Drone Footage Reveals A First Look Of Trump's Border Wall Prototypes

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Over the past four weeks, workers have been toiling (mostly in intense 90+ degree heat) to put final touches on eight possible versions of President Donald Trump's long-promised border wall, ahead of an October 26 deadline to finish the prototype border-wall designs located just a few dozen yards from the border that divides San Diego from Tijuana. U.S. Customs and Border Protection awarded eight contracts to six companies to build the prototypes. Four are made of reinforced concrete, and another four incorporate additional construction materials. Construction began on Sept. 26, giving companies 30 days to finish, according to the Arizona Republic.

By Wednesday, five of the wall designs had already been completed and were fenced off with caution tape, but - as the following video shows - crews were still at work on others, installing vertical concrete panels on one design, using cranes and bulldozers to place them upright. Another two prototypes were in various stages of construction on the demonstration site, located about 2 miles east of San Diego's Otay Mesa border crossing, in the foothills of the Otay Mountains. At roughly 30 feet, the designs dwarf the petite, primary fence that currently designates the international boundary — it's made of rusted Vietnam War-era landing mats. They are also nearly twice the height of the secondary metal-mesh fence, which ends near where the prototypes are being built.

Their height, officials quoted by the AZ Republic said, is intended to make a statement to criminals and would-be unauthorized crossers: Stay away.

"The 30 feet is very impressive," said Mario Villareal, the division chief for the San Diego Sector Border Patrol. "What we're trying to accomplish is by putting tactical infrastructure on the border, by having all-weather roads, by putting Border Patrol agents on the immediate border is the deterrence."

Of course, whether the border-wall prototypes "keep people away", is what matters, and will be closely scrutinized in the coming weeks. After they are done, CBP will move to the "test and evaluation" of each of the eight structures.

What do the prototypes look like?

One built by a Maryland company uses concrete at the base with the top two-thirds featuring blue metal panels. Another, built by an Alabama company, has a wide concrete base that gives way to a thinner frame halfway up the structure.  Also, only one of the completed designs incorporates see-through features that would allow Border Patrol agents to monitor activity on the other side of the border.

Initially, Trump called for a solid reinforced concrete design, and several of the finished prototypes seemed to fit that description. Under advisement from CBP, the administration later included "see-through features" in its call for submissions. A second design by the Alabama company features metal bars for the first half of the prototype, narrowly spaced and resembling the bollard-style fencing commonly used at the border in Arizona's urban areas. But the top half has what appears to be solid concrete panels.

Quoted by the AZ Republic, Border Patrol Agent Theron Francisco said the ability to see across the border can be beneficial. It's an option they don't have now with landing-mat fencing in the area. "It's good to be able to see through the south side. We can see them, they can see us," he said. "But in a way, it can be negative because we're always being watched. They always can see us. It goes both ways." Meanwhile, the concrete design is made up of three long, concrete frames that gently slope upward from the U.S. side, but are completely vertical on the south side. The concrete is a light tan, nearly the same color as the dusty soil it stands on. 

The cost of eight contracts ranges from $320,000 to $480,000. CBP has already appropriated the funds to pay for them. However, funding for additional construction is still up in the air and remains the object of major political disagreement in Congress.

And until we find out if Trump's wall will ever amount to anything more than a pipe dream, here is drone footage taken earlier today of the Border Wall prototypes.

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HelluvaEngineer's picture

What did this cost me?  They'll just cut through with oxy acetylene torches or plasma cutters.  This is dumb.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Don't worry bro. It's all being paid with borrowed money.

Won't cost you a dime since they will borrow more money to pay the interest and principal on the first borrowed money. And so on and so on and....

You get the picture.

