Hawaii Judge Blocks Trump's Travel Ban For The Third Time

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In the latest court challenge to the Trump administration’s push to prevent potentially dangerous individuals from entering the US, a district court judge has blocked the Trump administration's third travel ban, which it had introduced late last month following the expiration of a temporary ban that had been hobbled by court challenges.

The decision from Hawaii-based Judge Derrick K. Watson – a recurring Trump antagonist who also challenged the last two bans - in Hawaii is sure to be appealed. But for now, at least, it means that the administration cannot restrict the entry of travelers from six of the eight countries that officials said were either unable or unwilling to provide information the US wanted to vet their citizens, according to the Washington Post.

The Trump administration unveiled the updated ban late last month. The updated ban – which, like its predecessor, was purportedly designed to avoid a court challenge – abandoned wholesale prohibitions in favor of severe restrictions on travelers from an expanded group of eight countries.

The open-ended ban targeted people from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad and North Korea, as well as certain government officials from Venezuela. It was slated to take effect tomorrow, according to Reuters.

When President Trump issued the third version of his travel ban in late September, the Supreme Court canceled oral arguments for two challenges to the policy's second iteration. They later dismissed one of the challenges to the March version of the ban.

The State of Hawaii, the International Refugee Assistance Project and other groups who had sued Trump over the March travel ban asked judges to block the ban, arguing that Trump had exceeded his legal authority to set immigration policy, and that the latest measure — like the last two — fulfilled his unconstitutional campaign promise to implement a Muslim ban.

“The ban, like its predecessors, delivers on the President’s longstanding promise to exclude Muslims from the United States, striking at the very core of our Nation’s founding values of religious freedom and equality,” those suing in a separate case in federal court in Maryland wrote.


“Unlike its predecessors, the new ban is indefinite, and potentially permanent.”

The block will most likely be challenged, and a final ruling will likely be issued by the Supreme Court.

Fortunately for Trump, legal analysts have said those challenging the latest travel ban face an uphill battle because the ban represents a considered effort following a lengthy back-and-forth with the governments of the affected countries. The new ban includes two countries – North Korea and Venezuela – that are not majority Muslim, weakening the plaintiff’s argument that the ban is discriminatory.

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nuubee's picture

At this point, start removing judges, or ignoring their rulings and force people to sue.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

Because libtard political-activist judges will stop at nothing in order to bring moozy terrorism to every corner of the nation.

Rainman's picture

Watson is an Obozo appointee from 5 years ago. < surprise >

Never One Roach's picture

Another alt left, AA, Obama slimey appointee.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Such awesome power in hand of judiciary when single judge can change entire course of duly elected administration! What is call that… "runaway"?

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

This faggot needs to be impeached. If that isn't feasible, then Congress needs to act.

People forget that Congress has very wide-ranging powers with respect to managing the Judiciary, including total control over managing the inferior courts, as well as the power to restrict the scope of the Supreme Court's jurisdiction.

Trump (and Bannon) will probably need to clean the cucks out of the Republican Party before they can move on this, but it has to be done. The judiciary is completely out of control.


mpnut's picture

TRUMP shouldn't waste his time on Hawaii travel ban.. No extreme Muslim would go to a country where everyone is wearing short clothes or go half naked around town..

JimmyJones's picture

At what point do we start seeing trials for sedition?  How are we not there yet?

OneStinkyDinky's picture

Hahaha ... they 90 day ban would've ended ages ago ... what have you figured out Orange admin ... what has changed ... vetting procedures still the same?



Nobodys Home's picture

Sure they would. Then they'd have an excuse to rape them during a "sexual emergency."

Cloud9.5's picture

It's within rowing distance of Indonesia. 

Gladi8tor's picture

Who wants to go to Hawaii anymore?

Mexico is cheaper.. and cleaner and u don't get treated like a fuckin HAOLE!

Keyser's picture

Hawaii = country?  I guess English isn't your first language and you've never been to the USA... 

knukles's picture

Guy's native Hawaiian.  How could he NOT understand the problems of immigration?

JimmyJones's picture

Because he is liberal filth like most elected in Hawai.

Nobodys Home's picture

Yep. Watson is an old Hawaiian royalty name.

Theophilus Carter's picture

Hawaii's a liberal cesspool...had friends who lived there and finally bailed out for Arizona because it's such a whacked place...not sure if that's any better though.

ACP's picture


Half agree......this guy needs to be tried and hanged for treason, not necessarily in that order.

His unconstitutional actions have or will directly result in the deaths of US citizens and he should be treated accordingly.

BrownCoat's picture

The judge is doing what he thinks is proper.

