"If Catalonia Fails, We All Fail..."

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Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

While I’ve touched on the Catalan independence movement in several recent posts, I want to make one thing clear from the start. I don’t have a strong opinion on whether or not independence is the right move for the region and its people. It would be completely inappropriate for me, a U.S. citizen living in Colorado, to lecture people 5,000 miles away on how they should organize their political lives.

While I don’t have an opinion on how Catalans should vote, I unwaveringly support their right to decide the issue for themselves. When it comes to the issue of voting and referendums, we’ve entered a topic far bigger than Catalonia, Spain, or even Europe itself. When it comes to the issue of political self-determination, we’re talking about an essential human right which should be seen as inherent to all of us, everywhere.

The Catalan push for a right for vote on independence should be seen as part of a much larger push toward greater self-determination that humans will demand in increasingly large numbers in the years ahead. The time is ripe for us as a species to insist on a transition toward a more voluntary, sane, peaceful and decentralized process of political organization. This is an idea whose time has come, and I thank the Catalan people from the bottom of my heart for brining it to the fore, and also for conducting themselves in such a noble, courageous and thoughtful manner. You are leading the way for the rest of us.

The key reason Madrid is wrong on this issue relates to its insistence that Spain must sustain itself in its current form forever. Since Spain is a manmade political creation, this is the modern equivalent of claiming a “divine right of kings,” but rather than bestowing this archaic conception on individual rulers, it’s bestowed upon a nation-state. This is not just an absurd position, it’s patently anti-human. As I discussed in the post, It’s Time to Question the Modern Nation-State Model of Governance:

As things stand today, humans essentially have two choices when it comes to political life. We either accept the nation-state we’re born into and play the game to the best of our advantage, or we try to become citizens of another country with values that more align with our own. The only way to really shatter existing political power structures and form new ones is through violent revolution or war, which is an insane way of reorganizing matters of human governance. One of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s key arguments in casting the Catalan referendum as illegal is that Spain is an indivisible nation under the 1978 constitution. Let’s think about what this means in practice.


Anyone who’s spent any time in Spain understands how culturally and linguistically distinct many of the regions are when compared to Madrid. These are differences that go back centuries and can’t be brushed off by a constitution created a few decades ago. The idea that these various regions must be part of a centralized Spain even if the people within the regions want political autonomy is ethically preposterous, as well as authoritarian and evil in every sense of the word. If done properly, human governance should always be a voluntary arrangement. If an overwhelming majority of culturally distinct people within any nation-state decide the super state is no longer working for them, they should have every right to leave. Anything else is bondage.

If humans are going to evolve into better forms of political organization rooted in voluntary associations, we must first reject the clear authoritarian nature of our current political environments. All of us are randomly born into nation-states which we never chose in the first place and told to accept them as eternal structures. The people of Catalonia have realized the absurdity of this and are taking a brave stand on the issue. Anyone who genuinely believes in human rights must stand with the people of Catalonia and support their right to a referendum should they choose to have one.

With political philosophy out of the way, I want to move on to a discussion of strategy and why I think those leading the push for Catalan independence have played their hand brilliantly thus far.

First, leadership’s emphasis on a peaceful movement in the face of thuggish violence and aggression by the Spanish state is of the utmost importance. For an independence movement to succeed and create a better, more free society afterwards, things must be done in a conscious way. As I’ve said many times before, ends never justify the means. The means are everything. Moreover, by exposing the opposition as goons, you foster increased solidarity amongst your neighbors who may have been on the fence when it comes to independence. You also create passionate allies across the world. The Catalan people have succeeded remarkably on all these fronts.

