Preening Politicians & Europe's Lost Testicles

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Authored by Robert Gore via Straight Line Logic blog,

Disarmed and docile Europeans pose no meaningful threat to their governments’ depredations.

All sorts of reasons have been advanced for declining birthrates. SLL spotlights Europe as an advanced case and offers a hypothesis: its testicles have gone missing.

What does it do to a continent when a country 3,000 miles and an ocean away strikes the decisive blows in two of its cataclysmic wars? What does it do to that continent when that distant power assumes control over much of its defense? At a primal level, the very essence of manhood is the ability to defend one’s self and loved ones. Perhaps ceding responsibility for doing so is not emasculation, but it made Europe the little brother who must rely on big brother to fight his battles.

Naturally, big brother calls the tune. During the Cold War, that meant accepting one’s place under the US defense umbrella and toeing the US line on the Soviet Union. Only French President Charles de Gaulle challenged US domination, and that was more show than substance. With a nuclear arsenal and geographic proximity, the Soviet Union posed an existential threat to Europe, even more than it did to the US. If the Soviet Union had invaded during the de Gaulle era, France would have quickly rejoined a US-led alliance.

European politicians had another reason for accepting US domination. They were erecting the world’s most generous welfare states. Money saved on defense spending was spent on benefits. With little protest Europeans also swallowed high and steeply progressive tax rates in return for state-provided largess.

The fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 posed an existential threat to the US military-industrial-intelligence complex. NATO could have been disbanded and responsibility for Europe’s defense handed back to Europe. The US could have significantly cut military spending. It took ten years and 9/11, but the complex overcame the threat and preserved the status quo. It ginned up a story that Islamic extremism posed a danger to the West of the same magnitude as the former Soviet Union.

Islam has historically been riven with sectarian strife, notably the Sunni-Shia schism. Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda were living in caves when the US and United Kingdom invaded Afghanistan in 2001. Not one Islamic nation, and certainly none of the Islamic non-state groups, had any appreciable industrial capacity. Only one Islamic government, Pakistan’s, had nuclear weapons, and its arsenal was tiny compared to the West’s and Israel’s. To rate the Islamic “threat” as anything but minuscule compared to that posed by the Soviet Union was absurd

The only way the West could lose to Islam was if it defeated itself (see “How to Defeat Your Enemies,” SLL). To their credit, the governments of Germany, France, and New Zealand refused to swallow the US’s concocted rationales for the 2003 Iraq invasion—that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was fomenting terrorism—or support it. Globally an estimated 36 million people protested the invasion. The Guinness Book of Records lists a protest by three million in Rome as the largest ever antiwar rally.

We’ll see what happens if the US reneges on the Iran Nuclear Agreement, but to date 2003 remains the highpoint of European opposition to big brother. If they had known the consequences of US incursions into the Middle East and Northern Africa, they would have protested even more vociferously. The US has made a complete hash of it. The war against terror creates more terrorists, and turning the area into a hodgepodge of hell holes has prompted millions to flee, often to Europe.

They find a continent that economically has seen better days. The welfare state guarantees everything but the opportunity to work hard, keep what you earn, and make a better life for yourself. State favored companies use regulation to squelch smaller, less-connected competitors and stop innovative startups before they get started. The European Union is a bureaucratic, centralizing engine run amuck, creating more daunting obstacles to companies and entrepreneurs. There’s the usual corruption that comes with centralized bureaucracies. Monetary authorities are all-in on debt monetization and interest rate suppression policies that discourage honest savings and productive investment but encourage stock, bond, property, and derivatives speculation.

No surprise then that the European economy hasn’t grown much, if it all, the last few decades. Nor that it’s eating America and Asia’s dust in high-tech. It’s not even a surprise that this state of affairs evokes little protest among Europeans. When the government provides cradle-to-grave, you shut up and get with the program. Even if means you live with your parents into you’re thirties or forties, never have a real job or meaningful occupation, never marry or start a family, and nobody can remember one memorable thing you’ve done at your state-provided funeral.

Instead of taking an honest look at why Europeans are not having babies, politicians and other well-credentialed idiots have decreed that immigration is just the trick for declining birth rates and aging populations. They’ve been lucky; big brother America’s interventionist policies have created all sorts of refugees.

