Head of MI5: UK Facing Most Severe Terrorist Threat Ever

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In the UK, it’s extremely rare that interviews with members of the British intelligence, let alone the head of MI5, are broadcast on primetime news programs, yet this is what happened, when Andrew Parker, MI5’s director general, warned that Britain was facing the most severe terrorist threat ever and further attacks are inevitable. Parker explained "That threat is multi-dimensional, evolving rapidly and operating at a scale and pace we’ve not seen before…It’s at the highest tempo I have seen in my 34-year career. Today there is more terrorist activity, coming at us more quickly, and it can be harder to detect."

While Islamic State has been suffering heavy defeats in Iraq and Syria, MI5 estimates that 850 Britons who had travelled to its territory could return Britain. About 100 have died in fighting.

There’s no question that Parker and his spying agency are under severe pressure, having failed to prevent four Islamist terror attacks which led to 36 deaths – Westminster Bridge, Manchester, London Bridge and Parsons Green tube station. More so, when Parker’s staff is increasing 25% to 5,000. UK politicians are pushing for more oversight as The Guardian reports “This month the government will receive reports on whether chances to thwart the atrocities were missed and what lessons could be learned. Ministers and the National Security Council wanted independent oversight of the review, in essence not allowing MI5 or counter-terrorism police to assess themselves. Oversight is being provided by the barrister David Anderson QC, a former government appointment as independent reviewer of terrorism legislation.”

From a BBC report:

“Mr Parker was asked what was the point of MI5 surveillance when someone who had made ‘no secret of his affiliations with jihadist extremism’ had then been allowed to go on to launch a deadly attack. He said the risk from each individual was assessed on a ‘daily and weekly basis’ and then prioritised ‘accordingly’.


‘One of the main challenges we've got is that we only ever have fragments of information, and we have to try to assemble a picture of what might happen, based on those fragments.’


He said the likelihood was that when an attacked happened, it would be carried out by someone ‘that we know or have known’ - otherwise it would mean they had been looking in completely the wrong place".

Defending his agency, Parker stated that 20 terror plots had been prevented during the last four years and seven in the last seven months. However, he lamented “The threat is more diverse than I’ve ever known. Plots developed here in the UK, but plots directed from overseas as well. Plots online. Complex scheming and also crude stabbings; lengthy planning but also spontaneous attacks. Extremists of all ages, gender and backgrounds, united only by the toxic ideology of violent victory that drives them.”

Journalists pressed Parker on the role of technology firms and social media platforms. He remained relatively diplomatic, but said they were inadvertently helping terrorists and emphasized their “ethical responsibility” to do more in helping the government in the “dark edges” of the internet.

As an aside, there was a different story about MI5 in the Daily Mail last weekend. Under the headline “Communists monitored by MI5 over fears they could destroy democracy are now senior advisors to (Labour leader) Corbyn, claims the spy agency’s former chief.” Dame Stella Rimington, who headed the agency from 1992-96 said “I see in Momentum (left-wing political organisation) some of the people who we were looking at in the Trotskyist organisations of the 1980s. They are now grown up and advising our would-be prime minister Mr Corbyn as to how to prepare himself for power.”

Great…although hardly a surprise.

Rimington and MI5 refused to name names. According to the Mail, “Labour MPs have suggested possible candidates included Mr Corby’s spin doctor, Seamus Milne, Momentum founder Jon Lansman and the Unite’s chief of staff, Andrew Murray, who worked for Labour’s election campaign.” Closer to finance, we shouldn’t forget that UK’s Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, said he was a Marxist four years ago “Look I’m straight, I’m honest with people, I’m a Marxist” and pledged to “overthrow capitalism.”

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Give_me_liberty_or's picture

Translation: Give us more funding or moar false flags

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The sky is falling, the sky is falling.


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Probably shouldn't have imported all those sandniggers.

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Sand niggers are okay. Importing them keeps the other goyim preoccupied. It's that damned internet freedom and peasantry saying bad things about their replacements.

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and I thought the terrorists were the Banskers of London...

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"These things are going to happen in a big country. Andrew Parker and his MI5 infidels will just have to get used to it."