I think it is proper that all 2,000 Australian illegal immigrants be settled in Hawaii. :-)

After all, Hawaii is closer to the homelands of these migrants. Obama wanted these 'bottom of the barrel' migrants and Obama allegedly came from Hawaii when he wasn't a foreign student applying for financial aid.

JohnG's picture

He's technically a federal employee.  Trump can reduce his salary to $1 by EO.

MEFOBILLS's picture

The judge is also wrong.

Islam is not a relgion in the normal sense of the word.  It is a religio-politcal construct.  It's totality includes three books  https://www.politicalislam.com/about/

This religio political construct is at odds with the construct created by America's founders.  

Using the same logic, the Judge could sanction secret cabals, including Satanism.

After all, every relgion is the same.  All races are the same.  We cannot judge now can we, even if we are paid to judge.  sarc


Nobodys Home's picture

I wish this communist would run away. But I suppose it's a pretty cushy life shilling for globalists.

edit: Didn't he go to Columbia with Obama?

Rapunzal's picture

All a dog and pony show. The NWO has all politicians and key judges and attorneys in their pockets. It's all a trick. They will not stop illegal immigration, look at Europe. It's all by design. They need to destroy our culture to destroy the US. It happened before, check out 2000 years ago the decline of the Roman Empire.
Corrupt and child abusing elites, illegal immigration, high taxes and useless wars to enrich the few.

doctor10's picture

Its one of the means by which the Left intends to avoid accountability for their trason to the USA

incharge1976's picture

The judge should be removed. How many times does this thing need to go before the Supreme Court? Fire the loser. 

NoDebt's picture

Zzzzzzzzzzzz.  Trump should just start implementing it anyway and let the courts catch up later.  This will be upheld at the SCOTUS level without much difficulty.


nuubee's picture

Trump hasn't taken one of these to SCOTUS yet. To be honest, I don't understand why. The letter of the law is very clear, congress has designated that power to POTUS, until they legislate it back to themselves, the law is the law.

People keep arguing that his "bans" constitute a violation of the 14th, but I can't see how SCOTUS would rule that people who are not U.S. citizens, AND not U.S. residents of any kind have any kind of protections under the constitution.

BarkingCat's picture

They do not. US Constitution only applies to US territory. 

Endgame Napoleon's picture

If they do, then all provisions the U.S. Constitution should apply to everyone in every country around the globe. Our Founders set the law for everyone in the world, but the punitive parts only apply to U.S. citizens, not to illegal aliens, particularly if they reproduce after illegal border crossings.

Bill of Rights's picture

This POS needs to meet his maker...

Iconoclast421's picture

This wont be decided until Trump is out of office. The invasion will not be stopped by anything short of a few thousand paddocks.

ISEEIT's picture

I won't write here what I sincerely hope happens to this POS and his family...

Davidduke2000's picture

Once the supreme court take this guy down, he will no longer be a judge as 3 judgements defeated suggect he is incompetent.

surf@jm's picture

If that were true, the whole ninth circus would be incompetent.....and they are......

Steelblue's picture

The Federal District Court Judgeship is a lifetime appointment and can only be removed through Congressional impeachment. That is the problem. Only the appellate process and a Supreme Court which at least leans conservative can address this problem.

Francis Marx's picture

These people behind the bench need to get a real life.

Funny how they didn't challenge Obama when he ban travel for much of the same countries.

JLee2027's picture

We need to send Federal Marshals and arrest this Judge as a threat to national security.

JoeTurner's picture

clearly this judge understands the mythical "Zeroth Ammendment" which guarantees everyone on planet Earth the right to a comfortable, welfare subsidized lifestyle paid for by a dwindling cohort of white tax payers...


lester1's picture

The Democrat Party needs the illegal votes, even from radical jihadists  refugees who hate Americaa.

gilhgvc's picture

in some countries it is dangerous to be a judge................be a real shame 

BouncingCat's picture

Wash, rinse, repeat.  There's absolutely nothing to keep this judge from doing it again, and again, and again.  Obviously his hatred is overcoming his judgment.

This I suppose is the next stage in the standard Democrat lawfare strategy.  Get compliant judges to rubber stamp whatever they want causing months of delay as it filters up to the Supreme Court to get swatted down.

surf@jm's picture

Yeah, works good......Just look at Venezuela......Or Spain for that matter.....

surf@jm's picture

A Hawaiian federal judge........

Why don`t we park some of Hawaii`s huge homeless population in his yard, and overide his banning them......


moorewasthebestbond's picture

Watch out for more Sudanese church shooters.


It's time to go pray with your Armalite AR10 carbine gas-powered semi-automatic weapon!