Ex-DEA Agent Blasts Congress And Drug Industry For Creating The Opioid Crisis

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Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

Whistleblower Joe Rannazzisi is telling all when it comes to placing blame for the nation’s opioid crisis. He says drug distributors pumped opioids into communities in the United States knowing that people were dying and that the US government is helping.

Joe Rannazzisi is a tough and blunt former DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) deputy assistant administrator with a law degree, a pharmacy degree, and a growing rage at the unrelenting death toll from opioids. Congress has often been complicit in atrocities, especially when a politician profits off of the removal of the rights of others. So it should not come as a surprise that Rannazzisi is blaming Congress and the drug industry for the opioid epidemic gripping the nation.

Rannazzisi ran the DEA’s Office of Diversion Control, the division that regulates and investigates the pharmaceutical industry. Now in a joint investigation by 60 Minutes and The Washington Post, Rannazzisi tells the inside story of how, he says, the opioid crisis was allowed to spread. Its quick spread was also aided by Congress, lobbyists, and a drug distribution industry that shipped, almost unchecked, hundreds of millions of pills to rogue pharmacies and pain clinics providing the rocket fuel for a crisis that, over the last two decades, has claimed 200,000 lives.

The DEA responded to the explosive report that the government is helping keep Americans addicted to opioids so that pharmaceutical companies can continue to boast big profits. The DEA says it has taken actions against far fewer opioid distributors under a new law. A Justice Department memo shows 65 doctors, pharmacies, and drug companies received suspension orders in 2011. Only six of them have gotten them this year.

“During the past seven years, we have removed approximately 900 registrations annually, preventing reckless doctors and rogue businesses from making an already troubling problem worse,” the DEA said in a written statement.


“Increasingly, our investigators initiated more than 10,000 cases and averaged more than 2,000 arrests per year.”

But Rannazzisi says this is an industry that is out of control and the DEA isn’t making a dent in this crisis.

“What they [big pharma] wanna do, is do what they wanna do, and not worry about what the law is. And if they don’t follow the law in drug supply, people die. That’s just it. People die.”

The harsh reality is that the burgeoning issue of the opioid epidemic is lining the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry and the politicians who help fuel it, so there’s no real rush to stem the bleeding of this crisis.

“This is an industry that allowed millions and millions of drugs to go into bad pharmacies and doctors’ offices, that distributed them out to people who had no legitimate need for those drugs,” Rannazzisi said.

Most of his anger is reserved for the distributors of opioid drugs. Some of them are actually multibillion-dollar, Fortune 500 companies. They are the middlemen that ship the pain pills from manufacturers, like Purdue Pharma and Johnson & Johnson to drug stores all over the country. Rannazzisi accuses the distributors of fueling the opioid epidemic by turning a blind eye to pain pills being diverted to illicit use.

“This is an industry that allowed millions and millions of drugs to go into bad pharmacies and doctors’ offices, that distributed them out to people who had no legitimate need for those drugs,” Rannazzisi said.


“The three largest distributors are Cardinal Health, McKesson, and AmerisourceBergen. They control probably 85 or 90 percent of the drugs going downstream,” he added when prompted.

Rannazzisi said it’s a “fact” that the big pharmaceutical companies knew they were pumping drugs into people unnecessarily for profits and that people were dying.

In the late 1990s, opioids like oxycodone and hydrocodone became a routine medical treatment for chronic pain. Drug companies assured doctors and congressional investigators that the pain medications were effective and safe. With many doctors convinced the drugs posed few risks, prescriptions skyrocketed and so did addiction.

Big pharma had a plan. It was solely a business plan. Their plan was to sell a lotta pills and make a lot of money. And they did both of those very well.

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Herdee's picture

That's because the CIA controls the heroin and cocaine trades and funnels the money through New York banks. These guys would be murdered by their own if they revealed government operations.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Ex-DEA Agent Blasts Congress And Drug Industry For Creating The Opioid Crisis

My response: I AGREE COMPLETELY with the Ex-DEA agent.

jimmy c korn's picture

Except that he forgot to put the FDA in with the bunch.

TBT or not TBT's picture

The illicit fentanyl that's killing people is made in China.   Extremely powerful, it is not possible to prevent getting into the country, just because of how little of it is needed to boost heroine doses.  And it is cheap to manufacture.   No poppy fields and all that. 

divingengineer's picture

A suitcase full of Fen can kill a couple million people.
It’s bad shit man.

mkkby's picture

Fuck the DEA and their useless war on drugs. Prohibition was a huge failure, so let's fucking double down like monkeys who never learn.