Islamic immigration is a focal point for all that ails Europe. Since 2003, there’s been no real opposition to the US’s refugee-creating policies. The refugees have found not just refuge, but state-provided benefits. Europe’s so-called leaders, apparatchiks, and media assure the population that Muslims bear no animus towards Europe. The fable goes that they will readily assimilate and become part of the taxpaying work force, forestalling the impending insolvency of the welfare state.

Only actual facts and a few alternative media outlets challenge this codswallop, for the most part Europeans have bought it. Are they fooled or neutered? The continent responsible for much of Western Civilization probably didn’t get stupid in a generation, which argues for the latter.

The isolated sparks of opposition are met with opprobrium, threats, fines and criminal sentences. Not a month goes by in which a prominent European politician doesn’t call for restrictions on the internet, the one forum that’s not completely cowed (or is it steered?). A few Eastern European nations are the resistance, pariahs. It wouldn’t be the worst thing for them if Angela Merkel-led “proper Europe” cut them off entirely.

One has to wonder if Europe’s preening politicians would be quite so obliviously oppressive (having old ladies beat up to stop them from voting and the like), if Europe’s population would be so docilely delusional, and if its Islamic immigrants would be better behaved if guns were as available as they are in the US. Pseudo-intellectuals smirk that guns are “potent phallic symbols.” True perhaps, but as noted, defending one’s self and loved ones is the first responsibility of the phallically endowed. Guns are a lot more effective than Tasers, knives, baseball bats, or calling the police.

There have been odious incidents of European women being groped, stripped, and sexually assaulted by Islamic criminals in public venues, unchallenged by what passes for European manhood. Just as odious is the pressure brought to bear on those seeking to publicize such incidents. In the US, your “intellectual” credentials aren’t in order unless you hail Europe as a “model.” It’s a model all right, for what happens when governments have no fear of their citizens. Europe’s emasculation is a potent argument for full firearms freedom in the United States.

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bunkers's picture

Balls are, only, found in Muslim communities, worldwide.

HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

in the EU you are taxed to death so you cannot afford to have children

unless you accept to send them to public school with the rapefugees you are been taxed for.

HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

luckily for the USA the head of NATO is always a US army general sitting in the pentagon...

the Supreme Allied Commander Europe SACEUR is the head (command of NATO military operations) and the secretary general is just a clown, aka "spokesperson"

for a DEEP insight see Daniele Ganser speeches on Nato, or even better read the book
see by yourself the responsibilities here

HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

the funny thing with sycophants is that they do not understand they will be killed, too.

George Bernard Shaw: …But there are an extraordinary number of people whom I want to kill. Not in any unkind or personal spirit, but it must be evident to all of you — you must all know half a dozen people, at least — who are no use in this world. Who are more trouble than they are worth. And I think it would be a good thing to make everybody come before a properly-appointed board, just as he might come before the income tax commissioner, and, say, every five years, or every seven years, just put him there, and say: “Sir, or madam, now will you be kind enough to justify your existence?” If you can’t justify your existence, if you’re not pulling your weight because you won’t, if you’re not producing as much as you consume, or perhaps a little more, then, clearly, we cannot use the big organization of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive. Because your life does not benefit us and it can’t be of any much use.

WTFUD's picture

Yeah let's kick-off this culling with the Bankers and their bought and paid for Politicians.

JimmyJones's picture

Weaponized Feminism and the demonetization of all things masculine coupled with a education system that teaches nothing of real world application have left much of Western society in shambles.  Don't worry with Hardship comes growth, no pain no gain, Europe and the West are in-store for some pain but that will lead to gain.  Not as much in New England, Middle, South and North West America (the coastal cities and suburbs are screwed) and Eastern Europe.  Those areas have heavy Prepper menatalities and will thrive when the SHTF.  Its gonna get ugly. 

What you are seeing is the result of what a single child, single parent society looks like.  A bunch of pu$$ies with a feeling of entitlement that were never permitted to get hurt or dirty as children.  If your a boy its a benifit to have brothers that you fought with from time to time.

