John McCain Says He Will Vote 'Yes' On Crucial Budget Bill

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Confirming rumors that had circulated earlier in the day, Sen. John McCain said Tuesday evening that he would ‘yes’ on a budget bill that once passed will unlock reconciliation, allowing the senate to pass President Trump’s tax reform plan with a simple majority.

While it’s still unclear if the budget bill has enough votes to pass, McCain’s support is a crucial obstacle and follows similar declarations by Maine Sen. Susan Collins and Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski – two other holdouts who had opposed the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“For too long, draconian budget cuts to the military have crippled readiness and put the lives of our service members in danger,” McCain said in a statement. "At the end of the day, we all know that the Senate budget resolution will not impact final appropriations."

McCain had been holding out support based on an insistence that defense spending increase by billions of dollars. Final spending numbers for the year are expected to be negotiated between congressional Republicans, Democrats and the White House ahead of a Dec. 8 funding deadline, the Hill reported.



McCain said that he will vote yes on the budget because he supports tax reform.

The Arizona Republican's decision follows a public feud with Sen. Rand Paul over McCain’s push to increase military spending. Paul seems unlikely to be able to push his demand to cut $43 billion worth of "off-book" defense spending, or block the resolution's passage, especially now that Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran has returned from a medical leave, giving the Republican leadership more breathing room to advance the bill.

Hopes that the Trump administration would manage to pass tax reform by its self-imposed year-end deadline have dimmed in recent weeks as lawmakers criticized the administration's nine-page outline, complaining that it would raise taxes on many members of the middle class while cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy. President Donald Trump said yesterday during a press conference with Mitch McConnell that while the administration was shooting to pass tax reform by the year-end deadline, it took the Reagan administration "many years" to pass the last major tax initiative - suggesting that it wouldn't be the end of the world if the plan doesn't pass until next year.

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FlipSide's picture

He feels safe voting yes because he knows the bill doesn't have enough votes to pass. He'll vote no on a bill if he knows he can kill it.  He's all about not passing bills.

Captain Chlamydia's picture

The man is senile. Plus a brain tumor. He should be euthanized.

localsavage's picture

No, he should be forced to be treated under the same shit system that he forced on the rest of us.  That would kill him off in a few months.

NoDebt's picture

For a guy who spent time in the Hanoi Hilton he certainly has no difficulty sending other people's sons and daughters into harm's way. 

He's fucking Ahab going after the white whale.

Got a chip on his shoulder big enough to get everyone killed before he croaks from cancer.  Guy wants a war so bad you can smell it on him.



Rapunzal's picture

I ask myself a lot of times, why aren't those child abusing creeps not retiring? Just go you fing retard.

bamawatson's picture

the answer is contained in your question; "child abusing creeps"; completely immune, insulated, paid, protected, privileged

why would they retire

IH8OBAMA's picture

A sure sign that McCain knows he will be dead long before it ever comes to the floor for a vote.


toady's picture

Of course he'll vote on a budget bill... The spice must flow, especially to the MIC!


jcaz's picture

Spare us your favor and die first, John......

847328_3527's picture

"No Shame" McCain slams 'half-baked, spurious nationalism' sweeping US in passionate hate speech, and then lean over hugs Marxist Biden


Hard to beleive the audience clapped for this slime bag. Just confirms how deep the infection is in America.


ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

Idiopathic McCainus Gangreenus, I believe it the medical term you are looking for.


Ajax-1's picture

Yes, I saw speech and cringed. McCain and the rest of his RINO ilk need to be primaried and defeated.

serotonindumptruck's picture

Is it a brain tumor or a face tumor?

He looks like Marlon Brando with the cotton stuffed into his cheeks for the Godfather role.

It will be a glorious day when the treasonous name of McCain is lost to the Memory Hole, never to be spoken of again.

Next up: The sinking of the USS John McCain.

Kfilly's picture

If any bill will screw the American, it will pass with flying colors. Bills to benefit the people are dead on arrival. That is way this criminal cartel operates.

espirit's picture

We need term limits to prevent CONgressCritters from dying of 'OldTimers' and 'Cerebral Stallzy'.

Twee Surgeon's picture

No doubt ! Just a good House cleaning on both sides of the swamp of these historical leftovers, long gone moldy, would be a fresh start for a great nation that's been going down the shitter for decades. Kiss the Prog's and Rhino's off at the ferry across the Styx so the living can re-boot the hope of Billions globally. Audit the Fed and make the last check they write for payment to Demolish the Real estate they've been misusing for 104 murderous years of Created suffering..... and some Rope.


hotrod's picture

Why do we need a tax reform initiative,  Markets say everthing is AWESOME

Drater's picture

I usually don't cheer for cancer...