Nobody needs to die EVER. Legalize it so addicts can get clean doses at the grocery store. This fentanal shit and the gangsters who sell it will be out of business tomorrow.

Yes, there are corrupt docs who should lose their license. But the DEA is just talking their own book/pensions. They should be de-funded immediately. It's all just a money grab. I'd like to spit in this ex-DEA faggot's face.

Whoa Dammit's picture

I was looking to buy a "cheap" starter home a couple of weeks ago in Cherokee County, which is a north Atlanta suburb. I was shocked at the neighborhoods that were once lower middle class white. The neighborhoods are still white, but the streets should be renamed Opioid Way. After seeing this I changed my mind about buying a house.

stitch-rock's picture

The seed money that started the 'skull and bones' fraternity
was from the largest opium smuggling family in the world during the mid 1800's...the Russell family

GUS100CORRINA's picture

I agree with the inclusion of the FDA in the discussion. Of course, when we talk about the FDA, we are talking about the Drug Industry.

auricle's picture

All opiods do is mask pain for a period then leave the patient still in pain and now addicted. How can that be construed as 'treatment' when the patient is made worse by the treatment. 


Etteguj Guj's picture

It's analogous to junk food - eat a Macdonalds and you may thing your hunger is sated and your nutritional requirements met. But...

vato poco's picture

"how can that be construed as 'treatment'"

well, sunshine, let's imagine this little scenario: you ... no, wait, your beloved favorite child has intractable, evidently incurable non-specific chronic pain. it's bad, real bad: when it kicks in, the kid starts crying piteously, then as it gets worse, she screams in agony for 12-20 hours until she finally conks out, exhausted. let's say she's 11. you can see the pain eating away at her; you can see it in her face. in the right light, she looks like a tired old woman. 

the useless docs have no idea what it is. at first, they tried to tell you it was all drama; that she really wasn't in *that* much pain. after you got mad at them, they moved on to the old 'psychosomatic' bullshit. they have no fucking clue; but since all her tests come back in the normal range, they aren't real concerned. hell, it doesn't appear to be *fatal*. they're not the ones in pain! but they very conscientiously bill you for each & every office visit. 

opoids help her. they're the only thing out there that stops her pain, and lets her be a kid again. no, it's not a cure, but then there seems to BE no cure, they're a bandaid, and it works for your kid. they stop your loved one's pain.

you wanna take em away from her, you sanctimonious puritan asshole? since "all opoids do is mask pain"?? just let her scream it out???

yeah, I thought not

not dead yet's picture

Are you trying to there a bunch of quacks out there? In the last 5 years with my wifes health problems I've been to plenty of clinics and hospitals and I'm here to tell ya you're right. Been in over a dozen times in the last few months alone and in the hospital twice in the last week. Nothing life threatening. The procedure is always the same even though she was just in less than a week ago. Blood work, EKG even though her heart is fine, and and some kind of scan. Keep the meter running. Only see the doctor for a few minutes and when you explain what's going on it's in one ear and out the other. 3 EKG's and bloodwork in less than 2 weeks. "Something may have changed" they say but nothing does.

Huge busts of drugs are going on all the time yet the drug warriors claim they only find 5 to 10% of what gets in. They blame the docs and drug companies because they are easy targets to get sued and settlements will give some relief to the depleted local and state coffers. According to some once the stuff is in the body they can't tell if it's heroin or the synthetic stuff. Then there's the bullshit people are hurting so they go to the doc and end up getting hooked while completely ignoring the fact that party generation Americans can't seem to get enough recreational booze or drugs. How do they explain raves where the ecstacy flows like water and healthy pain free teenies pack them to capacity to get their feel good fix. Typical of the current era where everyone is a victim and anyone who brings up personal responsibility gets shouted down.

Then we get the idiots who claim just make the stuff legal and the problem will go away. Not. It will only get worse and with the government controling and making the rules the illegal stuff will continue to flow unabated. They claim legalizing and controlling alcohol has worked but thats a lie. But, the war on drugs has created great carnage, not to mention enabling and expanding the police state, and to get a handle on the problem Americans are going to have learn the hard way the dangers of drugs and booze. Call off the war and lay off the drug warriors. The cure, the war on drugs, has created far more problems than it has solved and ruined the lives of many innocent people. No tax payer supported naxolene or rehab for the stupid ones. Pay or die if you're that stupid. The appetite for drugs will only end when the customers stop using.

