Barzani's Failed Kurdistan Project: A Deathblow To The Partition Of Iraq And Syria

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Submitted by Elijah Magnier, Middle East based chief international war correspondent for Al Rai Media

The project to divide Iraq was dealt a deathblow by a decision of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi to send the Army and the security forces to recover all Iraqi territories controlled by the Kurds of Massoud Barzani. The Kurdish leader was riding the horse of Iraqi partition (in fact, a lame horse) to establish a Kurdish state in the northern part of the country. Following the failure of Barzani’s project in taking advantage of the fight against ISIS and therefore declaring his “state”, every country in the Middle East is abandoning him because no one likes to be associated with failure.

Barzani sent envoys (I personally met some) around the globe who returned with apparently promising results: “over 80 countries promised to recognise the new State of Kurdistan”. These promises turned out to be false (“no friends but the mountains”), other (existing) political alliances turned out to be stronger and Barzani was left alone with his empty promises and unreliable advisers.

Iraq forces in the office of the departed Kirkuk Governor, October 16, 2017. The photo spread widely on social media after Iraqi national forces entered Kirkuk city.

Countries of the region – France, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates to start with – are now establishing a clear and unambiguous relationship with Baghdad’s government. Abadi, following an authorization of parliament, used a fist of iron to fragment the partition project – not only of Iraq – but of the entire region, that was supposed to be sparked off by the Kurds in Iraq and in Syria and via the regime change attempt in the Levant.

In less than 48 hours, the Iraqi army, with all its security services (army, popular mobilization units, Counter-Terrorism, Federal Police), extended its control over Kirkuk, Khanaqin (Diyala), Bashiqa, Makhmour (Nineveh) and Sinjar - the city that leads to the borders with Syria. All territories that were established for Baghdad’s control under the US administrator Paul Bremer in 2003-2004 (with the limits of Kurdistan) are back now in place.

Abadi forced the Kurdish Peshmerga to return to the old areas they controlled in 2003 after they took advantage of the “Islamic State’s” (ISIS) occupation of large Iraqi territories in the north and north-east and north-west of Iraq in 2014.

Most importantly, the Baghdad government has started its recovery of territory (following Kurdistan referendum) from the rich province of Kirkuk – which produces more than 65 percent of Iraq’s northern oil (about 500,000 bpd) - a region which accounts for about 40 percent of Iraq’s total national oil production. Kirkuk includes the oil fields of Tawke, Peshkabir, Atrush, Shaikan, TaqTaq, Khurmala Dome Avana Dome, Bab Jambur, BaiHasan: all were recovered and are now under Baghdad’s central government control.

Thus, by recovering Kirkuk (and its oil fields), Abadi stopped the rise of the “State of Kurdistan”, which cannot exist with the remaining northern oil without substantial financial support from Baghdad to pay the salaries of the army (Peshmerga) and official employees, and this as long as Erbil delivers the full production of oil: in exchange 17% of its revenue will be due to Kurdistan. Massoud Barzani will have to withdraw from the political scene because he will be unwilling to beg for the return to the archaic relationship with Baghdad government and obey the Prime Minister- this might prove just too humiliating.

Pavel Talabani, the son of the Iraqi ex-President Jalal Talabani, declared that the Kurdish army in the eastern regions of Khanaqin-Sulaymaniyah was under the command of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, thus taking his distance from Erbil, further isolating the Kurdish Leader Masoud Barzani: who is in fact the biggest loser today in Iraq.

The first to abandon Barzani was Turkey, which has announced that it will close its border (after days of hesitation awaiting the concrete results of Massoud’s separatist rejection of biding by the constitution and Baghdad’s reaction to it) with Kurdistan and handed over the main crossing point between the two countries to the central government in Baghdad and its forces. Saudi Arabia followed immediately with direct contact with King Salam, who offered his congratulations to Abadi and rejected Barzani’s rebellion.

With the collapse of the Barzani project, the United States had much less hope than before of pushing Syrian Kurds towards independence from Damascus. Baghdad has regained control of the crossings between Iraq and Syria in Sinjar – Rabi’a. Two more crossings remain outside of Baghdad’s control: Tanf under US control temporarily and al-Qaem under ISIS. This means no support, no exit and no entrance will remain legally available to the Syrian Kurds. The new situation will lock down the airspace from Syrian al-Hasaka which is surrounded by Turkey in the west, by the forces of Damascus in the south and by the regular Iraqi forces in the east.

Nope. Recent events dealt a deathblow to partition:

The Sykes-Picot agreement
, which divided the Levant in the wake of World War I, was revived after analysts and diplomats called for the redrawing of the borders of the Middle East region, especially Iraq and Syria, the creation of a new state called Kurdistan (Iraq and Syria), a new Sunnistan (for Sunni in Anbar-Iraq and Idlib – Syria) and Shiistan in south of Iraq.

