NY Club Owner Pressured To Deny Harvey Weinstein Masturbation Story, Goes Public With Sticky New Details Instead

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One of the more bizarre allegations levied against accused rapist and disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein is that he masturbated into a potted plant in front of TV news anchor Lauren Sivan in 2007.

Sivan said Harvey lured her to the basement of Socialista, a Cuban restaurant in Greenwich Village, NY in which Weinstein was an investor, and tried to kiss her. When she rebuffed his advances, the serial sexual predator “simply began to pleasure himself” – asking the TV anchor to “just stand there and shut up” before reportedly ejaculating into a potted plant.

From potted plant to cookware

When former owner of Socialista, Armin Amiri was reached for comment by The Hollywood Reporter, he says Weinstein’s lawyers asked him to deny the incident. Instead, Amiri confirmed that it happened – though he says Weinstein actually ejaculated into a cooking pot, not a potted plant, which was later found on a stove.

What I remember about this incident is that my sous chef came into my office, furious, telling me that ‘some fat fuck’ saying he’s an owner — he didn’t know the name — had come into the kitchen with a woman and shoved a $100 bill at him and told him to get out. It was like 1:30 in the morning and he’d been the only one still there. The chef told me he was going to quit.

I went to check things out and saw Harvey soon after, fixing his belt, behind the bar. I never saw the woman. My chef and I go to the kitchen. He picks up a pot that had been placed back on the stove. It had been defiled. It was so bizarre. We couldn’t believe it happened.

 (full statement below)

So, accused rapist and all around sexual predator Harvey Weinstein allegedly lured local TV reporter Lauren Sivan into the basement of a restaurant he was an investor in, paid the chef $100 to go away – telling him he was ‘an owner,’ and then jerked off into a cooking pot when she rebuffed his advances. Weinstein then placed the cooking pot back onto the stove before zipping up and walking out.

Not even close to OK Harvey…

Let's not go so far as to say Weinstein was engaging in a festive night of #SpiritCooking, which he’s at least one or two degrees of separation from given his close friendship with the Clintons – who are in turn friends with noted occultist Marina Abramovic (who Tony Podesta has given money to, who was invited to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign launch, whose art Hillary Clinton placed in US embassies around the world, who Hillary wanted to invite to a lunch event, who donated the maximum $2700 to Hillary’s campaign, and who said in a Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) that her spirit cooking dinners in private homes are not art.). While Harvey’s sperm receptacle was probably chosen out of practicality – the guy did leave semen, in a cooking pot, on a stove.

Not to mention, Harvey sure seems to love his highbrow bodily excretion art… or at least this is what he thinks of at the sight of a naked woman: 

George has a dog

His NAME is Rocky

And he pees

And poops

WHEN I walk in th room

Sounds like Rocky doesn’t like Harvey very much.

(Amiri’s full statement to THR)

“Last week, after Lauren Sivan came forward with her awful story about Harvey Weinstein and the ‘potted plant’ at Socialista, he contacted me. We hadn’t spoken in years. He told me he needed a statement about his involvement in Socialista, which I said I’d be happy to provide, and I did, and then his lawyers said he needed one saying I hadn’t seen anything that night. I told them I knew something happened that night, I just hadn’t known what specifically. I couldn’t make a statement absolving him because when she came forward, my memory clicked.

Harvey had been an investor in Socialista and I had appeared in one of the films he distributed, ‘Factory Girl.’ What I remember about this incident is that my sous chef came into my office, furious, telling me that ‘some fat fuck’ saying he’s an owner — he didn’t know the name — had come into the kitchen with a woman and shoved a $100 bill at him and told him to get out. It was like 1:30 in the morning and he’d been the only one still there. The chef told me he was going to quit.

I went to check things out and saw Harvey soon after, fixing his belt, behind the bar. I never saw the woman. My chef and I go to the kitchen. He picks up a pot that had been placed back on the stove. It had been defiled. It was so bizarre. We couldn’t believe it happened.

I couldn’t prove any of it so I never confronted him. Harvey was an investor and it was around the time he married Georgina Chapman.

My heart goes out to all the brave women who have come forward. Once Ms. Sivan spoke out, and after being contacted by several media outlets, I’ve felt responsible to state what I remembered.”

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hannah's picture

i dislike hollywood liberals as much as the next person but......this whole story sounds made up. potted plant then a pot in the kitchen...no. bullshit. did he make a move on sivan, probably but this sounds like the 'trump pissing on whores' story. it is to make the whole story look ridiculous.....