J S Bach's picture

You know... this is all so unbefuckinglievable.  How do you think our forefathers a few generations ago dealt with invaders crossing our borders?  I'm of the mind that they made no bones about defending with firearms ANY who would dare cross into our territory illegally.  There was no need for "walls".  FEAR OF DEATH is what kept the interlopers out.  Of course, in our pussified emasculated time, we cannot even consider such an avenue.  We must instead contemplate "feelings" and "injustices".  We must also consider our horrible "guilt" for having built such a desireable national edifice that third worlders would actually swarm to it like iron filings to the north magnetic pole of a magnet.  Oh, woe are we... the wretched prospersous generation who must altruistically give away our birthright and all that our ancestors died for in the insane suicidal name of JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Please excuse me for a minute while I go vomit and weep for the extinction of an unprecedented gullible race of hominids.

SafelyGraze's picture

these walls are looking really good. keep it going!

the west bank



Stuck on Zero's picture

When the next administration comes along they'll grant permanent visas to everyone on earth. And then what good will the wall be?

sgorem's picture

And then what good will the wall be?..............well, it'll be a great place to start lining up politicians for the firing squads, no?

sgorem's picture

and i don't think using mexican labor to build The Wall is in the best interest of the american taxpayer. i also think that it should go as deep into the ground as it is tall...........tunnels, my little grasshoppers, tunnels.....................

auricle's picture

If the wall isn't as deep as it is high then it is a non starter. There are so many tunnels under the current walls they are rendered useless. 

IH8OBAMA's picture

Were's the mote with the aligators and the mine field?


buttmint's picture

...the historical irony is rich....after decades of failure, the Berlin Wall finally fell. Almost at the same time, during the early Bush administration, the Wall got underway.

Collosal lack of imagination has befallen this once proud country.

sk0r9y0s's picture

"FEAR OF DEATH is what kept the interlopers out.  Of course, in our pussified emasculated time, we cannot even consider such an avenue."


Let us consider that avenue:


Do you think they really kept out all the interlopers?..are all US citizens today descendents of original founders?


...or is there over 2 centuries of people fleeing persecution to make a better life for themselves?

J S Bach's picture

Those "2 centuries of people fleeing persecution" made their way to our shores via Ellis Island and other LEGAL means, sir.  There is no comparison to the flood of featherless bipeds which inundates our southern border today.

sk0r9y0s's picture

I respectfully disagree. Not all of our descendents made it ashore by "legal means.


Your argument also rests on an absolutist principal of "legal. What of the slaves?

..what of the historical native Americans from Canadian provinces and Mexican states?

...eg: San Juan, San Diego, San Francisco, etc


Our history runs deeper than you make it out to be

J S Bach's picture

Your primate avatar is fitting.  The orginal "citizens" of our country were indeed pronounced in an "absolutist" fashion.  They were ensconced in the Naturalization Act of 1790.

"It provided the first rules to be followed by the United States in the granting of national citizenship. This law limited naturalization to immigrants who were free white persons of good character. It thus excluded American Indiansindentured servantsslaves, free blacks and later Asians although free blacks were allowed citizenship at the state level in certain states. It also provided for citizenship for the children of U.S. citizens born abroad, stating that such children "shall be considered as natural born citizens," the only US statute ever to use the term. It specified that the right of citizenship did "not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States."

Only since the infection of eastern European (((persons))) in the late 19th century has this proclamation been bastardized and eradicated on the altar of political correctness and other more insidious unnatural dogmas.  The descendants of the founding stock of true Americans have been brainwashed and cowed into ceding their birthright and nation.  But, the tide is turning.  The inevitable wave of nature will cleanse all deceivers in a flood of biblical proportions.

sk0r9y0s's picture

Hey, we can't all be Bachs. Don't discriminate a fellow primate.


"Only since the infection of eastern European (((persons))) in the late 19th century has this proclamation been bastardized and eradicated on the altar of political correctness and other more insidious unnatural dogmas.  The descendants of the founding"


So we agree that NOT ALL our anscestors are protected under the 1790 Naturalization Act?


James Madison was NOT an absolutist in his writing of our constitution. 

...legislation was passed in 1790 and it can be passed today.