Turkey has begun to review its policy with Iraq and it will certainly find common ground with Baghdad so that it withdraws its troops from Bashika and other areas now that Abadi has showed his teeth against Erbil’s decision and his willingness to wage war against those who want to divide Iraq (and without considering the cost).

The attractive commercial relationship, that has been at the centre of the attention of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, will prevail, and will encourage Iraq and Turkey to re-establish good neighbourly relations ( Turkish-Syrian relationships will certainly follow after the war ends in Syria).

The US will be forced today to reconsider its presence in the north-east of Syria because such a presence has now become meaningless. The US forces are stationed in al-Tanaf without any strategic purpose and in al-Hasaka/Raqqah with the Kurds, whereas ISIS has been defeated in its Syrian capital. In fact, it is possibly easier for its own proxies – the Syrian Kurds – to give up this alliance in time, before this same US drops them. Kurdish interests don’t lie with Washington but with Damascus, ready to establish a constructive dialogue with them if they stop being seduced by the US’s temporary interest in the Levant.

And lastly, Haider al-Abadi gave himself the political impetus he had missed in recent years. Yes, Iran played a key role in warning Masoud Barzani, a day before the start of the Iraqi operation to recover all territories from the Peshmerga: the commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Qasem Soleimani alerted Barzani to the gravity of the situation (but in vain). He pressed the Iranian-Talabani ally to stand down and take distance from Barzani, and to support Abadi in countering Kurdistan’s “partition plans”.

But it was Abadi’s final decision to act. He rendered a huge service to Syria and to his own country. Abadi has secured himself a strong place in the Iraqi political arena and the upcoming elections as a Prime Minister for a second term. It will be very difficult to compete with him, he who destroyed ISIS but, above all, the “hero” who exploded the biggest danger of all: the partition of Iraq … and Syria.

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Guderian's picture

The US will keep its army in Syria and throughout the ME, until its interests change

(read: Israel gives up its plan of the balkanisation of the ME).

HowdyDoody's picture

The yanquis are slow to catch on. Brett McGurk, the US Special Envoy for the US 'coalition', and a top Saudi honcho flew in to Raqqa to see how well it had been bombed into freedom.

giovanni_f's picture

will CNN/BBC report (stage) twittering kids on live-stream as they did in Aleppo and Damascus while being bombed by the Us freedom fighters?

BennyBoy's picture


Neocons and CIA frantically recalculating how to get free oil from northern Syria.

Submit your false flag ideas to:

beijing expat's picture

This was attempted last night. Search Kurdistan on Twitter. The empire is in a state of chaos and the propaganda organs didn't pick it up. Still, have a look at Twitter.

mog's picture

The US will keep its army in Syria

Says who?
The US will try to keep its army in Syria.
But they are unwanted and unwelcome everywhere but the shitty little hell hole.
A hell hole who better get used to the idea that the oil rich Golan is Syria under international law and UN resolution.

el buitre's picture

Once Assad kicks the USIS mercenaries out 100%, then the collition of SAA, Hezbollah, Iran, and the Russians will surround the CIA/ Special Farces enclave like an encapsulated cyst in a body.  Cut off land supply routes and force only air supply.

General Titus's picture

Kurdish Peshmerga is a puppet of Israel

Fireman's picture

It's not good for the juice...oh veh...time for Nutnyahoo to kill some Palestinian children.


Meanwhile boycott the beast.

BARCODES 500, 729 & 871 mark the crap of Izrael.

BARCODES 7219 & 7922 mark the garbage of the squatters in the rest of occupied Palestine.

ankhfnkhonsu's picture

This jackass is a patent Iranian Ghoullah apologist
Iranian stooges control only parts of Iraq & Syria and they will be there with their Shia mercenaries bleeding for years

Shue's picture

Bleeding what kike arse wipe?

Byte Me's picture

I love it when a plan falls to pieces.

mog's picture

I love it when a USA plan falls to pieces.

Guderian's picture

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” – Mike Tyson.

earleflorida's picture

Pepe Escobar-- 'Kirkuk redux was a bloodless Offensive. Here's Why

Ps. The Jewish people are fed up with Netanyahu's 'Zionism hardliners'! They're sick and tired of a draft! Both women and men of all walks of life in Israelis society are fed up after seventy years of this bolshevikism-rhetoric!

It's all BS!!!

The Palestinian's aren't the problem, nor were they ever...--- its growth?

Thus conquesting for a 'greater israel' has always been the agenda.

The whole of the Golan will not be enough, nor will the sinai borderlands,... adding to the mix Jordan's borders.

rybo1's picture

Netanyahoo must be pulling his hair out with tweezers.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

I have a simple frame of reference to judge the merit of anything in the Middle East. Are the Israelis in favor? If so it's bad.