Ace006's picture

Excellent point. One of those unexpected consequences of the welfare state. Like the fawning over women and their rights. Men look on as that madness goes on and say no to marriage.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

If the insanity doesn't stop -- I predict these Eastern European mailorder brides will come with another benefit in the not-too-distant-future ... resident permit in Eastern Europe. 


Oldwood's picture

If Europe lacks testicles, is it any surprise they would hold the record for largest antiwar rally?

And of immigrants to Europe, what percentage are from Afghanistan and Iraq? From what I read it seems like there are a lot more from Africa, and it sure seems to me that the real surge from the ME didn't occur until we instigated Syrian civil war and ISIS became dominant.

War sucks and should be avoided and the Iraq war is a proven mistake but the Iraq war did not create the European problem. EU policy created the European problem. EU pacifism and generous social problems created the European problem.....just as it is in America.

WTFUD's picture

Iraq's WAR was a proven mistake . . . STFU . . . Iraq's WAR was PURE EVIL GENOCIDE.

Ghordius's picture

the Iraq war destabilized the whole region. in particular, Iraq and Syria

both countries went up in flames

Turkey took up four million war refugees from there. other countries in the region too. a fact that is not vastly appreciated

Turkey... released one million of those war refugees. which walked over

do I really have to make it simpler then that? how many war refugees are sheltered in Dubya's ranch?

btw, when are you sending us Dubya?

malek's picture

Utter bullshit that all or even just the majority of "refugees" came from Iraq, Syria, Libya.
But you have to parrot that crap here.

How about you comment on
"The European Union is a bureaucratic, centralizing engine run amuck, creating more daunting obstacles to companies and entrepreneurs"?

ThirdWorldNut's picture

Ghordius, dont know if you will ever read this but nontheless here I go.

Could you list three more loathesome attributes (according to you) of European Union? And please dont say there is just one of it! People here would take you more seriously if you could come across as someone rational, because lets face it - you have an aura of fanatic.

Is-Be's picture

Eastern European mailorder brides 

You could do far worse than breed with the Slavs.

Far, far worse.

To wit.

Mimir's picture


High taxes "pay" for free education, free health care, state pensions, children allowances, housing allowances etc in most European countries. 

HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

High taxes "pay" for free education, free health care, state pensions, children allowances, housing allowances etc in most European countries. 

and free adult male rapefugees as neighbours, too

all free!

eekastar's picture

You're livin in the past: taxes mainly serve burocracy and fiscal/economic bribes of the global industrial complex.

rmopf2010's picture

Completely right "High Taxes" pay free education, free health care.

But what about quality of that free education and free health care?

Quality is really really bad.

So if E-USSR was really free ! than i would have the freedom to choose if:

A) I want to pay "High Taxes" to bad education and bad health care

B) I will pay minimal taxes, and I Would have income left to pay a good private school for my children, and good health insurance


Now thats freedom, but EU is not free anymore, it's called socialism/comunism




rmopf2010's picture

Great comment, congrats ! in few words you described EUssr

I might add: as taxes strips you of almost all income, you don't even have money to have a good private health insurance, so you have to go to public hospitals where you must wait months for everything

Is-Be's picture

so you cannot afford to have children

So have children as an act of defiance.

Or go join T.Rex

spacemonkey99's picture

Balls are, only, found in Muslim communities, worldwide....near the backsides of dancing boys and goats

Subliminal messenger's picture

True. Raping young women successfully requires balls.

HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

True. Raping young women successfully requires balls.

current rapefugees rape young men, old men, old women, too

Abitcoinbrain's picture

Nope wrong Muslism don't have balls what so ever, Islam is a Religion of Submission where they have no balls and just submit to some fucking sand nigger Mohammad!

garypaul's picture

They're not disarmed, they have rifles. In Switzerland, every male over 18 has a military weapon. STOP WITH THE BULLSHIT.


PS. They have more freedoms there than in America, so much for your guns bullshit.

Manipuflation's picture

Merkel does not have balls?

Calmyourself's picture

Merkel is a childless skank ex stasi who cares nothing for the German people. But, they are end stage of a very successful governmental maipulation and willingly march to the slaughter house as they are replaced.