J S Bach's picture

Sorry, sk0... I try not to insult those with opposing opinions to my own, but I did in your case. The persons of the (((echo))) were and are the main progenitors of the cultural and moral malaise which afflicts us today.  There is absolutely no doubt about it.  Part of their mind-numbing and hypnotic haze is the issue of open borders.  They've been opening them from ancient Egypt to medieval Spain to America to modern Europa.  The goal is to dilute and confuse the indigenous racial stock down to a more compliant, controllable and corruptible base.  (((Their))) strategy has proven effective to this historical point of internet awareness.  The question remains whether or not the true Americans and Europeans have the instinctive survival traits and wherewithal to thwart the (((pathogen's))) grand strategy.  Time will tell.  But, I am always on the side of nature and truth winning out in the end.

sk0r9y0s's picture

Sounds like a grand theory of conspiracy!


So there has been no other "main progenitors of the cultural and moral malaise which afflicts us today" besides the Hebrews?

You have heard of the hunnic empire yes? Were they a part of the horrible Aztecs way of life too?


5000yl's picture

Why is mexico such a bad place that they need to leave?

Mexico was created and is currently created by mexicans. The reality they have is a representation of the people living there. Their country is a representation of the people living there.

If they come to my neighborhood are they suddenly going to create something different?

I will drive you through south phoenix and show you that it is exactly as it is in mexico. I worked in mexico for 6 months. I have worked in south phoenix for years. They are identical because the people who created one, moved to another place and recreated what they knew from back home

It is not mexicans that I want to keep out... I want to keep their ideas of government far away from me. Because their idea of government ends with all of us living in concrete boxes trying to sell mufflers

sk0r9y0s's picture

Mexican emigration has leveled off...there are as many leaving as coming in.


The emigration is coming from el salvador mostly. ALL the old banana republics.

jin187's picture

There isn't a scrap of land on this planet that hasn't been killed for, and died for, at some point. Whitey and the Asians are just the current frontrunners in the race to conquer everything, and whoever is in the lead, makes the rules. Deal with it.

I will say that this is probably going to be the first time in history where one people have successfully conquered another just by making them feel guilty. At this point, I'm betting the white race will end when the last trailer trash all commit seppuku to atone for their white privilege, and the crimes of their great-great³ grandparents.

sk0r9y0s's picture

Yes "deal with it".







deer_flasher's picture

Isn't illegal immigration how you guys stole new mexico, california and such? Gringoes moved there and then "voted" and stole the land?

So It Goes's picture

Bach - I hear you.

The problem is that these bad boys down south are powered by big drug money and armed to the teeth with modern war weapons - grenade launchers, bazookas......and they are organized and effing ruthless with no civility.

It's not just the folks who want to migrate for health care and do menial work.  The wall is most likely a necessary and good thing.

sk0r9y0s's picture

Why say: "The wall is MOST LIKELY a necessary and good things?


Is there a chance that it could all go wrong like Rome, Russia or China's great wall?

spag's picture

there need to be integrated ladders on the US side for use when yellow stone blows. dont tell the mexies tho, they might mine their side.

jin187's picture

We'll just use the tunnels the Mexicans have already built, even though there's no wall yet.

sk0r9y0s's picture

That's murder. I hope you're not a Christian American.

Elliott Eldrich's picture

What they NEED is to simply pass a law saying if you're caught hiring an illegal, you go to jail for one year, no excuses and no exceptions. Caught twice, five years in prison. Three times, life in prison.

Once you pass that law, and enforce it in a very visible manner a few times, about 98% of your problem will be solved. Real laws with real enforcement and real teeth work. Giant nonsense projects like Trump's wall don't.

sk0r9y0s's picture

Most of the emigrants are trying to escape turmoil in there countries.


..started by banana republic and the cia




MaxThrust's picture

"What they NEED is to simply pass a law saying if you're caught hiring an illegal, you go to jail for one year, no excuses and no exceptions. Caught twice, five years in prison. Three times, life in prison."

