Amazon Studio Boss Resigns Over Sexual Harassment Scandal

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Embattled Amazon Studios head Roy Price – who was suspended by the company last week after a producer claimed Price had repeatedly sexually harassed her – has finally made it official.

Variety reports Price officially resigned from Amazon on Tuesday, a decision that was expected by many in the industry. In Price’s absence, Amazon Studios COO Albert Cheng was named interim president.

Isa Hackett, a producer on 'The Man in the High Castle,' said she was harassed by Price during a late-night cab ride on the evening of July 10, 2015, after a long day of promoting the series at Comic-Con in San Diego. Hackett attended a dinner with the show's cast and Amazon staff at the US Grant Hotel. At the dinner, Price asked Hackett to attend an Amazon staff party later that night at the former W Hotel. She ended up in a taxi with Price and Michael Paull, then another top Amazon executive and now CEO of the digital media company BAMTech, where Price repeatedly propositioned her, Variety reported.

Price reportedly told Hackett "You'll Love My Dick" and whispered references to anal sex in her ear while she was trying to have a conversation with another person.

Hackett said she immediately reported the incident to Amazon, but little was done until the Harvey Weinstein scandal erupted and renewed the focus on sexual predation and exploitation in the entertainment industry.

Price joined Amazon in 2004 as the company set out to launch its video-on-demand service. That business has since grown into an original-series and feature-film studio, with Price at the helm. Under Price, Amazon launched series such as “Catastrophe,” “Bosch,” and Golden Globe winners “Mozart in the Jungle” and “Transparent.”

Still, the type of popular appeal that company founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has been elusive. Earlier this year, Bezos mandated a shift in programming strategy away from the niche, naturalistic dramas favored by Price and toward large-scale genre projects with the potential to capture large international audiences.

As Amazon Studios began executing on Bezos’ mandate this summer, Price became the subject of sexual harassment allegations first reported on business website The Information in August, which stoked rumors that Price might soon be headed for the exit. His fate was sealed when Hackett went public with her claims on Oct. 12. 

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Panic Mode's picture

I want my Amazon Prime refund.

johngaltfla's picture

His ex apparently didn't like the inept pace of his Prime package either.

toady's picture

Here, take this golden parachute and jump!

Bud Dry's picture

And find someone more attractive to 'love your dick'.

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Too bad sorry Sessions is so limp-wristed or he'd be on this in a second with a dozen doj lawyers, just as Holder sent a dozen left winger doj lawyers to investigate every police department in the nation and criticize them for be rayciss.

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Looks like he was set up and cockblocked by Bezos

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If you can't handle some stupid teasing at work, then go home and play with your kids.

The real world is hard. If you can't handle some stupid teasing, how can I have confidence that you won't crack when doing multi-million dollar deals?

This stupid cunt should shut up and if there are any damages, take it to the courts. That is where people seek compensation for wrongs. NObody else cares about her problems.

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Is that how you tease your colleagues? You whisper in their ear "You will love my ..."? I would love to see that hahahahaah


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Amazon sucks beluga whale penis...

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And who hosts the CIA’s cloud?

Lumberjack's picture

Head of Facebook's secretive hardware unit to step down

Earlier this year, Facebook provided a peek into the hardware division, called Building 8, revealing it was studying ways for people to communicate by thought and touch.

Although any hardware rollouts from the unit are years away, potential products could help the social media giant lower its heavy reliance on advertising revenue.

Dugan, a former chief of the Pentagon's research arm, has also led a similar hardware group at Alphabet Inc's Google.

WhiteHose's picture

His ex is gonna "love his dick" ! Or at least her lawyer will! Pay up assclown

toady's picture

No ex involved... The stupid bitch called off the wedding! Pro tip: ya gotta marry the dude before you can take the money and run!

WhiteHose's picture

I bet Lisa bloom or what ever her name is figures out a way to wring some bucks out of him for the ex fiance! This shit show is great! Better than anything out of hollyweird lately! Pass the popcorn

FlKeysFisherman's picture

Not a good week for the Chosenites.

Seasmoke's picture

Al Michaels. A Tribe Member. Got scolded for those words.

TemporarySecurity's picture

Gotta love I am no longer working for a corporation.  I got to watch a lesbian get a gay man fired for looking at a females ass, she called it sexual harassment.  She had no clue he was gay and the firestorm afterwards was just fun to watch.  He won an undisclosed settlement and she was promoted out of country. Win win all the way, let the UK deal with her.

Modern day life should include unlimited popcorn, which this company did provide.

gilhgvc's picture

with any luck he will do the honorable thing and eat the end of a shotgun

cynicalskeptic's picture

So.... heterosexual sexual harassment of adult females seems to have consequences now but pedphile scandals remain 'fake news'?

I don't understand.....

shovelhead's picture

Wow. Talking anal before you get to first base.

That takes some balls

chubbar's picture

As ugly as that chick was, I just assumed he was talking about getting some head.

cloaked's picture

Maybe we should start calling Weinstein "rocketman jr.", because it looks like he put a mushroom cloud over HollyWierd. Now maybe we'll get lucky and rocketman sr. will do it for real!

besnook's picture

ok, let's put the shoe on the other foot. put her in the position of whispering sweet nothings about anal sex into my ear while i am having a serious conversation with someone else. would i can consider that sexual harrassment? even if i didn't like her or want to play with her anus? or would i chuckle? or would i be shocked? disgusted? or real horny all of a sudden?

would i raise a stink and sue someone for it? can men sue women for bitching harrassment?

i bet there is big money in hiring out girls who hang around for awhile and make you happy by the end of your meeting.

prymythirdeye's picture

Bezos wanted him out and like the cheap, filthy heeb that he is, he didn't want to pay him.  Period, end of story.

fangulos's picture

Wonder why ZH hasn't put up a recent shot of Bezos? Guy has a slimy puffed right eye and a beady ballish left eye, I wouldn't stare such a creature at daily work environment, fuckin' creepy

Make_Mine_A_Double's picture

Circumstances aside I must admit that is a bold opening gambit ‘you’ll love me dick’ - especially to a carpet muncher.

Meritorious honorable mention with follow up of putting it up her tailpipe and riding the caboose.

Fortunately I herald from the old days when that just got you a slap in the face and ejected from the bar.

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As I've said before, any man who hires a woman under 70 years of age in todays America has a death wish.

khakuda's picture

They did them a favor. Using lines like "you will love my dick "makes it clear this guy has a brilliant career on the other side of the camera in porn films. I'm prime baby, I won't cum for two days.

Common_Cents22's picture

that guy was just overcompensating for his gayness.

I Write Code's picture

He resigned so he could spend more time with your family.

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Haha, burning masons asses

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i dont feel like being your scapegoat you fing shylock

Moon Pie's picture

"...she said hey man, are you crazy or somethin?" - Talkin World War III Blues - Bob Dylan

moorewasthebestbond's picture

The Hollywood casting couch whores and dykes would call this "slut shaming" if they were the money men smoking cigars and enjoying some pussy.