Mr ex-DEA ranted about the drug companies shipping product to bad doctors or bad pharmacies. Seriously doubt the the drug companies will ship their product to unlicensed docs and pharmacies and leave themselves open to prosecution.

not dead yet's picture

Ending the war on drugs will have devasting effect on quite few segments of the population. Goverment officials, rich connected "upstanding" civilians, cops, and drug agents who are on the take will be getting huge paycuts when they can no longer steal the populations cash and the illegal drug runners don't have to pay them bribes. A problem that has gotten this big could not have happened without the help of the ones I listed. 

Blue Steel 309's picture

Prohibition cause the "drug crisis"...

and notice the Hegelian Dialectic please: plan crisis offer 'solution'.

Anyone with the DEA is a traitor to humanity. Live free or die. Die as a slave or die as a free man.

Prohibition is tyranny.

More people have died from the black market of 'drugs' than could ever have died from the actual drugs. More people get hooked by the same token. More people get robbed and more people live in fear because of prohibition than any amount of demon drugs could ever achieve.

America has the highest incarceration rate in the history of civilization, because prohibition. Let that sink in. Enjoy your prison planet, goyim. Drugs are bad mmkay?

herefortheshow17's picture

I completely agree with everything you just said. Great post!

Urahara's picture

Correction- the jews run the heroin.

rapetrain's picture

all hail the DEA, practicing medicine without a license and dispensing bulk medical advice

Medicine is so much easier when you don't have to learn to use a scalpel. Echoes of Obama: "I've got a badge and a gun, and i'm here to help!"

onmail1's picture

Again the big corporations reap profits

This is blood money

but America deserves it

if noting else destroys USA

the drugs will

break the will of west

die standing's picture

sounds like they're all having a hallucinogenic effect

not like a drug which is harmful and wrong kids

but basically nonetheless

Shhh's picture

90 percent world heroin comes from Afghanistan/ Control the heroin industry and you control a network of crooks in China and Russia. If you do not like a progressive reformer in Russia or China your drug mafia can just kill him. The dark hand of drug crime rules the governments of the world. Hundreds of thousands of crooked officials are at your control of CIA drug empire ..The CIA and oligarchs crave that power to do their will. The USA is a Narco state.

ZIRPY's picture

But Oxy is made here, and heroin is what you use when you cant get your hands on Oxy. The more Congress and everyone involved in the distribution of Oxy keep the scrips flowing the less heroin we need. MOre $$$ for Pharma and Congress (via Lobbying and donations) and less for the drug traffickers.

JibjeResearch's picture

Ok, now we are getting somewhere.....



Who is guarding and controlling the opium field in Afganistan?

Opium has 4 chemicals that make up the pain killer pills that most Americans take...


And now.. do you see the connection why our health insurance system is forced on us?

Obsidian Samctum's picture

Opioids is a godsend for thosewho genuinely need it.

Giant Meteor's picture

Indeed, and of course they are penalized in the ensuing  blanket response. Everyone of course, even those now in need, invariablty becomes a "drug seeker", a substance abuser, potential criminal etc. Real docs become afraid to practice medicine, folks are forced into "pain clinics" or worse ..

and yet ..

The just right people are always paid handsomely .. for destroying the nation, and it's citizens, with it's system of bribes and fuckery.

The corruption and rot so entirely deep, there is only one way left to go now .. and it ain't up.

Once again, mere symptoms of the disease , a morally  bankrupt political system, controlled by a sham money system with it's all too common system of net payoffs, vigs and bribes, to those fine and trusted public servants, doing the bidding of other like souless human beans  and legal fictions and entities, whom profit greatly in the miseries of their fellow man .. ..

Such as it was with all dying, empires ..




The Shodge's picture

Well, it's pretty good shit if you don't need it also

TheEndIsNear's picture

Bullshit article. I have never known a doctor or pharmacy who would prescribe opioids without a damn good reason and then in only limited quantities without refills because they are deathly afraid of having their medical license revoked by the the fucking FDA or AMA. I have suffered immense pain due to inflammatory arthritis because of overly cautious doctors. I'm smart enough to not increase the dosage and to endure the pain long enough to avoid becoming addicted, and besides which doctors will NOT prescribed increased dosages in any case.

Giant Meteor's picture

Nope, it is real, has happened, ..