~ Mayor Kahn

wildbad's picture

well, he should know. since all of the islamic terrorist until now were well know to ALL of the "intelligence" agencies throughout €urope and none were stopped, we should believe him when he warns us of the attacks that are being planned and coordinated throughout the world by the zio-globalists

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"UK Facing Most Severe Terrorist Threat Ever"

Um, yes, that was the plan with bringing in all of those moozies.  "Mission accomplished?"

Rapunzal's picture

The only terror organizations are the governments and their intelligence mafias. All terror since 9/11 was clearly false flags and hoaxes.

Déjà view's picture

Washington...Tel Aviv.........London...

Israeli Super Max® conditions coming to a theatre nearby...long Israeli security firms...

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After Vegas, a local arena decided to take "security" more seriously...so instead of a large, potential target, crowd sitting inside the building, they had a large crowd standing outside of the building waiting to be"security checked" to make sure no one was going to bring in a gun or a bomb and kill people...

Stupid is just off the charts.

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"That threat is multi-dimensional, evolving rapidly and operating at a scale and pace we’ve not seen before…


"That threat is multi-culturalism, evolving rapidly and operating at a scale and pace we’ve not seen before…

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In retrospect:

In a blunt warning to a visiting group of European diplomats over a looming jihadi threat, a former deputy Shin Bet chief on Monday said “if you do not stand by our side, the day when Islamic terror will reach your homes, your beds and your kindergartens will come soon.”

Speaking with Danish, Swedish and Dutch ambassadors to Israel, as well as officials from the embassies of Britain, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Austria and Germany, Knesset Member Israel Hasson (Kadima),



Oh btw MI5 = SIS and MI5/6, CIA, MOSSAD = ISIS

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Does read a bit like a threat, doesn't it?

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Glass the Middle East.

All of it.

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Most of those 'sandniggers' are British born and bred, NOT imports!!

Take a trip to Highgate in Birmingham, look around...don't believe the hype!


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Will this be the Highgate in Birmingham near London-on-Trent?

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They are still sandniggers.

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MI5 has it wrong; the biggest threat to UK citizens is their own liberal politicians who have brought death and destruction upon their heads.

If there were strict vetting, all these dead kids and the concert, all those pedestrians stabbed to death in London, etc would not have happened.

wildbad's picture

Just watch the absolute totalitarian SHITSTORM that Tommy Robinson has been going through for the past 10 years.

There is most certainly a monster pulling all strings in the background just trying with all of its might to convert England into a compliant muslim slave state.

They are almost there.

Watch the movie "Children of Men" to see the endgame.

Byte Me's picture

"Children of Men" has some of the finest single shot scenes ever to grace the silver screen.

Theta_Burn's picture

THAT was refreshing to watch

Well done Sean Hannity, FOX

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Lucifers chosen ones need them to fulfill Kalergi's plan.

Vigilante's picture

...and how would the chosen ones benefit from a mooselimb Europe?

Nukes coming their way one day?

Doesn't make sense.

They need all the friends they can get.

A muzzie Europe is their worst nightmare.

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That's simple a flock of sheep that lost their identity is easier to herd. The banksters will provide the shepherd.

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What a surprise, upvoted early in the thread for saying nigger

For a change, the first commentor in the thread nailed it; you should have just left well enough alone

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Every nation that allows muslims to immigrate in large numbers, especially without extensive vetting, is going to see a massive increase in terrorism. But, of course, the motherfuckers in charge knew that when they allowed it to happen.

Pliskin's picture

Most of those 'sandniggers' are British born and bred, NOT imports!!

Take a trip to Highgate in Birmingham, look around...don't believe the hype!


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There's that Magic Dirt of Albion, again.

Turns sandniggers into Saxons with a simple piece of paperwork. Magic!

waspwench's picture

And the problem could very easily be resolved by deporting them.   OTOH if we keep them in the country and permit them to continue to inflict mayhem on the native British population then we will have a very good excuse to impose a police state for the safety of..... and etc.

MaxThrust's picture

They, the powers that be of course are preparing us for a big one. What it might be.........well that's anyones guess but I have prepared and will weather what ever comes including death.

house biscuit's picture

In your weatherproofed death box, I presume..

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"Nothing To Fear...But Fear Itself"...

--- FDR

waspwench's picture

Nothing to fear but our own corrupt, traiterous governments.

