"We're On Borrowed Time": California Unveils Statewide Magnitude 7 Earthquake Drill

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Seismologists believe the US state is decades overdue a “Big One” tremor measuring magnitude 7 or greater on the Richter scale. The Daily Star reports, a massive fault line zone in the Bay Area of Southern California is thought to be most at risk with experts giving a 72% chance of a large tremor within the next 30 years.

Now a freak spate of deadly earthquakes that wreaked havoc in several regions throughout the Pacific has sparked fears California could be next.

The Pacific “Ring of Fire” is living up to its name.



The 450 or so volcanoes that make up the ring outline have been unusually active this year, sparking evacuations on the Indonesian island of Bali and on the tiny island nation of Vanuatu. Parts of southwestern Japan, meanwhile, have been shaken by a series of earthquakes, unsettling the local population, in an area where the massive Pacific Plate grinds against other plates that form the Earth’s crust, creating a 25,000-mile zone where earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are unusually common.


Three volcanos have either erupted, or are showing signs of an imminent eruption, across the region, according to a roundup published by the Associated Press.

In the past 30 days alone, California has been struck by 671 earthquakes, according to Earthquake Track.

David Schwartz, geologist for US Geological Survey, said the most worrying fault line passes through the “most densely populated part of the Bay Area”.

More than 7.4 million people live near the Hayward Fault – one of many fault lines experts are concerned about.

“The Bay Area is positioned in the middle of the boundary zone of the North American plate and Pacific plate,” Schwartz said.


“The Bay Area has the highest density of faults per square mile in any urban centre.”

Schwartz said since 1906, the region has had an unusually small amount of earthquake activity.

But he added: “I think to a degree we’re on borrowed time.”


“All of these faults haven’t moved in quite a while and have to catch up.


“I think in all probabilities … down the road almost inevitably faults will begin to move again.”

All of which probably explains why, tomorrow, Thursday October 19th - all citizens are encourged to take part in The Great California ShakeOut - a statewide earthquake drill held annually to prepare people to survive and recover quickly from major quakes.

"The recent earthquakes in Mexico are a sobering reminder of the kind of destruction an earthquake can quickly wreak," begins Santa Clarita Councilmember Bob Kellar, adding calmly, "and like Mexico, California is prone to seismic activity.


California has earthquake hazards throughout the state, from the southern San Andreas Fault to the northern Cascadia Subduction Zone. Given these circumstances, being prepared for earthquakes is a must when you live in the Golden State."

When the earth shakes, you are encouraged to...Drop, Cover and Hold On:

  • Move only as far as necessary to reach a safe place.
  • Take cover under a sturdy desk or table and hold on to it firmly.
  • Be prepared to move with the shaking.
  • Hold on until the ground stops shaking and it is safe to move.
  • Do not go to a doorway as a place of safety—injury can occur due to doors swinging.
  • If outdoors, find a spot away from buildings, trees, streetlights, power lines and overpasses. Drop to the ground until the shaking stops.
  • Never run out of a building while the ground is still shaking.
  • If in a vehicle, pull over at a clear location and stop. Stay in the vehicle, with the seatbelt fastened, until the shaking stops.

Officials note that although we do not have the power to control these events, we can plan and prepare to minimize the damage when they do occur.

The Great California ShakeOut is an opportunity to prepare an emergency recovery plan with family members, coworkers and schoolmates.

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loebster's picture

O here they go again, them scientists. Ozone layer & global warming didn't work. So new threat.


Stuck on Zero's picture

The only places that won't be toppled in the coming quake burned to the ground last week.

ACP's picture

Is that the earthquake where the north 1/3 of San Francisco slips into the ocean because it's made of landfill, ie garbage?

Ms. Erable's picture

Have you been to Frisco lately? Forget built on; most of the garbage owns property there.

Common_Law's picture

It would be a true act of God if the entire bay area just fell into the ocean.  /Optimism

Automatic Choke's picture

For those of you that are even remotely concerned about this and the many identical doom-porn stories of earthquake frequency, I recommend the following:

1)  bookmark this link: https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/

2)  visit it a couple times a week, develop a sense of intuition for where, how big, and how often earthquakes appear.

It is a pretty cool site - up to the minute plots, zoom in and out like G maps.  Turn on terrain, enable showing quakes down to 2.5 for a week in the past, turn on fault lines in US....go to town.

You will quickly find that the earth is very active, all the time.  It gets more active in fits and spurts, most of which piddle away and never amount to anything.

Information is power -- staring at this fun plot a couple times a week for a half dozen weeks will give you the power to ignore these silly doom-porn postings.

pliny the longer's picture

sounds pretty scary.  u know what we need?  we need a gubmint study on the wherewithall, the how/when/why and most of all, the effect on the chillens, b/c u know, we all care abou the chillens.  and one last thing, whitey, gib me all u muneeeeeeeee bitch 

HRClinton's picture

While you're down there, on your knees...

yogibear's picture

Let me know when there is a magnitude 9 or greater.

buttmint's picture

...Californians are a fucked-up bunch, in love with themselves and their lifestyles. They wanna secede from the Union? Fine---earthquakes will be sent to assist their PHYSICAL SEPARATION.