* also this restaurant is still in business. anyone want to go eat their food now....bullshit story

Fireman's picture

Neanderthal fatso Harvey Winestain chasing the virgin whores of Hollyweird is only a diversion. Who G A S? Bring out the satanic baby eating pedophiles, the real scum from the sewers of Washing town to the gutters of Hollyweird. That's the real story here.

Only the hydra head of the Clinton hag will suffice and Pedo Podesta on a stick!

robertsgt40's picture

I wonder if choked chicken is now on the menu?

jin187's picture

Am I the only one that thinks Gordon Ramsay actually has a favorite semen dish?

gdpetti's picture

Not just Jews, not just psychos or pedophiles, predators come in various shapes and sizes in any culture in which they are allowed to operate, and here in the West, they are celebrated and given awards, so what do you expect? This issue goes much deeper if you want to continue the journey down the rabbit hole: https://vigilantcitizen.com/

FoggyWorld's picture

Even elected President two times in a row.

detached.amusement's picture

Its sadly amusing how they have tricked believers into thinking "the occult" directly equates to the horrors committed in the name of yhvh.  (((Their))) servitor.  What, such a mix of truth and lies, but (((their))) servitor yhvh is squeaky clean and worthy of worship, cuz muh usurped and mangled story of Hey-Zoos?   Let's nevermind all those blood sacrifices mentioned, let's nevermind the rotten horrid root, those leaves and branches are just fine!  And what of the fruits thereof?  I give you the vatican!


Sorry christians and muslims, but you've been had, and you've been feeding the enemy this whole time.  Think!!!



and not to mention, the occult just means that which is hidden....and how many of us came to ZH because we search for things hidden from the mainstream garbage-view?

TradingTroll's picture

Harvey Weinstein's Juice Bar

"Fresh protein shots daily"

Ajax-1's picture

I heard that his favorite Little Rascal is "Spanky".

syzygysus's picture

Trump pardons Weinstein in 3...2...1


"He's good people, just like the Clintons."

Dr. Bonzo's picture

I desperately wanna believe every scumbag myth innuendo rumor smear defamatory statement you-name-it against this fat fuck... but the "potted plant" reference sounds too deliberately screenwriterish. As in... you add an "authentic sounding detail" to sell a story and presto.... Just sounds too good to be true to me.

Hope it is true though. Seriously. Can't wait for Matt Damon to get his comeuppance too. Bring it.


More popcorn please!!!!!

XWeatherman's picture

Nobody puts a potted plant in the kitchen.  (Do you have one in yours?) It would get knocked over.  No-one would pay for or eat food with dirt in it.  It is too hot and dry in a commercial kitchen and the plant would dry up and die.

OCnStiggs's picture

Any Leftist Liberals who think the direction Liberalism has take our culture is "OK," you are no better than "Wacken-stein." This is just normal behavior and we are just supposed to ignore it?

Not gonna happen.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Whacking off into a a pot in a restaurant in front of someone is Liberal?

alpha-protagonist's picture

No. Jerking off into a pot in a restaurant, is fucked up. Liberals are fucked up. It's easy to see the connection.

Hikikomori's picture

Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Anthony Weiner - what do these Democrats have in common?

Its the Vatican Stupid's picture

They have all been in Morgan Freeman's kitchen?

gregga777's picture

Harvey Weinstein is being outed to cover bigger problems in Hollypedophiliawood.

* Why did the Khazarian Mafia pick this moment to throw Harvey Weinstein to the wolves?
* What else are they desperately trying to cover up?
* Other famous Hollypedophiliawood moguls guilty of buggering children? Or even worse?

Maybe a lot of them got caught by that recent Australian police operation that shut down a major worldwide pedophile ring?


1033eruth's picture

Harveys' behavior was swept under the rug for decades because he was one of the BIG gatekeepers to hollywood and its share of fame and fortune.  So, a LOT of people paid him his tithe in sexual favors in order to gain entrance to those hallowed halls.  

He wasn't sacrificed any more than that pedophile coach at Penn State (who was PROTECTED FOR YEARS to maintain the sanctity of the football program.  Or DOZENS of catholic priests to protect the SANCTITY of the donation box.  

He was a super rich insider, able to threaten anybody and everybody and/or bribe his way to keep the secret going.  The only difference between him and Hitlery is that Hitlery has the Deep State behind her and a wetwork team to tidy up her reputation on an as needed basis.  As rich as Weinstein happens to be, not even he could manage something like that.  

ThreeRs's picture

Sure keeping Vegas off the front pages, ain't it?