Immediately following the October 1st referendum, I was concerned that Catalan President Carles Puigdemont would make a mistake by prematurely declaring independence. This would’ve been a huge error since while 90% voted for independence, only 40% or so voted. While such a lopsided result certainly makes the case that Catalans deserve a vote for self-determination, it’s not a clear mandate given the low turnout. If the people of Catalonia want to succeed in their push, Madrid must be seen as the unreasonable — and very public — aggressor in virtually every move on the chessboard. By not prematurely declaring independence Catalonia pushed the move back into Madrid’s court, which is wise since the government there has a habit of making really stupid decisions.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for Spain to make yet another blunder with yesterday’s imprisonment without bail of two of Catalonia’s independence leaders.

Reuters reported:

Spain’s biggest political crisis in decades worsened on Monday night when Madrid’s High Court jailed the heads of Catalonia’s two main separatist groups pending an investigation for alleged sedition.


The Catalan government accused Madrid of taking “political prisoners” and one of the groups has called for peaceful demonstrations around Catalonia on Tuesday, with the biggest expected to begin in Barcelona in the evening.


Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont, in a tweet following the detentions, said: “Sadly, we have political prisoners again.”


The phrase was an allusion to the military dictatorship under Francisco Franco, when Catalan culture and language were systematically suppressed. It carries an emotional resonance given fascism is still a living memory for many Spaniards.

Knowing that jail was a possibility, Omnium chief Jordi Cuixart had prerecorded a video message. It’s short, powerful and inspiring.

If you think you’ve seen enough, brace yourselves because it may get far more chaotic in the days ahead. If Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy goes through with his threat to invoke Article 155 on Thursday should Catalonia refuse to clarify its position on independence (it won’t), it’ll be the equivalent of a political nuclear bomb going off in Europe.

From the AP:

Spain’s deputy prime minister says that Catalonia’s leader didn’t give an adequate response in his letter about the region’s independence and has until Thursday to comply with the country’s laws.


Carles Puigdemont’s letter, issued two hours before a Monday deadline, didn’t clarify whether he in fact declared Catalonia’s independence from Spain. He called for talks with Spain’s government.


Spain’s central government wanted a simple “yes” or “no” answer from Puigdemont, something that Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria said that he didn’t provide.


Saenz de Santamaria said in an address to reporters that “it wasn’t very difficult to say yes or no. That was the question that was asked and the response shouldn’t be complicated.”


She said he has until Thursday morning to fall in line, or faces the possibility of Spain activating Article 155 of the Constitution which would allow the central government to take over parts of Catalonia’s self-governance.

Should the Spanish government activate Article 155, it’ll mark the culmination of a perfectly played independence movement by the Catalans. This isn’t to say that the road to independence, or more autonomy, will be smooth or easy from that point forward, but it will create a sense of increased solidarity amongst the Catalan people that wasn’t as widespread before October 1st. Many of those who opposed independence before, or were on the fence, will come around to standing with their friends and neighbors in the face of unacceptable aggression from Madrid. The road may be a long one, but invoking Article 155 will mark the beginning of the end for Madrid.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the issue of political self-determination is much bigger than Catalonia and Madrid.

The Catalan struggle represents just one battle in an overall human push for freedom and voluntary associations. It’s a fight in a much larger war that absolutely must be won for liberty and progress to blossom on this planet. A battle between decentralization, freedom and voluntary action, against centralization, authoritarianism and coercion.

You know where I stand.

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HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

If Catalonia Fails, We All Fail...

do you mean derivatives?

Mimir's picture

Hannity finally retired ?

HockeyFool's picture

I hope that Californians see this and continue on with their own fight for independence.

Dave from Oz's picture

This will never be permitted. California is a major oil producer.

French Bloke's picture

A constitution that was forced upon the Catalans at the point of a gun! How fucking valid is that?

The Wizard's picture

Ya gotta love the way Hannity, Rush, Levine, etc present this story. It's not news that the "Russians" are attempting to control resources wherever possible. They act like the United States is not trying to control resources in the Mideast, Ukraine, Africa, etc.

Yes, the big story is a lack of investigation into the Barry administration and the Clinton Foundation. But don't think for a minute the U.S. corporation is not colluding and causing terror.

