Road To World War 3 Unveiled: Is China Planning To Deploy Its Army Against North Korea?

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Authored by Mac Slavo via,

New photos of a recent highway construction in China could be part of a contingency plan to invade North Korea or amass a huge army on their shared border.

Experts fear this newly uncovered plot could stoke the fires of World War 3, inevitably involving the United States.

According to The Express UK, communist China has traditionally been North Korea’s closest ally, but Kim Jong-un’s continued nuclear and ballistic missile tests have tested Beijing’s patience on the rising tensions worldwide. These new revelations also come as North Korea was spotted transporting 30 Scud missiles from Hwangju, south of the capital Pyongyang, to Nampo, on the Korea Bay coast opposite China.

New photos have emerged and they reveal that the Communist superpower is building a six-lane highway in its desolately populated northeast on route to North Korea.

With most Chinese peasants not able to afford the luxury of a car, the construction of the G1112 Ji’an–Shuangliao Expressway, has led experts to believe it will be used for quick deployment of tanks and troops to its North Korean border.

The photos obtained by Daily Star Online show Chinese construction workers digging tunnels through the mountains and massive cranes constructing bridges over rivers.

Chinese workers construct a six lane highway to North Korea’s border.

Scott Snyder, senior fellow for Korea studies and director of the program on US-Korea policy at the Council on Foreign Relations, told Daily Star Online:

“China’s Jilin province has even budgeted and paid for improvements in road infrastructure inside some parts of North Korea in recent years in order to improve logistical access to the Rason port inside North Korea.”

Dean Cheng, an Asia security expert at the Heritage Foundation, a think tank in Washington, said Beijing would have a ”vast array” of contingency plans involving military options to seize Kim Jong-un’s nuclear weapons. And just last week, a highly respected security think tank warned that the . In the bombshell report, the Rand Corporation said any conflict between North Korea and South Korea and the US would quickly spiral into World War 3.

If it’s decided upon by a nation to “take out” the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un, American and Chinese troops would then rush across the border in a race to take control of the tyrant’s nuclear weapons and missile facilities colliding in a clash between China and the US, effectively spawning WW3. A whopping 85% of North Korea’s nuclear facilities are believed to be located within 62 miles of the Chinese border.

 last month. The communist nation said that Donald Trump had made a “serious miscalculation” over North Korea. Photos uncovered by a North Korean monitoring site suggested . But there were other confusing and conflicting signs that  next week.

It looks like the world is steamrolling its way to a third world war.


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This is it's picture

Nah. Geniuses r wrong. China is moving it's troops in to protect NK from US. 

sunshineguerilla's picture

us(a) needs lots of protecting

Luck Dragon's picture

China won't allow the US to control NK. None of this has anything to do with NK, it's all USA/Russia/China or, Eurasia, Eastasia, Oceania.

Manthong's picture


One does not need to be a Pak sell-out rocket scientist to know that the Trumpster is doing a deal with the Chicoms and will drill the bot belly one way or the other.

Bokkenrijder's picture

Hey what a coincidence! I also always get my geopolitical news from a British tabloid like the Daily Star! /sarc

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

They will be fighting for resources, that is for certain!

China already has a near-monopoly on rare-earth minerals; does anyone really think they will allow the USA to control any of NorK's share?

Afghanistan only has about $1T worth of mineral resources (+opiates) and look at what the US was willing to do there. NorK is said to be sitting on $6-7T worth. Not only that, but access to those minerals would undermine China's position as a global supplier.

Truth is, the only thing that can save the US dollar is access to NorK's resources. It must be important to have put the plans to invade Iran on hold and supersede Iran's importance in the news cycle.

On the other side, NorK's resources are the only thing that will stop China/Russia's plans for a Eurasian multi-polar world order.

tmosley's picture

This is about as much of a world war as if Russia, Germany, the UK, and France all decided to invade Poland.