Could be someone is retaliating for Vegas, too. Who knows? Who knows how high this goes?


Hillary stubs her toe and can't finish her book tour.


Amazing stuff happening.



alpha-protagonist's picture

I hope whatever powers that be who staged Vegas, die a miserable fucking death. Before this is all said and done, there may be blood in the streets because we're on the throes of a major reset (thank you, DJT), but what I wouldn't give to see the world's power brokers emulating a rabbit on the run.

gregga777's picture

To be balanced Hollypedophiliawood is also rife with whores of both genders who'll do anything to "make it big" in Hollypedophiliawood. Now the news is filled with harrowing tales from those very same exploited whores who made it big.


Do these so-called "actresses'" audition photographs look like they are being coerced? At least 35 pages of 'highly revealing' photographs of so-called "actresses." Enjoy.


Moe Howard's picture

my sous chef came into my office, furious, telling me that ‘some fat fuck’



the not so mighty maximiza's picture

yo..thats some wacky funky shit

messystateofaffairs's picture

No comment, I don't want to be thought of as antisemenetic.

Kendle C's picture

"Garson, the sauce is especially cheezy tonight, is it oyster?"


Across from the table at the bar, a swaying Weinstein slurs as a runny snot descends from his nose, defying gravity, screams, "I'll say it cheezy! I shot my wad in that and I got herpes from that bitch your sitting with, oh, and I put a chunk of fresh dukie from my pimply ass.  Hair and dead skin snowed down while I savagely scratched my balls,  scabies were riding these down like aracnid surfers into your bubbling sauce. Bon fuckin' apetite'!" He burps and farts simultaneously slumping.

Lucretius's picture


 I logged in just to up vote you. Excellent visual descriptive writing, I'd predict a positive future in the literary arts.

AUD's picture

It would have been funnier if he'd been an investor in a home appliances store & stuck his dick in a vacuum cleaner in front of Lauren Sivan

bardot63's picture

If this happened to a TV reporter, there is video somewhere.  But who would want to watch it? 

Cheapie's picture

Weinstein's adaptation of  Meat the Press.

freedom1798's picture

I am glad I don't go to restaurants.

Bloodstock's picture

Damned weirdos and perverts!

thebigunit's picture

Happens all the time.

Nothing more to see here.

Go back to your homes.

libertyanyday's picture

10 years to report a wild masturbator wankin off in a planter.  1) relevance 2) why wait, was it too devestating to see a penis 3) these women form a class action group, the Weeniesteiner was a perv and should have had his balls kicked in.  BUT , come on ladies, men chase women, most know when to stop some dont.  10 yrs is a ridicuous amount of time for an sol.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

You're assuming that the information channels were interested previously. 

Obviously WankStain has stepped out of line and they're throwing him to the lions


jin187's picture

This is just piling on embarrassing stories for us to point and laugh at, and they have zero evidence. It's just assumed that we'll believe it because it's not as bad as what he's already done.

The most annoying thing about this is that they had the evidence right in the pot. Even more of an open and shut case than the recording. They still chose to bury it for a decade. Just shows how easy it is to get away with shit when you've got connections, and people fear you.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Harv belongs in the zoo - primate section.


Nobodys Home's picture

Doesn't the guy carry a pocket pussy? What an amateur!

MsCreant's picture


I'd go with Jabba the Hut before I would have sex with that. Jabba is not as perverted.

gregga777's picture

Jabba isn't as ugly either.

runnymede's picture

Setting the table for the real pedo prizes of John and Tony Podesta, Bill Clinton and Jeff epstein and his political extortionees. The child trafficking ring goes to the very top of the oligarchy.  If the details ever get out what is done to these children including murder, and how many "leaders" are involved, it will bring down the empire. There are things up with which folks will put, but pedophelia isn't one of them.


OldPost's picture

it appears to me that Harv the perv is just the type who would turn on his buddies to save his own ass...which means...HE WILL BE DEAD SOON....

OldPost's picture

it appears to me that Harv the perv is just the type who would turn on his buddies to save his own ass...which means...HE WILL BE DEAD SOON....sorry for the double post....

ThreeRs's picture

I thought he was off to rehab.


Perhaps rehab in this context means protective custody.

messystateofaffairs's picture

Pedophilia is a necessary bankster tool. Compromised servants are better kept in line, so applicants are screened for the tendency. In the end Truth will blow up all their machinations in their face because Truth is not only the shield given to the Fathers free will creatures, when combined with Justice, it is a sword.