Germany is a stark warning to America never give up guns and resist all forms of Socialism. Yes, progs that means even beloved SS.

Sat cong

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

European politicians are like politicians everywhere. They would gleefully deliver their constituents and their relatives to soap and lamp shade factories if this could get them more power.

Ghordius's picture

ehm... not quite

there are various levels of quality, worldwide. in things like governance, policies, laws, electoral systems, judicial systems, legal systems, police, and corruption

your comment is of the kind: "can't be different from where I am". well, it can. take your car, travel 100 miles in any direction, peel your eyes and you might notice slight differences. and then reflect how those can grow, with increasing distance. as Dorothy says: "this ain't Kansas anymore, Toto" in the Wizard of Oz

Ghordius's picture

I don't remember when we europeans ever asked anybody in the US to take us as "model"
I do remember us asking the US Dems to stop bashing Russia (more then necessary, and there it is: moderation, and lack thereof), though

"rah, rah"... does not make babies. yes, manly Russia, with over 4% of GDP in defense spending... is european, too, in things like birth rates. and... it has plenty of Muslims, too. in fact, it fought two bloody wars to keep the Muslim republic of Chechnya in it's federation. Chechens, as a reminder, are the biggest foreign group of those who fought for the Islamic State

and... we give our thumbs up to a well armed Russia, as much as this might be difficult to understand in the US. Russia is what separates us... from China, remember?

this article is one of those that pray on the ignorant, ask for more US defense spending, and try to portray us in Europe as "moochers" that somehow don't "pay in" in some non-existent coffers, while shouting that there is a Muslim under your daughter's bed, while the USDems shout there is a Russian, actually, under yours

it rhymes with "less diplomacy", more MIC, support the troops, and so on. plenty of things that are conflicting with each other, and with reality on this side of the pond

in short, it's a "rah, rah" disinformative piece of propaganda. and I like ZH for the service it provides by aggregating all such pieces that are related to "doom, doom, impending doom"


Haus-Targaryen's picture

The political (pro-EU) establishment in Europe is nothing but a cancer to society, which is being replaced, and your beloved EU and euro will be replaced along with them. 

You are intelligent enough to see this, and I am quite sure you hate the fact I'm correct in this. I makes me borderline-giddy to know in your twilight years, you're going to witness first-hand the destruction of the social and political system you spent your entire life building. 

HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

You are intelligent enough to see this, and I am quite sure you hate the fact I'm correct in this. I makes me borderline-giddy to know in your twilight years, you're going to witness first-hand the destruction of the social and political system you spent your entire life building.

that is personal

Haus-Targaryen's picture

It is. I have little sympathy for a group of people or generation of people that would sell their children's and grandchildren's future for their precious pension and to absolve themselves of a faux guilt.

If he honestly expects me to sit by and watch his ideals and ideas make my child's future more difficult and ability to live a successful life in peace in the land her ancestors spent the past few millennia ... he is fooling himself. 

Song_Of_Roland's picture

Before the French election, a Madani Cheurfa, a professor of politics at Sciences Po, said "What's the common ground between Macron and Le Pen? THere is none. What we're seeing is historic: a choice between two complete different modes of organizing society." We are witnessing a split where each "side" has a distinct way of organizing society and the two are not compatible. It is now only becoming apparent to many people, especially since we are learning the hard way that politics really is downstream from culture. Which way is it going to be? As you know, the German government is becoming more and more involved in everyday life, the EU as well. Those who support a view of the future that I do not share and that I feel threatens the future of our culture (especially that of my children) for the sake of fake absolution must not prevail.

A peaceful life in the future won't be possible here in Germany...

Is-Be's picture

A peaceful life in the future won't be possible here in Germany...

I bleed for Germany. 

Remember, Odin is as wise as a serpent. Stupidity will reap its reward.