2banana's picture

The Kurds "took advantage" of the entire Iraqi Army dropping their weapons and running away from ISIS?  And then the Kurds took advantage by attacking ISIS and throwing them out of Kirkuk and the surrounding region?

And denied ISIS of the oil revenue for the last two years?

THAT is taking advantage?


Abadi forced the Kurdish Peshmerga to return to the old areas they controlled in 2003 after they took advantage of the “Islamic State’s” (ISIS) occupation of large Iraqi territories in the north and north-east and north-west of Iraq in 2014.

Uncle Skid's picture

Another thing.  Where did the Iraqi Army come up with all the courage?

2banana's picture

1.  Lots of Iranian soldiers/units + Shia militias looking for revenge

2.  Regular Iraqi Army units have had several years of American supervised training and American equipment plus up

Uncle Skid's picture

Well, I was hoping the Kurds would be successful in creating their own homeland.

Yogieu's picture

I would also love to see it, assuming that they stick to land where they are huge majority. Grabbing other land, especially oil rich, was going too far.

BobEore's picture

Don't you worry. The Kurds will be creating 'a homeland'...
but it will be entirely a different proposition than the farcical KRG puppet state Srael and Turkey carved out of northern Iraq - in order to give themselves and their jihadist buddies access to all that oil & gas.

The party is now over, no more need for charades, as srael and Russia have forged a new partnership to split the petroleum riches of that region between them _ Rosneft and Genel respectively, have replace the other oil majors ...

and will now use their joint puppet state Turkiye to transit the spice onwards to the very same destination as ISIS sent theirs to - srael and Europe. Only THEY will enjoy the benefits of holding Europe hostage - even the Iranians are being given a piece of the action.

meanwhile... in 'northern syria' the plans of the Turks and their jihadi buddies are turning to dust. The YPG have played their hand well - forging real alliances with the other ethnicities and religious persuasions of the region, to develop the foundation of a truly pluralistic society that requires no outside state supporters...

and IF left in peace to develop, may well prove the long elusive antidote to decades of sionist plotting and neo-ottoman scheming. Much to the fear and disgust of the many fanbouys here of the dissimulationist storyline such as this author is a propagator of!

Fortunately.. their sole weapon is an impotent vote button.

Treason Season's picture

Maybe Bennee' would keel over if he found out the IRGC had just overran Kurdistan. So they're keeping it out of the news for his benefit.

Victor999's picture

The Iraqi Army has instead profited greatly from the guidance given by the Iranians.  The Iraqis were doing very poorly under American training and management.  When the Iranians stepped in they showed the Iraqis how to fight with determination and skilled tactics.

SPQR 70AD's picture

bullshit. if you want to win a war let the US train your enemy spending billions for nothing. name one fucking war where US trainees won

hoytmonger's picture

The Iraqis made a deal with one of the Kurd political factions. The Kurds retreated prior to the "invasion" and left Barzani's troops holding the bag.

beijing expat's picture

The Iraq army took 25% casualties in the assault on Mosul. This would indicate courage.

DEMIZEN's picture

sunnis made most of the Iraqi army back then. It was the Shia PMU taking action this week. 

quasi_verbatim's picture

Kurdexit, Brexit and Catexit are the failed States of Secession. Follow them who will.


hoytmonger's picture

The Kurd faction that was Barzanis main political competition made a deal with Baghdad to eliminate Barzani's control of the area. The Kurds aren't a united people, and Barzani was/is a mobster.


In other news, the US is bringing in the Saudis to help with the reconstruction of Raqqa. So money will be pouring in to reconstruct ISIS.

WTFUD's picture

Only foreigners build stuff in Saudi Arabia. Doesn't President Trump know this?

africoman's picture

This is news.

Barzani's Failed Kurdistan Project: 

I wouldn't rather say humiliation of Barzani's and as a project, it's still going on delayed as pussy evil American and Israeli elements are there plotting other means.

It's rather impressive how quickly Iraq seizes oil and history-rich Kirkuk from Kurdish forces after the referendum even with the aid of some Kurds soldiers.The residents even celebrated being once again part of the Iraque government.

This tells all the referendum thing, it's not in the best interest of northern-Iraqi Kurdish people.It's a foreign-aided project, I think most Kurds have realized it by now in cool head seeing how bloody it will turn fighting the federal Iraqi for nothing except death and destruction the enemy hoped for them.

WTFUD's picture

Does Barzani still get to keep his al-CIAd'uh pass and brood of hot young rent-boys?

David Wooten's picture

"It's a foreign-aided project..."

That was certainly true but foreign powers can change their 'minds'.  They probably realized that supporting Kurdish independence encourages independence movements elsewhere - like Catalonia, eastern Ukraine, etc.  The USG stopped paying Peshmerga salaries a few days before Iraq made its move.