It's the world on one side, and a weak not-even-regional power on the other.

german Wunderkind's picture

So Its just Like the other 2 world wars?

but this time the world doesnt gang up on germany but on North korea.

BennyBoy's picture


$6-7T worth of minerals?

Time for a US/CIA false flag (AKA: Lies) against NK, invade, kill leadership, install finger puppet, murder millions, steal minerals and charge enslaved population with taxes to pay for mineral extraction and invasion.

Moar Free Shit for MegaCorporations!

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture


All that missile stuff is BS, as I have written here.

China said they would not allow the west to impose regime change in NorK, but would stand aside if NorK attacked (knowing full well that they would not.)
Their statements become clear now, as to why.

PS. Russia, as well as China, shares a border with NorK. The US cannot invade without a false flag, otherwise WW3 is a certainty.

Harry Lightning's picture

The last time the US set foot in North Korea was 1953. If they really wanted those rare earth minerals so badly, they would have gone to get them a long time ago.

Your argument is invalid. Try again. 

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

1) Those minerals weren't discovered until 2012 when a British company did a survey there (read my links.)

2) South Korea has the last word on any action in NorK as stated here by the president:

"There will be no war on the Korean Peninsula, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Thursday, saying Seoul effectively had a veto over US military action in response to the North's nuclear and missile programs."

Would you like to try again? I need not.

Harry Lightning's picture

The South Korean President does not control the go/no-go decisions of the US to defend itself, especially when the North Koreans specifically threaten to attack the US with nuclear weapons. 

If the North Koreans have these rare earth metals, and the US wanted them so badly, why didn;t the US attack North Korea as soon as their presence was known to be there ?

The reason is because the US is not concerned with stealing North Koreas resources the same way they were not concerned with stealing Iraq's oil. If the US had stolen Iraq ol, then why are gas prices in the US still over $3 a gallon.

Frankly, if North Korea has this stash of rare earth metals and is not mining them, it even more reason for the Chinese to take the country.Perhaps that's what this new road is the tanks come through, the heavy earth movers and other mining equipment will follow to provide the new admin in North Korea with the means to mine their metals and feed their people in barter exchange.

Your argument fails at every turn, notably because you try to make what you want to happen the reaity but the actual reality looks nothing like the rubbish you try to peddle. 

Would you like to try again, because you have just been bitch slapped. I think not. You should quit while you are ahead, people still think you are about the level of Mr. Hankey ? 

Offthebeach's picture

Rare earth metals are anything but rare.  They are plentiful and US/Canada have 100's of years of known reserves.  They are called that because of were they are in the periodic table. As in many things, China seems to be the low cost producer.

( What happened to peak oil?  What happened to rubber plantations?? And so forth.?)

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

Agreed, rare in name only.

Cost of production has made China the world leader. Nevertheless, there is a wealth of minerals in NorK which China wants to secure in order to protect its market share.

This does not change the calculus. American companies want access to those materials, at low cost of extraction, instead of being dependant on China for them.

Not to mention that NorK would be a choice place for a US military base given that it borders both Russia and China.

Since the Korean conflict has never been resolved (no peace treaty has ever been signed) they are in a state of perpetual cease-fire. USA would like nothing more than to re-start the hot war in order for their companies to have access to those resources.

TxExPat's picture

Not just the straight costs on the rare Earths, refining them tends to be an environmental nightmare.  Facilities outside of China have trouble competing not so much because of the wage differential, but because the Chinese goverment's willingness to turn a blind eye to the mess being left behind by the refining...


BrownCoat's picture

@ SOS,

"On the other side, NorK's resources are the only thing that will stop China/Russia's plans for a Eurasian multi-polar world order."

Please explain. How will Nork's resources stop China/Russia plans?

Also, China/Russia have plans for a multi-polar world? Can you explain that perspective?

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"Please explain. How will Nork's resources stop China/Russia plans?"

