"This Is Very Rare" - Apple Slashes iPhone 8 Supplier Orders By 50% As Demand Dries Up

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Following reports this morning that channel checks show iPhone 7 outselling iPhone 8, Taipei-based Economic Daily News reports that orders for iPhone 8 and Plus have been slashed by around 50% for November and December, citing an unidentified official at the supply chain.

As we detailed earlier, a new report by KeyBanc Capital Analyst John Vinh, channel checks have revealed that Apple's older iPhone 7 models are outselling the recently launched iPhone 8 ahead of the early November debut of the premium iPhone X.

As traditionally new editions of the iPhone have sold quickly as fans queue for the latest upgrade, this time it's clearly different...

 As pent up demand for the iPhone X is clearly cannibalizing sales, and the surveys add to signs that the iPhone 8 is not proving as popular as its predecessors.

"Many respondents indicated that a meaningful portion of customers are buying iPhone 7 in lieu of the new iPhone 8, given the lack of significant enhancements in the new phone," Vinh wrote in his research report, which relied on channel checks in the United States and United Kingdom.


"Feedback from stores indicate customers are waiting to purchase the iPhone X or to compare the iPhone X before buying the iPhone 8," wrote Vinh, who is rated four out of five stars by Thomson Reuters StarMine for his recommendation accuracy on the Apple stock.


Another reason for the slow uptick of the iPhone 8 could be the modest promotion by U.S. carriers, Vinh said. "While carriers continue to offer promotions for the new iPhone 8, they have been much more modest compared to the iPhone 7 launch last year," he wrote.

Which probably explains why Economic Daily News reports that Apple is now betting all-in on the iPhone X, cutting supplier orders on the iPhone 8 (and 8 Plus) drastically. [via Google Translate]

But the supply chain has said that "this year is quite rare", the new product has just been mass production for about one to three months, was asked to begin to decline, "is the first time in ten years."


Supply chain sources revealed that iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus expectations of 11 - 12 months of shipments of 1 to 1.2 million per month will be substantially reduced, down nearly half of the range, shipment will be only 500-600,000.

So, as we concluded earlier, with Apple bull hopes falling squarely on the shoulders of the iPhone X, a key unknown factor is what the price will be. The much-anticipated iPhone X, a glass and stainless steel device with an edge-to-edge display, will start shipping from Nov. 3 with the 10th-anniversary iPhone priced from $999, Apple's most expensive mobile till date.

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NoDebt's picture

Windows 8:  A dud.

iPhone 8:  A dud.

What is it with Ver. 8 of things that is like death in the product cycle AND YET THEY ALWAYS SKIP OVER 9 AND GO STRIGHT TO 10?

Would a numerologist please pick up the white courtesy phone.  We might have actually found a use for your unique talents.


nope-1004's picture

Market is saturated.  The cycle is complete.

Call any tower company that services cell sites and they'll tell you, it's DEAD.  Mobile is saturated.  Everyone has one.  Growth is done.  Service providers have known for some time.


Al Gophilia's picture

Hey, Apple. You must be getting the message by now but let me add to the mountain; #fuckyouyouintrusivecunts. #fuckyourfacialrecognitiontoo

Deplorable's picture

I don't have a smart phone and I don't regret it because I don't spend hours a day with my face pressed up to the screen.  

cbxer55's picture

Same with me, old Samsung flip phone. Had it over 10 years and still has the original battery. Still holds a good charge as well. Never felt the need to have a phone that makes me look like a bumbling idiot! Every time a traffic light turns green, and the lead car just sits there, you just know why! Idiot has their stupid face in their stupid fucking phone! That's why!!!  GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smart phones are successfully dumbing down the population. 

Bob Beachcomber's picture

US market is saturated.  The rest of the world is their target.  They will have to get them for an pineapple or a basket full.

Ring_Of_Fire's picture

Their stock is still right near an all time high? Are Apple shareholders really going to be proven dumb when this stock is back below 100 soon??

SixIsNinE's picture

i waited and waited....(after paying retail on palm treos back 15 years ago)

this year was time to bite - iphone 4  - 32gb ram - $35 - that didnt' go up to ios 9 so i had to get a iphone 4S 32gb  - $35  (can do process payments with it  - free , 2.75% fee on cc charges)

service :  $80 a year.  plenty of time  / $ 6  a month

also picked up a LG G3 - incredible computer.  think of it as a tiny laptop.   not using as phone, unless using free gmail phone  $75

these are all great bluetooth music players. 

they are all in excellent condition.  ebay is your friend.   shop smart and you'll even get a good case included.

tech prices & audio gear - never been better.

i know there are lots of things we like to bitch about, but the material side of things (ex-housing et al.) has never been more affordable.

those people pushing that our dollar has no purchasing power compared to 100 years ago, well i think there is an argument against that.


kbohip's picture

Man, and I thought I was going for old tech holding out for an LG V20 and waiting for it to hit the ~$250 price point!