It's just that you are an honest sort ...

Nothing wrong with that ..


jthepapershredder's picture

or the ignorant sort that lives in their own bubble judging everyone else and believing in their own reality... while thousands of addicts get there scripts filled and doctor shop all day.

jthepapershredder's picture

or the ignorant sort that lives in their own bubble judging everyone else and believing in their own reality... while thousands of addicts get there scripts filled and doctor shop all day.

Pollygotacracker's picture

How do you explain millions of pills shipped to Mingo County here in West Virginia, a county with a population of around 22,500? 

BitchesBetterRecognize's picture

CIA controlling production & distribution of raw product...

DEA pretending they're after the problem....  

Pharma Inc. refining it & hiding it through the "legal & medical" application label... 

FDA claiming is OK for consumption.... 

Healthcare & Doctors prescribing it like candy ....

People getting hooked to the dope, become slaves of the health system to get more...




and All the above covered, regulated & protected by the Government umbrella.....



Malleus Maleficarum's picture

Take my word for it: doctors who "prescribe drugs like candy" lose their practices, their licenses and go to jail very quickly! Most states now have mandatory prescription watch programs - I write a script and have to check the database for 3 surrounding states to make sure you aren't doctor shopping. The Feds are up our asses 24/7, to the point where patients with legitimate needs are told "tough shit, you'll have to suffer because I'm not willing to risk my license." There is a climate of fear of the feds and a growing "snitch culture" (like in many areas of the 'Land of the Free') but the saving grace is that DEA are "winning" and are undoubtedly better, more compassionate practitioners than those of us with medical degrees! 

As with most things, it always comes down to economics. Heroin is old news - poppies are a fickle crop, and the market will bear rising prices and sinking profits for only so long. Fully synthetic "grey" chemicals are the drugs of the future. Easily acquired precursor chemicals, relatively easy syntheses, and incredibly potent, easily smuggled products are the new paradigm. The huge profit margins ensure there will always be starving grad students to synthesize them, and wholesalers to distribute them. Much like alcohol Prohibition - why smuggle 100 cases of beer when you can smuggle 80 times the amount of pure grain alcohol in the same hidden compartment? Besides, they 'emergency schedule' one chemical, a hundred more are ready to go the next day! From milligrams, to micrograms, to nanograms.

Like all Prohibition, we're not only pissing up a rope - we're making the problems worse and increasingly profitable for both dealers and the police state. Time to re-legalize, standardize purity, and spend a small percentage of the wasted enforcement money on educating people (or perhaps requiring legal distributors to warn consumers) as to the potential consequences of their choices. If we spent 1/10th of the money on treatment for those who actually want it (forcing people almost never works, like mandatory AA) we'd be a much healthier nation. Most people don't want to live as addicts to anything - drugs, sex, gambling, you name it - but many won't seek help because of the stigma and potential loss of job, freedom, etc. 

Surprisingly, as long as one doesn't OD, opioids are surprisingly safe. People can and do live their whole lives physically dependent on strong opioids, with virtually no harm of the kind seen with alcohol, tobacco, acetaminophen, etc. Spiritually and psychologically, perhaps not a good thing (unless you're in chronic pain) but the Drug War "cure" is an unequivocal, socially destructive failure that's far, far worse than the "disease!" 

Giant Meteor's picture

You will likely never see this response, but I thank you ..

You hit this one out of the park. Nailed it to a T ... Thanks again for saying with the appropriate knowledge, and posessing wisdom to say what I would have liked to have said. I hope it did not fall on deaf ears ...


Montana Cowboy's picture

More DEA bullshit. The DEA absolutely knows the CIA is running the world opium business while they point the finger everywhere else. These DEA assholes always tell us about arrests, confiscations, and interdictions to make us think they are effective. Then how come street drugs are cheaper and more available than ever? I don't have any drug connections, but I could come home with one of everything on the party list in just a few hours. When the DEA blames the CIA, then I will have respect for them. Short of that, the DEA needs to be abolished.

Sometimes I think the DEA crackdown on the medical industry is intended to shift patients to the street sellers. Remember the old saying "the first one is free"? That is the role the CIA expects the medical industry to perform for them. Then the CIA owns the customer. Afghanistan production is way up due to CIA/military involvement and a GMO poppy seed that is high-yield and 60 days seed to harvest. They need more customers.

