans marched upon their respective state capitals demanding our Congress and Senate representatives declare all non-U.S. military bases closed and recall military personnel including mercenaries return to the U.S. immediately.

we could then cut military budget in half, at least.

Slack Jack's picture

Don't be fooled into violence and war.

This article outlines roughly how people were fooled into the second world war:

Proof that Adolf Hitler was a double agent.

It seems pretty weird when you first read it, but its clearly true.

divingengineer's picture

Don’t talk like children, the reality is perpetual war.

fbazzrea's picture

you're right... no sense in visualizing a better world. we should all just give up, eat shit and die.


knukles's picture

Well what the fuck do we expect when people try to break apart a copuntry?
Not that I don't agree and encourage smaller entities, biut of course dickheads steering the big countries into the NWO ain't gonna sit for it.

Jesus!  They might ebven get their own cardinal!

greenspanator's picture

Here in ZH you don't get half the shit right. You see this process as creating a traditional entity full of white european traditional happy people.

In reality, look at the family names of these people: Sanchez, Gabriel, Trapero... all are of Andalusian origin, what in Catalonia call charnegos (filthy and poor immigrants of Andalusian origin). For Christ sake, they are Spanish!

Also, they are pro-NWO, pro immigration and leftist. They don't seek to destroy the EU, they seek to empower it, they are profusely pro-Brussels WTF! you complain about not having sovereignty and the second you get it you dump it on the streets of Brussels?

This movement has been supported by Freemasons from all over the world, they have even hosted a celebration for the 300 anniversary of Freemasonry in the Catalan Parliament.

They say they deserve independence because they have a different culture yet they welcome third world immigrants and become an open border republic, they have even complained about the central government not living up to the refugee quotas assigned by the EU, and have started regional reallocation programs. To me, this does not look like love for one's culture but like an accelerated self-loathing ethnic replacement.

Gentlement, Spain has been a bacon for Christendom and European values. Destroy it and you will loose a precious trench against the NWO.

Yen Cross's picture

   Z/H is an information based site. . They[Tylers] simply post facts and let the readers sort the aggregate out.

   If you don't like it, then go find another site that fits your narratives. [good luck]

Don Diego's picture

On this issue ZH is hardly neutral. That is fine, it is a private website and the owners do as they see fit. I think they have been fooled and are on the wrong side, like most of the people commenting. However, I see a positive evolution in the comments as more and more posters are smarting up to the Cataliban drama queens masquerading as freedom fighters.

rwe2late's picture

Have you any criticism for the Spanish(Madrid) authorities?

Or do you simply give your unqualified support to Madrid?

Don Diego's picture

Don't get me started on those Madrid traitors. However, for once, so far, they are playing this beautifully. I insist in so far, I do not trust them and we can get betrayed at any minute but so far so good.

To explain the origin of the problem very shortly: For three decades, in order to get parlamentary majority, mainstream left and right wing parties depended on the parlamentary support of the Catalan main party. In exchange for what? let them indoctrinate the Catalan children in the madrasas and transform the local TV on Der Sturmer. We are paying now the price of betrayals during 30 years.

For me the ideal solution would be for Spain to take over the indoctrination department (or even better, close it down and let the parents organize the education of their children) and close the public TVs with non-stop anti-Spanish hate. Later, I would be generous and let the King pardon a few of the ringleaders every year.


fbazzrea's picture

thanks for your insight... it only makes sense the West MSM's perspective of the Catalan issue would be pro-NWO. 

this is why the ZH comments are so important to me. i always learn more here than in the articles. they just get the conversation started. the broad mix of ZHers do the rest. (:

Joe A's picture

Perhaps but I think it is retribution for the fact that the Catalan language was pretty much opressed during the Franco years, although for sure you will claim otherwise. From all the commenting I have seen so far from you on both the Catalans and the Madrid traitors (as well as from other comments that make you go hmmmmmm) I think it is easy to conclude that perhaps you long back to the Franco years?

nmewn's picture

Sorta self-evident ain't it? ;-)

MozartIII's picture

If it helps, Catalonia can have our drama queens as well!!

EddieLomax's picture

The Catalan "independence" movement sound very much like the plastic nationalists that are Scotlands SNP.

They will declare anyone who takes up residence in Scotland as being a Scottish person, well anyone but the English - so Pakistani, African etc is all good.  They demand independence from London, but insist on having their laws made in Brussels.

The real situation is so far from reality anyone would think that the media and certain people in power are trying to push through some sort of sinister ideology...

stacking12321's picture

that's a very interesting viewpoint, one i haven't heard before.

but are you suggesting that the spanish government is pro freedom and anti nwo?

if it denies people the right to determine their own destiny, then what good are they?

rajoy seems like a dictatorial tyrant to me.

tyrrany is not a christian or european value - or if it is, it's one that should be discarded.