Archibald Buttle's picture

i got an LG a few months ago for $80. keeps me reading ZH instead of working most of the day. not a fan of android by any means, but at least it isn't fucking apple. also, it seems that if people are buying iphone7 more than iphone8 right now, that can't bode well for the iphoneX...

sunshine_units's picture

People might be WAITING for the iPhone X.

sunshine_units's picture

I love my V10.

The V20 looks good, too.

But the V30?  Fughetaboutit.  Battery's not removable like the 10 and 20.

And that matters to me, because I've run into a problem that sometimes is only solved by eliminating the power source, where a standard reboot won't work because the device ignores you.  Drop the battery out the back is a lot more time-efficient than waiting for the battery I cannot remove to die.

I also love that LG gives 64gb AND a microSD slot....

sunshine_units's picture

If you're near a major US city, try Craigslist.

It's probably where your eBay seller got the stuff they sold you!  And sold to you at a profit!!!


Singelguy's picture

You notice the same thing with TV series. Season 8 is usually the killer. I think people just get bored after 8 years and want something totally new.

Consuelo's picture



The number 8 is golden in China...

sunshine_units's picture


In the US and elsewhere, not so much.

Pendolino's picture

Hold on till I get out the world's smallest violin and play a lament on it.

HarryKallahan's picture





sunshine_units's picture


Like Evian, you have to read it backward to understand it.

G_T_A_44's picture

Excess inventory (IC's) pouring out of Asia at present.

absente reo's picture

Fuck AAPL.  And fuck the AAPL tax. 

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Me, I'd rather spend $153 on a like new refurb Huawei Honor 6x than $700-$1,000 or whatever on a new iPhone 8.

As a result of the premium people pay for an iPhone, Apple has tens of billions in cash.  But they'll have none of my cash.

Maybe more and more folks think like me...

Silver Savior's picture

I won't even spend that. My ZTE phone is $55 out the door. I told the salesman I want one of the cheapest. He looked at me funny. No contract either. I use wifi. Fuck the establishment.

Troll Magnet's picture

Huawei? LOL
That’s a Chicom-backed company.
Fuck them.


07564111's picture

LoL Huawei and ZTE are going to rule the planet. Every kid wants a new Huawei MATE or a new ZTE dual screen.

Fuck Crapple they're done in the phone market, even Joogle phone is better.

Troll Magnet's picture

Ok, Chinaman. Whatever you say.


virtualInsanity's picture

Didn't congress ban their network equipment from selling in the US? So, why would we allow their phones? Ban them I say! MAGA!

Scuba Steve's picture

Fuck Tibet ...

Free American Patriots !

Because if American Patriots dont stay free, Tibet is fukked.

DoctorFix's picture

Whether it's iPhone this or Galaxy that... they're all in the aggravate overpriced spying and slavery devices. On top of that the "plan" fucks you slow and deep.  I think I'll ditch the Samsung and get a bare bones model. Honestly tired of all this shit.

Archibald Buttle's picture

be careful: as long as we keep paying top dollar to carry a tracking device in our pocket, the forced chipping will be postponed. profits, and whatnot. if you see the Affordable Phone Act start getting bandied about in congress, that's the time to get truly worried.

sunshine_units's picture

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, the chipping has already started, possibly as far back as a decade ago or longer.

Breast implants?  You've been chipped.

Pacemaker?  Congrats!  Not only are you chipped, but if you end up in a murder trial and the prosecutor finds out, the pacemaker data can be used against you in a court of law!

Rikky's picture

every huawei i've ever had was a POS.  i don't know how these guys are even selling phones.

kiwidor's picture

my y6 survived three street fights and a car accident.  i framed it.

gt3 for 110USD incl tax , was unbeatable value.



Myfriendscallmetiny's picture

Seriously a $1000. Both mine and my wife's smart phone and our service plan with 16 GB and unlimited everything else costs about that. The guru died and unfortunately I fear Apples' cachet is soon too follow. 

Silver Savior's picture

Ha ha. Maybe you jackasses will think twice before coming out with an iPhone 9. The big money for phones is gone. Time for Apple to go the way of Radio Shack. It had a good run. Oh and be sure to burn through that fortune trying to save the company.

max_is_leering's picture

just put 'bama' after the apple logo and that bitch would sell like hotcakes... niggahs gonna think theys gotsa bamaphone

nmewn's picture

"If it moves, itax it. If it keeps moving, iregulate it. If it stops moving, isubsidize it."

I think we're moving to the latter stages ;-)

rbsx's picture

Who wants to buy the same device with marginal, incremental changes every year? Apple went back to this well too often and dried it out.

Mazzy's picture

Can't keep tapping the same well and not expect it to dry up without waiting for it to replenish (in the case of fads water = interest/curiosity).

My appologies for using some of the same words below, we probably think alike. 

Dickweed Wang's picture

Who wants to buy the same device with marginal, incremental changes every year?


Isn't that the 21st century business model??  The pharmafia does pretty much the same thing with their patented drugs.  When the patent is about to run out they make a minor tweak to the drug molecule or the delivery mechanism (e.g. "timed release", etc.) and then file for a new patent to keep the cost of the drug 1000% of what it would have been with a generic equivalent.

koan's picture

I feel the same way about marriage.