MoreFreedom's picture

It means Spain won't be able to milk the Catalonians to pay for Spain's spending, and they'll fail in milking Catalonian cows.  Instead, they'll have to steal from each other. That always leads to failure.

quadraspleen's picture

So, Georgy Soros has been giving money to the Catalonian independence movement..I'm no expert, but I'm sure this isn't a good thing..Things didn't turn out so well in Ukraine, eh

Ajax-1's picture

I think we can both agree that Soros is an evil SOB. However, I am not sure why you beleieve that Soros is funding the Catalonia independence movement. As a globalist NWO shill, it is illogical that he would want Catalonia to potentially pull out of the EU and not be a tax donkey for Madrid's Free Shit Army (FSA).

doctor10's picture

Catalonia has said they intend to remain in the EU

in which case  an "independent" Catalonia may work out better for Brussels as they will get their cut before Madrid does!!

floosy's picture

Spain has annoyed Soros by not conforming.  He wishes to punish them by splitting Catalonia from Spain but - and here is the crucial bit - then having Catalonia as an "independent" member of the EU (There's an oxymoron if ever there was one)

greenspanator's picture

You have ben soooo foooled on this topic.

Catalan independentism seeks only to destroy Spain, a bacon of Christendom and European traditions, not to create a strong ethnotraditional regional state as you, geopolitical wankers at ZH, believe.

Look up Anna Gabriel, charnega (daughter of Andalusians), NWO whore, Antifa activist and muslim supporter. That is what you are supporting, morons!

The moment they create a state, the moment Barcelona goes full Paris with the ethnoreplacement.

As some say in Spain, Catalonia might not be Spanish, bot not Catalonian either.

doctor10's picture

you're describing that gal as an Open Society tool of Georgie Soros and his bankerz

Lockesmith's picture

If the Catalans are willing to accept ethnic genocide, is Sapin not better off without that kind of cuck genepool?

If they are not willing to accept their own genocide, then they wil stand strong against the Jew.


People get the government they deserve.

Katos's picture

Vote up!


Vote down!


Lockesmith greenspanator Oct 18, 2017 6:49 AM

If the Catalans are willing to accept ethnic genocide, is Sapin not better off without that kind of cuck genepool?

If they are not willing to accept their own genocide, then they wil stand strong against the Jew.


People get the government they deserve. That IS the stupidest comment EVER! PEOPLE are born into political systems and have FEW IF any opportunity to change them!

CATALUÑA's picture

the govern in Catalonia is right wing (PDEcat).The party of Ana Gabriel only represents 5% of the parliament.The huge complains about how Spain manages Catalonia includes 75% of the Catalonian parlament with a 60% of the parlament partidary of the independence.The movement was initiated by the people,a lot of parties went behind in order to not lose votes.The movement is very very transversal including all social classes and all politic ideas from right to far left.

BobEore's picture

Don't be porcine!

As "the bacon of Christendom"... Spain has no intrinsic rights to the pork hocks of Galicia, the lomo de cerdo of Navarra, or la Favaba(Blood sausage & favas)of Asturias!


It was at Covadonga(Asturias) that Hispania was saved from the musselman hordes,

only to be given away again to moneychangin usurers who played the same kind o havoc with pork consumption as their fellow 'angry god' wackjob religious fanatics had before them. And what EXACTLY do you have against Andalucians, cretin? I'll take one Paco de Lucia over a 100,000 of your dour Castilians, any day of the week!

En Oviedo, no me caso,

ne en Gijon...

(cue gaita y tambor!)

Der Libertäre's picture

This is my questions as well.