Ajax-1's picture

I think it's OK to make an exception in this case.

True Blue's picture

He shouldn't be voting at all with his mental condition(s) and in fact should be in a cell in Guantanamo Bay given his overt support for terrorists.

Dre4dwolf's picture

If hes voting Yes, then we probably dont want it to pass lol

Just being freaking honest at this point.


e_goldstein's picture

Does his tumor get a seperate vote?

johand inmywallet's picture

I would have down-voted you, but I know what you mean. No my tumors do not get separate votes, if they did, I would get 17-19 votes. I don't like McCain, and I don't like my or our tumors. McCain needs to go to retirement.

Sudden Debt's picture

He'll flip if it ever would have a possiblity of passing

razorthin's picture

That was our dying wish for him.

raymeejrs's picture

I never thought I could think anyone was more creepy and despicable than HRC...McCain is coming close

earleflorida's picture

from cradle to grave hardliners...--- and i thought the old ussr was bad!

thing is they all die off all of a sudden as in russia

Ps. american's are to brainwashed from generations of reconditioning and rehabilitation to make term-limits a reality

just look at eastern europe and the baltics, incl. the ukraine where high school kids excel in math, science, and languge (multiple) compared to the dumbed down fucks in ussa schools that can't make change for a dollar!

therevolutionwas's picture

.....or are 'too' lazy to edit their own comments.

shankster's picture

Arizona get your shit together and vote him out!

shankster's picture

Sentence McCain to 1 year of Obamacare..that should just about do it.

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

He could have chosen single-payer government healthcare for his head problems. (The VA system.) He didn't.

POORICH's picture

I wasn't there ... but ... this is what was related to me from 2 individuals that I'd trust w/ my life. 

Two of my USN flight instructors were former flight instructors of John Sidney McCain III ... they clearly stated that if J.S. McCain the 3rd's name had "NOT" been McCain ... he would NEVER have received his USN Wings of Gold.  He was a bad, bad,  below average student pilot.  And then ... we would have never heard of him ... that would have been "nice".  Fate. 

mkhs's picture

Come on Arizona.  Why is he still alive?

I, of course, am not asking for violence, but why it is not there!


ironmace's picture

I'm tellin' ya, they get a different healthcare. Jimmy Carter is another example. He had brain and liver cancer.

anyone else would be dead by now.

grunk's picture

I will say, listening to the audio, he didn't sound the same.

currency's picture

DON't TRUST JOHN MCAIN - he is a show boat and a attntion getter. He is NUTS and un Trustworthy and a NEOCON.

currency's picture

DON't TRUST JOHN MCAIN - he is a show boat and a attntion getter. He is NUTS and un Trustworthy and a NEOCON.

Miss Expectations's picture

Get busy living or...

grunk's picture

His type of brain tumor is pretty aggresive and pretty terminal.

Are we being lied to about McCain's condition?

cheech_wizard's picture

Who cares how McCain votes? I want to know how the tumor is voting.

The Duke of Skiatook's picture

Fuck you John McCain.  You can kiss my entire ass.  Why don't you put that cancer ridden block of yours in the microwave and speed up the process.  


Dull Care's picture

I live in Tucson so I'm sadly acquainted with Mr. McCain.

In the last primary election(2016) he did nothing but spread falsehoods about his opponent. There was absolutely no visible support for McCain. Nobody had a yard sign but his opponent had some. All of my friends voted against McCain in the primary, yet he won 51-39.

He really is a disgrace, a man with no principles. A man who consistently takes both sides of political issues and will change his opinion to buck what he previously supported. A man who supported foreign intervention at every opportunity. 

DeaconPews's picture

Fuck you McShitstain.

Fuck you Arizona.

Jackagain's picture

He know he's up for re-election next year and the people of Arizona are fed up with this RINO.

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

McCain is not up for re-election next year. Junior AZ Senator Flake is up for re-election next year.

McCain has a 99+% chance of dying from his brain tumor before his next election. He still has time to do more serious damage to the USA.

Mike Masr's picture

Hopefully his tumor makes him dead before this!

MrBoompi's picture

"Draconian cuts to the military budget" my ass, McStain.

VW Nerd's picture

Lets see....Higher unneeded defense spending (along with higher spending on everything else) + tax cuts equals higher deficits and happy bankers and defense corps.  Higher deficits means billions more interest being transfered to the 0.001%.  Making America Great Again!