In short, Californians look down their noses at the rest of the country. I have a weasel brother and 3 sisters that live in Bay Area and when the quakes hit---well, fuck 'em.

They can eat their platitudes. They sure as hell would not allow a single tree branch to be removed in Sonoma County. They think that "fuel load" doesn't pertain to them.

Off with their heads!

MozartIII's picture

Oh Nooooes! There all going to die.....



MozartIII's picture

Anyone need some new beach front property?

Implied Violins's picture


Umm, well, not quite yet, but just because there is a complete and total lack of tiny but telltale bloodstains splattered about my head means NOTHING.


nmewn's picture

“I dont believe in instant Karma but this kinda feels like it for ____.

Well now ;-)

Ajax-1's picture

Yes, knowing that those libtards voted for Hitlery, they deserve a sustained magnitude 8 earthquake. The mere thought of purging the country of these evil scumbags makes my dick hard.

Never One Roach's picture

mag 8 followed by a tsunami that cleanses the filth all between the Pacific and the Rockies.

What's not to like?

SoDamnMad's picture

Hah, Jerry Brown can handle everything. Just watch. The Rock will fly in and save everyone.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Don't laugh but my hospital is participating in this lunacy. At 10:19 tomorrow I must stop my work, jump under my desk and hold on. I have decided I will be taking my break at that time out in my car. There is just so much corporate compliance I can stand.

I guess I shall perish in the super volcano eruption from sheer obstinacy.


Hongcha's picture

EXACTLY what I am going to do. 

Implied Violins's picture

You're upset at that?

I had to take a two-hour test on 'Sexual Harassment' and 'Gender Sensitivity'.

I was PRAYING for an earthquake.

There is no God.

coast1's picture

the earthquake pattern is actually a good thing...the earth is moving slowly reducing pressure...that is another scenario..just saying.

SoDamnMad's picture

What you are saying is the earth needs to fart now and then.

downwiththebanks's picture

Another day, another day in ZeroHedge land without a Venezuela update.  Fascitarians unite.

10,000 articles about the inevitability of your Toilet Paper Revolution, and all you did was kill a hundred people and lose two elections.

YOU SHIT THE BED.  At least you can wipe it up.

MuffDiver69's picture

The number one thing to watch is when the tens of millions of people finally realize they have no access to drinking water after a bit when all the waterways are broken..Until you have gone a few days or been near the point of dying from lack of water, you just have no clue my friends..The looting and such will be an after thought..

Never One Roach's picture

Prepping wont help them.

If the earthquake does not kill them, the ensuing tsunami will.

And then there's the wisepsread fires from burst gas lines.

Stocking up on beans, rice and water wont help.

wisehiney's picture

That creek water will taste so good.

Until later that day when the smelt shit causes that horrible pain in the gut followed by a terrible death.

Implied Violins's picture

Ummm...the last smelt census found so few fish in the delta, they gave them INDIVIDUAL NAMES.

That shit is from homeless camps.

I hope you got your Hep A shots...

Redheart's picture

Obama said the greatest threat we face is glObal wARmNig

Oppressed In California's picture

There's nothing wrong in this state that can't be cured by a couple of 8.0 quakes.

Never One Roach's picture

<< There's nothing wrong in this country that can't be cured by a couple of west coast 8.0 quakes.>>

Yars Revenge's picture

Pull the string, pull the string! [/Lugosi]

wisehiney's picture

No problem.

cali dudes love big cracks and rings of fire.

Savvy's picture

You americans sure do spend a lot of time hating everyone.

Green2Delta's picture

What about the non-binary children? Won't someone think of the non-binary children for once? 

GodSpeed_00's picture

Hopefully they secede from the US before it strikes.

Future_Cannibal's picture

Fuck the west coast. Those retards deserve worse. Eat more ocean grown foods you fucked up communist wannabes. If you have not got out of there by now, you might as well be thought as MIA. Bring it cascadia subduction zone!

gdpetti's picture

7? Methinks that estimate is a wee bit low, given the timeframe.

rockstone's picture

Lol....! The imploding pensions are going to kill them sooner than the imploding earth.

Yen Cross's picture

 Kalifornia= Northern Greece

 While as a native Californian, I've no doubt we're long overdue for a massive temblor, this is just Libtardism's at Moonbeams best.

 That fucking asshole has done NOTHING for this state pertaining to infrastructure over the last [8] fucking years. The moron is a swamp dwelling succubus!

Rusty Trombone's picture

Who gives a flying fuck.

ffed's picture

Hero Vegas Victim John Jenner SCARY LIVE testimony"made wall out of bodies to block bullets!"Needs help NOW RETWEET!


Karaio's picture

I would never get under a table!
Slavic takes a bottle of vodka, runs off and stands in a square watching everything fall and laughing!
When it burns forest, good time to kill swine hogs that run ...
If there are floods, we'll get on the boat and go fishing ...

Librarian's picture

I know the punchline to this one.


...A good start!

Sambo's picture

I have been hearing '... in the next 30 years' since 1987.

haruspicio's picture

I've been secretly waiting for this to happen for ages now. When I was a small kid I saw a movie about earthquakes and saw a bridge fall apart. It was very exciting. I'm getting on in years and I hope one hits before I die.