As a libertarian I am all for freedom, but Soros is a liberal and I cannot believe we could find a second with an equal thought.

quadraspleen's picture

I'm just repeating what I see..The independence movement is using the same ad agency with exactly the same style and message as the Maidan "protests" were..They are using OSF tools..I'm using Occam's Razor..The break-up of nation states (Balkanization) is very high on OSF's list of priorities

synthetically derived's picture

"correct, compare the Freedom for Catalonia video ... with the Ukranian video"


While I will be the first to admit that the two videos that you have linked are very similar in style, I nevertheless have to question how anything political is proven by such obvious similarities.  Occam's Razor does not prove one damned thing; rather, it warns us against blindly accepting overly complicated explanations when at least one simple explanation exists.

And, as for simple explanations, it would be hard to come up with one that is more straightforward than the one provided in the video at the following link (i.e., that Catalan independence is really about money):



The Wizard's picture

Soros isn't funding independence. His mission is to destroy local independence. Soros may be trying to infiltrate the independence movement, but he certainly does not want it to succeed.

The original occupy Wall St. movement started off with the FED in the crosshairs. After being infiltrated by Soros the mission changed.

Joe A's picture

Don Diego up yet?

lakecity55's picture

Soviet activity by Stalin was strong in Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War.

They would probably form a very Leftist State. However, Madrid should allow a full vote.

Don Diego's picture

leftist Catalonia? that is quite an understatement, watch the video (in English) where they beg the EU to help as they are such a progressive society.


venga periquito al torno's picture

zero truth, ride the snake.

Ignatius's picture

In 1861 the South tried to exit the Union.

Same shit, different country, different century. 

All your sovereignty are belong to us.

Ghordius's picture

the author questions the Nation State model. fine. what is... his alternatve?

Catalonia to become... a sovereign Naton State? and join/re-join the EU, the eurozone, etc. as their leadership repeatedly stated?

how is this "questioning the Nation State Model"?

Joe A's picture

Well, a region seperating and even joining a similar region in another country would eventually become a state. I mean, there has to be some structure and law and everything, right? We must not confuse, however, the notion of a nation as a state as in the 19th century definition of it and the notion of a nation as people. You have the concept as nation as a state and the concept of nation as people. Big difference.

Don Diego's picture

are you expecting from a ZH correspondent fact-checking and editorial standards?

malek's picture

Bullshit as usual from Ghordius.
The author questions what powers the nation-state has or not has, so he questions the LIMITS of the nation-state, not its existence.

Maybe Ghordius should circle back to my post towards which he ignored before:

Golden Showers's picture

No if Catalonia fails, some dumb ass prick who doesn't have the nutz to back up 90% votes fails. This is the problem with government. People are the government and then government fucks the people every time.

Otherwise it's just Spanish people throwing goats out of windows, murdering bulls and talking with a lisp going to thier church of hate.

If Catalonia fails it's because they aren't Basque.

Might as well move to the UK, or go to Africa and try to blend.

Fuck, just give it up. Leave Catalonia and disperse. Or stay and finish the job.

I'd just like to know if Spain isn't a complete shithole since the 15th century. But you Catalonians have your priorities and your lisp and can do fuck all you want with your shitty district next to France.

Enjoy your rich heritage.

new game's picture

golden showers- piss shit and clean wipe(of rajoy)..


Don Diego's picture

don't you find ironic you find Spaniards "hateful"?

land_of_the_few's picture

The more I look, the more I find Spain (Madrid) are making really cool things I had no idea about. And they seem in many cases to be very into things like quality, innovation, using better components and materials in manufacturing than other countries do, and good workplaces. And as is well known Spanish is not such a hard language to learn and it seems that they often are pretty good at international business English as well.

Catalonia by contrast, seems to be heading rapidly towards service industry that can easily be replicated elsewhere, and tourism. That may look OK just now but they should learn from the experience of countries that tried it already and are far down that path. Any EU country can have those industries replaced in developing countries.

BritBob's picture

What chance do the Catalans have when Spain does not even recognize that the people of Gibraltar have the right to self-determination?

Pretty evident that ALL non-self-governing territories have the right to self-determination (single page).