Don Diego's picture

the current Spanish goverment is pro-NWO and anti-freedom, of course. However, the Catalibans are even more pro-NWO and anti-freedom.

In any case, in a couple of generations, it will not matter, just go to a maternity ward, or kindergarten, in any Western country.

MozartIII's picture

"Spain has been a bacon for Christendom and European values" Sounds kind of greasy!!!

Don Diego's picture

yes and not very kosher either.

stacking12321's picture

down with people!

power to the persons!

secretargentman's picture

Letting them be kidnapped without a fight?? There should be 24/7 protection on all the important players. 

Don Diego's picture

LOLZ, the Spaniards of the forum warned you several times that the capture of one of those idiots was as easy as a judicial summons.

hotrod's picture

Have the Spanish people given up their guns like most of Europe?

USA, listen and learn

Best way is to stop paying your taxes in mass but you better know how to subsist

Hongcha's picture

Although Spain's guns are not turned over like India or Australia, they are under very strict control along with the ammo.  The Spanish FED can go to people's homes on short notice to inspect to make sure they are not"stickpiling" ammunition. 

Don Diego's picture

in practice nobody in the gun club I frequent when I go there had one of those visits. The police has better things to do than bother law abiding citizens. If that rule was applied, it would be as easy as stockpiling the ammo at your mother's.

GoldHermit's picture

OK now they're really pissed and leaving.  This time for sure.

Don Diego's picture

LOLZ, yes they are leaving for the extended weekend, probably the last time you can go to the beach before May. This is Spain bru. Only a few radicals care for those two taxpayer-subsidized agitators.

nmewn's picture

Maybe they can petition King Felipe for their freedom, cuz "democracy".

Ya know? ;-)

rjdsaldanha's picture

Power to the non Lib-Turd people.

Hank Stinkhammer's picture

Devolution , aided and abetted by technology, will be the downfall of the technocrats everywhere.

G-R-U-N-T's picture

This will only inflame the Catalonian's more then they already are. Fascist Rajoy is pulling out the whip ready to lash them into submission as capital vacates to the U.S. share market. He, Merkel's and Brussels EU experiment are fanning the flames of their own eventual demise. The sooner member States detach the better!


Don Diego's picture

The Catalans are getting pissed off yes, but at the conmen who promised them Nirvana. Instead they are losing dozens of companies per day.

HRClinton's picture

That's how sharks, like Doris and the Rothschilds operate: cause a national crisis, buy dirt cheap.

stacking12321's picture

can you expound on " losing dozens of companies per day.", please?

stacking12321's picture

ok, thanks.

my spanish is not great, so i used google translate, i get the impression that the businesses aren't really leaving or shutting down, but rather just relocating their official HQ

so governance of those companies would be affected, but not their actual day to day business, which would continue operating in catalonia, if i understand correctly.

Don Diego's picture

correct. However, the Corporate tax will be levied elsewhere and the Catalibans will not have access to those funds. Also, HQs jobs are better paid and qualified. This is just a warning shot. If this continues in time, some companies will have to uproot to follow their customer base. The largest one is carmaker Seat and its 100K jobs if you count the suppliers. However, the owner is VW and they might as well close it down rather than move it to the rest of Spain (in that case good luck selling VWs in the 5th largest car market in Europe).

Vageling's picture

Uh... I am rather surprised by Rajoy. Sure... Not smart "management" but to call it "fascist"? You nutz? Rajoy is behaving himself. No martial law and troops enforcing Barcelona. He has that " nuclear" option.

I also see that that Pidgeon dude is making a huge mess. This guy is a fool. And Madrid would do well to figure out who the forgein instigators are

The people? Yeah... They been played.

wisehiney's picture

Lock em up.

They are all fucking socialist.

Every day they go at each other more and more and everywhere over their failed ideas.

freedom1798's picture

Puigdemont should have some balls and immediately declare independence.   One doesn't let the enemy put your leaders in jail without a fight.  Hopefully some of the Catalan citizens have weapons.    The Catalan police need to start caching weapons in the countryside.  Fuck Spain.  And I say to Catalonia, "Grow a pair."

Don Diego's picture

weapons are useless without "cojones", as Americans demonstrate everyday by not revolting against their AIPAC masters.

CaptainMoonlight's picture

Fire it up, people.


Just remember how few people they actually have in the government compared to your numbers. This is your country, not theirs.


Grab your pitchfork.