I admit the wording did not convey my thoughts very well there. It was replied to so I can no longer edit.
NorK's resources are not the "only thing", but that market is a huge growth industry, and China controls over 90% of it. Losing out on that much would seriously hinder their ability to compete as well as their future benefits. My point was that if the USA was allowed to control any large and important markets, they would not lose reserve status, or it would be delayed. Hyperbole, admittedly, poetic license, perhaps. Either way, my opinion only.

As far as the multi-polar world, I thought this common knowledge. A simple search for "multi-polar world" should tell you everything you need to know. It's all about unseating the USD as the world reserve currency as Nursultan Nazarbayev said at the UN while everybody paid attention only to Obama and Putin's speeches.

BrownCoat's picture

Thanks for the clarification!  :-)

BrownCoat's picture

"It's all about unseating the USD as the world reserve currency"

Some say the USSA went to war in Iraq and Lybia to prevent those countries from dropping the Petro Dollar. There were probably more motives for war than just the dollar. I really don't understand the importance many put on the USD as a world reserve currency. Nor do I want it explained to me!!!! 

The US messed up when it started using its SWIFT system as a sanctions weapon.
I see the SWIFT system as a banking service; not to be used as a weapon. It's like FB and YouTube killing free speech. I think infringing Free Speech is wrong and very bad!

Escrava Isaura's picture

Abuse of Reality.

Everyone has the right to distorted history on occasion, but Comrade Mac Slavo, the writer, abuses the privilege. 


land_of_the_few's picture

Never mind, at least the workers can get to a decent hotel not too far from the "desolate wastelands" :P


Weisshorn's picture

 six-lane highway in its desolately populated northeast

 Desolately Populated???  Like the desert centered around Las Vegas?  Reminds me of Desolation Row, which came out on Dylans "Route 61" album which reminds me back to Route 91 Harvest. 


And the only sound that's left

After the ambulances go

Is Cinderella sweeping up

On Desolation Row


Now the moon is almost hidden

The stars are beginning to hide

The fortune telling lady

Has even taken all her things inside


All except for Cain and Abel

And the hunchback of Notre Dame

Everybody's making love

Or else expecting rain


And the good Samaritan, he's dressing

He's getting ready for the show

He's going to the carnival

Tonight on Desolation Row"

Bokkenrijder's picture

Roads to nowhere, bridges to nowhere. What else is new?

yvhmer's picture

It depends on how you look at it. Try viewing a few things on megaprojects in China and what they now are working towards. Usually, a motorway is built AFTER neccessity becomes clear.

The need for transportation is HUGE! It is simply defying common sense. 65.000 miles of motorway? Can you imagine that? Ever drove 6000 Miles?

With what I am saying, I do not mean to impart the idea that every investment made in China is as good as it seems. Waste must be tremendous! And we all probably are familiar with the ghosttowns. And planning ahead may also include being too far ahead. Or certain expected developments may not go as quickly as foreseen. Nevertheless, the need for good infrastructure, including access to somewhat more remote areas, is important.

The writer of the article has probably in mind what happened during the 30 in Germany, when motorways were constructed and how they were used. The same can be said of trains and rails. Of airplanes and ports. Because military adventures ALWAYS include logistics, or better said: if you do not have your logistics in order, you lose both the battle and the war, there is a military dimension to ANY transportation enterprise. It does not by neccessity mean that it is going to be used that way.

It is a smart way of hooking up more countries to the silkroad. War is bad for business. War is bad for the silkroad. And given the huge investments in that department, I dare say, I would not at all be surprised some sort of deal will struck. A deal that would benefit both NK as well as SK. For that to happen, certain obstacles need to be ironed out. 

Net trade balance of Nork is negative. Not big, but nevertheless, it eats currency. And although certain geopolitical entanglements may come at a costs, financing this trade unbalance is irritating. By grading down the import/ export capability, NK comes under tremendous stress to reluctantly move.