Agree but then we have to rely on the Just-us system which is populated with liberal judges and lawyers who want to make as much money as they can. This idea although logical and a great idea is dead on arrival.

jin187's picture

The only reason we can't get immigration under control is corporations. Liberals can't stop the juggernaut of public opinion with just their feelings of guilt, and WWJD bracelets. Bought and paid for RINOS like McCain, McConnell, and Graham, will never let that supply of defacto slave labor go, so long as big business is filling their coffers.

That's why I like the idea of fines much more. Fine the company that hires them a year worth of gross profits. The scum lose their livelihoods, the government gets to loot them, and sell the leftovers for pennies on the dollar to their competitors, which will hire back the legal workers to run their newly acquired business. It's a win for everyone except the slavers.

Rhona Redtail's picture

They don't want to end illegal immigration. They just want to pretend they do. 

Rhona Redtail's picture

They don't want to end illegal immigration. They just want to pretend they do. 

Ajax-1's picture

At the very least it needs to be electrified. 

esum's picture

fuck the wall....BUILD A TRENCH ..... 50 cals galore...... drain the bodies into the gulf of mexico twice a day...

sk0r9y0s's picture

That's MASS murder.


evildimensions's picture

No I don't get the picture. Paralysis by overanalysis much?

How much will this wall cost per mile? Does somewhere between $1 and $2 million sound about right?. I've heard those number thrown around. OK, so we currently import about 2 million bbl of oil per day from Mexico. We simply slap a $1 tarrif on each barrel. That pays for 1-2 miles of wall per day. Net effect on American driver? Almost nada. Such a tariff would translate into 3-5 cents extra at the pump per gallon at most. 

There are many different ways to pay for the wall. The hypothetical method above is just one of many. Upshot is that financing is NOT that big a deal.

jin187's picture

What's the point of the wall?

Most illegals in the country simply over stayed their visas. The wall wouldn't keep them out. Terrorists, cartels, and so forth have tunnels, smugglers, and other means of getting into the country besides jumping the wall. It wouldn't keep them out. This wall farce is the immigration and security equivalent of the war on drugs.

If it's about security, and nothing else, just mine the fucking border. When we discover tunnels, don't even investigate. Drop a MOAB, and be done with it. No warning shots from the Coast Guard when they find smuggling boats. Build the wall out of rotting corpses. Now that's a deterrent.

evildimensions's picture

I don't have the facts on your facts, i.e., that most illegals over-stayed their Visas so I can't argue the point, but I have to say I find that factoid dubious.

OT but you mentioned CG. I swim with a Coastie at the local pool who did Pacific interdiction for 20 years. Plenty of amazing stories. Like I said, OT.

More appropos, walls work. See China and Israel for examples. 


sk0r9y0s's picture







...Drones...the very technology that got us this zerohedge video from the great Tryler Derden..will be used by capitalist migrant exporters.

bh2's picture

Make it difficult enough and fewer will make the attempt. Obvious.

sk0r9y0s's picture

If youre fleeing deathly gangs set up in el Salvador by reagans immigration policy...i think you'll try again and again rather than die.

deer_flasher's picture

Yup, is amazing how perversely unaware these guys are to the fact that druggie mcdealerson up north loves dope, and create the market for this to happen, but hey, screw everyone cuz murica and stuff.

To my defense, I bought a set of blackhawk-proto wrenches made in usa, pretty neat stuff if you ask me

Nostradumbass's picture

Sensing circuitry can be included that will alert with any tampering - at a small additional cost...

sk0r9y0s's picture

A "small additional cost" that appears like Mexico will not be paying for.


...that my children and I will be paying for.




JuliaS's picture

Looks like they've built enough wall to cover the functioning portion of Musk's Hyperloop track.

bh2's picture

All security is based on time. The reason safes offer good protection isn't because they cannot be cut, given enough time. They work rather well, of course, because the time required to break in assures high risk of detection and arrest.

sk0r9y0s's picture

Security costs money.