Ghordius's picture

+1 "this is personal"
it's the way our friend here engages with the world. imo valid, even though not useful for every discussion or matter

Ghordius's picture

"my" system is based on... Order
your wishes and dreams are based on... Chaos
so since there is no basis of discussion between us, a joke:

the "tumor" of "my" system... is you ;-)

how abour a James Bond movie? in such a setting, which role do you play? which one do I get? due to my age, I would tend to choose... "M"

HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

"my" system is based on... Order
your wishes and dreams are based on... Chaos
the "tumor" of "my" system... is you ;-)

1) are you a colectivist ?

2) is there anything in your blood that somehow will put you above us and that make the real elites not consider you cattle?

3) since you do see the europeons that do not want the EUROcracy technocracy from the brussels Ivory Towers as an enemy and as a tumor:
Do you agree the Kalergi plan would work towards your interests of a united states of EU?

Ghordius's picture

1) difficult to answer. how about: "a small bit"? paired with "it depends?"
2) even more difficult. my blood... is old. very old. I get both hate and admiration for having what I call a "pedigree" streching back for centuries

I am for republicanism, democracy, constitutions, rule of law, order, peace, freedom and prosperity, moderation in all things, some compassion and many things more. oh, and I regard ignorance as a sickness... for which there is a cure (sorry if all this is boring)

Haus-Targaryen's picture

So let's assume you're part of the old Northern European aristocracy. 

Why do you get off destroying what your ancestors built? 

Ghordius's picture

your assumptions are... skewed
what is that "Northern" European aristocracy? how do you separate the bloodlines... according to your foreign/funny criteria?

the Duke of Edimburgh is a... Prince of Greece, too. and Denmark. the Habsburgs: Austrians... or Spaniards? Graf Caprivi's family came from Croatia and Italy. he was a German Chancellor, too. the Romanovs? the last Tsar was a granchild of Queen Victoria. of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, if memory does not betray me. Don Felipe of Spain? a French? a German? a Spaniard? an Italian? a Swede? what about the Swedes? is their's... French?

you make differences... which were never relevant here, *particularly* to us

Ghordius's picture

"Why do you get off destroying what your ancestors built?"

I thought it was *you* asking for Great Destruction, with some Hollywood Great Balls of Fire and a Zombie Apocalipse thrown in for good measure

Construction is putting things together, isn't it? Aren't you asking for the exact opposite?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Funny you automatically conflate "Europe" with the "European Union". 

You do realize their survival is now mutually exclusive. I'll take the survival of Europe over the survival of the EU.  What about yourself?  

HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

I am for republicanism, democracy, constitutions, rule of law, order, peace, freedom and prosperity, moderation in all things, some compassion and many things more.

your definition of freedom must be very interesting if you are at the same time for more EUROcracy

some economically skullfücked Europeons see more and more freedoms lost due to more EUROcracy

you sound a lot like H. G. Wells. "world peace" dystopian definition in "The Rights of Man/ What Are We Fighting For"

Ghordius's picture

it's an alliance

and there it is. I just used a word that has a lot of meaning and roots, here

in the New World, something Washington said: "avoid, if possible"
in the Old World... we never had such... luxury. the advice here has always been different: "choose carefully and stick carefully to them"

the US concept of National Freedom Devoid Of "Entanglements"... I don't see HOW we could ever apply it, on the Greater Landmass. neither do the Chinese, nor the Russians, nor the Indians, nor the Iranians, nor the Arabs, nor the Israeli, nor whoever

Ghordius's picture

ah, I see you added 3)
Count Kalergi? funny chap, I admit
half european from old bloodlines and half Japanese from even older bloodlines
can we really discuss him... in the shortness of comments? his views... that would take up books

I think it boils down to: "would you let your daughter marry Count Kalergi?"

now, I admire the Japanese. they have plenty of virtues, including Honour and Self-Sacrifice. yes, I would

there. satisfied? enough... to hate me properly?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Its funny how that works, it kinda reminds of the Scooby-Doo cartoons I'd watch as a kid. 

"We would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't you for meddling kids!" 

See, when you centralize power, or setup a system which requires one group of people to give up their quality of live involuntarily for the assumed benefit of third parties, or import millions of dramatically different people into someone's home, at the domestic population's expense ... there will always always always always always be people like me doing everything in their power to kick the legs out from under the stool.  