China either fixes the problem hemselves or it is going to be fixed by an outside force. Tradeoff? Kim, you can stay, but this is the deal. eat it or choke on it, either way, you are going to play ball. And you better do it on our side of the fence.

On top there may be another issue at play. NK's reckless testing may cause mass migration to more saver areas. The border region on the Chinese side is already home to many ethnic Koreans. Consider a few hunder thousand or millions of NK people fleeing NK. The dislocation en economic impact would be tremendous. That is hardly in China's interest as there is sufficient headache domestically. It would also placate this as a humanitarian disaster, with all that comes with it.  

Moving troops quickly en masse to secure the border would be one objective.

Say, the testing causes a seismic event, devastating huge areas in NK? Or the vulcano out there would start becoming active? Or the Kim regime implodes and the country descends into a war zone, with bigger nuts being able to push the button. People would flee as they would play the odds, and the northern route seems much saver than the southern route, as one has to cross to DMZ, with the risk of stepping on a mine or two. How do you transport quickly and efficiently such huge number of people? When people start moving en masse, it will be a messy affair.

So, a road to nowhere may just the thing that comes in handy when the time is right.

Harry Lightning's picture

The US doesn't want to control North Korea. They simoly want a regime running the place that makes peoce with South Korea and stops the nuclear weapons program. China wants the same thing, and Russia wants a government in NorthKorea that it can work with to run its railroad into South Korea.

What this all has to do with is business, and how Kim is bad for everyone's business. That's why they will take him out in short order.

07564111's picture


The only " business " going on here is " $$ business ", and you're going to lose both the game and the business.

Harry Lightning's picture

Like I wrote to the other clown whose mouth works a lot faster than his brain, just look at the relative GDP numbers and you will see that China and Russia combined cannot exist without the IS market to sell into. And they know it, which is why China now is cooperating with the US to get rid of Kim. China knows that Trump will raise US tariffs if China does not take a leadership role in Asia by dispatching with Kim.

Russia allegedly worked to get Trump elected as US President, because they have already done business with him in the private sector, and realize that he is someone who will be good for their economic health because he is willing to do business with them. Remember, Russia has a lot of natural resources but very poor processing abilities. They need the help of the US becasue the Europeans are not keen to work with them. 

So many people on this board are so jealous of the US. Most of your countries are doing so well working with the US, why are you so negative ?

Octagon's picture

Do you honestly believe the dribble that comes from your mouth?

You have opinions which you may think are "correct", but you speak for a minority of one.

Winston Churchill's picture

A collapsing market ?

You think the Chinese don't already know J6P is tapped out and retail is dead.

OBOR is/will be the replacement, but looks like it was a little late starting.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Harry Lightning,

You should not comment because you have no clue of Korea’s history. 


Harry Lightning's picture

I don;'t need to know Korea's history in order to know what the Chinese, Russians, and Americans have planned for the imbecile who is in charge at least for now in the North and who is making it extremely difficult for all three countries to engage in the businesses they are seeking to engage. Kim is a piss ant in the annals of history who now will be squished into oblivion. 

And rightfully so, as he does nothing of any value for the world save for attempting to bring it to the brink of nuclear war. 

Escrava Isaura's picture

Sorry, double.

I should know better not to click on the browser back one page.

Escrava Isaura's picture

You cannot ‘should not’ make an assessment without understanding. Without researching first.

Your second post tells us that you should be reading instead commenting.

Save your comment to a subject that you understand well, and it can make a difference ‘impact’.


Here’s a ‘quick’ example why you need to research the subjects:

Begins in 1993, when Clinton—under Clinton, the North Koreans made a deal with Israel to terminate North Korean missile shipments to the Middle East, which is a great, serious threat to Israel and the world, and, in return, Israel would recognize North Korea. Now, the Clinton administration wouldn’t accept that. They pressured Israel, which has to do what they’re told, to withdraw from it. And North Korea responded by sending—by firing their first intermediate-range missiles. I won’t go on with the rest. It’s a very interesting story.