I don't think we need more links to our troops on poppy fields. It was so well established that the Pentagon admitted it, then explained it away as 'necessary to secure local cooperation'. But here is a link on the GMO poppy seed, which you can legally buy in the US. But when it sprouts, you are in hot water.



junction's picture

Maybe this DEA guy on a big government pension should watch the movie  "American Made", the Tom Cruise movie about CIA pilot Barry Seal, which got its title changed from "Mena" (the Arkansas cocaine drug smuggling hub airport set up by the CIA when Bill Clinton was Arkansas governor) and its release date changed from October 2016 to September 29, 2017, so as not to possibly remind voters of the Clintons drug smuggling days right before the election.  It is the CIA that is responsible for the massive drug smuggling since 1947 that created generations of drug addicts in America.  Barry Seal is a lot like Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, who also was a pilot whose background reeks of CIA involvement.  Paddock was an arms smuggler and he was also probably a drug smuggler, since drug smuggling is the CIA's job one. "60 Minutes" is now a worthless news magazine that is mostly propaganda.  Getting Americans hooked on painkillers and SSRI drugs is the NWO way to turn people into cattle. 

MasterPo's picture

Right on the money Cowboy.

This "story" is government disinformation in it's purest form and a steaming pile horse puckey.

The outraged ex-official, points his gnarled finger at the supposed perpetrator - "Look! There's the villain!" Talk about fake news.

Only one little problem - it doesn't work anymore. The whole scam is coming down around their ears. Game over.

[and they know it...] 

Giant Meteor's picture

It is also a highly effective means of genocide ..

Why, if I were a cynical man I'd say .... as if by design, a plan ..

thebriang's picture

Meh, he just can't tell the whole truth because he will get sued or suicided.

Purdue Pharma, the Sackler family that owns the company and its cashcow Oxy are responsible for the vast majority of opioid addiction in America.

It wasnt an acccident, they knew all along how much more addictive it was than anything else on the market when it was when snorted, smoked or injected. They even made a special binder that was friendly to all three methods and only changed it when the patent was about to expire.

Then they pimped the shit out of it to sellout doctors who knew damn quick it didnt work like they were prescribing, and set up legit users for the addiction and withdrawal cycle. Then Purdue got it approved for any damn thing, like in bulk quantities at pain clinics and fuggin pediatric use.

But hey... they're profitable, amirite? Fuck dem junkies, gimme my divden.

Fireman's picture

Sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't tell the USSAN lumpen proles poisoning themselves with every kind of filth they can shove up any orifice and into their drug-addled gnat brains but just like Al CIAduh and ISIS, the Zetas mutant filth terrorizing Mexico are just another USSAN asset in the Washing town criminal enterprise known as the US government. Look at heroin production in Afghanistan since the Langley Crime Syndicate took over. Hint count the opioid deaths in a shithole near you on any day of the week. Hint... the Paki ISI slash Al CIAduh Gulen ratlines are destroying peasant USSA and NOBODY gives a shit obviously as long as the product of the deep state gets to market and keeps the hogs on animal farm sedated. The regime is destroying USSANS and making a fortune keeping the rednecks and ethnics in poverty.

Ever wonder why all that crap gets over the border and to market so easily like a well greased supply line for Walmart? Ever wonder why there has NEVER been a USSAN cartel drug boss? Because the rotten institutions of the CIA, FBI, DEA and Border Patrol are the USSAN cartels. Capiche!

Face it USSA, your anglozionazi plantation owners herd you at will and cull you like cattle, tax cattle.

Mike Ruppert "CIA are drug runners"


Ron Paul "Bush is a drug runner"



Manipuflation's picture

Has anyone noticed the pending lawsuits....

Honest John's picture

Stop expecting government to take care of you.  If you can't learn personal responsibility, you are doomed.

wisebastard's picture

lets not blame congress it is not their fault they all sold out to corporate lobbyist....

wisebastard's picture

to quote Obama-You didnt build that, it was a team effort........

wisebastard's picture

i remember Max Keiser ranting about how dumb members of congress were for taking a mere $100,000 from a company that basically considered that pocket change....

Doppelganger71's picture

"Suicided" in 4..3..2..1.........

paint it red call it hell's picture

An entire generation is being lost to afghani Poppie production regardless of the route it takes into the country. The US military should be burning the fields not guarding them.

ConnectingTheDots's picture

If we had never gone into Afgjanistan, the Taliban would still be eradicating the fields.

We do not need more US involvment, that is what started the problem.