GreatUncle's picture

They are going to arrest all those who object to their policies is the current government proposal.

Well how fearful is that?

Not alot, to many people in the UK with no skin left in the game!

Being afraid doesn't work when you have nothing left to lose.

If anything a very peaceful society in the 60's has learned all the violence from all the newty arrived migrants.





Infnordz's picture

Fuck this stinking complacency!

Mixing incompatible cultures eventualy causes violence, then war, multiculturalism is evil, like duh!

The book "The Culture of Critique" (2000) should be read cover to cover by everyone, of all ages, until they fully apprehend just how tribally predatory and hypocritical these "Jews" (Talmudist European fakes) are, and that they have hijacked and are fucking up Europe and America; it's all in this nearly 20 year old book!  This tribe are poison to host European cultures, including much of America, because they use media, academia and government to subvert European culture to auto-immune attack itself, to allow Talmudist power usupation and uncontrolled immigration; this doesn't work in collectivist Asian cultures, which are now ramping up aggression against their trouble making Islamic guests, which is what we should be doing!!!

The only real Jews (Hebrew Semites) are probably mostly in West Africa, after they fled from the Romans, after the Romans got pissed at them at them for stirring up trouble and killing Roman soldiers based in Syria; thus it is highly likely that the asserted "Holocaust" is irrelevant to real Jews.

The UK government like other European governments was cucked by these Talmudist vermin decades ago, and childless, fucking incompetent May even met with UK Rabbi devils, again showing how stupid/ignorant she is!  MI5 warnings about Islamist invaders are pointless unless they can identify and fast track deportation of all the threat, include the support structures like organisations...!

All European goverments must realise that Islamist immigration was a colossal mistake, so compulsory deport all 1st generation Islamic immigrants and degrade the status of all other Islamists to guests status, so that any radicalism/crime causes deportation, including children; if they don't, they'll end up 3rd world hell holes!


mc225's picture

translation: 'we're going to foment more terrorism than ever'

veritas semper vinces's picture

MI5 together with MI6 ( and their sister branches Mo$$ad ,See Eye Ayy and Ef Bee Eye) are the executioners of the Bankers cartel's orders of the Evil AAZ empire( Mystery Babylon).

They are the covert killing mashine . I do not believe one word of what they have to say.In fact ,I do not believe anything the government of US,UK or Israhell have to say and I have the tendancy to belive the opposite of what they say.

Mr. Kwikky's picture

He means more false flag operations are coming...

land_of_the_few's picture

Does he not remember the IRA bombings then presumably? The IRA members could easily get UK passports because of being Irish, and live and work where they pleased in the UK. They didn't wear beards or hijabs either.

Plus, the ex-commie thing... many Western and EU leaders and politicians were commies in their youth. Some are quite right-wing now

BigJim's picture

The Irish seemed to be capable of making bombs that actually went off, too.

I noticed the Brits only really started getting serious about making peace in Northern Ireland after the IRA blew up a truck bomb in Canary Wharf. London's real ruling class - the bankers - realised they might get hurt and we saw real offers of power-sharing to the disgruntled NI Catholics.

Pliskin's picture

Maybe the Brit government should offer some kind of power-sharing deal to the Muzzie Jihadis?

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi MP.

It worked before, why not give it a try??


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Call McCain, you do for me I do for you aka Obama used GCHQ...

neutron star's picture

The center of Birmingham uk now looks exactly the same as Islamabad. Except the woman in Birmingham wear more Burq's. A " nice " Muslim told me not to go there now, as it not safe for poeple like me ( a white non muslim ) Talking to the " nice " Muslim, it soon became apparant that he was as insane as the rest of them. Killing poeple for leaving islam, stonning woman to death, Intense dislike for other Mulims who were not a Sunni Like him. 

One of these is not like the others..'s picture

Seen it. You speak the truth. Some shops I have entered don't; even boter with english signage anymore.

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Muzzie's share?   Don't make me larf.

They are not interested in sharing.   They are only interested in taking over.

Pliskin's picture

The IRA killed far more people on the mainland U.K. than any of these Muzzie jihadi groups have, and yet, no airstrikes on Northern Ireland?!?

Mustn't of been in the best interests of Israel!