Continue Reading….. 



Mr Hankey's picture

...understands well. FLAGWANKING 

CatsPaw's picture

Same thing as with Russia and ukrane, the US is trying to push its influanece to be in direct border with their "enemy" while both china and Russia are trying to keep one contry in between.


Harry Lightning's picture

That is only a part of what Russia is doing in the Ukraine. 

The eastern half of teh Ukraine is populated mosty by Russian people. The Crimea, located in that eastern half, is the home of the only warm water deep harbor naval base the Russians have, The governments of the Unkraine since the fall of the Soviet Union have been characterized by corruption and favoritism for the Western-resideing Ukraine nationals at the expense of the Eastern-residing Russians expats. The Ukranian government has even entertained allowing NATO to station military assets inside its country, which is a direct threat to Russian sovereignty and safety, especially for a country that has had to ward off attacks from Europe repeatedly throughout its history. 

Accordingly the Russian government has moved to protect their people and assets in the Eastern portion of the Ukraine ostensibly against the Ukranian government itself, and then against a potential presence of NATO forces in the country. 

Its more about protecting Russians from Ukranians than protecting Russians from the US.

random999's picture

Well a lot of koreans would like to get united with their families kept away by the kim regime.


khnum's picture

Actually the USA runs the protection racket

DEMIZEN's picture

or roll in after the 1st wave of attacks

holgerdanske's picture

I don't think China will get involved on the side of the US.

Neither will the Russians.


Harry Lightning's picture

The sanctions vote in the Security Coucil told you where the alliances are in this matter. The Russians and Chnese did not abstain. The did not veto. The approved f the sanctions on North Korea. 

Figure it out from there. Kim is out. Soon.

ImGumbydmmt's picture

I did not know Russia also bordered NK. (to the north east)

Ok, anybody play "Risk" as a kid... or adult? Each round ofplay you only get so many Armies to delpoy where you think you need them.

if the USA makes NK a vassel state, then both China and Russia MUST divert a signifigant portion of their military budget to thwart this.

The allocation of military assets to this region, diverts the ability of both nations to exert military pressence in other regions.

The USA has strong interests in other regions where Russia and China have strong influence, Syria for example. Possibly also resource abundant third world countries elsewhere where China is now gaining dominance ahead of the USA.

But the USA military budget (not manpower or raw numbers of munitions) is nearly larger than the combined budget of military forces of the entire rest of the world. so they think we can afford these excursions (not my thinking but in their minds)

So its an example of one sound gaming strategy, BUT not saying I agree with it.

But I do see how its all a game to those insulated from the effects of their own actions. 

For us plebs..not so much. its our own kids, brothers and fathers that go off to get killed sponsering these excursions.

Smedley Butler has a well known quote about this.....

George Carlin too.

I served my county before i even knew who Butler was. But i wont let my son make that same mistake.


TrumanShow's picture

'This is it' - exactly, they will not move against NK but will 'assist' NK with large troops to expel the US in the evnt of war and then will never leave thereby gaining the territory

css1971's picture

This is approximately how it'll be sold.

But in the process, Kim's leadership will be replaced by some more pliable people, and NK will turn into a capitalistic powerhouse => Hong Kong 2.0

researchfix's picture

"Nah. Geniuses r wrong. China is moving it's troops in to protect NK from US."

Yeah, I think it is the connection of OBOR to Korea. After the yanks are gone.

EddieLomax's picture

China protecting NK would make more sense, when push comes to shove they do not want a strong US ally on their doorstep so if the US invades the Chinese will back up NK just like they did before.

Mr Hankey's picture

Amazing how many 'murican geniuses think China& NK are adversaries. The few that know the difference. 

CultiVader's picture

A six lane highway? They all drive mini coopers over there?