In your system, if its continued existance is the only goal ... I am the cancer.  Why?  Because my goal is to destroy it. 

Your job, as someone whose had the ability to vote since my parents were children is to build a system that doesn't require the destruction or impoverishment of domestic populations in furtherance of some mythical "greater good." 

Your system is based on this "greater good" prevailing over the good of many.  What is this greater good, and does it really benefit everyone?  No.  We hear platitudes about "never again a war in Europe because of the EU", but while such a thing is said (sounds nice BTW) the Russians are kept out of the EU, EU member states at the behest of NATO send tanks, troops and aircraft right to the border with Russia, (how would WWI or WWII been different if the Russians weren't involved?) the EU imports millions of people from the third-world who are uneducated, illiterate in their own language and can only provide for themselves via gang-rape of the welfare states designed for each specific group or population. 

The EU through the EMZ locked over 300 million people into a financial system which made the exit of any nation or subsegment thereof impossible without bankrupting the whole system and destroying everyone.  50 years ago Spain went bankrupt and no one in France noticed, in Finland the question was "Whats a Spain?". Today, if Spain was to go bankrupt today, it destroys all of Europe from Portugal to Finland and from Ireland to Greece. 

You call this "Unity" I call it "insanity".  You call it the "greater good" I call it "suicide". ("Hurrah! We can all kill ourselves together.  Isn't European Unity swell!?!?!")

The EU, your "system" has tuned against the people it purports to represent, and you have the audacity to call me the tumor.  Irony, no?  

See, at the end of the day Ghordo, you have your platitudes and visions of European grandeur.  While this is in the cards for some European nations, it isn't in the cards for all of them.  The idea you can take the grandeur of some EU member states and make all of them great is a joke, which sadly people who think like you have convienced millions is accurate. 

Is-Be's picture

Perhaps of is late in the day, but I failed to find the substance of your argument.

The EU is an American invention.

At the end of the second world war, and the triumph of Bolshevism, the Americans realized the insane folly of their opposition to Adolph. And now they had to Marshall all their little allies in Europe to oppose Joseph Stalin and the gang.

To that end they corralled the disparate countries into a likeness of their Ideal, the United States of America.

As the power of the US wanes with the demise of the petrodollar, the US is playing it's last card, its military. And Israel is making sure that this card falls in its favour and makes a wasteland of Israel's neighborhood.

Europe must pray for the return of the Prussians.

Ghordius's picture


"The EU is an American invention"

if it is one, it's the invention of a British-American double-citizenship holder: Winston Churchill (Zurich 1949)

but the idea of a somewhat united Europe was a mainstay of Nazi Propaganda, too, wasn't it? they call it the Third Empire, didn't they?

The Third Empire to last 1'000 years... like the previous two

meanwhile, Beethoven composed his Third Symphony... because he believed Napoleon would deliver on this

yes, everything is an American invention, including the Roman Empire, eh? and of course the HRE, eh?


Is-Be's picture

All things evil have been hung unfairly on Adolph's neck.

Is he here to refute these allegations? Shall we accept the obviously biased account of history of the Victors?. How shall we bring balance to our understanding of History?

Telling the truth to lies does not bring balance. We must exaggerate Hitlers case for him.

But I am repulsed by the need to counter lies with more lies.

The best I can do is cloth myself in Empathy and present His case.

Hitler's primary goal was to protect Europe from Bolshevism. The Germans had experienced International Communism and the humiliating depredations of the Bankers raping of Germany between the wars.

There was a story of a German officer who charged tickets to a private spectacle of him and his wife commiting lewd acts and for a small fee, his daughters were for hire upstairs.

They did this, not for the pleasure of it, but to survive.

Jews were flocking to Germany as word had got around that for a ridiculously small fee German girls could have their honour compromised.

Into this swamp, this Sodom, strode The Feurer. The ultimate  alpha MALE.

And he did what every red blooded alpha male is supposed to do. He defended his Volk.

I would that there was a Real Alpha Male extant today. But no. It appears the neutering of the Saxon is complete.

Maybe, just maybe some event will bring the European male to realize that some things are worse than death.

Men die, cattle die. But a man's reputation lives forever.