DEMIZEN's picture

there is no point in holding Tanf if Syrian army meets with PMU at al bukamal

WTFUD's picture

If it wasn't for those meddling kids ( the Iranians ) we'd be up to our knees in Black Gold.

Signed British Petroleum (BP)

redmudhooch's picture

Want to see Bannon/Breitbarts true agenda?

Go on over there and see how many stories there are about this and the other wars we are fighting for Israels benefit.

Bannon/Breitbart are Israel first Zionists. Nothing but fake TMZ style scandels at Breitbart, thats what Zionists thrive on.

Anti-muslim articles, left vs. right nonsense, basically Fox News on steroids....

Don't let them trick you.

swmnguy's picture

It's pure pablum for the militant ignorant who want to be pandered to.  The writing is the political version of the old grocery-store favorite, The Weekly World News, all hyped-up adjectives and adverbs, tying every single thing back to the central theme of self-pity.  Even the racism is done with pure self-pity and envy, telling white people they can't compete on a level playing field.  Yes, it is Fox News on steroids, complete with the vicious contempt for their own audience.  I don't see how people can read it and not feel mortally insulted, but instead they lap it up. 

There's a fairly large constituency in America, maybe as much as 25% of us, who want to submit to an unaccountable Authority who will let them watch men in uniform brutalize people whom the submissives envy and hate and want to watch being humiliated.  These are the people and traits who fuel all the real atrocities of history.  When a warlike people start to wallow in self-pity, it always ends in a bloodbath.  And it's usually those who feel the sorriest for themselves who lash out with the most viciousness, starting with anyone and everyone who ever came from the same circumstances and was actually able to better their condition.  

I grew up in a rural area full of people like that.  As a poor kid, I was looked down upon by those who weren't poor.  And for trying to make use of what was around me, working hard in school and at jobs as a teenager, I was mocked by those just as poor as me for "thinking I was better than everybody else."  When I got to college and was getting better side-jobs through the college community than I would ever be offered by those I grew up around, it was time to leave town.  I left, and I've never looked back.  The people I grew up around are still living in trailers, and they blame blacks, Mexicans, Jews and Liberals for the fact they still wallow in their own shit and can't get ahead because they refuse to put in the work it takes.  No doubt they're consuming Breitbart, or the really dumb ones read The Gateway Pundit.

WTFUD's picture

S-guy, i've seen that film, what was it called again? Oh yes, The Jerk ( Steve Martin ).

Hear you though, folks being used/manipulated and not having the savvy to comprehend that they're being played; the Patsies at the table.
For years i've deliberated as to whom i have more contempt for. I guess it has to be the sheared ( i include cops here ), as without their cooperation, the Elite couldn't continue their skulduggery.

Collectivism Killz's picture

Absolutely true. They celebrate Israel striking Assad, make up bullshit stories about ISIS retaking Kirkuk and the PMU beheading Kurds. Such much bullshit, so much Jew.

Cutter's picture

Once again our Foreign Policy establishment proves their utter incompetence.  Everyone, including the Iraqis, know that the Kurds held the referendum, only after receiving US permission.  And everyone knows that we planned to use the Kurds to partition Northern Iraq and Western Syria, and use the new Kurdistan, as our base of operations against Iran.  

Will Abadi, who now knows that the US was operating against Iraq, continue to allow US forces to base in Iraq?  No.  We will be ordered out in short order and will have no presence in the northern Middle East.

And these guys call themselves professionals and experts?

Posa's picture

The only US mission in the Middle East is destruction and chaos operating to benefit only the US and ISrael. It's taken almost three decades but the principals in the region have wrestled back control, albeit with a much larger role for Iran. Russia brought the needed stability. The nightmare of a genocidal Pox Americana is finally over.

Herdee's picture

Best of all they'll boot out the remainder of U.S. troops, they can all go back to Afghanistan again and fight the Taliban for the next 100 years.

anti-republocrat's picture

I've been critical of Trump in the past, for his raid on Yemen and continuing support of KSA there, his Tomahawk attack on Syria, for failing to certify the Iranian deal and for his inflammatory rhetoric on DPRK.  However, if I'm to criticize him for all that, I must also give him credit for refusing to support Barzani, which helped lead to this situation.  I believe the US will now be forced to leave both Syria and Iraq.  Better late than never.

SPQR 70AD's picture

barzini is a jew and it is the fucking inbred pissraelis that want iraq and syria broken up. I give tons of credit to the iraqi leader who said there will not be an israeli island called   kurdistan and to top off his great achievement is to now throw the murderous US army the fuck out who killed a million iraqis

Drop-Hammer's picture

"Barzani.  It was Barzani."-- Carlo.

Drop-Hammer's picture

Iraq can not exist as three hostile entities in one 'country'.