Gibraltar – Self-Determination https://www.academia.edu/33409907/Gibraltar_Self_-Determination

This obviously has to be looked at and perhaps redefined in respect of Catalonia and other similar areas of the globe.

Joe A's picture

Ah! Britbob is up. Still waiting for Don Diego, though. I guess it was late at the tapas bar yesterday. Good for him! But there is work to be done. Come on, you lazy bum. Get up, we are waiting for you.

Don Diego's picture

sorry, the staff meeting at the spokesman run longer than expected, please find first post below.

Joe A's picture

No worries. Thought perhaps you got lucky at the tapasbar. Lucky with a Catalan girl and that heated debate you had ended up as a steamy night in the sack. I hope you don't mind me talking like that. If you do, well, heck this is fight club after all.

I don't find Catalan girls particularly attractive. They are distinct from Castillian girls. Proof that they are different.

Anyway, please tell your spokesman to keep it short next time.

Don Diego's picture

not even 25% of the Catalans are authentic. The rest is a mixed bag. The "girls" you see in the pictures are a biased sample as they are pro-independence: that means left-wing, dubious personal hygiene and lack of morals.

You always see the same 10.000 or so paid activists (employed or subsidized by a galaxy of associations), it is not a very interesting activity for hot chicks. Of course there are more than 10.000 independentists, but the active ones that go to all the demonstrations are those 10.000 losers.

Joe A's picture

Whatever you outlook on life, personal hygiene should be an obligation to all, laid down in the constitution. Honestly, water does not cost much.

As for the same people going to the demonstations, if they are paid then there are records. But of course there are many more that are not paid and do support the independence. The problem for them is that the support is not overwhelming. Half half I would say.

Don Diego's picture

Short video (in English) of the Catalan "resistence" begging the EU to intervene.

Min 0:35  "We are an OPEN SOCIETY made up of people from all around the world"...


what a coincidence, by the way why Barcelona has the Spanish office of Soros' Open Society Foundation if it is not the Capital or the main sity in Spain?


In all the other countries, the local office is in the national capital.

This is the original Soros Productions video, with a much hotter Ukranian girl, released at the last color revolution:


World Cash Day's picture

Ukrainianian Girls are amongst the World's Hottest. Pity about their dumb Neo-Nazi brothers.

Ghordius's picture

meanwhile, those super-hot Ukrainian Girls call them... sexy, valiant Patriots, fighting Foreign Meddlers and Aggressors

and the super-hot Russian Girls call their men... sexy, valiant Patriots, too, fighting Foreign Meddlers and Aggressors

the perspective might change, but Venus is the reason for Mars, not the other way around

what's the point of fighting... if the Hero does not get the Girl? the Survivor, that is, not the Dead Hero

land_of_the_few's picture

Sure, but a lot of them are leaving in any direction possible without their brothers. And I don't mean hookers, just decent ordinary people getting the heck out. You will find a lot of them in the EU, respectable ones, doing language classes and trying to get a different citizenship.

Joe A's picture

Youtube tells me the video is unavailable.

OSF puts its office in Barcelona because there isn't much to do for them in Madrid. Barcelona is the place for them where the action is I guess. Plus Barcelona is better accessible for the boat loads of people heading North.

With all this money George Soros has now parked at OSF (see other article on ZH), the separatist movement in Catalunya might head more for the office there.

Don Diego's picture

sorry the video is now here. Probably some dumbnuts Spaniards protested and was pulled. I don't know why this video is Cataliban kryptonite:



Joe A's picture

Ok thanks. Hmmm, it looks a bit pathetic, desparate. She looks like she is about to burst into tears any moment. They could have done that better. And this talk about "we are open to the world and refugees etc" is a message that currently does not appeal to many in Europe.

A bit more cojones next time with this video, Catalans.

Don Diego's picture

by coincidence or not, she says in min 0:35 of the video above that we are an "open society". I would say coincidence, with Soros Productions you can expect better quality and some false flags.